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News -
Putin's Russian army attack Ukraine 44 times yesterday.
Update - 4 Ukrainian soldiers wounded. Intelligence reporting 4 Russian dead at Avdeevka (Donetsk outskirts).

Weather -
Polish Easter. A beautiful morning. Blue sky, bright sunshine. Maybe high of 8 today.
Should be warmer in Odessa and further east.

Elections -
Today - Krivi Rog.
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Same-sex couples have the same right to marry in church as heterosexual. This was stated by the bishop of the Evangelical Church of Berlin and Brandenburg, Markus Droege (Markus Dröge) in an interview with the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost, transfers of Deutsche Welle reports .

"I very much support it is important that two people are willing to long-term take any responsibility for one another." - He said.

Church Synod may consider this question presumably already on 8-9 April. Until now, gay couples could only count on the blessing of the church. If approved, the Evangelical Church of Berlin and Brandenburg, which unites more than one million believers, will be the third in Germany, where the wedding allowed same-sex couples. Currently, homosexual partners can marry only in the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau, as well as in the Rhineland. In Russian/русский
In Krivoy Rog were completed extraordinary local elections mayor. According to the exit poll Research and Branding Group, the first place in the elections took Yuri Vilkul, gaining 70.9% of the vote, followed by Semen Semenchenko with 11.3%, the third - Nikolai Kolesnik, who won 6.7% of votes.

The main contenders for the post of mayor are MP Semen Semenchenko from "Samopomochi" and self-nominee, former Mayor Yuri Vilkul. Also running for Nikolai Kolesnik by "dill", Svetlana Owl from "Force people," Vasily Serdyukov - "The party of ordinary people Sergei Kaplin" self-nominated - Boychenko Oleg, Jan Berkut, Inna Ivanchenko Oleg Cant. In Russian/русский
On Sunday around 17.40 in the 209 km of the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky collided minibus and a truck, killing eight people, five others injured, the press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

"On March 27, at about 17.40 min. 209 km highway message Kiev - Kharkov near s.Voyniha collided minibus "Mercedes Sprinter", which moved along the route Lugansk - Kiev, with the truck "DAF", - said in a statement released by the press service GSCHS Sunday night.

According to the report, as a result of an accident at the site killed five people: the driver of the truck, and the driver and three passengers of the minibus.

It also reported that eight people were hospitalized in the central district hospital Lubenskiy, including 2 children (according GSCHS, 14 years and 3 years).

As the press-service of GSCHS at reconciliation with the hospitals at 19.00 it was reported that from his injuries died 3 more people.

At the scene works 1 compartment 18 th State Fire and Rescue part g.Lubny and investigative police group.

GSCHS announces that works on deprotected bodies.

National police Ukraine Traffic Safety Administration reports that law enforcement officers trying to find out all the circumstances and causes of the accident. In Russian/русский
on Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:47 amAdmin
The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday is likely to vote for the dismissal of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokina. This Yuriy Lutsenko said on the air "the details of the week."

"Attorney General of Ukraine, losing public support, wrote a letter of resignation. Mr. Shokin done a lot for the prosecutor's office, he really began to reform, but this system can not be changed. Shokin one of those people who did the basic steps, however there were not enough people to feel significant changes. He went into otstavku.Dumayu that will be voted on Tuesday his resignation. The President shall submit to the next candidate, "- he said.

At the same time, Lutsenko does not know what it is the candidate proposed by the President for the post. In Russian/русский
The head of the faction "Block Petro Poroshenko," Yuriy Lutsenko said on Sunday that, in the case of the resignation of Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Monday, the Verkhovna Rada would vote for a new government on Thursday.

"Mr. Yatsenyuk could Tuesday a vote on a vote of confidence or otherwise make public his resignation, then we could sign a coalition agreement and submit the candidacy of a new prime minister. On Wednesday, the candidate could hold consultations with the factions. And on Thursday, we would have voted for a new government ", - quotes the head of the press service of the faction" Block Poroshenko "on his page on Facebook.

According to the report, Lutsenko said that the candidacy of Vladimir Groisman introduced as a possible head of a coalition government. On Monday, the scheduled session of parliament factions and Lutsenko said that he expects that "Block Poroshenko" and "Fatherland", which, according to the previously supported the candidacy V.Groysmana, and the "People's Front", whose conditions, according to Lutsenko, they were carried out, will make a decision on Monday. In Russian/русский
Border Belgorod-Dniester squad detained a Ukrainian, who is wanted by the police. It is reported by the State Border Service.

"A citizen of Ukraine, who was on the wanted list, were detained in the area of ​​Border Service" Kuchurgan "Belgorod-Dniester border guards detachment. Man outfit stopped for an identity check. During the clarification of the circumstances the border guards became aware that the man is wanted. The intruder tried to escape, but thanks to the skillful actions of border guards was arrested, "- said in a statement.

It is learned that the man was wanted for committing in 2015 a traffic accident. Once the detainee administrative documents handed over to the National Police. In Russian/русский
on Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:19 amAdmin
In the Polish capital evacuated Modlin Airport. It is reported by Radio Poland.

A spokesman for the airport Modlin Boyarsky Magdalena said he did not know the exact reason why the airport was evacuated. According to her, the reason could be a left luggage someone or something else.

She also added that at the moment at the airport are conducted checks.

It is noted that the evacuation Modlin Airport began after ten o'clock in the evening local time. Several flights were redirected to the main international airport in Warsaw. In Russian/русский
MP from the "Samopomochi" Yegor Sobolev own data published counting of votes in the mayoral election in Krivoy Rog. He did not say who carried out the count.

"Our calculation gives the following result: Yuri Vilkul got 210 thousand thousand votes Semen Semenchenko - 31 thousand in the second round of the elections in November Vilkul" counted "89 thousand, Yuri Milobog (candidate" Samopomochi ") - 88 thousand.... votes ", - wrote in the social network Facebook Sobolev. In Russian/русский
Ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko, the prosecutor's office gave evidence in 11 Ukrainian officials in the case of the occupation of the Crimea and part of the Donbass. He said this in the program "People. Hard Talk »on TV « » .

"That was six weeks ago. Criminal proceedings open, reported upon the events that have taken place - the occupation of the Crimea and delivery of the Donbass, the application of the country is extremely serious consequences, in fact, thousands of dead, tens of thousands wounded. Trillions of lost potential, etc. I gave my testimony, I think they are absolutely irrefutable against 11 senior officials. I have to say gently - it is the people who were there on Bankova on Grushevskogo on Reznitskaya on Komandarma Kameneeva. This category of senior officials and civilian and in uniform. They are responsible for those articles where a punishment of 12 to 15 years ", - said Gritsenko. In Russian/русский
Patrol detained in the center of Lviv, a man with a grenade launcher used, the press service of the police on to the Facebook page.

The crew of the patrol came to the aid of the crew on the street Gross. At this point, the unknown passed them with a camouflage net and a grenade launcher in his hands, the report said.

A man born in 1959, presented to reporters the online edition.

"He explained, he used a grenade launcher handed fighters" - said the press service.

Police seized a grenade launcher, called the investigators and the man was taken to the police station. In Russian/русский
03.27.2016 at 19:30
March 26 Russian soldiers mercenaries refused to carry out orders of commanders at combat exit in the composition of DRG.
This was informed in the press service of the Main Directorate of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.
"Given the permanent compulsion to carry out dangerous subversive and intelligence activities, notes the defiance in the units of the Russian occupational troops 1 AK Russian Armed Forces operating in the area of ​​the settlement Avdeevka. March 26 military reconnaissance platoon of the 1st Battalion 3 omsbr refused to carry out orders to the commanders of military output as part of DRG ", - said in a statement.
At a polling station in Krivoy Rog found pens with disappearing ink (UNN)
It really is amazing. 2016.
It is necessary to refuse the invitation of foreigners in senior positions - former economy minister (Sotsportal)
Of course.
Foreigners - they simply don't understand the Ukrainian "tradition" of all politicians stealing as much as they can from the state.
After all, where would Ukraine be without corruption, stealing, bribery... Part of the EU probably.
17:08 27/03/2016
Almost 45% of voters voted in Krivoy Rog mayoral election to 16.00 - data "supports"
Voter turnout in the special election of the mayor of Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk region). "Prop" according to the Civil network of observers as of 16.00 was 44.9%.
"Turnout according to our observers as of 16.00 was 44.9% with an accuracy of 1.1%," - said the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" the coordinator of the parliamentary election and the programs "Support" Olga Aivazovsky.

My best guess. Top two at the end of the day (20.00 hrs) will be the ex-Regions Opposition candidate and the Samopomich candidate.
There will be a second round of voting, and Samopomich will win. But could be very close.
...The parties underlined the inadmissibility of the illegal annexation of Crimea and human rights violation. They agreed to further coordinate joint actions in the international arena for the return of Crimea to Ukraine. The President informed his Bulgarian colleague on the critical humanitarian situation on the peninsula.
The parties discussed ways to accelerate the introduction of the visa-free regime for Ukrainians by the EU that will significantly intensify tourist and business exchange.
In his turn, the President of Bulgaria emphasized that his country had always been supporting Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty in both the EU and the UN. "Crimea is Ukraine and Ukraine is Europe," he said noting his active position of countering Russian aggression.
"We cannot put up with the aggressive behavior of Russia. We will struggle for Ukraine's independence and sovereignty," Rosen Plevneliev emphasized.
The President of Bulgaria noted that his country insisted on immediate liberation of Nadiya Savchenko and other Ukrainians from Russian prisons.
"We stand together and together we are strong," the President of Bulgaria said.....

Bulgaria - former Soviet state, standing up firmly for Ukraine in the face of imperial Russia and its dictator's (Putin's ) aggression.
@Nelson wrote:6:17
Stuff for the Shaun Walker journalists. Refers in particular to Crimea.
Lies and lies and lies. Russia and Putin and Lavrov and Cherkin and the rest of the banda.

"In Budapest Memorandum is not written anywhere that Russian troops had landed in the Crimea.

This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokesman Russian Maria Zakharova broadcast Radio Liberty .

Zakharov admitted that at the end of February 2014 in Ukraine were Russian Armed Forces "in very large numbers." However, she said, "this number does not exceed the amount that is prescribed."

This Zakharov said, commenting on the issue of paragraph Budapest Memorandum, which obliges signatory states, including Russia "refrain from the threat and use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine "."


If this is going to be their excuse, it's total BS. The Russian forces in Sevastopol was an agreement between Ukraine and Russia. There was no exception in the Budapest Memorandum. If no agreement, not foreign military forces in Crimea. If it comes down to an international court to hear this out, the Kremlin will be made to look like fools. So their annexation in Crimea because of an agreement in Sevastopol alone will not wash, including in eastern Ukraine. End of story.

FYI. The above initial article is in Ukrainian. The English translation doesn't do it much justice. If you know Ukrainian, you'll get a clear meaning of the original article.
on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:10 amNelson
In the Donetsk region began near Dokuchaevsk fierce battle
This was reported to Facebook at the 72 Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
"20 minutes ago began a fierce battle during Dokuchaevsk, in our division opponent beats with a caliber of 120 mm mortars," - said in a statement.
Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian military positions near Sands questionnaire and terrorists fired mortars caliber 82 mm and bases in the area Avdeevki - with mortars and 82-caliber 120 mm.
....Odessa-Kiev. 27 March. UNN. Munitions found in Odessa, including 20 pieces of artillery projectiles caliber 30 mm in the Primorsky district. This was informed in the press service DSNS in the Odessa region, reports UNN.
Notice of detecting explosive devices received on 26 March....

Probably Odessite clearing out his garage.

....The agitation materials are made in the style and with the slogans of Opposition Bloc candidate Yurii Vilkul. ...
Read elsewhere of a high turnout.
Poroshenko and Duda April 1 will meet in Washington (Day)
March 27, 2016 - 16:23
Photo Press Office
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko April 1 to meet with President of Poland Andrzej Dudoyu.
This is stated in the press service of the Polish president.
It is noted that the meeting will be held at the summit on nuclear security to be held in Washington.
The meeting will start about 10:45 Kyiv time...
In the area of ​​ATU wounding four soldiers, militants set a six-month record of firing
Sunday, March 27, 2016, 13:04
For the past day killed as a result of fighting between Ukrainian troops there, 4 fighter wounded.
This at a briefing March 27 AP spokesman for the ATO Andrei Lysenko.
According to staff, the Donetsk direction of the front line Zaitsev - Mayorsk enemy used artillery receiver (122-mm howitzers).
"It fired about 160 shells - a record number for the last six months," - said Lysenko.
Also occupiers actively firing mortars (Zaitsev, Mayorsk, Lenin, Avdeevka, questionnaire): the positions forces ATO produced over 200 mines both sizes.
The strongest shelling occurred in the morning - from 5:00 to 8:00.
"The most difficult situation is still under Avdiyivka. In this sector NFP attacks than anywhere. Despite the strong impact of enemy fire, the forces ATO keep occupied leading positions and effective fire in response," - said Lysenko.
In general, over the past day in the Donetsk area was 43 enemy attacks, one in three - with heavy weapons...

Dictator Putin using more and more heavy weapons.
Trying to start the war again big time.
Exploration: During Avdiyivka killed four fighters from Russia, 6 - injured
Sunday, March 27, 2016, 12:46
During Avdiyivka due boyezitknen killed four Russian servicemen from the sabotage and reconnaissance groups, 6 were seriously injured.
This was reported March 27 in the Directorate of Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine...
....Former Prime Minister of Ukraine and leader of  "Batkivshina" Yulia Tymoshenko believes that the exchange rate jumps planned. On the air "Shuster Live" she said about the financial crisis and the destruction of the middle class in Ukraine.
"The tragedy began for citizens of rapid devaluation of the currency. The dollar was worth eight hryvnia was adamant, and the fact that it dropped - a plan", - said Tymoshenko....

Grandma Tymoshenko, the delight of the Yulia Post - sorry, KyivPost.
60 year old Soviet brain.
What does she want - the hryvnia to be fixed to the dollar again? A controlled Soviet economy under Putin's wing?
I saw her on Schuster last night. But I changed channel. I cannot stand watching this woman.
I stood on Maidan for the Orange Revolution, and she and Yanukovich together destroyed this. To preserve her riches, and power.
Because of her actions 10,000 people have died.
And then she declares an income of 2 dollars a day, and buys 10,000 dollar handbags. ?!
And in the next breath she talks about corruption and oligarchs?!
But she has the money to keep the publicity going through Shuster and others. The same old scumballs. She will stay on the fringes of power for sometime.
Power = money, and money = power in Ukrainian politics.

P.S. Of course, you could argue that there is no real middle class in Ukraine because Tymoshenko, Akhmetov and others "stole" (acquired, they would argue) billions and billions in illegal (legal they would argue) deals in the 1990s.
Six terrorists’ Grads and four tanks spotted in Dokuchaievsk, - press officer Kindsfater
Ukrainian intelligence spotted six terrorists’ Grad rocket systems and four tanks in occupied Dokuchaievsk (one kilometer away from the front line in the Donetsk region).
Speaker of the M sector Oleksandr Kindsfater told 112 TV Channel, Censor.NET reports.
He stressed that, according to the Minsk agreements, such weapons should be withdrawn from the demarcation line at 30 km distance. "Unfortunately, the OSCE mission, which is located on the occupied territory, does not register those violations", the press officer said.
Stuff for the Shaun Walker journalists. Refers in particular to Crimea.
Lies and lies and lies. Russia and Putin and Lavrov and Cherkin and the rest of the banda.
on Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:56 amNelson
[names don't translate to well, so here's the Ukrainian original]
У Кривому Розі проходять позачергові вибори мера, участь у виборах беруть 15 кандидатів.
Серед кандидатів переважна більшість - самовисуванці: Юрій Вілкул, Семен Семенченко ("Самопоміч"), Світлана Сова ("Сила людей"), Яна Беркут, Олег Бойченко, Інна Іванченко, Микола Колесник ("Укроп"), Олег Косяк, Олексій Кривенко, Олександр Крижов, Ігор Левицький ("Народний контроль"), Олександр Натаров, Наталя Новицька, Василь Сердюков (Партія простих людей), Ярослав Шрам.
У разі, якщо жоден із кандидатів не набере більш як 50% голосів, то буде призначений другий тур.
Голосування проходитиме з 08:00 до 20:00 на 293 виборчих дільницях
15 candidates. Mostly independent. One Samopomich, one Ykrop. If under 50%, runoff.
Polls open 8 to 8. 293 polling stations.
On the Donbas developed Transnistrian scenario, when formed a protogosudarstva, unrecognized even in Russia, which is, in fact, a lever of pressure on Ukraine and mechanism of influence on foreign and domestic policy of Kyiv

In an interview with "apostrophe" said the Russian opposition, the deputy chairman of the party Parnas Ilya Yashin

According to him Donbas oche profitable Russian President Vladimir Putin the form in which we see it now.

"This is a factor of permanent tension in Ukraine, which allows Putin to blackmail the Ukrainian leadership,it is advantageous to keep the situation in the form of the glow-fire, which at any moment may flare up if the pour to fuel, or to become smaller if Ukraine will behave in accordance with Putin's interests ", - said Yashin.

Recall, according to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is preparing a large-scale "sweep" of terrorists in Donbas.
The Kremlin intends to use terrorist groups "Donetsk People's Republic" (DNR) and "Luhansk People's Republic" (LNR), who temporarily occupied part of the Donbass, as blackmail tool to weaken Ukraine.

This was stated by the Ukrainian Ambassador to Moldova Ivan Gnatyshin, quoted him Ukrinform .

"Public Russian position that" the DNI / LC "should have enhanced powers and be a party to the negotiations, hides a real interest in the Kremlin, which consists to use these as a form of blackmail tool to loosen Ukraine", - the diplomat noted.

Hence, according to Gnatyshina and "hybrid proposal" to hold the next pseudo-Donbas without supervision Ukraine borders and territories, and proposals for the federalization of Ukraine, talks about a "transitional government", that is, an option involving the preservation of Russian control over the region.

As reported by the "Observer", earlier Russian political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky expressed the opinion that the Russian authorities are trying to "shove" the occupied territories of Donbass in Ukraine's political field . At the same time, Kiev's task - to prevent the implementation of the Kremlin's plan. In Russian/русский
Over the past day, 26 March, in the ATO zone situation escalated - the terrorists first time in a long time armed confrontation again applied fire cannon artillery.

This was reported in the press center ATO headquarters.

In Lugansk direction using small arms, the militants tried to storm the position of one of the strong points of the Armed Forces. The enemy retreated, and received a reply.

"Compared with the clock previously, in addition to mortars prohibited Minsk Agreement caliber fighters for the first time in a long time armed confrontation again applied fire cannon artillery. In spite of four shooting attack on the ATO's position with the caliber of 122 millimeters soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of Zaitsev and Mallorcan, were able to keep the defense ", - said in a statement.

Total last day pro-Russian armed forces 44 times opened fire on the ATO forces.

"One of the most visible on the map fighting settlements Donetsk direction remains Avdiyivka Here, despite the use of a whole arsenal of weapons, the enemy beat ATO forces from their positions was not possible.", - Noted the military.

Terrorists also concentrated their fire near the town of Lugano, Novgorod, Zaitseva, Lenin, Sands, Pilot, Shirokino, Trinity, Marinka.

http://obozrevatel.comIn Russian/русский

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