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News -
67 attacks by Russian forces yesterday.
Update - one soldier wounded.

Weather -
Rain overnight. But still warm. +13 now. High maybe near 20. Good for people who just planted their potatoes!

Dutch referendum -
The Dutch voted in a referendum against the AA with Ukraine. 61 - 38 against. 32% turnout.
What this means is very unclear. Renegotiatiion, I presume.

Footie -
I forgot - Skakhtar play tonight in Portugal. Braga. Europa League. Not an easy game.
I think Braga have some good Brazilian talent.

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The General Staff of the Ministry of Defence said that no American military is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass. This is stated in the statement of Minister, on Thursday.

Security officials noted that, according to the law of Ukraine "On Military Duty and Military Service", positions soldiers, sergeants and petty officers of military service may take foreigners and stateless persons, but not official members of the armed forces of other countries.

"Currently, in accordance with the requirements of the hour. 4 Art. 211 of the law of Ukraine, with the aim of acquisition positions privates, sergeants and petty officers of military service under contract in the Armed Forces of Ukraine by foreigners and stateless persons in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine a draft Decree of the President of Ukraine "On the status of military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine by foreigners and stateless persons "(now, after consultation with the ministries concerned, the act of preparing a draft to the direction of the Ministry of Justice for legal expertise)," - noted in the department.

In this project it is planned to regulate the processes of adoption and military service by foreign citizens. In Russian/русский

In other words, fighters like from the Academi (AKA Blackwater) are able to fight.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is confident that will be able to come to a decision on association with Ukraine and after the referendum in the Netherlands in Europe. She stated this during his visit to France, reports "Interfax-Ukraine" .

"Certain difficulties have arisen because of the Dutch referendum, they will be overcome", - she said.

Merkel said that the Netherlands will find the necessary solution, just that you need to wait.

"The solution will be worked out together with the EU institutions", - added the Chancellor.

"As for the rest, it is desirable to continue the evolution of Ukraine towards the EU, as this will allow a number of provisions under the agreement," - she concluded. In Russian/русский
The European Parliament called on the Dutch government how to convey its position as soon as possible with respect to the Agreement on the association of Ukraine with the EU and assured that they are ready to assist in finding a solution to the situation. The corresponding statement was made on Thursday, the chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok (EPP, Germany), Chairman of the Ukraine-EU Association Committee Andrei Plenkovich and permanent rapporteur on the issue of Ukrainian Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (EPP, Poland).

"We urge the Government of the Netherlands, how to convey its position as soon as possible and to offer the Commission a way forward. The European Parliament and all its bodies are ready to discuss the way forward and contribute to finding solutions ", - said in a statement.

Deputies noted that "sadly saw that a majority in a referendum rejected the agreement."

"The result of the referendum reminds us in the EU about the need to communicate with our citizens, to inform and explain the benefits and the nature of transactions which he concludes, and the law, which he accepts. Thus, we will help to dispel inappropriate stories and avoid populist propaganda that abused by referendum as a positive democratic instrument ", - stressed they are.

At the same time, the policy stressed that the Association Agreement has been ratified by 27 EU Member States, European Parliament and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the document also approved two Dutch Chambers and the Netherlands Government. "We believe that, in general, should be decided by the European Union with all 28 Member States rather than 20% of one of the Member States, which represent 0.6% of the total EU population, in a referendum, which is advisory in nature", - assured the deputies EP.

In this regard, they emphasized the need to extend the provisional application of the Association Agreement.

"We welcome the stated commitment of the Ukrainian authorities to go ahead with the implementation of the Agreement, which has the highest value in the history of Ukraine and crystallizes people's hopes for real change taking place in their country", - stressed policies. In Russian/русский
Completed the first match 1/4 finals of the Europa League, in which the Donetsk "Shakhtar" in the party swept to victory over the "Braga" with a score of 2: 1.

Europa League. 1/4 finals. The first match.

"Braga" (Braga, Portugal) - "Shakhtar" (Donetsk, Ukraine) - 1: 2

Goals: Rakitskiy, 44 (0: 1); Ferreira, 75 (0: 2); Eduardo, 89 (1: 2)

Warnings: Silva, 83 - Rakitskiy, 70 In Russian/русский
The authorities of the European Union and the Dutch government should pay attention to the opinion of the voters expressed at the previous day in the Netherlands, the referendum on the ratification of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine. On this, as reported by AFP, said British Prime Minister David Cameron at a meeting with representatives of the public in the English city of Exeter in the south-west of the country.

"It is important that the European institutions and the Dutch government to listen carefully to what people say, to try to understand and work with it," - said Cameron.

"I personally think it's a good idea for Europe and Ukraine to have a relationship. I do not think it means that Ukraine is going to join the European Union. I do not think it means that we will be free movement of people between the Ukraine and the United Kingdom ", - said Cameron.

The head of the British government said that Ukraine wants to move towards Europe, and that "we do not need to push it."

In addition, the Prime Minister said, as quoted by The Telegraph, he hoped that the Dutch referendum results will not affect the future of the vote in the UK at the persistence of the country's membership in the EU, because it is "an entirely different matter." Cameron urged Britons not to draw hasty conclusions about the status of Great Britain under the influence of the Dutch decision in a referendum. In Russian/русский
Military transport aircraft of the United States made an emergency landing in the Romanian city of Constanta because of smoke in the cockpit, according to Mediafax.

According to the source agency, Boeing C-17, was returning from Iraq to the air base in Germany. On board were 39 people, as a result of the incident none of them was hurt.

It is noted that on board were probably military equipment.

It is planned to carry out technical inspection, after which, if not found any problems, the aircraft will continue to fly. In Russian/русский
In Russia, the body of some of the victims of the crash near Smolensk, which occurred in April 2010, have been replaced. According to Mirror of the week, as reported by the publication Gazeta Polska.

It is reported that the then Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk knew Russian in the coffin of the last Polish president in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski put the remains of another person.

According to the journalists, Polish leaders should have received information that the then Polish Ambassador in Moscow, Jerzy Bahr learned from the head of the Department of International Legal Cooperation of the Investigative Committee under the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Litvishko Peter.

The Russian official told the Ambassador that "DNA studies have not confirmed whether the remains actually placed in the coffin of President Kaczorowski, belong to him."

According to the publication, Litvishko added that "several other DNA samples also did not confirm that the body laid in a coffin, are the victims who have been identified by their families."

The publication claims that about replacement bodies of victims of the Smolensk air crash were to know other members of the then government, as well as the Main Military Prosecutor's Office of Poland.

However, this information was not communicated to the families of the victims and the exhumation of deliberately blocked. In Russian/русский
on Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:46 pmAdmin
The rulings of unreformed courts may pull the plug on reforming the police, the head of the national police, Hatia Dekanoidze, said Apr. 7, Radio Svoboda reports.

Courts in many cases reinstate corrupt police officers who failed to pass screening tests. The number of such closed trials has increased, and I fear that the hard-liners in the judiciary may pull the plug on reforming the police, she said.

“The police officers guilty of extorting money and banditry cannot survive outside the law enforcement, and are eager to get reinstated in the new police to go on with their corrupt ways,” Hatia Dekanoidze said.
The seeds of a Dutch campaign against an EU trade deal with Ukraine were first sown when Britain set out its demands for an EU referendum, according to the man who orchestrated the deal’s opposition campaign.

“The idea was sparked by [Prime Minister David] Cameron’s referendum,” said Thierry Baudet, the slick-haired author who led campaign group Forum for Democracy in the overwhelming vote against the Ukraine deal.

The British prime minister laid out the UK’s demands for a referendum on EU membership in January 2013, which triggered a furore in the Netherlands. “The point was: we want the same as Britain,” said the 33-year old campaigner. “We want a renegotiation, and a referendum.”.................

(Financial Times) In Russian/русский
Ukraine and Poland have removed restrictions on regular passenger flights between the countries. Thus, the parties have canceled frequency quotas.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Interfax-Ukraine, this was announced by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

This regime came into force on March 17, 2016.

In addition to lifting restrictions on flights between the two countries for Ukrainian and Polish carriers, airlines from other EU countries will also be able to freely fly from Poland to Ukraine.   In Ukrainian/український
ODESSA, Ukraine — Defense lawyer Yuriy Grabovskiy often told his friends and colleagues: “Surprisingly, nobody has rubbed me out yet.” But his words were never taken seriously. None of his friends thought of recommending that the charismatic lawyer hire bodyguards. Openly gay, Jewish, with a good sense of humor, he was famous for kidding around, even under pressure....
Military prosecutors told reporters that both suspects were surprising well trained and that there were four more men suspected in the kidnapping and killing of Grabovskiy. Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor, Anatoliy Matios, says he is convinced that the murder was ordered by one or another secret service, either Russian or Ukrainian, and promised to find and punish the real mastermind, “No matter what office they occupy.”....
Collection of a dozen photos from the exclusion zone. Wolf population is up x7 in some areas. I love this photo -

....One feature that stands out is the right of these soldiers - already dubbed the Praetorian guard after the elite forces of the Roman Empire -- to shoot at demonstrators without warning ...
"The serviceman of the troops of the national guard has the right not to war[n] of his intent to use physical forces, special means or firearms, if the delay in their use creates an immediate threat to the citizen's life and health or the serviceman of the troops of the national guard or may involve other severe consequences."
"Special means" is the euphemism of Russian offialdom for policemen's clubs, tear gas, and other crowd control devices.
In other parts of the decree, the National Guardsman is obliged to make a warning before firing his weapon, but how this will be interpreted is not clear. The State Duma has already granted the FSB extra powers to shoot on demand, and is reviewing a draft view that will enable the regular police to do so as well....

This is what Ukrainians are trying to avoid with the help of Europe - not including the Dutch scumballs.
Putin - making sure that there is no Maidan in Russia. North Korea beckons.... closer and closer... totalitarianism. Seamus Milne's paradise. Rai.
Carl Bildt ‏@carlbildt 23 ч.23 часа назад
Agreement EU/Ukraine already approved by 29 democratic EU parliaments. Those voting No in Netherlands today are 0,006% of electorate in EU.
on Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:14 pmNelson
....It is not often that I am ashamed of my country. After all, we have many things to be proud of. Last night however, was a notable exception.

So what can the Dutch government do now? Realistically, not a whole lot. Legally speaking they do not have to listen to the results of the referendum. In practice, they will probably seek a different solution. Since going back to Brussels and convincing 27 (!!) other EU countries that we should renegotiate is not an option, not to mention an affront to democracy, a more elegant solution must be found. The most likely outcome will either be that the Netherlands attaches a declaration to the treaty addressing some of the voters’ “concerns” or some of the text of the treaty will be rephrased. These are mostly cosmetic changes of course, since renegotiating is politically impossible. ...
Tellingly, the Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, stated in a tweet that “the results of the Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement indicate Europeans’ opinion of the Ukrainian political system”. ..... Medvedev’s remarks are .... nothing but a cheap shot of schadenfreude.

Good article. Worth a read.

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:56 pm; edited 1 time in total
Please note - this is a Russian source - pure propaganda from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
They are trying to say that Bellingcat are working with the Ukrainian "authorities".....
...The point of action of this group [Bellingcat], we understand. Acting in conjunction with the current Ukrainian authorities, there are all possible, but now and impossible "fakie" in order to create the basis for charges against Russia.  ....

Seriously cuckoo from Lavrov's ministry now. Even Shaun Walker hasn't come up with this "story" - yet. Talk about "disinformation".... but some nutters will believe it. And I honestly believe that Putin is such a psycho case that he actually believes his own propaganda now. He has totally lost his marbles.
.... we call upon all sides to honour the commitments they have made,...
"ALL SIDES"???! Why doesn't the OSCE w@nker simply say "Putin"???? Answer - because he is a w@nker.
In Ukraine when they see an OSCE vehicle the people here say "Russian spies". Not without justification.
...."This follows over 12 months of extensive preparation. The relevant trust deed was signed on January 14, 2016," Rothschild Trust said, responding to a request of Interfax-Ukraine.
"The trust has been modeled on international standards for politicians requiring trusts to hold their assets while they are in office," Rothschild said....

I believe Obama has done a similar thing with his assets in the USA. Blind trust.
Maybe we will read an article in the Kyiv Post attacking Obama?! Just joking. The Kyiv Post and Kuzio only attack the rivals of Gas Princess and billionaire Yulia Tymoshenko, business partner of the owner of the Kyiv Post... according to the Panama papers.... say no more.... wink wink...
I have to agree with him on this. Wilders and others in the Netherlands, - they want to see the break up of the EU - as does Putin, of course.
Many nations united are a problem for Putin. But weaker ones on their own - he can attack.
...."We believe there are no obstacles left. We will meet today to discuss further steps to be conducted by the European Commission in terms of filing a legislative proposal. I hope it will appear in the nearest future," Zerkal said.
According to her, another current issue to be discussed is the timing for this legislative proposal and final decision on it.

This is a big issue in Ukraine.
I plan to go to the Ukrainian passport office next week with a friend who needs a biometric passport. Cost - just over 1000 uah.
Choice of 1 week, or 20 days. I'll let you know what happens, when it happens, if it happens )
...The European Commission says the proposal on granting Ukraine a visa-free regime will be made at the end of this month.
As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, European Commission Chief Spokesperson Margaritis Schinas said in Brussels on Thursday, answering a question whether the results of the Netherlands' referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will affect the decision of the European Commission to propose to grant Ukraine a visa-free regime.
President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said last month the proposal would be submitted no later than this month, Schinas noted....

Hopefully this is true.
Ukraine needs some good news. I thought the idiot Dutch vote would delay things for another year. But maybe not.
18% of Dutch voters shouldn't be able to block Ukrainian freedom under attack from Putin's tanks.
....Subsequently, the Dutch government will “speak to EU-partners and the government of Ukraine.” “This process will take time to be able to reach a solution that is acceptable to all parties,” reads the statement.....
At night in the area ATO got injured 1 soldier - Staff
Thursday, April 7, 2016, 12:49
Day in the zone of the antiterrorist operation passed without loss, 1 military wounded.
This at a traditional briefing on Thursday said a spokesman for the Presidential Administration Alexander Motuzyanyk ATO.
"One day that passed, the victims of the Ukrainian military was not one soldier suffered injuries due to mortar shelling Avdeevki" - said the colonel.
“Nothing will change from the point of view of the practical implementation of the association agreement with the EU. The agreement continues to exist on a temporary basis as before. Free trade zone and sectoral cooperation projects are going ahead,” Ukraine foreign minister told journalists in Tokyo Apr. 6, European Pravda reports.

Now the power and politicians in the Netherlands will have to figure out how to deal with the situation, he said.

 “The results of the referendum [in which the Dutch voters rejected Ukraine’s accession to the EU association agreement – Ed.] indicate the attitude of the Dutch to the EU and the intention of Euro skeptics to harm its unity,” FM Klimkin said.

 “We have always hoped we will win. The European integration of Ukraine cannot be stopped,” P. Klimkin said.
In 2015, OSCE monitors were present at the wedding of Stakhanov lord Babaj’s daughter in Donbas, reports Apr. 7.

The OSCE confirmed the fact, saying it was an isolated accident.

There are many Russian observers, many still serving in the Russian army which led experts to doubt their discretion and impartiality.

 “OSCE regrets the accident. It was an erroneous decision on their part. These monitors are no longer on the OSCE staff in Donbas. OSCE,” the statement runs.   

OSCE tasks every effort to see to it that the moral conduct and unbiased reports by its monitors be observed, the statement says.

The editorial in The Times addresses the results of the referendum on Ukraine-EU association agreement, held in the Netherlands yesterday.

According to the article, the voters in the Netherlands have presented an unexpected gift to the Kremlin by rejecting the EU association with Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing BBC.

According to the Times, the results of the referendum became an undeserved victory of Vladimir Putin's propaganda mill. The newspaper's editors are confident that just a few of those who decided to vote had actually read the 2,135-page text of the EU-Ukraine association agreement.The Dutch voted having yielded to emotions, for fear of possible negative consequences of further EU expansion, which would result in millions of Ukrainian migrants swarming in Europe, as Eurosceptics had been long frightening the residents of the country.

According to The Times, the voters' fears were obviously groundless, since the draft agreement only stipulates the beginning of formal relations between Kyiv and Brussels, and in no way the imminent accession of Ukraine into the European Union.

The news outlet notes that it is Russian tanks, not the flows of migrants, that pose threat to the eastern borders, while President Putin will invade Ukraine if the country is not offered at least some sort of rapprochement with Europe.

This key idea of the referendum has successfully slipped the Dutch voters' attention, the article reads.

Read more: "We will not turn off the road of European integration. Ukraine and freedom cannot be stopped," - Poroshenko comments of preliminary Dutch referendum results

Moreover, according to the newspaper, the most ardent opponents of Ukraine's rapprochement with the EU actively used the Kremlin's rhetoric before the voting, calling the Ukrainian government "supporters of the Nazis."

The news outlet insists that Putin needs a weakened Ukraine split into parts to keep it in Russia' sphere of influence, while the EU needs a modern Ukraine confidently standing on its own feet to stabilize the situation on its eastern border.

It's about time for all the EU countries, not just the Netherlands, to wake up and realize the danger of the current situation in which Ukraine remains in limbo, The Times sums up. In Russian/русский

Consider this referendum is non-binding, so the government can still do the right thing and ratify the Association Agreement. Not going to be easy, as the current PM Mark Rutte is possibly up for election in one year and might just not have it ratified to save his seat. We'll wait and see.

I did hear that the 32% might not be final and that it was at one point 29% which might be the real final percentage. If it is, the referendum isn't valid.

on Thu Apr 07, 2016 3:31 amAdmin
In January-February 2016 the export of oil from Russia decreased in monetary terms in 1.7 times compared with the same period last year.

Reported «» , citing data from the Federal Customs Service.

Revenues decreased from 15 to 8.8 billion dollars.

In physical terms, exports rose by 2.6% to 40.2 million tons. The income from the supply of petroleum products in January-February 2016 decreased by 2.2 times - up to 6.2 billion. In Russian/русский
....But it could also block planned visa liberalization for Ukrainians who wish to travel to EU states....
The Dutch government ratifies the Association Agreement but also notes that its citizens have qualms about it. They are likely to conclude that the Dutch worry that the treaty will lead to Ukraine becoming an EU member. Upon handing over its instruments for ratification to Brussels, the Dutch government also submits a declaration stating that it doesn't regard this treaty as a first step to Ukrainian membership. This is likely the preferred option in EU eyes....
Theoretically a popular move. But - I expect the Ukrainian car industry to bribe Ukrainian deputies heavily.
I am sure not all the duties will be removed. Taxes currently on importing a car from abroad are astronomical.
And there are various taxes. Perhaps the ones at 1 or 2% will be removed, but the ones at 20 or 30% tax will remain!
....Options include leaving the agreement in force provisionally, or drafting exemption clauses for the Netherlands. Nothing will happen in a hurry, not least to avoid giving any succor to Britain's "out" campaigners.
Rutte said the government would consult with parliament and European partners "step by step. That could take days or weeks."...

Also reading that the coalition government may seek to "Opt out" of certain provisions in the treaty - to satisky the voters.
No big deal for Ukraine, but a big problem for the unity of the EU.
With all the immigrants flooding into Europe many are now wanting an end to the EU. Could be interesting. Vote in the Uk at the end of June. On exit.
....Although the referendum is advisory and not binding on the government, prime minister Mark Rutte has already said the Netherlands can no longer ratify the treaty ‘just like that’. What happens next will have to be looked at ‘step by step’, the prime minister said. Ministers will talk to parliament and to the country’s European partners before deciding what to do next, he said....
Nos commentator Dominique van der Heyde said the government will have to come up with something substantial to appease other European countries if it wants to amend the treaty. It has already been ratified by the rest of Europe and the Netherlands said earlier it would back the plan....
The results of the referendum in the Netherlands will not affect the practical implementation of the Association Agreement Ukraine and the EU.
This was stated by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin reporters in Tokyo on Thursday, "Interfax-Ukraine".
"In terms of practical implementation is nothing changes, the agreement applies, as before, while on a temporary basis. So no one is experiencing any way. And FTA sectoral cooperation quietly moving on," - the minister said, commenting on the preliminary results of the referendum Netherlands....
Headquarters: Militants carried out 67 attacks, the forces ATO "answered"
Thursday, April 7, 2016, 6:35
Over the past day in the area of ​​ATU militants carried out 67 attacks Ukrainian positions using weapons of different caliber.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
"Hot" was the Donetsk area. Near Luhansk on Ukrainian strongholds of terrorists have repeatedly fired from armored infantry weapons. With mortars of various calibres insurgents caused 11 fire strikes near Avdeevki and one - in areas Nevel, Novgorod, Opitnoe, Butivka mine, Zaitsev.
For shelling in the sand and Svetlodarsk group of militants using small arms and snipers.
In Mariupol direction near Marinka gunmen shot 6 times by ATU forces with grenades, machine guns, anti-aircraft installations and small arms. In areas Shyrokynoho and Krasnogorovka are fired from mortars.
In Luhansk on Ukrainian soldiers in the area Novozvanivky militants fired anti-aircraft installations and automatic grenade launchers.
"In turn, the Ukrainian army 10 times opened fire on illegal armed formation and still continue to reliably maintain its position", - stressed the headquarters.
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