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News -
Record high - 91 attacks by the Russian forces yesterday on Ukraine.
Update - read of 6 soldiers wounded yesterday. And also some civilians.

UPDATE - YATSENIUK RESIGNS AS PM. He did this live, on tv, and by chance, I watched it! See below.

Weather -
Beautiful morning. Hazy sunshine. Already +15 at 0900. Update - 23 or 24 now at 14:00.
Amazing weather. They switched off the communal heating a couple of days' ago. I should think so.
In the old days they would have left it running for another month or so. Now they are much more aware of energy consumption.
But I have to say - it is more like May 10 than April 10. Unreal. People heading to the park and out of town for a barbeque. Why not?!

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The European Commission intends to propose the EU to introduce visa-free regime with Ukraine, despite the results of the referendum in the Netherlands. It is reported by Reuters, citing a diplomatic source.

According to him, the EU is planning to put forward a proposal to abolish the visa regime with Ukraine in April.

"It may seem that we are ignoring the Dutch voters, but we have to keep my word to Ukraine, which fulfilled the conditions", - said the source.

To the Commission's proposal to take effect, it must be approved by the majority of EU member states and the European Parliament.

It is noted that in the EC proposal will contain some form of guarantee, which allows EU countries to temporarily restore a visa in the case of migration surge. In Russian/русский
It is hard to get a positive answer these days when you ask people a question about the EU, no matter what the question is.

The Dutch referendum last week was about the ratification of the

EU-Ukraine association agreement. The vote was 61 per cent against, albeit on a low turnout. But this was not really about Ukraine. Those who voted Nee — and I suspect most of those who voted Ja, too — could not care less about that country. This was an ill-defined message of insurrection against the Establishment, whoever that may be.

The EU is used to referendums. In Ireland and Denmark, when the answer was No, governments tended to call a second referendum after symbolic dealmaking in Brussels back rooms. French and Dutch No votes in 2005 on the constitutional treaty were essentially ignored; the document resurfaced two years later as the Treaty of Lisbon...............

To read further go to this link:  Financial Times
In Odessa, April 10 celebrated the Day of liberation of Odessa from the Nazis. Unfortunately, there were radicals, which from the beginning was accompanied by a rally and separatists, shouting pro-Russian slogans....

Azarov: in the premiership Yatsenyuk nothing positive
20:59 today
Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov named two years as prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who said today that he was resigning, ineffective, reports "RIA Novosti".
". Nothing positive about what can be said is better to ask the Ukrainian pensioners, people who lost their jobs at the 1.5 million migrants who left during that time in Poland, and about 3 million, which went to Russia. "- Mykola Azarov said....

Perhaps Yatseniuk's most glowing tribute. Being attacked by the obnoxious PM under Yanukovich.
Not a word about the war unleashed by Russia, of course, from Azarov.
Or the 100 shot dead on Maidan.
Or the 10,000 dead in the Russian war.
on Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:12 pmNelson
I expect the Yulia Post (aka Kyiv Post) to rejoice.
The Kyiv Post owner has business connections with Yulia Tymoshenko - exposed in the Panama papers.
Kyiv Post journalists can't stand Yatseniuk. For example, Macdonald has twittered many unpleasant words about him this year.
Frankly, Yatseniuk is very intelligent, and has a very sharp wit. Many are simply jealous of him.
The reaction of some educated people -

Carl Bildt ✔ ‎@carlbildt
Record of @Yatsenyuk_AP government with economic stabilization and key reforms is both impressive and important.×tamp=1460297182000 …
5:58 PM - 10 Apr 2016

Steven Pifer ‎@steven_pifer
PM Yatseniuk announces resignation. #Ukraine now needs to move past political crisis, get new PM in place, and focus on governing & reform.

Taras Berezovets
4 hours ago
Decent action Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Now he will be able to focus on public policy, without being constrained by corporate obligations. The Ukrainian Prime tolerate, because such a decision is respected. People have short memories, and soon many will remember with nostalgia Yatsenyuk. Remember this post.
In Ukrainian
Звернення Прем'єр-міністра України
Address from the Prime Minister of Ukraine

Good speech, in my opinion. Some key words - stability - Europe...
He also mentions - but not in direct language - that he has been made the scapegoat.
I agree. He has done what the IMF asked for, and what the people asked for. To move Ukraine in an European direction.
You can't do this, and at the same time, retain the old Soviet structures - the hryvnia fixed to 8 dollars, gas subsidized by about 80%, electricity the same...
If anything, he has moved too fast for the people. But - he had no choice. He had to move fast, before the backwash of criticism - from the Opposition block, Tymoshenko, Liashko, the communists, and others.
In retrospect I believe he will be seen as the PM who moved Ukraine inexorably towards its true destination - of freedom as part of Europe.
Other points - he says that "we saved the Ukrainian economy from default, started large-scale structural changes and did everything for the irreversibility of European choice. Despite the war we created the conditions for economic recovery,"
One other point - listening to his speech - he also says that the Narodni Front did NOT fight against its partners in the coalition.
He is bitter. But no wonder. His coalition partners stabbed him in the back - for the sake of their own popularity. Scapegoat.
Volodymyr Groysman will become Ukraine's new prime minister, said MP from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko faction Vadym Denysenko in his interview with Espresso.TV following Yatsenyuk’s registration statement....
Do they have 226 votes for this?
on Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:31 pmNelson
.....This statement Yatsenyuk made on a Ten Minutes with Prime Minister TV show on Sunday, April 10.
"I took the decision to resign as prime minister of Ukraine," he said.
"On Tuesday, April 12, I will submit it to parliament," he added..
on Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:28 pmNelson
Whoops... yup... thanks for that, Ods! )))

Just watched tv....
Yats has resigned... I assume they must have a new coalition lined up.
Yats spoke well - watched him live on tv about 2 hours' ago.
Frankly he has done a lot - moving Ukraine towards Europe, and away from the mad Russian empire nutters.
@Nelson wrote:

This is how you can tell the old police from the new. Also - the new police often have women in the patrol car.

affraid  affraid  affraid Embarassed

To the uninitiated, Nelson refers to female police officers!  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy   In other words, one male and one female police crews tend to be the norm. Laughing

....The OSCE observers mission in the Russian checkpoint "Gukovo" and "Donetsk" confirms the uncontrolled movement of people in military uniforms and goods across the Ukrainian-Russian border, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. This is stated in the relevant Foreign Ministry comment.
"Even in the limited checkpoints as "Gukovo "and" Donetsk " the OSCE Observer Mission monitoring confirms regular uncontrolled movement of individuals in military uniforms through the state border of Ukraine. There is also the large number of the goods of unknown destination and the smuggling of coal mined in the Ukrainian land," - said in the message.

So much for Minsk. But, as we all know, Putin, Lavrov and Cherkin are compulsive liars. The scum of the earth.

Doesn't say what for, but looks to me like illegal parking.
Those of you who know Zhitomir well will know that this photo is taken near the "Park Gagarin", basically in front of the SBU office.
I guess this guy was used to parking anywhere in his classy car. Now he will have to live like the rest of us. Maybe.
incidentally - note the difference between the new black police - and the old official.
The new police - slim, fit - and the SBU head - round like a ball.
This is how you can tell the old police from the new. Also - the new police often have women in the patrol car.
Ukraine arranged for "Gazprom" a complete Waterloo - journalist Latynina (Tsenzor.Net)

The Kremlin has lost out to the Ukrainian government as it unleashed a gas war.
This was stated by well-known Russian journalist Yulia Latynina in the air "Echo of Moscow".
"Ukraine currently produces 20 billion cubic meters, imports in the winter another 10 at the normal tariff Accordingly, here, the Kremlin killed the goose that laid the golden egg, and, moreover, lost the gas war it unleashed .", - She said. Latynina emphasized that all the previous years, Ukraine sat upon the Russian "gas needle." "Therefore, in general, the Kremlin has always believed that Ukraine will never jump off this needle, and that it can turn the gas pipe on and off as it wants, in fact, since 2005, it is empirically confirmed.", - She noted.
At the same time journalist he stressed that due to the position of the Ukrainian government Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk managed to get rid of gas dependence from Russia. "Firstly, they call rates They do it in 3 stages ... In addition, rising domestic procurement prices for gas, ie gas production in Ukraine becomes profitable And most importantly, Ukraine began to buy gas from Europe..", - Said Yulia Latynina. She added that because "Naftogaz" has passed to the European pricing principle, the price of gas transit for Gazprom tripled. Thus, he concluded the journalist, Ukraine, represented by the instructions Koboleva Yatsenyuk "arranged" Gazprom "complete Waterloo."

As I have said on many occasions, Putin is systematically destroying the Russian economy.
Putin is a paranoid KGB ancient dinosaur. And as such, knows next to nothing about economics.
The idiotic Russians think Putin is great for their country. In reality, he is the biggest disaster to hit Russia for many years - perhaps for a hundred years.
on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:35 amNelson
The ATO zone - six wounded over the past day
The ATO dead zone for the last day there, six wounded. This was during the briefing, which was broadcast channel "112 Ukraine", said the speaker of the Presidential Administration on ATO Colonel Alexander Motuzyanik.
"Over the past day in the fighting among the dead Ukrainian soldiers there, none. 6 - were injured in particular, 4 soldiers were injured as a result of enemy attacks by Avdeevka, another 2 -. As a result of undermining the truck on a land mine under the Novgorod", - he said.
Recall, for the last days the number of attacks on the forces ATO record positions increased, militants fired 91 times from the tank weapons, mortars of various calibres, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms. It is reported by the press center of the ATO headquarters.
.....In Odessa police arrested several people present at the event to 72nd anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders.
According to the TV channel NewsOne, in the Alley of Glory at the place of laying flowers came several dozen young men - representatives Antimaidan with St. George ribbons. Participants expressed outrage patriotic event with their presence. To prevent clashes between protesters established a police cordon. Later it became known that several protesters were detained.
As the local edition of Odessa 1 square on April 10 during a solemn wreath-laying head was adorned with a ribbon of the Russian tricolor.
"The organizers of the event, .. did not notice it. After a while.... took on the wreath ribbon. Then the event continued in the tradition of celebration. ... - said in a statement.....
on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:03 amNelson
Putin's "humanitarian help" arriving by an airborne route from Shaun Walker's beloved "DNR guys".
Apparently published some video online. Putin more popular than ever no doubt now! )
Leaders of parliament factions say they are ready to vote for the establishment of an Investigative Commission to inquire into the financial operations of President Petro Poroshenko and his assets with offshore companies, according to
Number of attacks in the area ATO record increased - Staff
Sunday, April 10, 2016, 7:15
Last night the number of positions forces ATO shelling record has increased 91 times pro mercenaries fired from tank weapons, mortars of various calibres, machine guns, grenade launchers and small arms.
The press center ATO headquarters.
In particular, firing shots from the weapon caliber 120 mm and 82 deposited on the enemy 11 times Avdiyivka simultaneously from three directions, namely mineral and Yasinovataya Yakovlivky.
And Ukrainian defenders Shyrokynoho militants tsilyly 12 times Sahanky exclusively from the side.
Also firing mortar strikes suffered towards the strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas Novotroitsk, Talakivky and Pavlopolya.
Tanks illegal armed groups have used defensive positions near Lugansk, where the units ATO forces conducted 15 rounds of caliber 125 mm.
It should be noted that more than half the cases of violation of silence militants took place in the period from 17 to 24 hours when no OSCE near boundary line.
Despite the onslaught of enemy units ATO forces continue to control the situation. During this period they had 17 times to open fire in response.
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