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News -
65 attacks by Putin's forces on the Ukrainian people yesterday.
Update - 4 soldiers wounded
Gazprom offer price of $185 for Ukraine - but $170 for Europe. !!

Weather -
Windy. Rather cold. Winter's last play, I think.
Only +3 around the capital. High of maybe 8 today. Next week better. 16-20.

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Long known as a major wheat producer and exporter, weather patterns and overseas demand are leading to greater concentration on maize

By Reuters Media on Apr 1, 2016

KYIV - Ukraine has exported about 30.5 million metric tons of grain so far in the 2015-16 season, the Ukrainian agriculture ministry said on Friday.

The exports consisted of 12.9 million metric tons of wheat, 4.04 million metric tons of barley and 13.41 million metric tons of maize, the ministry said in a statement.

To read further go to this link:
In the SBU said the exposure of reconnaissance APU, which is intended to go to the side of the separatists. This is stated in the message of the SBU press-center.

"Terrorists" dispatched "the agent into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during one of the waves of mobilization. Subsequently, after the appointment of the commander of the reconnaissance group, he is a mobile telephone and in person in the temporarily occupied territory of the fighters passed information about the location of their military positions and locations of the performance of intelligence tasks APU groups ", - the report says.

As noted, "on the instructions of Russian curators agent persuaded to move to the side of pro-terrorist troops their reconnaissance." For this he was promised "promotion" in the "Ministry of Defense DNR" and software house or apartment, noted the SBU.

Employees of security services with the assistance of management of the military unit commander and detained members of the reconnaissance before leaving on a combat mission.

Now the soldiers are in custody. Continue pressing operational and investigative activities. In Russian/русский
Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak hopes that Russia did not lose the Ukrainian gas market and will be able to resume delivery.

According to UNIAN correspondent in Russia, he said this to journalists.

"Ukraine is physically began to consume less gas, taking into account economic downturn, many businesses that consume gas, now is not working. Previously, Ukraine consumes 50 billion cubic meters of gas, currently about 35. This does not mean that we have lost the market. We are confident that they will buy the gas, including in Russia. To pass the winter, they need to secure in advance to ensure gas supplies ", - said Novak.

According to him, everything will depend on their needs Ukraine as a whole.

"During the summer, they do not need to import a lot of gas. Let's see how the situation will develop in terms of stocks, the weather is still cold enough, how much they will need to pump. While selected from UGS, all will be considered later, "- he said.

At the same time Novak said that Russia does not consider the pricing policy in respect of Ukraine inflexible.

"There were quite flexible prices with discounts that we give. In view of the decline in oil prices can not say that prices are not flexible, "- he said. In Russian/русский
Stockholm Arbitration granted the request Ostchem Holding Limited (included in Group DF) Dmitry Firtash, and ordered PJSC "Odesa Portside Plant" (IPF) to August 31, 2016 to refrain from alienation or encumbrance kakim-libo way their fixed assets.

The decision was made March 31, 2016, the press service of Group DF.

It is noted that the company Ostchem Holding Limited appealed to the Stockholm arbitration to protect its rights in respect of debts, formed HMO to group companies, given the considerable volume of claims, forthcoming privatization of enterprises and the growing risks of non-repayment of debt. In particular, the company Ostchem Holding Limited was "concerned by the increase in accounts payable IPF by attracting loans from state banks."
"Oshchadbank" increased demands on the suit to Firtash to $ 104 million

Press Service stressed that the sole purpose of Ostchem Holding Limited is to return the debt for the gas supplied IPF when applying to arbitration. The amount generated almost 3 years ago IPF debt to Ostchem Holding Limited (excluding fines, penalties and other losses) amounts to 193 million dollars. In Russian/русский

On Saturday, 2 April in Lviv on the street Khvylyovyi, 39 under the sidewalk explosion.

"From the street Khvylyovyi, 39 received information about gas explosion explosive-Powered Laboratory and investigators Electricity is not for security reasons..", - Said Rostislav on Facebook Stankevich.

Note that in the house at this address the lights went out. Causes of the explosion set. In place of the police arrived, gas service, fire.

Later in the comments in the 112 channel "Lvovgaze" reported that the gas communication near the epicenter of the explosion did not lie. At the moment, we can talk about the explosion of electric cable. In Russian/русский
At Kulikovo field near the House of Trade Unions in Odesa as a result of the explosion, in advance, firecrackers hurt people. This was reported in the Department of Communications GU natspolitsii in the Odessa region.

The incident occurred during a rally in memory of those killed May 2, 2014, which carried the activists on the Kulikovo field.

According to preliminary information, about 16:30 in the hands of one of the protesters blew up the lamp, and there is information that it was a firecracker. The victim lost a finger.

As the press-secretary of the patrol police Alla Marchenko of Odesa, on the data point patrol looking for a man who may have contributed to the explosion.

"According to the description set up orientation, the search for involved personnel patrol police, set car make and we are working to verify the vehicle was stopped the car, but nothing suspicious observed was not -. Search continues," - said Marchenko. In Russian/русский
Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal intends to rename the street in the village Mizhhiria, who now bear the names of Soviet leaders Golikova, Zhuravlev and Prokopenko, in honor of Roman Shukhevych, Heroes of UPA and the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky.

It is reported site of the head of the Transcarpathian region.

"On Monday, my order of these three streets will be changed in accordance with the law of Ukraine" On the condemnation of the Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of their symbols. " Golikova Street will be named Roman Shukhevych Zhuravlev Andrey Sheptytsky and Prokopenko - Heroes of UPA. These people are in Mezhgore certainly never forget, "- he wrote.

Moskal also appealed to historians and social activists calling for help to identify other "neutral" place names mentioned in Soviet times, in honor of those who fought against Ukraine. These place names are changed as part of decommunisation law. In Russian/русский
Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, based on information received as of 19:30hrs, 31 March 2016
The SMM observed a further increase in the number of ceasefire violations in Donetsk region. In Luhansk region the SMM recorded a low number of ceasefire violations. It monitored and facilitated repairs of essential infrastructure. The SMM observed the marking of mined areas in the security zone. It followed up on reports of shelling. The SMM facilitated the safe passage of civilians stranded between Ukrainian Armed Forces and “LPR” checkpoints in Luhansk region. The Mission reached a border crossing point in an area not controlled by the Government. The SMM was restricted in its freedom of movement mostly in areas not controlled by the Government*. ....
[and continues]
The prosecutor's office Kharkiv region, together with the SBU detained the chief inspector GSCHS one of the districts in receipt of unlawful benefit. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor of Kharkiv region.

Inspector received from a private entrepreneur who is engaged in manufacturing of furniture, 10 thousand hryvnia. For the money GSCHS worker promised not to involve private enterprise in the verification plan.

Inspectors detained during the transfer of money. He is accused of receiving illegal benefits officer (Part 3 of Art. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Employee detained in the order of Art. 208 Code of Criminal Procedure. The issue of the election of his preventive measures. In Russian/русский
Today comes into force the decision of the Verkhovna Rada, according to which 152 settlements in the framework of the law on decommunisation will receive new names. The corresponding decree was published in the "Voice of Ukraine" dated 1 April.

It is noted that №1037-VIII Decision shall enter into force on the day following the day of its publication, ie on 2 April.

It is expected that 151 changes the name of the village, town and city 1.

The mentioned settlements are in Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk region, as well as on the territory of Zaporizhzhya, Kyiv, Kirovohrad, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy and Chernihiv regions.

In addition, one city, which is to be renamed - it is a city of Ordzhonikidze in Dnipropetrovsk region, he was named Cover.

Recall that in Ukraine should be renamed 3% of the settlements, and that 941 village, town and city.

Most of the settlements to be renamed in the Donetsk region - 106, least of all - in the Ivano-Frankivsk, where there was not a village or city with the name Communist.

Among the most original Soviet names of settlements, which will disappear from the map of Ukraine - Way Nezamozhnik, Politotdelovets, Profintern, Educational program, and others.

In addition, under the "Law on the de-communization" were the names of two regional centers - Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad.

The Verkhovna Rada endorsed the renaming of the Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.

While the decision to change the name on the Kirovograd Ingul has not yet been reviewed by the People's Deputy.

However, some residents opposed Kirovograd Ingul name. In Russian/русский
And how much did Tymoshenko pay?
Probably nothing. Where did her latest Mercedes come from? 'Oh... it was a gift from my cousin's boyfriend's sister-in-law's cat, so it is not taxable".
With Russia’s offered gas price for Ukraine is $185 per 1000 cubic meters, Kiev can buy it from Europe on better conditions.
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Russia’s offered gas price for Ukraine is $185 per 1000 cubic meters while Kiev can buy it from Europe at some $170, Ukraine’s Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Volodymyr Demchyshyn told Sputnik on Thursday....

Put Tymoshenko in charge again!
She'll buy it for 450 dollars. And the KyivPost will sing her praises all the day long, with their leading soprano Taras Kuzio.
The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate Filaret expressed his vision of the cause of all misfortunes of Donbas and said the fate of a country will repeat today's Russia.

According to the cleric, modern Russia will suffer the same end as Nazi Germany.

Filaret also saw the appearance of a very simple recipe Donbas troubles.

"I do not want to say that all atheists in the Donbas and in the West - all believers. No. But the experience, and opinion polls show that the East atheists more than believers. And because of all this suffering. As in the Soviet Union, because of the militant atheism, which was spread power, suffered all the people ", - explained Filaret. In Russian/русский

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on Sat 2 Apr 2016 - 7:42Nelson
Naftogaz Ukrainy made an operating profit for the first time in six years in 2015, although currency losses and sales to the population still left it with a net loss, it said March 29. And it cautioned that the accounts of the majority of its subsidiaries have not been independently audited and the results could be worse....
The exchange rate weakened, with the hryvnia falling from 15.8/$ at the start of the year to 24/$ by the end, increasing its foreign currency debt and the price of imports.
It also lost money on selling gas at regulated prices, which in Q1 2015 were much lower than the cost of the gas it imported. And that being the winter, it accounted for exactly half the population’s offtake for the whole year (8.6bn m³ out of 17.2bn m³). Overall it lost hryvnia 25.1bn, down from 2014's hryvnia 90bn....
@Admin wrote:Ukraine is ready to buy gas from Russia for 160-170 dollars. This was stated by Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Vladimir Demchishin in an interview with RIA "Novosti"

"160-170 dollars in this range. This is a fair market price ", - said Demchishin.

Recall, the discount on gas for Ukraine to $ 17.77. Provided by Russia in the first quarter of 2016, is canceled from April 1 this year.

Recall, April 1, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the contract price of gas for Ukraine in the second quarter will be less than $ 180. Per 1 thou. Cu. m. In Russian/русский

This comes as a surprise to me. ...

No surprise. The price will fall further now, in the 2nd Quarter. I'm not sure what Europe is paying - Probably 170. So Putin offers Ukraine 180. The most expensive gas in Europe. Think Russian = scumball.
Latest prices here, give only to the end of March. New figure should appear soon.
....There is requirement of more than 500 aircraft in different roles and the market size is expected to exceed Rs 35,000 crore ($5,3 billion) over next 15 years, the Reliance Group said.....
Could be good business. India is a big big market. But sadly some corruption there. And the Russians are very good at corruption and bribes.
Ukraine is ready to buy gas from Russia for 160-170 dollars. This was stated by Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Vladimir Demchishin in an interview with RIA "Novosti"

"160-170 dollars in this range. This is a fair market price ", - said Demchishin.

Recall, the discount on gas for Ukraine to $ 17.77. Provided by Russia in the first quarter of 2016, is canceled from April 1 this year.

Recall, April 1, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the contract price of gas for Ukraine in the second quarter will be less than $ 180. Per 1 thou. Cu. m. In Russian/русский

This comes as a surprise to me. When the Kremlin wants to add more economic pressure on Ukraine, to bring it on its knees, it lowers the cost and eases the pressure they so much wanted to apply.

The only other reason for this is, they're in dire need of income and would rather have Ukraine buy from them as compared to Ukraine buying in reverse mode from Europe. This is showing weakness on behalf of the Russian Federation.
Russian officers are taken from the dead men Donbass Russia - intelligence
Saturday, April 2, 2016, 13:43
On the territory of Donbass, temporarily occupied by pro-Russian militants take out the dead soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces.
This is stated in the notice of the General Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
"Russian officers work with the personnel (" zampolitiv ") relies including" honorable mission "to accompany the bodies of soldiers killed in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass" - said in a statement.
In particular, it was found that on April 1 Major Armed Forces Anatoly Hreblyev accompanied by another person "cargo 200" - 6 soldiers killed omsbr 3 - in the former checkpoint in towns Uspenka.
As noted in the exploration, accompanied Hreblyev "cargo" to transfer the coffins of dead relatives and briefing to prevent leakage of information about the place and circumstances of death.
During the visit of Ukrainian President in the United States Ukrainian delegation were handed over materials related to corruption among senior officials, in particular, the head of the NBU Valerie Gontareva. This was on the air Shuster LIVE told former SBU head, the head of the public organization "The anti-corruption movement," Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

According to him, the US partners have consistently identified corruption Ukraine on its officials and handed over a package of supporting documents.

"This package concerns such officials. First of all, the management and the head of the National Bank. Documents for offshore, which has to do with it (Valeria Gontareva - Ed.), Its next lawyers, especially citizen Pasenyuk Ukraine (Makar Pasenyuk - the head of the investment department of the ICU, which before the arrival of the NBU in the summer of 2014 led Gontareva - Ed. ). They hit upon the idea, including the United States used the stolen money to Ukraine and through an offshore company to hire a company to energetically promoting the "successes" of the government and the head of the National Bank ", - said Nalyvaychenko.

According to Nalyvaychenko, the public should check that these documents were transferred to the Ukrane to conduct the investigation.

Recall that the President of Ukraine, paid a working visit to the United States, taking part in the Nuclear Security Summit and also held a number of meetings. Main topics - Reform in Ukraine, the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the release of political prisoners.

Recall, a group of deputies appealed to the leadership of the country, providing evidence of corruption by Valerie Gontareva. In particular, the head of the National Bank and its partners are suspected of fraud with government bonds, which they spend on the Exchange "Perspective".

Also published information, which indicates the possible involvement Gontareva financial machinations environment Yanukovych. In particular, with the help of ICU were carried out transactions on the conclusion of the state bodies of billions of hryvnia. In Russian/русский

Google translate not the best.
Headquarters: "Hot spots" in the Donbass - Avdiyivka Zaitsev, Marinka
Saturday, April 2, 2016 12:59
For the past day no Ukrainian troops died as a result of fighting, four soldiers were wounded.
This at a briefing on April 2 AP spokesman for the ATO Andrei Lysenko.
According to the staff, in the Donetsk direction for the last day was 46 enemy attacks, two "hottest spots" remain Zaitsev and Avdiyivka, the enemy intensified south (near Sand and Nevel).
According to Lysenko, April 1 positions forces ATO were fired about 90 mortar shells.
Direction Mariupol epicenter of the fighting was Marinka, in just the past day in the direction of Mariupol on 11 enemy attacks.
Militants have repeatedly opened sniper fire and used RPGs and small arms.
"The enemy made two shots with ATRA in Novotroickoe. Near the village. Lebedinskoye fixed enemy UAV flight" - said Lysenko.

ATO map also at the link above.
Activists of "Young Democrats" in the Netherlands staged a demonstration "occupation" of the village of Crimea in support of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

In the video you can see how a small group of activists with the flags of the organization and on the tank for paintball calls in the village called De Krim.

"" Young Democrats "have already joined Crimea. With military transport equipment and small invasion force, they attacked the Dutch village in order to attract attention for a referendum on an association agreement with Ukraine ", - stated in the caption to the video.

As you know, the Dutch parliament completed ratification procedures of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on 7 July - after the entry into force of the law that allowed the referendum to make international agreements.

As reported, the Netherlands Electoral Commission announced that an advisory referendum on the Agreement on the EU-Ukraine Association will be held next spring.

Earlier in the Netherlands collected the necessary number of signatures to hold a consultative referendum on the ratification of the Agreement on association with Ukraine.

Collect signatures was possible thanks to an intense online campaign satirical blog GeenStijl, Burgercomite EU citizens' group (the "Committee of EU citizens") and Euroskeptic think tank "Forum for Democracy." In Russian/русский

"Poroshenko and Rutte have coordinated steps ahead of the referendum on the association agreement in the Netherlands," the press secretary of the Ukrainian president Sviatoslav Tseholko wrote on Twitter.

The two officials also discussed bilateral cooperation in economic and investment areas, the presidential press service reported. The president expects the EU to adopt a decision on the establishment of the visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens already in the course of the Netherlands' presidency in the EU Council.

Poroshenko and Rutte also called for an immediate release of Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko from Russian prison.

The Ukrainian president and the prime minister of the Netherlands also coordinated future actions on the inquiry into the tragedy of the MH17 flight shot down in July 2014.......................

To read further go to this link:

Interesting, after Rutte said Ukraine would be bad for the EU. Just another Putin puppet.
"We're absolutely sure that European integration and the implementation of our Association Agreement will not be stopped," Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on April 1.

Poroshenko met with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington and afterward stressed the friendship between their countries.

He accused the Dutch anti-EU activists who demanded the referendum of exploiting the Ukraine question as part of an agenda to strike a blow against the EU. The cooperation deal with Ukraine puts Kyiv on a path toward eventual EU membership.

"The real purpose was an internal Dutch discussion about the future of the European Union and internal political clashes," Poroshenko said. "This is very dangerous -- that a 45-million-person country could become the victim of this."

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said that while it is up to Dutch voters to decide, "we believe that an Association Agreement is in the best interests of Ukraine, the Netherlands, and Europe."...............

To read further go to this link:
Is Russia finally beginning to run out of money? Putin has been trying hard to commit economic suicide for the last two years.
..."[It will] be lower than $180," Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said at a press conference on Friday, TASS said....
Russians are notorious liars. Time will tell.
If it is cheaper from Slovakia, get it from Slovakia.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed hope that Ukraine out of political crisis by forming a new coalition will take place soon.
He said this during his visit to Washington, reports Ukrinform.
"I expect that by the end of the week there is still time and return (from the USA - ed.) We will make the appropriate statement on forming a new coalition support offers a new prime minister and a new government", - President said.
He stressed that the configured "quite optimistic" in this regard, expressing confidence that the Ukrainian MPs to demonstrate the required level of responsibility.
"We will not delay this process, and not just the remaining weeks, but we are talking about days or even hours of" - he said.
However, he emphasized that the new coalition should be based on the implementation of the agreements and reforms agreed with the IMF, the implementation of the contents of the Association Agreement with the EU, including the FTA, tools to fight corruption, envisaged in the Action Plan on visa-free regime.

Likely optimism for his American audience.
... Ukrainian MPs to demonstrate the required level of responsibility...

Ukrainian Deputies displaying "responsibility"??
More chance of the moon being made of cheese, or Yulia Tymoshenko and Yanukovich returning their stolen (allegedly) billions.
Saturday, April 2, 2016, 7:03
In the area of ​​the antiterrorist operation active fighters remained high, a day that passed, they made 65 attacks from banned mortars caliber 120 mm and 82 mm.
The press center ATO headquarters.
In particular, the terrorists Avdiyivka hit 6 times, and in the Nevel and Zaitsev once. Mortar shelling are also accompanied by fire from small arms.
In Donetsk area Pisky, Luhansk, Novgorod, Opitnoe, Bukova mine, Russian mercenaries also fired position forces ATU with grenade launchers, machine guns of large caliber anti-tank missile systems.
In Mariupol direction enemy fire repeatedly applied with the same weapons toward Novotroitsk and Marinka, and in Luhansk - towards Novozvanivky, Boguslavsky, steppe.
To keep the onslaught of the enemy forces ATO had 12 times to open fire in response exclusively from small arms and grenade launchers, that is not a violation of the Minsk agreements referred to in the press center.
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