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News -
Putin's Russian forces attack Ukraine 50 times yesterday. Sadly reading of one soldier dead, three wounded.
Brother of Zakharchenko, boss of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic - drunk against last night, fighting in a restaurant.
This is really making the news today here in Ukraine. He cut the waiter's throat with a glass. Video below. About 16 posts' down.

Weather -
A beautiful morning. Blue sky and sunshine. 12C at 0800. Warming up. Maybe 22 today. Update. 23 at 14.00.
Forecast - cooler tomorrow.

Kiev Marathon -
Super weather, obviously. Lots of people milling around Kontraktova Plocha in Podol. Lucky with the weather. Tomorrow and beyond, probably cooler and rainy.

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This is a job nobody wants. The kiss of death. Same with the PM's job.
I hope Lutsenko doesn't accept the post. He is better as a politician. Makes some good lively speeches at times. Strong nationalist streak, with a sense of humour also.
The General Prosecutor - dead end job. The first to take the blame when anything goes wrong.
БПП висуватиме Юрія Луценка у генпрокурори, – Лещенко
Heading in Ukrainian. Genprokyrori - better translated as Prosecutor General.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says that after the militant-held town of Horlivka in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, has been liberated from the occupiers, a central street there should be named after Volodymyr Rybak, a pro-Ukrainian activist, local town council member and retired policeman who was tortured to death by Russian-backed separatists two years ago.

"Two years have passed without this incredible man, a Hero of Ukraine, Volodymyr Rybak. People like him change the course of history. He was a Ukrainian from Donbas who did not want to put up with the occupation. I still remember his wife's eyes full of firmness and confidence in Ukraine's future," Poroshenko wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

He says he is sure that time will come when a street or a square in the center of Horlivka will carry his name.

"As we will certainly return to our, Ukrainian Horlivka and our, Ukrainian Donetsk," he added.

He called on Ukrainians to remember the pro-Ukrainian activist's feat..................

To read further go to this link:
Troops from six NATO member countries began Summer Shield XIII military drills on Sunday at Adazi military base, Latvia.

More than 1,300 soldiers from Latvia, Lithuania, the U.S., Canada, Finland and Germany are expected to participate........

To read further go to this link:
Russia's military rejected criticism by U.S. European Command on Sunday that a Russian jet had made aggressive manoeuvres near a U.S. reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea, a second incident in the region between the Cold War-era foes in the past week.

Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia's military has been beefed up by increased spending and ambitious rearmament, while Moscow, which accuses NATO of expanding towards Russia's borders, tries to pursue a more assertive foreign policy.

The latest incident occurred on Thursday as a Russian Su-27 fighter "performed erratic and aggressive manoeuvres", flying within 50 feet of a U.S. RC-135 aircraft, U.S. European Command spokesman Danny Hernandez said, replying to a question from CNN....................

To read further go to this link:  
Russian authorities have restricted freedom of expression for Crimean residents and took some measures against some media and journalists after occupying Crimea, according to a report by Ambassador Gerard Stoudmann on his human rights visit to Crimea published by the Council of Europe.

Stoudmann visited Crimea on January 25 through January 31, 2016.

"During its [delegation's] visit, many interlocutors confirmed to the delegation the restrictive effect of the application of the new legislation (since March 2014) to media outlets and journalists in Crimea," says the report.

According to the document, the delegation took note of allegations of restrictions to freedom of expression under the argument of “extremist contents”, including through the monitoring of social media.

The report mentions the closure of Crimean Tatar ATR TV and several Ukrainian newspapers from March 2014...............

To read further go to this link:
Rally in support of People's Deputy of Ukraine Nadiia Savchenko, illegally held in Russian prison, has been held on Maidan square today.

Censor.NET reports citing 112 TV Channel.

Several dozens of people attended the event. They demanded the authorities to do everything possible to return Savchenko home.

Nadiia's mother also came to the rally. She appealed to the representatives of Ukrainian authorities "to use against the enemy all the weapons that we have."  In Ukrainian/український
Russia overturned in Debaltseve echelon with tanks and "Grad" (Ukrainian Truth)
Sunday, April 17, 2016, 13:46
In the Donbass, temporarily occupied by pro-Russian militants, recorded receipt of arms, military equipment and fuels and lubricants from Russia.
According to the General Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, from Russia to the railway station Debaltseve arrived echelon with military equipment - 3 tanks, 2 122-mm MLRS "Grad" Cars 2 "Ural" and diesel fuel (160 tons).
In addition to the areas inhabited Lugansk, Mykhailivka, Khartsyzsk Donetsk and recorded the presence of 122-mm MLRS "Grad" artillery systems caliber over 100 mm and tanks....
..."The top decile of wealth-holders owns 87 percent of all household wealth in Russia. This is significantly higher than any other major economic power," the report states.
Unprecedented inequality is the effect of offshore bandits in action. When people can enjoy all the benefits of power, without the responsibility that comes with it, it's hardly surprising they take the opportunity to get really, really rich....

Quite a brave article from Oliver Bullough. Basically criticising Putin - obliquely, of course.
Will Putin start to put a brake on articles like this in the Moscow Times?
....Local resident, Nikolai Suvorov, wrote in a letter to the court that Putin is “an enemy of the state … for his plunder of Russia and impoverishment of the Russian people.”....
on Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:29 amNelson
Putin attempting to do a Stalin - rewrite history, Soviet style.

Drunk brother Zakharchenko during a fight in a cafe waiter cut the throat - Khodakovsky (video)

".... the prosecutor's office DNR" on the incident, despite various requests, did not react....

Zakharchenko cuts waiters throat with glass. You can see the blood on his neck in the video.
Found this now in English -
Drunken brother of terrorist Zakharchenko started pub fight wounding waiter with broken glass. VIDEO
...."The drunken brother of 'DPR' leader Zakharchenko Serhii started a brawl in Donetsk Beerstown pub, during which he wounded a young male waiter with a broken glass in the throat. They tried to blanket the incident, but Zakharchenko's enemy Khodakovskyi got hold of video from surveillance cameras and uploaded it on the Internet via "anonymous" users. The new Donetsk elite rest beautifully. Life has become better, not how it was under Ukraine," Kazanskyi stressed. ...
In Donbass 1 soldier killed, militants fired more active in Luhansk
Sunday, April 17, 2016, 13:10
Over the past day in the area ATO because of the fighting killed one Ukrainian soldier, wounding three soldiers.
This at a briefing on April 17 AP spokesman for the ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
on Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:50 amAdmin
In the Odesa region SBU together with the prosecutor's office and the police exposed the systematic mechanism of bribery by officials of the regional management of legal protection of the Committee of Ukraine.

"Officials who have to fight against corruption, have created an illegal scheme to enrich themselves for not responding to violations of the law and the failure of violators to criminal or administrative responsibility", - write the report.

According to the SBU data, arrested one of the leaders of the regional department of the Committee during the preparation of the next one thousand dollars bribe from a resident of Odesa region. Continuing investigations. In Russian/русский
The self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic told to prepare a new proposal for exchange of prisoners with the Ukrainian side. This was reported as the title of "ombudsman DNI" Daria Morozova, transfers .

She also noted that the proposal will be made at the next talks in Minsk, which will be held on 20 April.

"We prepare a proposal for the exchange of" 25 to 50 ". Kiev insists to do everything step by step, because of our 50 people, seven have real conviction and they can not let go of them without pardon "- quoted Morozov separatist website" Donetsk news agency. "

According to her, the Ukrainian side is ready to change the measure of restraint for 20 supporters of the "DNR" from this list. Recall that the debate format "25 by 50" exchange lasts a long time, but the parties have not yet reached a consensus on this issue. In Russian/русский
Online electronic petitions registered the petition to the President of Ukraine with a request to oblige the government to pay the debts of officials and oligarchs.

Author petition number 22 / 023,141, en, filed April 15, Oleg Gondar notes that the holders of Ukrainian government bonds should revise the terms of relations with Ukraine and realize that debt relief can mean not help, and a full pardon "a corrupt clique, which brought the country to its knees" .

"For the real fight against corruption, with the support of Ukraine's creditors, it is necessary to investigate and bring to justice involved in the allocation of funds and must return the stolen", - said in the petition. In Russian/русский
In the Zhytomyr region declared an emergency man-made at the local level due to the pollution event and Homora rivers. Write about it on the site Baranovska district administration.

"It is strictly forbidden to use for all the needs of water from rivers, water the animals eat the fish", - the report says.

On the territory of the district there was Baranovsky disastrous environmental situation with an unknown substance pollution of rivers and Homora Event which caused mass death of living organisms, fish and crayfish, informed the head of Novograd Volyn local prosecutor Galina Pilipchuk.

"As evidenced by the preliminary conclusions of experts, the river Homoru, which flows into the river happens, probably, discharges of environmentally dangerous emissions, the company Khmelnitsky region. In order to identify the source of pollution, the establishment of the perpetrators and bringing them to the responsibility of the National Police local office initiated criminal proceedings" - said Pilipchuk. In Russian/русский
The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) pushed Russia's men's national team to participate in the European Championship 2017. This was reported by "Vedomosti", with reference to the statement by the press service of FIBA Europe.

In addition to Russia to participate in the championship has suspended seven teams: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain.

Teams suspended for participating in the "Euroleague". In the summer of 2015 FIBA ​​broke the contract with the "Euroleague" to hold club competition since the season-2015/16's. and announced the creation of two new club competitions, including the Champions League. Federation threatened disqualification of those countries where the clubs will continue to play in tournaments under the auspices "of the Euroleague." In Russian/русский
on Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:15 amAdmin
In Abkhazia in Sukhumi blew up the car of the deputy of the local parliament Almas Jopua. The explosion occurred in the evening on Saturday, April 16th. This writes the "Interfax" referring to the statement by the local police department. The agency stressed that the MP in the incident was not injured.

Recall that Abkhazia - occupied part of Georgia, which is now under the control of pro-Russian militants. In Russian/русский
Three combat helicopters Mi-24P returned to Ukraine from Liberia, where they are part of the UN mission. It is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defence.

"In accordance with the decision of the president - the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in connection with the reduction of the UN mission in Liberia, held optimization of the 56th separate helicopter detachment of performing tasks in the country as part of a mission by the Special flight transport aircraft AN-24." Ruslan " three combat helicopters Mi-24P returned to Ukraine ", - said in a statement.

The ministry said that after the restoration and maintenance work carried out by specialists in the army aviation units APU, all three machines Mi-24P will be used for training flights and combat missions as part of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including, when necessary - in the zone of the antiterrorist operation. In Russian/русский
Pensions and social benefits to citizens will continue to be paid only on the territory controlled by Ukraine. In an interview with said Minister of temporarily occupied territories Vadim Sandpiper.

According to him, Ukraine is due to objective reasons is unable to pay pensions and social benefits for Ukrainians in the occupied territories because of the lack there of relevant Ukrainian institutions, in particular the pension fund.

"We do not deny the right of citizens to receive a pension, but do not have the mechanisms for such implementation in the occupied territories," - said Chernyshov. In Russian/русский
Moscow’s massive military operation started in the fall of 2015 was the attempt to divert world attention from what Russia was doing in Ukraine, former US State Secretary Madeleine Albright said, addressing the forum on global security in Bratislava Apr. 16.

 “I am convinced that the Russians moved into Syria to change the focus of attention from Ukraine,” she said.

She stressed that the United States has to tread cautiously in political dealings with Russia as the latter is easily provoked because the Russians are provocateurs themselves.
...At the same time, tactical exercises were held by the Armed Forces of the self-proclaimed Transdnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) at a military training ground near Afanasievca (Dubasari district, 10 km from the state border of Ukraine) on April 11-15. ...
....Poland's foreign minister has said that Russia is an "existential threat" to European countries and is more dangerous than the Islamic State (IS) militant group, according to Radio Liberty....
They stopped time in the lives of Kiev 150 years ago photographers (
...It is believed that the first Kiev photo was taken in 1853 by an Englishman John Bourne. ...
...According to him, the militants are afraid to attack the forces ATO. So many blows along the entire boundary line they seek to prevent the accumulation of Ukrainian troops in one place for an attack.
Also, the command of the hybrid army believes that the mercenaries sitting idle, fast moral decay. Therefore, so they decided to "secure employment". However, significant losses demoralize the fighters even more.
Headquarters: Militants shoot with the banned weapons epicenter - Avdiyivka
Sunday, April 17, 2016, 6:50
The militants do not stop shelling the Ukrainian Armed Forces, using, in addition to grenades, machine guns of different systems and anti-tank missiles, mortars caliber 82 and 120 mm.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
"Near Pisky was three shelling our positions with prohibited weapons towards Mayorska Zaitsev and two, respectively, Berioza and Mar'yintsi - one" - said in a statement.
The epicenter of fire fighters is Avdiyivka they once fired 15 mortar shells of caliber 82 and 120 mm.
Total for the day terrorists opened fire 50 times, 11 times more than the previous day.
"ATO forces continue to hold firmly occupied by the turn of the defense. They had 8 times open fire in response in order to prevent a breakthrough mercenaries", - the headquarters.
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