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News -
Putin's Russian war machine fires on 23 separate occasions yesterday in the "Ceasefire" at the Ukrainian nation.
Update - 3 soldiers wounded.
Panama leaks - reopened old and new wounds - Putin, Poro, Tymoshenko, Kyiv Post owner also!
Most Ukrainian papers attacking Poroshenko, including an article in the KP, and also Liashko.
Poro responds saying assets controlled by a trust. See below for more.

Weather -
Cloudy morning at 0700 in KIev. About +5. High maybe of 15 today.
Warmer tomorrow, and still warmer on Wednesday predicted.
Update - a super day in Kiev. The sun came out. Quite warm. 18. Similar now for week ahead. Even warmer maybe.

Observation -
Whilst riding Tram 29 towards Borispilska this morning I saw a large crowd outside one of the courts near Lisova station.
Many people protesting. To do with lustration - dodgy judges. Apologies for not getting my mobile camera working in time.
I did notice the Channel 112 crew had set up outside.

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President Barack Obama met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Monday, April 4, 2016. The two discussed a wide range of security topics but, as their post-meeting remarks below indicated, Ukraine was very high on the priority list.

Below are the remarks of the two leaders after the meeting:


Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

April 4, 2016




Oval Office

12:03 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: It's a great pleasure to welcome back once again my good friend, the Secretary General of NATO, Secretary General Stoltenberg. We are marking the 67th anniversary of the NATO alliance, and NATO continues to be the lynchpin, the cornerstone of our collective defense and U.S. security policy.

We had an excellent meeting that started with marking the tragedy that had taken place in Brussels, and reinforcing the importance of us staying focused on ISIL and countering the terrorism that has seeped up into Europe and around the world.

And we agreed that one of the most important functions that NATO is performing and can continue to perform is to help in the training and assisting process for troops in Iraq, in Jordan, in many of the areas in the region. And we are continuing to cooperate on an ongoing basis about operations potentially in areas like Libya, where you have the beginnings of a government and we can I think provide enormous help in helping to stabilize those countries.

We also discussed generally what's been happening in the Southern Flank of NATO. Traditionally, a lot of focus has been on the East, but we recognize that there are a broad set of challenges that have to be addressed all around the world. And NATO is going to be working with the European Union, for example, to help prevent the tragedy that we saw last summer of migrants taking very dangerous trips across waters to try to reach Europe. In cooperation with Turkey, Greece, and other countries, it's important for us to do that in a way that is humane and thoughtful, even as we're also working together to try to bring an end to the Syrian conflict.

We had an excellent conversation about Afghanistan, in which NATO obviously has been an extraordinary partner with the United States. The coalition there continues to focus on assisting the government and the Afghan national security forces, building up capacity, pushing back against the Taliban, and helping Afghans to provide security for their own country and, hopefully, being able to arrive at some sort of political settlement that would end decades of conflict and violence there. And we are grateful for the sacrifices that NATO countries have made -- their men and women fought alongside U.S. troops. They have fought together and they have died together.

And in the Warsaw Summit that is coming up, we expect to be able to follow through on the pledges that we've made to continue to support the Afghan people in those efforts.

And we discussed the eastern side of the equation. We continue to be united in supporting Ukraine in the wake of Russian incursions into Ukrainian territory. We continue to work in a train-and-assist fashion in helping support Ukraine develop its military capabilities defensively. We continue to provide reassurance to the frontline states there, our NATO allies, to make sure that they have not just reassurance of words, but that we have actually deployed concrete assets that let them know that Article 5 means something, and that we stand by our commitments to our allies. And I have in my budget put forward a quadrupling of the resources that we spend, and allocated a portion of that money to make sure that we've got ground brigades that send a clear message about our commitments to our NATO allies to the east.....................

To read further go to this link:
A statement by Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev about the absence of the Ukrainian state demonstrates how Russian leaders fear and hysterically perceive a mere fact of Ukraine's existence.

Censor.NET reports quoting National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

"Ukraine is a state that curbed the westward onslaught of the Russian aggressor. Ukraine is a state existence of which puts an end to the revival and revenge of the Soviet evil empire. I want to remind Kremlin's inadequate dreamers that the Ukrainians had a state with its capital in Kyiv long before the emergence of the Moscow ulus of the Golden Horde. Ukraine will continue to exist after the anger, aggression, and internal contradictions, that are always inherent in totalitarian regimes, will tear to pieces the remnants of the Soviet empire known as Russia," Turchynov remarked.  In Ukrainian/український

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama during the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C.

As reported by Censor.NET citing the press service of the president, the heads of state discussed the situation in the Donbas and Crimea, and have coordinated the efforts for full implementation of the Minsk agreements by Russia.

The presidents also discussed the issues of developing the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the U.S.

Particular attention was paid to the necessity of prompt formation of reform-oriented coalition and government in Ukraine.

"President Obama confirmed his willingness to provide the third tranche of loan guarantees in the amount of $1 billion upon completion of the formation of a new government in Ukraine," the statement reads.   In Ukrainian/український

The U.S. leadership will continue to adhere to its commitments on Ukraine to allies, U.S. President Barack Obama said after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Censor.NET reports referring to RIA Novosti.

The U.S. will stick to its commitments to allies, he said.

Obama also said the two sides plan to cooperate in boosting military and defense capabilities of Ukraine.  In Ukrainian/український
The anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine taken under the rule of President Petro Poroshenko is of greater success in contrast to that of Viktor Yanukovych era.

Censor.NET reports quoting White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

"President Poroshenko has demonstrated the commitment along with the rest of the government of Ukraine to implementing a whole bunch of anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine. When you consider the record of President Poroshenko's predecessor, it's clear that they've made some important progress," he said.

This statement by Earnest followed after he was asked about a possible change in the attitude of the U.S. leadership towards Poroshenko in connection with the publication of investigation into offshore schemes by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism.   In Ukrainian/український
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he withdrew from asset management, outsourcing this function to consulting companies and law firms, according to the president’s posting on Facebook.....

Poroshenko’s legal advisors: creating offshore companies only way to transfer Roshen into "blind trust"

NABU not to probe reports on Poroshenko's offshore assets
The head of Ukraine's populist Radical Party has called for an impeachment investigation into President Petro Poroshenko over allegations he used an offshore account to avoid tax.
In a televised interview on April 4, Oleh Lyashko said the Anticorruption Bureau (AKB) must investigate Poroshenko for allegedly hiding significant amounts of money in offshore accounts....
on Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:02 pmNelson

An international consortium of investigative reporters has documented a vast network of shady money transfers used by close associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin to funnel as much as $2 billion into offshore shell companies.

The information was released on April 3 as part of a massive new report called The Panama Papers, examining scores of world leaders and public officials around the world, and a system of money transfers and secretive corporate registries that enable vast sums of money -- often ill-gotten -- to be hidden away from law enforcement and regulators. ...
....The documents show that on June 12, 1998, a BVI police detective named Graeme McDowell Smith acting for Ukrainian authorities  received permission to search the Mossack Fonseca premises for companies, trusts or transactions related to Tymoshenko, then a member of Parliament (MP) and future prime minister; Lazarenko, a former prime minister who was then an MP; and a number of their associates.
The purpose of the search, the order said, was an investigation “in connection with fraud and misappropriation of funds.”....
During Lazarenko’s term as Prime Minister, UESU became the largest importer of natural gas to Ukraine with an annual turnover reaching $10 billion. The investigators were suspicious of the company’s rapid success and of its founders, Tymoshenko; her husband Oleksandr Tymoshenko; and their family friend, Olexander Gravets. Investigators suspected they were helped by Lazarenko.....

No wonder the Kyiv Post supports Tymoshenko so strongly. All becomes clear - money!
This explains the heavy attacks on people like Yatseniuk, Poroshenko also, and other "jews", as the Kyiv Post basically labelled them, when trying to influence the last general election. Just think - Taras Kuzio. And the Yulia Post.
Incidentally, Lazarenko ended up in jail. Tymoshenko escaped - somehow.
But you have to ask yourself, how Tymoshenko has offshore companies, but has an income of about 10 dollars a day! - not enough even to keep one of her Mercedes running, never mind the Range Rovers, and her estate, and that of her daughter, and... and... and...  It all stinks. Including the Kyiv Post.
Just had a look (1930 hrs) at the Kyiv Post. Not a word about Tymoshenko.
But an "exclusive" all about Poroshenko..... who apparently has such a small sum that it does not even trigger an investigation - unlike the 10 billion dollar turnover of Tymoshenko's company. No word about that either from Bonner, the editor during the Tymoshenko mega-reign at the Kyiv Post. He calls for "facts". .. and rants on about poroshenko also.
....more details of this incident will be disclosed after special events classified secret to ensure the safety of our troops,"...
Three Ukrainian soldiers wounded in Donbas in last day
04.04.2016 | 16:04
No Ukrainian soldiers were killed but three were wounded in the Donbas conflict zone over the last 24 hours, head of the press center of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) headquarters, Colonel Oleksandr Motuzianyk said at a briefing on Monday, according to an UNIAN correspondent....
Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has set the current place of service and office personnel of Russian generals, who in 2014-2015 were directly involved in the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine in command positions in the 2 AA (Lugansk) Armed Forces.

According to intelligence, Major General Sergey Kuzovlev, who since the end of 2014. until the spring of 2015 he commanded the 2nd Army Corps (Lugansk), the Armed Forces, on his return to Russia in July 2015, was appointed commander of the 20th Army (Voronezh) IN West (Saint-Petersburg) Armed Forces.

Lieutenant-General Sergey Yudin, who in 2015 commanded the 2 AK (Lugansk), the Armed Forces, returned to the post of Head of Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the West BO (Saint Petersburg) Russian Armed Forces.

Major General of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Oleg Tsekov Mussovich that since the end of 2014 until the spring of 2015 he commanded two separate motorized rifle brigade (Lugansk) 2 AK Armed Forces, returned to the post of commander of the 200 Motorized Rifle Brigade (settlement of Pechenga, Murmansk Region. ) Coastal forces of the Northern fleet of the Russian Navy. "For the following criminal orders of the military and political leadership of Russia in the temporarily occupied territories of the east Ukrainian presidential decree from 21.02.2015 g .. №91 received the rank of" major general "- says Gur.

GUR is reminiscent of the irreversibility of the punishment of war crimes, which have no statute of limitations, and the responsibility for which is provided by international and national criminal law. In Russian/русский
The EU will provide support to the government in Ukraine 97 million euros. This was announced by Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky.

"The EU has developed to support the government in Ukraine program, funds in the amount of EUR97 million, on which the European Commission have identified together, Germany and Poland" - he said at the presentation of the program "School of Mayors" in Kiev.

According to him, this program will be launched in support of the Regional Development Fund and the newly established territorial communities.

The ambassador said that decentralization is one of the elements of overcoming the shortcomings of centralized management that exists in the country. "In my opinion, it is earned - after all my visits to various regions and cities of Ukraine can talk about the success of this program", - he said. In Russian/русский
Russian occupational command increases the forces in the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and continuing provocative military activities near the administrative border. It is reported General Directorate of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to intelligence reports, on Monday, April 4, in the territory temporarily occupied Crimea near the settlement Dzhankoi conducted airlift personnel units of the Airborne Troops of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.

"Of the four IL-76 parachute it landed about 400 Russian servicemen. After the assignment on the landing, military transport planes landed at the military airport "Dzhankoy", - informs the GUR. In Russian/русский
on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:25 amAdmin
Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister said that to compare Russia and Ukraine on security issues can not be on the plants. He said this at a meeting on the state of and prospects for the coal industry.

So Medvedev reacted to the words of the head of Rostekhnadzor Alexey Aleshin, who said that the rate of injuries in the coal industry in the Russian enterprises in 2015 was the lowest ever recorded since the days of the Soviet Union, and led to comparisons of data on the Ukraine, where the figure is much higher.

"What are we with Ukraine in this sense be compared? I'm just about the fact that there is no industry or government does not exist "- said Medvedev.

In turn, Aleshin explained that brought with 2013 data for Ukraine, however it does not significantly change the position of the Russian prime minister. "year 2013? So, the industry was there, and the state and there was no "- he stressed. In Russian/русский
The US government claims that Russia has increased the number of strategic warheads deployed on ballistic missiles - despite the agreement regulating the reduction of nuclear arsenals of both countries.

The data released by the Bureau of Arms Control and execution of the US State Department contract, obviously deepen concern among US lawmakers against Russian military intentions. According to experts, Russia today has about 200 warheads more than in 2011, when a new treaty on limiting strategic offensive weapons came into force.

During the rule of President Vladimir Putin, Moscow has spent considerable resources for the modernization of weapons, military equipment and training for its armed forces.

The results of these actions have been demonstrated during the Russian intervention in Ukraine and in Moscow to participate in the military campaign in Syria, where Russian troops have used new aircraft and missile systems. In Russian/русский
Court of Appeals of Vinnytsia region opened proceedings on charges of Dzerzhinsky district court judge Oleg Dvornina (Janitor). This is evidenced by the decision of the Vinnitsa Court of 22 March.

The Court received the appeals of the prosecutor and the defense lawyer, the sentence Demyanovoy Barsky District Court of Vinnitsa region from February 11, 2016.

Meanwhile, until the judge Dvornin (Janitor) is the appeal red tape continues to serve as a minister of Themis. According to the site, "the Trial Chamber of Ukraine", the defendant dense schedule court cases, both civil and criminal, writes PNC .

On February 11 this year Barsky District Court of Vinnitsa region convicted Derazhnia Raion Court Judge Oleg Dvornina (Janitor) of abusing his official position, the acquisition of another property by deception and incitement to attempted bribery (art. 190 ch.1,190 h .2 , part 4 of Article 27, ch. 2 of Article 15, part 4 st.369 Criminal Code) and sentenced to 6 years in prison with confiscation of property.

Also Dvornin deprived 4th qualification class of a judge.

The Court of First Instance showed that the judge Dvornin received by unauthorized persons 11 thousand. USD. For assistance in the positive decision of the case on the fact of the acquisition, storage with the purpose of distribution of especially dangerous narcotic drugs on a large scale. The case, first, in 2012, considered Derazhnia Raion court, and then - a panel of judges of the Appeal Court of the Khmelnitsky region. In Russian/русский
In Kiev, about 20 people tried to break through in Solomenskiy district police department, to "liberate" their fellow detainee. This UNIAN reported in the Department of Communication Chief of the National Police Office in Kiev.

In particular, as noted in the report, the patrol police crew stopped the car for a traffic violation. As the driver acted aggressively and correctly, the patrol took him to Solomenskiy police Kiev management for the compilation of the administrative Protocol under Article 185 (willful disobedience of a lawful order or request a police officer, a member of the public formation for the protection of public order and the state border, the military) the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences .

On the way, a man called my friend and told about the incident, the police noted.

Subsequently, according to law enforcement, "about 15-20 people, which are called the representatives of the public organization, arrived in Solomenskiy management were aggressive, trying to get inside, break the door, and" liberate "his friend."

In this regard, law enforcement officers were forced to call the special forces to stabilize the situation, the report said.

"Two of the men who arrived broken in the police administration building, thus inflicted injuries policeman who was on duty and tried to stop illegal entry", - stressed the police.

At the site works investigative team of the district and the General Directorate of the National Police in the city of Kiev, the management. We investigate the circumstances and causes of the incident.

Now the situation has stabilized. Two people, who behaved most aggressively arrested, police said. In Russian/русский
In some units the militants occupying positions at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk (Marinka district), persistently rumors about working with the Ukrainian side "snipers NATO" (the US, Germany and the Baltic countries), with the highest level of training that specifically hunt for snipers and commanders of militants . It is reported by a group of "Information Resistance".

"Even callsigns called terrorists who destroyed the data" supersnayperami "-inostrantsami (including, for example, is said to really destroyed zamkombata gangs" Hold "with the call sign" Pile ")", - the report says.

In addition, in the "closed" Staff reports "1st AK DNI" passes information that the areas immediately adjacent to the demarcation line with the Ukrainian side, "resumed the flights of Air Combat in Ukraine." "The same information is distributed intensively in the ranks of the militants themselves" 1st AK "," - said "IP". In Russian/русский
on Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:55 amAdmin
In Makeyevka, controlled by militants so-called "DNR" continues "hunt for Ukrainian spies." It is reported by a group of "Information Resistance".

"Employees" MGB DNI "strenuously looking for local residents some" miniature electronic device for adjusting artillery and mortar fire, "which allegedly are arranged near military installations terrorists recruited by Ukrainian special services local residents", - the report says.

There have been some arrests of citizens on the charges. "In one of the cases as" material evidence "employees" MGB trite Soviet-style bicycle bell was presented to the NPT "," - informs a group of "EC". In Russian/русский
In Nikolaev staff of the Security Service of Ukraine together with the military prosecutor's office and the administration of state-owned enterprises "Dawn" - "Mashproekt" stopped the sale attempt in Russia components for gas turbine engines for military purposes.

According to the SBU press-center, the secret service officers detained two employees when selling through intermediaries kit of parts for engines, which are used by the ships of Naval Forces. Parts had to do the Russians in the 29 thousand US dollars.

Russia has no opportunity for self-batch production of gas turbine equipment and spare parts. Supplies up to 2014 provides exceptional Nikolaev enterprise.

During searches in the premises of the specialists of the enterprise security services officers seized three hundred thousand hryvnia and spare parts for engines, which have been prepared for sale.

In the framework of criminal proceedings open to employees declared suspected of having committed an offense under Part. 4 Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and a preventive measure in the form of house arrest.

Continue pressing operational and investigative activities. In Russian/русский
on Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:32 amAdmin
Ukraine's security service verifies promulgated journalists information about the presence of the mayor of Odessa Gennady Truhanov passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. This Ukrainian Pravda press secretary SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

She suggested that it may take more than one day.

Gitlyanskaya promised to make public the result of inspection as soon as it turns out.

We remind journalists of the program "Slіdstvo.Іnfo" citing documents Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca reported that the mayor of Odessa Gennady Truhanov supposedly has a Russian passport and owns a construction company growth through offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands.

It is known that dual citizenship is prohibited in Ukraine. In Russian/русский
Oil prices fell on Monday as the chances of Middle East producers agreeing to curb overproduction appeared to fade, while stubbornly high U.S. output and worries about Asia's economic outlook also dragged on prices, Reuters reported.

Front month U.S. crude futures CLc1 were at $36.36 per barrel at 0520 GMT, down 1.17% or 43 cents from their last settlement. Brent crude LCOc1 was down 1% or 40 cents at $38.27 a barrel, according to Reuters.

The benchmarks shed 2-4% on Friday when Saudi Arabia said it would only participate in a global freeze of its output if its rival Iran also took part, something Tehran has so far dismissed.

Adding to concerns of a global glut, which has pulled down oil prices by as much as 70% since 2014, U.S. production has remained high despite steep cuts in drilling for new reserves as well as a jump in bankruptcies, according to the report.

"The U.S. oil rig count dropped further this week, with a total 10 rigs idled," Goldman Sachs said..........
In the interview to the Ukrainian TV channels, the president informed that he had signed a Decree to dismiss Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin.

Censor.NET reports citing the press office of the president.

He also noted that consultations with parliamentary factions on the candidature of new prosecutor general would be started shortly. The president is confident that the parliament will approve the nominee during the next plenary week.

"We cannot delay the appointment. The country must have a new prosecutor general. He must be honest and adhere to his principles," the head of state noted. He is confident that a new prosecutor general will ensure in-depth reforms in public prosecution. "We have started this process. We have provided legislative basis for the State Bureau of Investigation and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecution," the president said.

The head of state informs that he initiates legislative amendments that will allow creating the General Inspectorate and the Internal Security Service on Combating Corruption within the Prosecutor General's Office.

"We should make decisive steps to let new people work in prosecution bodies," Petro Poroshenko said.   In Ukrainian/український
....As of now, out of the 20 Ukrainians mentioned in the Panama Papers, three persons – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, former Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, and Kyiv Post owner Mohammad Zahoor, a Ukraine-based British millionaire of Pakistani origin – have been covered by separate materials....
Offshore companies again.
Мер Одеси Геннадій Труханов має російське громадянство і володіє 20 офшорними компаніями, через які контролює ще стільки ж підприємств в Україні...
Gennardi Tryhanov.
За прошедшие сутки боевики 23 раза обстреляли позиции украинских военных на Донбассе – пресс-центр АТО
В частности на Донецком направлении совершено 16 обстрелов, на Мариупольском - 5 и на Луганском – 2.
Most attacks in the Donetsk area - 16. Mariupol 5, and 2 in Lugansk.
[apologies, my translator not working]
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