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News -
Putin attacked 50 times yesterday.
Sadly - one soldier died, seven wounded.

Weather -
A beautiful morning, but cool. +1. High maybe around 8 around the capital. Higher further south. Average for time of year.

Politics -
Coalition talks again today. They must be a little more interesting given the Krivoy Rog election results.
Looks to me like the Opposition block (Party of Regions) vote increased, and Samopomich fell compared to last time round.
Update at 1900.
Very very little news about the coalition today. Apparently Prosecutor Shokin may be dismissed tomorrow. But. .. as for any new coalition - nothing.

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on Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:02 amAdmin
The head of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States control John Brennan during his visit to Moscow raised the issue of the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

This was stated by the US Embassy's press secretary, William Stevens, writes "Mirror of the Week".

"Director Brennan visited Moscow in early March, so in contacts with government officials to emphasize the importance of Russia and the Assad regime adhere to their obligations under the cease-fire in Syria", - said Stevens.

According to him, Brennan "reiterated the US position on the full support of the political transition in Syria and the need to care Assad to ensure a transition that will reflect the will of the Syrian people."
As reported by the "Observer", formerly a Russian journalist Yulia Latynina has named three reasons for the collapse of Putin in Syria . In Russian/русский
Lawmakers at the session of the Verkhovna Rada on March 29 intend to block the rostrum. This was reported by People's Deputy from "Fatherland" Alex Ryabchin the TV channel «" .

"There is an expectation that Poroshenko, who flies to the United States on Wednesday, wants to fly already voted with the prime minister, in fact, to vote the Speaker of the team. What will come of this - I can not predict, because I have, for example, information that some people's representatives are going to block the rostrum tomorrow due to the fact that our colleagues have been deprived of the mandate, "- said Ryabchin. In Russian/русский
Ukrainian team at the half-empty "Olympic" has taken a strong Welsh team in a friendly match. The only goal of the match scored Yarmolenko.

Ukraine - Wales 1-0

Goal: Yarmolenko, 27

Ukraine: Pyatov, Fedetskiy, Khacheridi, Kucher, Shevchuk, Stepanenko, Rotan (Sydorchuk, 59), Garmash, Yarmolenko, Kovalenko, Zozulya

Wales: Hennessey, Chester Williams, Davies, Taylor (Henley, 72), Gunter, Church (Vokes, 60), Hughes (Ledley, 79), Allen (Williams, 65), Lawrence (Bradshaw, 72), Williams (MacDonald 61)

Victory matches against Cyprus and Wales were the last home game for the national team of Ukraine to the euro. The next time the team Fomenko gather at the end of May. In Russian/русский
Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) parliamentary faction intends to suspend its membership in the coalition of the Verkhovna Rada factions, also known as the European Ukraine, March 29 until a new prime minister is elected.

PPB Deputy Chairman Oleksii Honcharenko told journalists after a meeting of the faction, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainski Novyny.

"We decided to suspend membership in the coalition tomorrow until a decision on the appointment of a new prime minister is taken," he said.

According to Honcharenko, faction chairman Yurii Lutsenko will actually announce this decision at the plenary session March 29. He noted that the coalition would formally cease to exist after such a statement by Petro Poroshenko Bloc.

Earlier, Lutsenko promised that his faction would withdraw from the coalition if the parliament did not appoint a new prime minister next week (March 28 - April 1).

It should be reminded that Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Hroisman admitted possibility of creation of a new parliamentary coalition as early as during the current plenary week March 28 - April 1.   In Ukrainian/український
Should the need arise, investigators of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine may question U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, who enjoys diplomatic immunity, in the case of the alleged disappearance of the funds allocated by the U.S. and EU to promote the implementation of reforms in the Prosecutor General’s Office.

This was stated by Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Stoliarchuk, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

He said that Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Prosecutor of Odesa Region Davit Sakvarelidze would also be questioned in this case.

In turn, Davit Sakvarelidze said that the funds were never transferred. "These two millions never existed. This is nonsense. There was a memorandum of cooperation... It's a shame not to know the difference between a memorandum on cooperation with the international organization and a specific contract under which the funding is carried out... Let them interrogate me, the Americans in charge of all this, the EU, the British embassy. I proposed to explain them how this system works," he said.

Davit Sakvarelidze said that the agency never had access to these funds while this whole story with the money allocated by the United States to reform PGO was another attempt to discredit his team. "I was surprised when they were asking me: Davit, where are the funds? Why we do not have them on our account. I was telling them that they [funds] should not be on their account. There is a project, and they finance this project," he explained.

Deputy Prosecutor General also expressed willingness to come to Prosecutor General's Office for questioning on the issue.  In Ukrainian/український

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has said Monday that the possibility of setting up a Russian Pacific Fleet base on the Kuril Islands goes against the position of Japan.

Censor.NET reports citing TASS.

"We express concern over the statements of the [Russian] defense minister. Possible strengthening of Russian military infrastructure on the four northern islands [South Kuril Islands] contradicts the positions of our country," Suga said adding that Tokyo "continues to closely monitor Russia's actions on four northern islands."

Earlier today Director of Japanese Foreign Ministry's Russian Division Tokuda Shuichi held a telephone conversation with Russian Ambassador in Japan Dmitry Birichevsky over the statement of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu that Russia's Pacific Fleet will consider possibilities of setting up a base on the Kuril Islands.

"We are concerned with this statement by Defense Minister Shoigu," Tokuda said. "If these words mean strengthening military infrastructure on northern territories (Kuril Islands), then this fact concerns us," he added.

On March 25 Shoigu said at the session of the defense ministry's collegium that "Pacific Fleet sailors will start a three month-long expedition to islands of the Greater Kuril Ridge in April." "Their main goal is to study the possibilities of setting up a Pacific Fleet base there in future," he added.

The defense minister said earlier that Russia would deploy Bal and Bastion coastal defense missile systems and new-generation Eleron-3 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on the Kuril Islands in 2016.

Tor-M2U (NATO reporting name: SA-15 Gauntlet) short-range surface-to-air missile systems assumed combat duty on the Kuril Islands last year.

According to The Diplomat, Russia's military buildup on the islands last year has also led to the postponement of a long-planned visit to Japan by Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite brief hopes of a resolution of the long-running territorial dispute involving the Kuril islands during the 2015 United Nations General Assembly in September in New York

The disputed Northern territories-known in Japanese as the Shikotan, Kunashiri, Etorofu and the Habomai islets-and located in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Northwest Pacific, were seized by the Soviet Union in 1945. By 1949 the Russians had expelled all 17,000 Japanese residents of the islands.

Under the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty, Tokyo renounced "all right, title and claim to the Kuril Islands," however, Moscow never signed the peace treaty and Tokyo refused to concede that the four disputed islands were in fact part of the Kuril chain. In Russian/русский

The newly created Department for Investigation and Supervision in Public Service Criminal Proceedings, the Prosecutor General's Office, and the National Police Internal Security Department have detained the acting chief of National Police Department in the Cherkasy Region and the deputy director of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies of the National Academy of Internal Affairs, who tried to give a bribe in the form of $2,000 and coupons for 400 liters of fuel to a National Police deputy head.

As reported by Censor.NET quoting PGO press service, the above persons tried to bribe a National Police deputy head for assisting during the reassessment of NPD in the Cherkassy region acting chief's subordinates, namely, the NPD in the Cherkassy region deputy chief and the head of personnel department.

The criminals were detained while attempting to hand a bribe in the form of $2,000 and coupons for 400 liters of fuel to a person holding a particularly responsible position. They are suspected of committing a criminal offense under part 4, article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (offering and providing an undue advantage to an official holding a particularly responsible position).
At the moment, investigative and search actions are underway to establish all circumstances of the criminal offense, with the preventive measure in the form of detention being considered.   In Ukrainian/український

on Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:55 pmAdmin
The Budapest memorandum does not have it that the Russian troops didn’t have to land in Crimea, said Russian foreign ministry official Maria Zakharova, Radio Svoboda reports March 27.

She reiterated that in late February 2014 there was a large number of Russian troops in Ukraine, saying it was not larger than envisaged by the agreements.

Zakharova was commenting on the memorandum provision committing the signatory states, Russia including, “to refrain from threats that force can be used and weapons applied against Ukraine’s territorial integrity and political independence.”

Zakharova said a number of the Russian troops may have been deployed in Ukraine in accordance with the Black Sea Fleet agreement.

When Radio Svoboda correspondent argued that the Russian troops didn’t have to land, among other things, in Crimea’s government building, Zakharova accused the correspondent of cooking up the story.

They hate it with a passion and get a hair up their arse, when they're proven wrong.
Deputy Prosecutor General and Odesa oblast chief prosecutor David Saakashvili says the work of his group of reform-minded young prosecutors has been paralyzed, Ukrayinska Pravda reports March 28.

Hard-liners in the prosecutor general’s office dismissed the 17 prosecutors investigating high-profile cases of official corruption, including the case of the so-called ‘diamond prosecutors’ who had 61 jewels and hundreds of thousands of cash in the possessions the origin of which they could not explain.

Sakvarelidze dismissed the hardliners accusations of appealing to the mob to advance his stand. “I will defend the truth and those who believed in the new prosecution to the last drop of my blood, both inside and outside the PGO on the street,” he said.

Shokin refused to comment on the dismissals. Instead, PGO published angry letters from local prosecutors and Odesa Rada lawmakers demanding Shokin to dismiss Sakvarelidze.
Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin took sick leave the day before the vote in the Verkhovna Rada on his resignation.

Petro Poroshenko Bloc (BPP) faction MP Serhii Leshchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Shokin is on a sick leave starting from today. This means that he may employ it as a trump card in case of attempts to dismiss him in order to be reinstated through legal action," the politician wrote.

"Don't you believe me? You should recall that the court reinstated Sviatoslav Piskun twice," he stressed.

The press service of the Prosecutor General's Office failed either to confirm or deny this information to Censor.NET correspondent. The representative of the agency said that she was not privy to that information.  In Ukrainian/український
....The man was called up for service 11 months ago and died only a few weeks before demobilization. Oleh Horkavchuk has left mother and sister. He would turn 25 this year. Oleh was buried in his native village of Ozdov not far from Lutsk.
Funerals most days in Ukraine, for those who die in the war against Russia. Putin's legacy.
Long article. Recommended. One short extract
..."The activists behind their laptops seemed as big as ministries," wrote Peter Pomerantsev, the journalist and Russia expert, in his illuminating dispatch from eastern Ukraine, Propagandalands. "Mythological fiends from Twitter as real as tanks." But the Kremlin's cyber efforts aim not to convince the audience, Pomerantsev claims, but rather to confuse. "What Russians are trying to go for is kind of a reverse censorship," he said. "They cannot censor the information space, but can trash it with conspiracy theories and rumors."
Ukraine's separatists, however, do not indulge merely in reactive propaganda. From the outset, they have energetically engaged in the information war through their own lively, libelous and, at times, ludicrous media channels....

Author, Jack Losh. London kid, I believe. 30-odd. U of Bristol. Worked briefly for The Sun, but now back working with newspapers.
....first place is taken by Yurii Vilkul with 74.18 percent of votes (209,469 people), second - Semen Semenchenko with 10.92 percent (30,837) ...
Absolute embarrassment for Samopomich. 210,000 to 31,000. Massacre. So much for all the fuss about a re-vote.
....Earlier, Radical party leader Oleh Lyashko stated that Samopomich faction was not participating in negotiations to create a new coalition.
And that leaves Tymoshenko (who wants the government to fail, and new elections),
The Opposition block (old Party of Regions) (who want the government to fail, and new elections), and..
on Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:36 amNelson
Natural gas reserves in Ukraine's underground storage facilities (USFs) decreased by 389 million cubic meters (mcm), or 4.3%, to 8.721 billion cubic meters (bcm) between March 19 and March 26 ....
In January 2016, Demchyshyn stated that the price of gas ...had been reduced to $190 per 1,000 cubic meters, which was lower than the price offered by Russia's energy giant Gazprom.

Gazprom were wanting 209, I think.
Last week was quite cool. But this week - much warmer. About +10 outside now. End of winter, for sure.
I think he's being very optimistic.
Poroshenko had hoped to solve this problem before meeting Obama later in the week.
But that's not going to be the case, for sure.
It's a real mess.
If Poroshenko goes for new elections I expect the Opposition block and Tymoshenko to come back much stronger.
And then - even more problems! And back to the old days, for sure.
What? 74% to 10%...... Why bother bribing people?
They lost. Time for them to work out "why?"
I think somebody else agrees with me - great headline here - same story -
In the best traditions of the "regionals" [Party of Regions]: "Samopomochі" explained the loss of Semenchenko in Krivoy Rog (Columnist)
Long article about the choices facing people in occupied Crimea. Basically - deportation, or take Russian documents.
One photo -

Slightly defaced!
"Nash" - ours - is changed into Nashi Sanktsi - "our sanctions" ))
And on the right side, written in Russian, "Slava Ukraine". Glory to Ukraine.
At night in the area ATO 1 soldier killed, 7 wounded - Staff
Monday, March 28, 2016, 12:34
One day in the area of anti-terrorist operations 1 military killed and 7 injured.
This is the traditional bvryfinhu on Monday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"During the last day of hostilities 1 Ukrainian military killed and seven injured," - said the colonel.
MOSCOW, February 24. /TASS/. Any opportunity that allows to create conditions for lifting sanctions from Russia should not be wasted, Greek Ambassador to Moscow Danai-Magdalini Koumanakou told TASS on Wednesday....
Note - this article from LAST MONTH.
But word is that the Greeks are pressing for sanctions to be lifted. Greek left-wing government, so they think Putin is sort of "communist", even though he is basically a right-wing fascist dictator. The point where Hitler and Stalin meet. Or the Greek PM, and Putin and Seamus Milne, and Corbyn, and Marine Le Pen, and... fascists and communists and trendy-left Stalinists around the world.
"If we are talking about Yatseniuk's government, about this government's reshuffle, which has been announced by Yatseniuk many times (and we are tired of talking about it), we see some good, clear positions for us. They include offering [candidacy of] Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko as first vice prime minister," he said. ...
Stupid. Jaresko is an economist. So she should stay in finance.
But maybe some people want her out of this position. Then probably there is a greater chance to steal from the state coffers.
The leader of the parliamentary faction "Block Poroshenko" Yuriy Lutsenko states that consultations on the composition of the new Ukrainian government has been underway for a long time.
"It's no secret that Arseny Petrovich (Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk - Ed.) and I, in the end, as well as other leaders of the political forces that have long lead consultations on possible changes in the government," - Lutsenko said at a a meeting of the conciliatory council of leaders of factions, committees and parliamentary groups on Monday....

But it sounds as if they are no nearer reaching a solution. Such is Ukrainian politics.
Communists not particularly popular these days in Ukraine. The old babushkas who had it ok under Stalin.
The only progress that seems to be being made in Ukrainian politics at the moment is dismissing people.
"Get rid of Yatseniuk" - Begi krolik, begi...  run, rabbit, run, as the posters say.
Remove Shokina tomorrow. ....
They can criticise. They can call for people's resignations, dismissal, call for new elections, ....
But can they work together for the good of Ukraine? For the people? For the future?
Too many money-interests in the Rada again. Power corrupts.
"If a coalition is created, which will be serious, not populist, and a government is created that will be able to move on, I'll do my best to make these steps were successful.....
....The protest is meant to mark 98 years since the former Romanian province of Bessarabia -- which covers the region of Moldova and Ukraine today -- was unified with Romania on March 27, 1918.
Later on, during World War II, Bessarabia was incorporated into the former U.S.S.R., with most of its territory becoming the Soviet republic of Moldova.

On Ukraine's southern border. Along with Transdniestr. (Putin's enclave, with Soviet babushkas.)
Bessarabia - people will know from the market on Kreshatik. Years' ago many people from Bessarabia plied their trade here.
on Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:03 amNelson
By DAVID STERN 3/27/16, 6:59 AM CET Updated 3/28/16, 6:28 AM CET
... Her entry, called “1944,” is a much more somber composition, with a haunting Turkic “mugham” motif as part of its melody, which tells the story of Joseph Stalin’s forced deportation of some 250,000 Tatars from Crimea in May 1944 to the Central Asian steppes, on charges of alleged collaboration with the Nazis....
She says the song is “historical.” Eurovision organizers, who ban any political content, agree with her: Her song was accepted for the semi-finals in Stockholm on May 11.
Historical or not, though, the song will undoubtedly re-focus attention on Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula.....

Good news. I didn't realise that it had been accepted. Putin must be fuming - again.

I'm not going to post the photos. Minibus destroyed in the accident.
Road travel is very dangerous in Ukraine. You're ten times more likely to die than on the roads in western Europe. Various reasons.
1. Alcohol. 2. People buying driving licences. 3. Police taking bribes, rather than prosecuting people.
Opposition Bloc’s Yuriy Vilkul secures lead, while Semen Semenchenko of Samopomich party runs second, ...
...incumbent Mayor Yuri Vilkul won the first round scoring a comfortable 73.9% of votes, .....
Semen Semenchenko received 10.74%....

Read more on UNIAN:
The first round. ?! Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but... I thought if a candidate gets over 50%, then.. that is it. The 1st round, and only round, of voting!
But the "European" parties are nowhere. And that must be a worry for those in the Rada. And a joy for the old Party of Regions people, and Putin also.
This morning a group of representatives of factions begin discussion of a new coalition agreement (Channel 5)
Interesting now, following the Kriviy Rog elections.
If there is a new general election for the Rada I would expect the old Party of Regions - i.e. the Opposition block - to make big gains.
Why - there are a lot of people dissatisfied with the present state of things. Times are very hard.
Also - the old babushkas are pining for the old days of the Soviet Union. Put the two together, and...
Announced preliminary results of the elections of the mayor of Krivoy Rog (Columnist)
According to the parallel count protocols, the special election of the mayor of Krivoy Rog, for Yuri Vilkul voted 73.09% of voters - 209,406 residents.
On it informs edition
Total 286 600 voters participated in the mayoral election. The turnout was 55.88% of the total number of voters included in the lists. This is 20% higher than during the second round of mayoral elections November 15, 2015.
Following Vilkul placed candidate "Samopomochі" Semen Semenchenko, who scored 10.74% of the vote (30,777 voters).
In third place - Svetlana Sova (the party of "people power") with the result of 4.6% (13 190 votes).
In fourth place - the candidate of the party Nikolay Kolesnik Ill - 4,3% (12 315 votes).
In fifth place - the representative of the "People's Control" Igor Levitsky - 2.58% (7405 votes).

If true, a big win for the Opposition block. Might make Samopomich think again about their tactics in the coalition.
Vikul - old style old politician. From wiki -
КПСС → Партия регионов → Оппозиционный блок // i.e. Communist Party - to Party of Regions - to Opposition Block.
Headquarters: Militants fired power ATO 50 times, used a prohibited weapon
Monday, March 28, 2016, 6:50
Overnight gunmen opened fire 50 times, against the Minsk agreements and prohibited weapons.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
The most difficult situation in the area Avdeevki. There were 15 again and Ukrainian positions terrorists fired 120-mm and 82-mm mortars. In addition, they repeatedly used rocket launchers, machine guns and large-caliber small arms.
Also here militants tried to storm one of the strongholds of forces ATO. APU fire in response forced the terrorists to retreat.
Direction Donetsk ATO forces shelling also occurred in areas of Butivka mine , Lugansk, Pisky, Opitnoe and Zaitsev.
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