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87 attacks by Putin's Russians yesterday on Ukraine. 8 soldiers wounded. No dead.
Terrorists also opened fire at Marinka checkpoint.
Talk about Groisman being offered a cabinet composition, but not much news on whether he'd be the new PM.
The voting for the cabinet it seems will be left for tomorrow.

Weather -
Bizarre day in Kiev. Raining at 0600 this morning. And raining on and off for much of the day. But a bit of late sunshine.
About 17C maximum. Hopefully better tomorrow.

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A burial of unidentified people in camouflage was discovered between the villages of Spirne and Grubovka in Bakhmut area [formerly-known Artemivsk], according to Bakhmut police department.

"Remains of 18 people with the insignia of illegal armed groups have been found. The investigative team of Bakhmut's police department is there right now. Their identities and the causes of deaths are yet to be determined," the police officer said....
The Indian Embassy has taken up the matter related to safety of Indian students strongly with the Foreign Office of Ukraine.

In one of the most unfortunate incidents, three Indian students of Uzhgorod Medical College in Ukraine were stabbed by three Ukrainian nationals at around 3 am on Sunday morning. Pranav Shaindilya and Ankur Singh died while Indrajeet Chauhan is recuperating, based on his statement Ukraine police apprehended accused. Ministry of External Affairs ascertained that the embassy in Kiev is in touch with the police, university and local authorities there. They have also spoke to the families of the deceased.

The Embassy has taken up the matter related to safety of Indian students strongly with the Foreign Office of Ukraine,” the MEA said. Based on Chauhan’s statement, police detained Ukrainian nationals who committed the crime. Passports and document of the three Indian students along with blood-stained knife was reportedly recovered from the Ukrainians. (Also Read- 3 Indian students killed in horrific road accident in UAE)

Police are questioning the Ukranian nationals and it is not yet known the reason for the attack. According to the Ukranian police, a local informed them about the incident. However, the police doubt that the incident happened over a brawl between the friends during a party. Police also recovered alcohol bottles from the place of incident.
In what could be a preview of the kind of foreign policy debates that will feature in the U.S. presidential race later this year, a senior Republican member of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee has strongly criticized the Obama administration’s policy toward Russia, according to Voice of America (VOA).

In an interview with VOA's Georgian service, Senator James Risch from the western U.S. state of Idaho said the economic sanctions the United States imposed on Russia for its annexation of the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine have been insufficient.

"Well, I think to some degree they're working, but 'some degree' really doesn't cut it," Risch said. "You need to get to a much stronger position then where we are. So, my view would be that we ought to ratchet that up.

"I think the U.S. and other countries have a lot of experience with sanctions and how they work and it seems that we could be doing more than what we're doing. And I think that would be very helpful – to try to get the attention of the Russians, and get them to understand that we are very serious about their adventurism and the things they've been doing in recent years," he said.

Western sanctions

Since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in early 2014, the U.S. and European Union have imposed several rounds of sanctions targeting Russian officials and entities, along with Russia-backed Ukrainian separatists. The sanctions include asset freezes and travel bans......................

To read further go to this link:
A spokesman for the White House Josh Ernest said that the actions of the Russian side in the incident with the Su-24 bomber and destroyer of the US Navy did not meet professional military norms, reports Reuters.

"This case is totally incompatible with the rules of professional soldiers, working in close proximity to each other in the international water and international airspace," - said the spokesman.

He said that the White House is aware of the incident and added that this is not the first such case.

"We continue to express concern about their behavior," - concluded the spokesman. In Russian/русский
Shrinking labour force undermines Moscow’s ability to pull out of recession.

Russia’s potential economic growth rate may have fallen close to zero as a result of its shrinking labour force.

The country’s working-age population peaked at 90m in 2006 and has fallen by around 5m since, a rate of decline that is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

“In the next five years the number of working age people is set to decline by 1m [a year] on the back of limited labour inflows from the ‘below-working age’ cohorts as well as the increasingly large number of people reaching the official pension age of 55 years for women and 60 for men,” says Vladimir Osakovskiy, Russia and CIS economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch...................


потенциальные темпы экономического роста в России, возможно, упал близко к нулю в результате его сокращения рабочей силы.

трудоспособного населения страны достиг 90 миллионов в 2006 году и упал примерно на 5 м, так как, скорость снижения, которая, как ожидается, ускорится в ближайшие годы.

"В ближайшие пять лет число лиц трудоспособного возраста устанавливается снижение на 1 млн [в год] на фоне ограниченных притока рабочей силы из когорты" ниже трудоспособного возраста », а также все большего числа людей, достигающего чиновника пенсионный возраст 55 лет для женщин и 60 лет для мужчин, "говорит Владимир Осаковский, Россия и СНГ экономист банка Америки Merrill Lynch........

To read further go to this link:  Financial Times
Arsenii Yatseniuk was forced to resign from the post of prime minister of Ukraine due to his anti-Russian position which did not suit the EU and the U.S.

As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, this opinion was expressed by State Duma International Affairs Committee Chairman Alexey Pushkov.

"Yatseniuk chose to break all relations with Russia and adopted Russophobia as ideology," he said. "It all worked for a year and a half, the emotions were at their peak, Ukraine stayed in the spotlight of the Western media, and this demonstrative anti-Russian stance of Yatseniuk was in demand," the politician added.

According to him, Ukraine is entering its development stage: it is an attempt to find some stability, so the "pitched tones and rhetoric of hatred" ceases to arouse interest in the West. "Yatseniuk traded Russophobia, considering it as a guarantee of saving his political power. It worked to a certain extent. The history evolves, the political situation changes, and I think that the West, too, starts seeing Ukraine as a practical issue rather than the issue of total confrontation with Russia," Pushkov remarked.  In Ukrainian/український
Coalition allowed Groisman lead Cabinet
Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 18:51
The coalition supported the appointment of the current parliamentary speaker Vladimir Groisman as prime minister.
The press-secretary Dmitry Groisman Stolyarchuk.
"Coalition just absolute majority Groisman supported the candidacy for the post of prime minister," - he wrote on his Twitter.
Another vote, according Stolyarchuk, the coalition agreed to support the new government.
Meanwhile, the deputy Serhiy Leshchenko MFP, at a meeting of the coalition announced that the deputy minister of infrastructure - Chief of Staff Vladimir Omelian nominated for the post of department.
This deputy Igor Nasalyk decided to appoint as Minister of Energy and Mines.
As you know, on Wednesday it was reported that the MFP Groisman and come up with a new format of the Cabinet.

So they have 226 votes for a coalition?
Will they vote on this on Thursday? I haven't seen anything about this yet.
Can they get a vote together in the Rada tomorrow? And appoint a new cabinet?
Pity Jaresko will not be in it - apparently.
The Coalition supports Parubiya Andrew to the position of Speaker of the Parliament and Irina Gerashchenko to the position of first vice-speaker. This was announced by deputy head of the BPP Alex Goncharenko.

"We voted that the coalition supports Parubiya Andrew to the position of Speaker of the Parliament and Irina Gerashchenko to the position of first vice-speaker," - Goncharenko wrote on his page on Facebook.

Earlier, the coalition an absolute majority supported the candidacy of the Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Groisman for prime minister.

Over time, the coalition an absolute majority supported the new government agreed. In Russian/русский
In the Duma area, close to the Odessa City Hall began a perpetual campaign "without Trukhanova Odessa". This was told a representative of "Black haidamak connection" Sergei Gutsalyuk, writes UNN

According to him, now in the action involved about 50 people - most of them are planning to spend the night at this place, which create a tent city - already installed five tents.

"We brought the tire, tires, barrels, set the tent, that is - everything as it should. The purpose of this action - investigation into all offshore schemes Odessa Mayor Gennady Truhanov, his Russian passport. It shares joined many entrepreneurs who have suffered from the actions of the Odessa City Hall, that is here combined political and economic requirements ", - said Gutsalyuk.

Recall, the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili addressed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, demanding to dismiss the prosecutor Odessa region Nikolay Stoyanov, to initiate criminal proceedings against the mayor of Odessa Gennady Truhanov and "to form a government of national trust". In Russian/русский
Perhaps suggesting the market has already digested and discounted Ukraine’s continuing political turmoil and sees signs for economic progress, all major markets for Ukrainian stocks showed strength in Tuesday trading. Concorde Capital provides additional details in its daily market comment below:

Ukrainian stocks continued to draw interest on Tuesday, April 12. The WIG Ukraine Index of Warsaw-traded stocks increased 1.0%, or 3.2% in two sessions, to its highest level since the Euromaidan protest. At the lead was sugar maker Astarta (AST PW), which improved 2.7%, or 9.8% in four straight positive sessions, to its highest price since July 2014. Steam coal miner Sadovaya (SGR PW) jumped 14.3%. In London, iron ore miner and pellet maker Ferrexpo (FXPO LN), rose 6.8%, or 15.7% in three straight positive sessions. Real estate firm DUPD (DUPD LN) surged 13.7%. The Ukrainian Exchange (UX) Index of Kyiv-traded stocks increased 1.4%, or 3.9% in three straight positive sessions. The gains were led by electricity producer Centrenergo (CEEN UK), which improved 5.8%, or 7.0% in two sessions......
on Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:22 amAdmin
The Maryinsky district of Donetsk region, law enforcement officers arrested 36-year-old militant "DNR". This UNN reported in the press service of the State of NHRIs in the Donetsk region.

As it turned out, a local resident in 2014 took part in the activities of illegal armed formation "DNR".

The police found that the man was recruited by a militant with the call sign "Scorpio", whose identity is established today.

"The attacker was involved in the construction of the checkpoint on the bridge in Karlovka. Over 2 days, he received 100 hryvnia, "- said in a statement.

Then the offender was tasked to patrol the village and suppress pro-Ukrainian sentiments. For this he was given a machine gun "Kalashnikov" and store it.

According to this criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 260 (establishment is not prescribed by law paramilitary or armed groups) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Defendants in facing up to 8 years in prison. In Russian/русский
Analyst: “Intense power struggles over positions are reported to be behind the latest delay in forming the Cabinet.”

KYIV, Apr 13, 2016 (UBO) - Ukrainian Parliamentary Head Volodymyr Groysman announced this morning on his Facebook page that he has agreed to become prime minister. The new Cabinet of Ministers will be voted upon at the April 14 session, he said when opening today’s session. MPs will meet today in order to prepare for a vote tomorrow on the new Cabinet, a program and a new parliamentary leadership, he said.

“Many different consultations were held yesterday with the leaders of coalition factions, the president,” he said in opening today’s parliamentary session. “But I think we’ve agreed to that format that will be acceptable, responsible and will enable bringing the country out of its crisis.”

Ukraine’s political leaders have agreed upon the new prime minister and Cabinet, Yuriy Lutsenko, the parliamentary faction head of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc confirmed on the early morning of April 13...................

To read further go to this link: 
Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Nations Vladimir Elchenko in an interview with "Commander in Chief," said the UN experts will take part in demining areas in Donbas. With that, as the diplomat noted, in this regard, our country there is progress, although his decision to take a lot more time than hoped.

"The assessment team was in Ukraine on a visit in February, and today it is almost the middle of April, that is, two months it took to write the report. So, finally, the other day it was submitted. We are now studying it. He paints the specific tasks for all involved departments and organizations of the UN system. There is a means. On the basis of this report in the next few days specific solutions within the UN Secretariat must be formulated, itemized tasks. Something would be entrusted to the existing UN Mission in Ukraine, which is headed by Mr. Walker (Neil Walker - UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine). Will be sent additional experts, including those who will be engaged in mine action on the ground: the art, the coordinators, "- the diplomat said.

Elchenko stressed that at present have the necessary funds, and there are countries that are willing to give them. And there is a technique for clearance and staff, but there is no center that would coordinate all this in Ukraine.

"Back in December in Kiev, when I met with the UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Mr. Walker, he told me the figure of 250 million. Dollars. This is the total budget of all UN activities in the year in Ukraine. For example, some of these funds, and considerable funds can be directed precisely on clearance. I think it will go on for at least tens of millions of dollars ", - concluded the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Nations. In Russian/русский
The first batch of new Varta armored vehicles, designed and produced by Ukrainska Bronetekhnika company, has been successfully tested in a shooting range in the Zhytomyr region.

"Some producers of war equipment still think in categories of the WWII. But under conditions of the hybrid war, classic tanks or armored vehicles are not enough. Equipment of other type is required for fighting with sabotage groups, and we tried to create it," deputy director of Ukrainska Bronetekhnika Dmytro Poliakov told Censor.NET.

According to him, Varta is a specialized armored personnel carrier. It is not suitable for the front line. Its main features are high speed, maneuver capability, trafficability, and endurance range, Poliakov said. One vehicle is able to carry 10 people. Its standard weapon is a machine gun of 7.61X39 mm or 12.7 mm. The load-carrying ability of the roof allows putting heavier weapons on top, like an anti-tank guided missile. The vehicle's interior is equipped with anti-mine chairs, which helps to increase viability of personnel. "There are no other vehicles with such level of protection in Ukraine," Poliakov stressed.   In Ukrainian/український
Mayor of Lviv, the leader of the party "Samopomich" Andrei Sadovy in an interview with "Commander in Chief," said that he likes his team in Kharkov political force, but they have to work in difficult conditions, as they are periodically checked and the plant criminal cases.

"A very strong there head of the regional organization - Roman Cemenuha. They are difficult to work there, because there is pressure from the regional authorities. Criminal cases against members of the "Samopomochi" open, check, searches - all set in a word, "- said Sadovaya.

He said that apart from the Kharkov "Samopomochi" strong party cells in Zhitomir and Kiev, and most of the regional centers.

"Our country is flat enough situation. I would not say that there are some "strong" cell. Just for example, in "Samopomich" Kharkov won second place in the local elections, it was somewhat surprising to many. There Nikolaev, where the mayor Alexander Sienkiewicz won, although it is now very difficult to work there. The situation is complicated in Nikolaev, great pressure on the mayor, "- said the leader of the party.

He also noted separately and Dnepropetrovsk, where the struggle between the two political forces - "Dill" and the opposition bloc - "brought to the absurd situation in the city."

"Today, the city has not yet adopted a budget. Mayor Boris Filatov suggested "Samopomochi" submit candidacy for the post of Secretary of the City Council. "Samopomich" filed a candidacy, she was supported by the Board, and Mr. Viatcheslav Mishalov became secretary of the city council. "Samopomich" usually has a balanced structural position. For example, in Lutsk, where we have a bit of deputies, the mayor proposed a "Samopomochi" the post of Secretary, and Julia Vusenko is the secretary of the City Council, "- said Sadovaya. In Russian/русский
Journalists of the Russian TV channel "Star" was stopped at customs when entering Switzerland, after during the inspection they found a gun, reported by UNN with reference to the Russian propaganda channel "Star".

"Customs officers and border guards have found that the guns were dismantled and packed. Carriage wheels and barrel transported separately in special boxes, "- said in a statement.

Reporters tried to smuggle a gun in the luggage compartment.

We add that the Russian national TV "Star" is part of media group, initiated by the Russian Ministry of Defence. In Russian/русский

Parliamentary faction of Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) has published a complete composition of the future government.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Interfax-Ukraine citing its sources in the faction.

Presidential envoy to the Verkhovna Rada Stepan Kubiv will become first vice prime minister - minister of economic development and trade. Pavlo Rosenko will be vice prime minister on social issues, Ivanna Klimpush-Tsyntsadze - vice prime minister on European integration, Volodymyr Kistion - vice prime minister on ATO and occupied territories matters, Dmytro Shymkiv - vice prime minister on reforms.

According to the list, current vice prime minister - minister of culture Viacheslav Kyrylenko will remain vice prime minister on humanitarian issues, while the ministry of culture will be headed by Yevhen Nyshchuk.

Current deputies of the minister of economic development Yuliia Kovaliv and Maksym Nefiodov will become deputies of Kubiv.

The ministry of finance of Ukraine will be headed by deputy head of Presidential Administration, presidential envoy to the Cabinet Oleksandr Danyliuk, and current deputy minister of economy Oksana Markarova will be his deputy.

The ministry of social policy will be headed by deputy mayor of Vinnytsia Andrii Reva, the ministry of ecology and natural resources - by People's Front MP Ostap Semerak, the ministry of education and science - People's Front MP Lilia Hrynevych, the ministry of agrarian policy and food - PPB MP Taras Kutovyi.

Current deputy minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian will head his ministry, current vice prime minister - minister of regional development, construction and housing Hennadii Zubko will remain minister of regional development only.

The post of the minister of the Cabinet of Ministers will be taken by current chief of staff of the Verkhovna Rada head Oleksandr Saienko.

Negotiations over the posts of the minister of energy and coal industry and the minister of health care continue.

Current ministers to remain on their positions: Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, Justice Minister Pavlo Rozenko, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, Informational Policy Minister Yurii Stets, and Youth and sports Minister Yurii Zhdanov.   In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:17 amAdmin
In the Donetsk region, between the villages of Grubovka Bakhmut and controversial area, we found the burial place of people in camouflage uniforms with the insignia of the illegal armed groups.

It is reported by the press service of the Chief of the National Police Office of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

"On April 13, the investigation department Bakhmut police department from the search group humanitarian project MAT" Evacuation - 200 "in the mail, it was reported that in the course of search operations together with one of the community organizations in the area between the villages of controversial and Grubovka Berestovsky village council Bakhmut area discovered burial place of unidentified men in camouflage uniforms, "- said in a statement.

As noted in the police, in the territory near these settlements in 2014 were active hostilities. "Previously known about the remains of 18 people. There are stripes on the clothes of illegal armed formations ", - informed the press-service.

At present, the person who died and the cause of death are established. In Russian/русский

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The situation remains difficult in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) press center in its report as of 6 a.m. April 13, posted on Facebook.

According to the Staff, the number of shelling cases by illegal armed gangs upon the ATO forces' position reached its April record high yesterday of 87 cases.

"Violating the cease-fire, the enemy used mortars 22 times, having fired 114 missiles upon the Ukrainian side. More cases of fire - nine - were conducted upon our positions in Avdiivka. Fire strikes from Minsk-banned weapons were committed against Ukrainian defenders in Novhorodske, Marinka, Talakivka, Shyrokyne, Pisky, Zaitseve, and Opytne," the message reads.

It is also reported that separatists fired from weapons of IFVs 12 times. In addition, strong points of the Ukrainian forces were sprayed near Luhanske, Novhorodske, Maiorsk, Marinka, and Novotroitske.

"It should be noted that in each case militants were enhancing the intensity of their fire with grenade launchers, machine guns, and small arms. In order to hide their crimes from the OSCE monitoring mission, 70 percent of shelling was conducted by militants after dark.

"Over the indicated period, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were forced to open fire 25 times, using small caliber weapons only," the Staff informed.  In Ukrainian/український
Eight Ukrainian soldiers received injuries in the course of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine on April 12.

This was announced by Presidential Administration representative on ATO matters Andrii Lysenko, Censor.NET informs.

"Yesterday, no Ukrainian military were killed in active combat activities, however, eight persons were injured. All of them at Donetsk direction. In particular, three soldiers were wounded in shelling, another five in a tripwire explosion," he said.   In Ukrainian/український
Observers special monitoring of the OSCE Mission observed both in the occupied part of the Lugansk region of the Ukrainian-Russian border crossing van with the words "Cargo 200". This is stated in a report HMM with Russian checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk for April 12.

"April 6 at 20:08 Observation Mission in Ukraine registered noticed a van that arrived at the border crossing point of Ukraine and entered the Russian Federation. On the windshield of the van were inscriptions in Russian "Ritual" and "Cargo 200" - told in the OSCE.

"Cargo 200" - a well-known code that represents those killed in the fighting troops.

OSCE observers were not able to determine whether carrying the dead body of the van.

In addition, CMM noticed the border checkpoint Donetsk four times crossed the ambulances with Ukrainian signs in both directions. Someone other than medical personnel, observers in the cabin had not noticed.

February 22 The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission has documented the intersection of Ukrainian border by Russian truck with a sign Cargo 200.

February 15 from the morgue occupied Gorlovka in Russia were sent to three zinc coffins with the bodies of soldiers of the army of the Russian Federation. In Russian/русский
Possible appointment to the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada speaker Vladimir Groisman will not be negative for the Russian-Ukrainian relations, the head of the international affairs committee of the State Duma Alexei Pushkov.

"It is unlikely that Groisman go beyond that general political logic which prevails today in Kiev. But in general, it seems to me that this change from the perspective of Russian-Ukrainian relations, in any case, not a negative, "- he said at a press conference, the RIA" Novosti "Ukraine

"I think this change will either be neutral in terms of the relations between Kiev and Moscow, or, say, remove some annoying moments, the purposeful line breaking any and all communications, which was held by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk," - said Pushkov.

He recalled, Groisman that is not seen in a very tough anti-Russian statements. "This is a technically-pragmatic prime minister, who will try to not act in the logic Yatsenyuk" - Pushkov said. At the same time he expressed the opinion that Groisman is unlikely to be an independent political figure. "Expect from Groisman any independent position, independent role in politics it is not necessary", - the Russian parliamentarian said, adding that "Groisman - a person close to Poroshenko." In Russian/русский
Prime minister candidate Volodymyr Hroisman has presented possible Cabinet composition at the Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) faction meeting.

This was announced by PPB MP Serhii Leshchenko in his Twitter, Censor.NET informs.

"At the PPB faction, Hroisman is presenting the Cabinet: first vice prime minister and minister of economy - Stepan Kubiv, finance minister - Oleksandr Danyliuk, Interior Minister - Arsen Avakov, Justice Minister - Pavlo Petrenko, social policy minister - Andrii Reva, regional development minister - Hennadii Zubko, ecology minister - Ostap Semerak, agricultural minister - Taras Kutovyi, education minister - Lilia Hrynevych, informational policy minister - Yurii Stets, minister of culture - Yevhen Nyshchuk, sports minister - Ihor Zhdanov, vice PMs - Pavlo Rozenko, Volodymyr Kistion, Viacheslav Kyrylenko, minister of Cabinet of ministers - Oleksandr Saienko," Leshchenko wrote.

In addition, Leshchenko noted that Hroisman has offered to create a ministry of occupied territories, and that negotiations continue on energy & health care ministries.  In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:01 amAdmin
The Ukrainian border guards did not return fire, the government website reports Apr. 12.

A line of 300 vehicles was waiting near the checkpoint to cross into Ukraine from the rebel-held territory and 200 to get to the enemy-held zone.

Donbas rebels do not approve of any traffic in/out of their zone, as local residents use the checkpoint to enter Ukraine to buy cheaper food and essentials.
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