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News -
Russian forces fire 25 times yesterday at the Ukrainian people.
No dead, no injured yesterday. Slava Ukraini.
Reports of 15 dead Russians over the past 5 days.

Weather -
Pleasant morning. +5 at 0930. High maybe of 12. And better tomorrow.
Update - high of 12. Sunny.
Admin sending me into the centre of Kiev today to check out the scene there.
I'll try and report more tomorrow.

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U.S. President Barack Obama accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of slowing progress on nuclear arms reduction by focusing instead on building up Moscow's military might.

“My preference would be to bring down further our nuclear arsenal,” Obama said at a press conference on April 1 after his two-day Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

The Obama administration approached Russia about a possible new phase in arms reduction talks in 2010 after Russia and the United States signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty II.

But no further negotiations ensued, and Obama said that was “because of the vision that [Putin has] been pursuing of emphasizing military might over development.”....................

To read further go to this link:
Russian occupation troops suffered more losses in the Donbas.

Censor.NET reports citing Intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense.

A Russian truck, transported munitions and personnel, tripped the militants' mine on April 2 in the vicinity of ​​Stakhanov town. Seven Russian servicemen (two female snipers among them) of the 6th separate motorized infantry regiment of the 2nd army corps were killed in the explosion.

Five victims were delivered to the morgue of the Donetsk Regional Clinical Hospital on March 31, while three injured Russian soldiers of the reconnaissance unit of the 1st Motorized Rifle Brigade (Komsomol) of the 1st Army Corps were delivered at a special department reserved for the needs of the Russian military hospital.

On March 29, two Russian soldiers of the 3rd separate motorized rifle brigade (Horlivka) of the 1st Army Corps were killed near Zaitseve. One of the victims was identified as a citizen of Russia Aleksander Sukharev (resident of Ufa born in 1987).

On April 1, two intoxicated Russian soldiers of the 3rd infantry battalion have tripped a mine at their own minefield. One soldier died.   In Ukrainian/український
Victor Shokin decree of the President of Ukraine dismissed the Attorney General.

This Poroshenko said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels.

"After the vote on Tuesday received the documents from the Verkhovna Rada and signed a decree on dismissal of Viktor Shokina from office the Prosecutor General. Today my decree, he dismissed ", - said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko also noted that the next plenary week (ie, two weeks) Parliament should appoint a new Attorney General.

"I am confident that the next plenary week, we also should not delay, and the country should be the new Attorney General, and it should be honest and principled," - the president added, saying that the future Attorney General will deepen started Shokin reform of the prosecutor's office. In Russian/русский
...According to data from Eurostat, the Russian share in the total volume of EU trade dropped to 6 percent or 210 billion euros ($238 billion). It has been decreasing since 2013, Eurostat said.
Meanwhile the share of the United States — the EU's biggest partner — accounted for 18 percent or 619 billion euros ($702 billion). The U.S. is followed by China, whose share totaled 15 percent or 521 billion euros ($591 billion) and Switzerland with 7 percent ...

Maybe Ukraine can get in there and replace Russia! Switzerland at 7%?? What does Switzerland make? Chocolate and watches??! (no offence to any Swiss readers !)
....Addressing Putin directly, she says his "foreign and domestic policy -- if you even have one -- has already led to the collapse of Russia's financial system and its destruction as a government ruled by law."

The regional branch of the federal Investigative Committee, Russia's top investigative body, said in its statement that the hate-speech allegations are based on videos and texts that Li posted online, including the popular Russian social media site VKontakte.

It is the second criminal case launched against Li, a 29-year-old independent who was elected to the Kursk regional legislature in 2011, since she published the critical video on her Vkontakte page and on YouTube on March 4. ....

Pure Stalinist regime now in Russia. No other words for it. Good write-up by RFERL.
See also
Criminal Case Opened Against Regional Deputy For Video Criticizing Putin
[this only relates to the first charge; not the new one mentioned by RFERL.]

Last edited by Nelson on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:23 pm; edited 1 time in total
....Today, I asked my pupils about their plans for the May holidays. It turns out that no one is going anywhere. Leaving is expensive and unrealistic, going to the river is dangerous, the forests are full of mines, and there's no running water at dachas within the boundaries of the "republic"... So people are staying in the city, between the same four walls, and for many it's an apartment, not even a house.
Youngsters speak about this sadly. In recent years, there have been no prospects of holidays at the sea, trips abroad, or closer visits to granny. Of course, if you consider problems such as unemployment or soaring prices, holidays are not really a big issue. On the other hand, how long can you postpone your life? One year? Two years? .....
Residents of the Netherlands, who will participate in the referendum on the ratification of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine April 6 must vote "yes" in order to repulse the attempts to turn Ukraine into Putin's corrupt anti-European state and in memory of those killed in a plane crash the MH-17. This writes The Economist.

"From the time of the Maidan, Russia is trying to regain control, spreading chaos on the border of Ukraine. The Dutch like no one else knows what havoc could mean tens of their compatriots were killed in 2014, in the downed MH-17 flight plane. When asked Ukrainians to Europe, their dream for his country was to avoid corruption and chaos. They are still trying to get out. Dutch voters should not attack them on the fingers "- the article says. In Russian/русский
Two day visit. Cooperation in the Black Sea between Ukraine and Turkey.
In group "DNI" occupied Debaltsevo Donetsk region plans to open a print shop for printing propaganda newspapers. This write "News of Donbass" with a link to a page on Facebook supporter of terrorists Roman Huzyahmetova.

"In Debaltsevo it will create a state enterprise that will be carried out of newspapers. In this regard, we need a candidate for the post of managing editor (director) of the enterprise - a resident of Debaltsevo "- he wrote.

Huzyahmetov noted that before proceeding with the duties of the head, a candidate shall undergo training in the so-called "Ministry of Information DNI." In Russian/русский
Leaders of local prosecutors' offices in the early stages of the planned reform was updated only by 14%, and it is the responsibility of Victor Shokina. About this in an interview LІ said the former deputy head of the GPU, David Sakvarelidze.

Asked whether he now admit that the reform of the local prosecutor's office had failed, Sakvarelidze said: "No reform began, we moved from the dead point Everything was properly formed, cuts were made in a transparent and fair - all passed the tests and only.. their results were chosen people who remained in the local prosecutor's office. The problem was with Shokin ".

Sakvarelidze said that Shokin formed a commission, which conducted interviews with candidates for the final stage of the competition, with its majority, and then by the prosecutor's office dispersed instructed to pull the right of prosecutors in the top three. "And then they were to Shokin of the three elected and appointed exactly what happened, but still 14% manual prosecutors refreshed -.. So much of management positions occupied before the ordinary prosecutors exclusively due to their skills," - he explained.

The absence of the President of Petro Poroshenko reaction to these processes in the Prosecutor's Office will hit rating, says former deputy attorney general.

Commenting on his previous statements in which he said that he had come to Ukraine with a carte blanche to reform from the president, Sakvarelidze said: "Yes, so I'm surprised that, instead, there is such a massive attack on all that we have created for all our initiatives. A year ago, we presented to the president all directions, which subsequently launched, or at least tried to run, despite the opposition. But today everything is paralyzed. "

According to him, the former head of the GPU appointed as of April 22, the Conference of Prosecutors to score procuratorial organs government: Council of Prosecutors and Qualification and Disciplinary Commission. This Sakvarelidze sees big risk: "I have no doubt that it will gather themselves loyal people that the new law will make decisions on all appointments, dismissals, disciplinary responsibility of high-ranking prosecutors What this means Shokinizm permanently in Ukraine.?". In Russian/русский
Armenia announces the continuation of the aggressive military actions by Azerbaijan. This was reported by Novosti-Armenia. In particular, the publication says that the morning of April 3 Azerbaijan applied the rocket and artillery tools and armored vehicles.

The Armenian side claims 18 dead and about 35 wounded.

OSCE convenes on Tuesday, April 4, Vienna emergency meeting on the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Armenia morning of April 2. accused Azerbaijan of large-scale offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh. Both sides claim to large losses of the enemy and accuse each other of provocations. Armenia officially acknowledged the death of 18 Armenian soldiers in the fighting during the day, Azerbaijan - the death of 12 Azerbaijani servicemen.

The unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is the territory of Azerbaijan. Baku considers it occupied territory. In 1994, after six years of war, it was signed the Bishkek Protocol, under which Azerbaijan, Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh have agreed to a cease-fire, but at the time of collision lines into conflict from time to time. In Russian/русский

Some good reasons the Kremlin would like to influence the battle between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has been in the workings with Ukraine, to supply Ukraine with LNG. That will further cut the direct supplies coming from Russia to Ukraine.

As for Armenia, starting soon after Ukraine's 2014 Maidan that was concern of a color revolution within Armenia. They say it's not a discontent with Russia but mainly an economic issue, due to lots of corruption with the energy sector with Russia. There was talk about price hikes by the Russia RAO which Armenian's thought wasn't fair.

So! On the Kremlin's side, they would want nothing less for both to duke it out, in order for them to get into the fray so they can intervene and possibly control both countries for their overall benefit, when it comes to the energy sector in the area, and stop the LNG from Azerbaijan going to Ukraine which is a big market for Russia.

So don't be surprised that the Kremlin will son stick its nose into the middle of that fresh ongoing conflict. The Kremlin has lots to gain and eliminate losses in the end via Azerbaijan.

Businessmen Tunisia and Italy expect to receive land in the Crimea under agricultural projects. This was reported by the Russian news agency TASS reported with reference to the founder of the Chamber of Commerce of Tunisia - Russia Francesco Lo Iudiche.

"The idea is that in the Crimea have the opportunity to receive in rent 500 hectares of land, where you can skonsolidirovat dozens of Italian companies of agricultural areas and livestock. They could co-operate, to grow in this territory, to process products and sell them on the territory of Russia" - said the representative of the Chamber of Commerce, adding that investors are not afraid of sanctions.

At the same time the partners of Italian entrepreneurs from Tunisia - Corporation of the 240 wineries - are interested in the site for the cultivation of grapes and production of wine. In Russian/русский
Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak hopes that Russia did not lose the Ukrainian gas market and will be able to resume deliveries, writes UNIAN.

"Ukraine is physically began to consume less gas, taking into account economic downturn, many businesses that consume gas, now is not working. Earlier, Ukraine consumes 50 billion cubic meters of gas, currently about 35. This does not mean that we have lost the market. We are confident that, they will buy gas, including in Russia to secure passage of the winter they need in advance to ensure gas supplies ", -. Novak said.

According to him, everything will depend on the needs of Ukraine in general.

"During the summer, they do not need a lot of imported gas will see how the situation will develop in terms of stocks, the weather is still cold enough, as they need to upload While selected from UGS, all will be considered later.." - He said.

At the same time Novak said that Russia does not consider the pricing policy in respect of Ukraine inflexible.

"Who were sufficiently flexible prices with discounts that we give Given the decline in oil prices can not say that prices are not flexible." - He said. In Russian/русский
The players of FC "Bakhchisaray" not entered the home match of the 19th round of the championship of Crimea to Kerch "Ocean" because of debts on wages. This was reported by the Russian news agency TASS reported with reference to the president of the Crimean Football Union (CFS) Yuri Vetoha.

"In the morning the team left (in the match), and then, an hour before the game, I received a call from the team management and was told that would not be out on the field because of the fact that the players refuse - wages are not at all at the evening meeting was normal. "- commented on the situation Vetoha. In Russian/русский
on Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:54 amAdmin
Security Service of Ukraine has blocked the payment of pensions to former security officials who have altered the side of the illegal armed formations "DNR" and "LC". It is reported by the press service of the SBU.

"Law enforcers have found that seven former military and employees of the internal affairs agencies are active participants of terrorist groups. However, they are not given the opportunity to receive pension payments from the Ukrainian government, "- said in a statement SBU.

By the end of the year, seven terrorists could get more than 300 000 hryvnia from the state budget. In Russian/русский

[Also see other post by Admin, 3 or 4 posts' up.]
Slava Ukraini!
Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate Filaret said that Russia and its political leadership to commit crimes against humanity, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin and those who carry out his orders - must be brought to justice. This he said in an interview edition Apostrophe.

"If there is a violation of the law, there must be a just punishment and get rid of this penalty only if the offender sincerely repents and corrected, -. Said Filaret, in response to a question about the forgiveness of enemies, - This applies to both Putin and terrorist operatives . They commit crimes against humanity, war crimes, engaged in terrorism should therefore stand trial, according to the law -. Nazis responded to the tribunal at Nuremberg. "

Patriarch Filaret also criticized the pace of ongoing reforms in the country. In Russian/русский
on Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:21 amAdmin
On the ground in Tula destroyed a large consignment of apples from Poland. It is reported by Rosselkhoznadzor press service of Moscow, the Moscow and Tula regions.

According to authorities, during the inspection of the vehicle en route from Russia to Voronezh, it was found in 1450 boxes of fresh apples weighing more than 20 tons.

"The visual inspection of regulated products revealed the presence of marking of the country of origin of Poland" - said in a statement.

Products prohibited from being imported into the territory of the Russian Federation, seized and destroyed on the ground in Tula. In Russian/русский
In the center of Moscow is burning building of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

As reported by "RIA Novosti", according to preliminary data, a fire occurred on the third floor of the building. The fire is assigned the second rank of difficulty.

In a burning building is a housing department of the Ministry of Defense. For evacuation of people began.

The representative of the central board of Emergencies Ministry in Moscow said that the place left nine settlements, staff - 45 people. In Russian/русский
The figure is shocking: it became known as the terrorists killed in the fighting daily Donbas (Zik)
This was announced today at a briefing spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO Colonel Alexander Motuzyanyk.
Yesterday near Stakhanov result [terrorist) truck hit their own minefield killed 7 occupants (including - 2 female snipers) from the so-called "individual 6th Motorized Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Army Corps" - gang "LNR".
3 days ago morgue Donetsk Regional Clinical Hospital. Kalinin delivered 5 killed and 3 wounded fighters from the intelligence unit of the so-called "1st Infantry Brigade separate the 1st Army Corps" - gang "DNR".
The day before yesterday fighter from the so-called "special 9th ​​Mechanized Regiment assault the Marines of the 1st Army Corps" - gang "DNR" hit their own minefield and died. He was drunk....

Frankly, it reduces Putin's wage bill. But likely somebody else will pocket the salaries of the dead.
Alternative headline - same story -
Intelligence announces the death of 15 Russian military in Donbas in the last 5 days (RBC-Ukraine)

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No vote in the referendum on the Ukraine-EU association agreement might cause a tragedy.
Censor.NET reports citing The Economist.

"Ever since Maidan, Russia has been trying to reassert control by spreading chaos on Ukraine's border. The Dutch learned better than any other country what such chaos can mean, when scores of their countrymen were killed in 2014, in the downing of flight MH-17. When Ukrainians turned towards Europe, their dream was for their country to escape the pit of corruption and chaos. They are still struggling to climb out. Dutch voters should not step on their fingers," the article reads.

Yes vote in the referendum won't let Putin to fulfill his wish for corrupt and anti-European Ukraine.

The first threat to the agreement dated back to November 2013 when Viktor Yanukovych, now the former president of Ukraine, succumbed to Russian pressure and renounced an association agreement with the EU that he and his predecessors had spent six years negotiating.

"Many Ukrainians thought their country's best hope for transforming itself from a corrupt gangster state into an orderly democracy (or, as they put it, a "normal country") had been sacrificed on the orders of Vladimir Putin, Russia's president. Thousands set up camp on Kiev's Maidan, chanting "Ukraine is Europe".

"Mr Putin then sent troops into Ukraine to win back Russian influence by stealth and force. He succeeded in seizing Crimea, splitting off a few rebel areas and embittering Ukrainians' once-warm feelings towards Russia," the article reads.

The Netherlands appears to be the only one of the EU's 28 members that has not ratified the Ukraine-EU association agreement.

"If Ukraine really is to become normal, it needs Europe to meet it part-way. For that to happen, the Dutch need to vote Yes," summarized in the Economist. In Russian/русский
The Prosecutor's Office of Chernivtsi region has registered a criminal proceeding against Volodymyr Maiboros, the Deputy Head of the Department of Organizational and Analytical Support and Rapid Mobility of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Chernivtsi region.

Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Prosecutor's office

As a chief Volnovakha (Donetsk region) police department in March 2014, Maiboros took part in the meeting on "federalization" of the southeastern part of Ukraine and implementation of the decision of Donetsk regional Council to hold a referendum on establishing the status of the southeastern regions of Ukraine.

The event was accompanied by public calls to change the regional borders as well as the state border of Ukraine.

At the same time, Maiboros did nothing to stop the spread of such appeals.

Criminal proceeding under Paragraph 1 of Article 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (neglect of duty) has been opened.  In Ukrainian/український
Russia is waging a hybrid war on Ukraine, including disseminating information that discredits Ukraine. That was Pres Poroshenko’s reaction to the New York Times editorial Apr. 1.

The NYT editorial advises Pres Poroshenko to launch a wide discussion on the candidate for a new prosecutor general and reinstate Deputy Prosecutor General David Sakvarelidze and reformer.

The dismissal of Prosecutor General Shokin does not indicate the power’s preparedness to wage anti-corruption war, NYT said.

Editorials in such respectable newspapers as The New York Times are generally viewed as the expression of US public opinion.

Way to Freedom Ukrainian Film Days was being held in Amsterdam on March 31 - April 1. Cultural Diplomacy by MFA.
Censor.NET reports citing Facebook of Cultural Diplomacy by MFA.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Ukrainian State Film Agency together with "Arthouse Traffic'' and the Brand New Ukraine Foundation organized screenings in the Dutch capital on the eve of the referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

The showcase enclosed the documentary features telling about iconic events in Ukraine: from the classics of silent cinema, The Eleventh Year by Dziga Vertov, to contemporary international film festivals' hits, The Russian Woodpecker by Chad Gracia and Winter on Fire by Evgeny Afineevsky.   In Ukrainian/український
In the area of ​​Debaltsevo (Donetsk region) buried more than a dozen bodies of fighters armed force of Ukraine (AFU). This was on Sunday, April 3, the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense DNI.
"In the area of ​​Debaltsevo Ukrainian soldiers found buried there more than a dozen bodies. Today will be exhumed and then send to the morgue, "- said" RIA Novosti "representative office.

Debalsevo - absolute massacre of Ukrainian troops by Putin. I am sure more graves will be found in the coming months and years.

Canada partially resumes contacts with Russia, however, will continue to support Ukraine.
This was stated by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau during the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, informs Tsenzor.NET with reference to the "Voice of America" ​​.

"Canada has a lot of support Ukraine Our position is clear and unwavering:. We oppose the illegal and illegitimate territorial expansion pursued by Russia to Ukraine and we support our Ukrainian friends Yes, we said that the start contact with Russia on a range of issues, from.. with the Arctic and other issues, but in the course of these contacts at every opportunity will clearly state that we are determined in our support for Ukraine and will insist on this position, "- said Trudeau.

Sounds slightly dodgy. At least they make a statement, unlike the Greeks, Italians.
ATO: Militants opened fire 25 times, 4 times MAT shooting response
Sunday, April 3, 2016, 6:28
For the past day militants carried out the positions forces ATO 25 attacks, while 7 times they used banned weapons.
The press center ATO headquarters reported on the page in Facebook.
"In Mariupol direction the militants used against the Ukrainian army mortars. In particular, caliber 120 mm Number of nearby Vodnaya and 82 millimeter x on Shyrokynomu" - said in a statement.
In Donetsk area militants fired three mortar Avdeevki direction and once opened fire near Pisky.
In addition, terrorists fired with grenade launchers of various systems, machine guns, anti-aircraft installations and small arms along the boundary line. Specifically militants fired position forces ATU near Avdeevka, Bukova, Opitnoe, Mayorskoho, Novotroitsk, Novozvanivky, Hnutovoho.
"It should be noted that during this period the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 4 times opened fire with small arms", - the headquarters of ATO.
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