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News -
Putin's Russian forces attack 41 times yesterday. Double the number of attacks of Friday.
Sadly reading 3 soldiers died yesterday.

Weather -
Hazy sunshine this morning. +12 at 0900. High predicted of 17 or so. Normal.

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Rejection of the next wave of mobilization and the beginning of the demobilization of fighters from the front can mean a quick end to the war, but on certain conditions. Such an opinion in a blog on the "apostrophe" stated journalist and military expert Denis Popovich.

According to him, on two possible scenarios.

The first scenario. Achieving peace or as part of the Minsk agreements, or by the formation of the so-called inter-provincial territorial Donbass, as proposed in the "opposition bloc".

"In this case, the fighting in the East may be terminated in the near future and the need to support a large army groups on the demarcation line will disappear", - the expert believes.

The second scenario. Ukraine has increased the reserve military forces and in building just does not make sense. Nevertheless, the APU is now strong enough to complete the anti-terrorist operation to eliminate the so-called "LC" and "DNR".

"So the president's statement on the refusal of mobilization is intended to lull the vigilance of the enemy and release tension in Ukrainian society that is tired of the protracted war,

- The expert believes.

According to him, the second option supports and the situation in the East, which is now "far from being peaceful and tends to aggravate." In Russian/русский
Head of the Odessa region of Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili's administration is confident of victory of the party "United National Movement" in the parliamentary elections in Georgia. On it informs "Interfax" .

"It is necessary to hold the elections in Georgia, beat them, and I will come, I will help the people to the team who wins without a loss, will help to quickly identify new prospects. Time is short before the election and I have held consultations. By the way, for me to come and consultation representatives acting Georgian authorities ", - Saakashvili said.

Also Odessa Governor recognizes the existence of only two leaders in the political life of Georgia - and his former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili.

However, Saakashvili stressed that, under the condition of victory in his party's election, the governor returned to Georgia would not mean escape from the Ukraine.

"My team and I do not renounce the mission in Ukraine, since the creation of the prospects of its development means and the prospect of development of Georgia. I have no choice between the Ukraine and Georgia - this is my overall pick, "- Saakashvili said.

In addition, Saakashvili added that he can create a political party that will win any election in Ukraine.

"This no doubt in Ukraine neither our friends nor our enemies", - he said. In Russian/русский
Leader VO "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko sees Victor Shishkin as general prosecutor. She stated this on the TV channel «» .

"We believe that now it is necessary to advance civil society five or six candidates who believe the country that are independent of politicians", - she said.

When asked what would she supported the prosecutor, Tymoshenko said: "For anyone who offered to civil society. We have excellent people who can actually do it. I remember, for example, a man who lived his whole life, serving Ukraine and never violating the honor and conscience in the legal field, it is Viktor Shishkin. I believe that such people should be Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Or the young lawyers, "- said the politician. In Russian/русский

It's like when she put Lutsenko in place of the PGO director, when she was PM. Someone she could get favors from at low cost. But Piskun forced the government to allow him to finish his 5 year term which was the law at that time. Lutsenko and her have parted ways, but she'd love for Shishkin to be in position so she can fill his pockets for favors. This supposed gas queen is nothing but corrupt trouble.
In Solomenskiy district of Kyiv from the ninth floor of the house on the street Donets 21 A man fell. Reported Espreso.TV , citing its own sources. According to preliminary information, the man committed suicide.

According to sources, the victim was a political scientist, a frequent guest of live broadcasts on television. According to the newspaper "Vesti" , the victim - a political analyst Andrei Doroshenko, who has worked in leading legal initiatives Center. In Russian/русский
NATO is going to provide more support to Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova in straighten national security and sovereignty.
NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow told BGNES speaking in Sofia on Friday, Censor.NET reports.

Alexander Vershbow said that it is very important to do more "to stabilize neighborhood, providing more support to countries in the east, like Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, who are under pressure from Russia. And who need help straightening their security sector and straightening their sovereignty".

Mr. Vershbow highlighted that both challenges - a more assertive Russia, and instability in the Middle East and North Africa - will be very high on the agenda at the NATO Summit in Warsaw in July.   In Ukrainian/український

Tonight, the militants shelled the village of Pravdivka (Kostiantynivka district of the Donetsk region) which is almost 20 km away from the demarcation line.
Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center.

According to the report, the terrorists have violated the Minsk agreements and shelled civilian houses. The local church was damaged in the attack. "The cynicism of the Kremlin mercenaries reaches its climax, because Christians are celebrating Palm Sunday today. They are visiting churches and praying to the Lord for peace and tranquility in our land," the report reads.   In Ukrainian/український

Russia gradually turns occupied Crimea into a huge military base.

Mustafa Dzhemilev, MP of the Poroshenko Bloc and Commissioner of the president on the Affairs of Crimean Tatars, told Segodnya, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, there are about 80 thousand Russian soldiers armed with the latest weapons located in Crimea. Moreover, according to the MP, Russia has redeployed modern Topol and Iskander rocket systems capable of carrying nuclear missiles, to the peninsula.  In Ukrainian/український

British propagandist, Russia Today reporter Graham Phillips has presented a set of pictures which were allegedly taken in the Donetsk airport, which was supposedly seized by the terrorists.

The pictures were accompanied by his comments about no Ukrainian soldiers being there. The fact is that the pictures were taken in 'Metro' supermarket, which had been devastated by the terrorists and suffered from shelling,

Censor.NET reports citing

The journalist himself does not conceal that he had visited Metro store, but still passes off the pictures from there as being taken in the airport. Seems like the devastated supermarket is now used by the Russian propagandist media as photo location - average viewers will not ask themselves how could it be that the 'airport' is only two-storeyed, and the 'terminals' are covered with shelved that had been previously used for goods.

It is worth noting that a picture from the supermarket was also used in a cover story on website in the section 'Donbas conflict.' If anyone should believe the Russian propaganda that the airport of Donetsk has been under terrorists' control for three days by now, then a question should arise: where are pictures and videos exactly from its premises? And why the destroyed 'Metro' store is still demanded? In Russian/русский
The correspondent of Russia 1 TV channel Daria Grigorova has been deported from Ukraine.

Grigorova told on air of Russia 24 channel, Censor.NET reports citing Vesti.

According to her, she was apprehended at the border control, taken to a special room and given a paper about deportation. The SBU Office of the Dnipropetrovsk region prohibited Grigorova to enter Ukraine for five years.

"I had a feeling that the border guards did not know what to do with me. They tried to take me to the departure area with my suitcase, but it turned out that I was not allowed to be there," she said.  In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:46 amNelson
I noticed the hryvnia was again a bit stronger today ( and yesterday ) at my local shopping center.
I saw
25.05 / 25.30 uah to a dollar. Not bad. The hryvnia is definitely strengthening. Not a lot, but something.
It was 27 a few weeks' ago.

Advocate Hope Savchenko Ilya Novikov said that besides Grushnik Russian Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov, there are other Russian military detained by the Ukrainian side in the fighting in the Donbass, but they are not published information. He said this in an interview to "5 channel".

The lawyer believes that Ukraine would be better to disclose this data, as this would increase the pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin - to "liberate our people, you write on the t-shirts that you its not quit - do not throw, negotiate, make exchanges, to come back home".

"This pressure is not present, and this complicates our our business and reduce our ability to exchange", - said Novikov.

Defender also stated that it has no right to comment on the decision of the Ukrainian court, which Yerofeyev and Alexandrov were sentenced to 14 years behind bars, because now is not only Russian but also Ukrainian lawyer.

"I have recently been included in a single register of Advocates of Ukraine I am forbidden to speak on the topic of criminal cases in which I was personally involved." - Said the lawyer.

According to him, the Ukrainian side agreed to exchange the two Russians convicted only Hope Savchenko. Otherwise Yerofeyev and Alexandrov will serve his sentence in Ukraine.

No further info.
....According to him, everyone can join the battalion, including the Crimean Tatars left on the occupied peninsula. "Our young people, who are now being drafted into the Russian army, should not be there. They should serve Ukraine, and be useful Crimea," Isliamov said.
Feed carried live on some Ukrainian tv channels.
Protesters want new elections, and removal of current government (corruption allegations).
Photos and video at link. Looks peaceful to me. At the moment.
Austria was elected president, the candidates pro-Russian rhetoric
First round today, I understand. Austrian president more "ceremonial" position. But nevertheless, important.
Adolf Hitler is probably the most famous Austrian by birth in the past 100 years.
Terrorists have increased the number of attacks, killing three soldiers MAT
Sunday, April 24, 2016, 13:58
The situation in the area of ​​ATU has deteriorated, due to attacks by militants killed three Ukrainian soldiers, 6 more were injured.
This April 24 AP spokesman for the ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
"The enemy attacks dramatically increased the number of forces ATO, has used heavy weapons - mortars, armored vehicles across the front line.
According Motuzyanyka relative calm was only on April 23 at the Lugansk area where there was one armed provocation in Popasnaja area.
At the direction of Donetsk on all fronts last enemy attacks, particularly on Svetlodarsk arc in Zaitsev during Avdiivka, on the outskirts of Donetsk airport.
"Overall, this area was 14 attacks, most of which - using mortars" - said Motuzyanyk.
In Mariupol toward the hottest point - Marinka, Novotroickoe, Shyrokyne. Last night was 30 enemy attacks, 6 - with heavy weapons, several sniper attacks "- he added.
Young German populists entered into an alliance with the "Young Guard" Putin
Sunday, April 24, 2016, 2:09
German Youth organization pravopopulistskoyi party "Alternative for Germany" (AdN) "Young Alternative" an alliance of the "Young Guard of United Russia".
This is with reference to the German publication Der Spiegel, reported
The newspaper said the right-wing populist leadership, among other known active anti-migrant rhetoric, welcomes the move of its youth wing and not seeing any problems....

Alternative for Germany - seriously right-wing party. Some people would say in effect the new "Nazi party" of Germany. Putin's party of course is also basically fascist. One dictator, one Putin. United - ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer.
Unknown demolished Lenin Limanskaya Odessa region
Sunday, April 24, 2016, 3:58
Group unknown in military uniforms pulled down part of the monument to Lenin in the village Lymanske Rozdilnjansky district of Odessa region, local tried to prevent them.
This writes the "Duma".
The incident occurred on April 22 at about 16:00.
People in uniform got on the bus and off-road. There were 13 people. They threw a rope to the neck of the statue, hitched the other end of the bus, and he pulled top of the monument. Lower dump failed.
Locals tried to prevent the demolition. A fight ensued, after which unknown people left.

Well - they removed Lenin's head. Anyway, I thought all Soviet monuments had to be dismanted.
Day in the ATO, militants fired 41 times MAT positions
Sunday, April 24, 2016, 7:34
Last night the terrorists continued shelling positions of forces anti-terrorist operation with prohibited weapons Minsk agreements.
The press center ATO.
Most attacks were the Donetsk area where gunmen firing shots struck toward Avdeevki using mortars and 82-caliber 120 mm.
Next to that bandit formation of Ukrainian defenders fired with grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms.
Kremlin supporters ignored the ceasefire and in areas near the Ukrainian position Zaitsev, Opitnoe, Marinka, Shyrokyno and Pisky.
Despite the tactics of firing simultaneously with different weapons and increasing the intensity of attacks on some fronts, forces ATO position remained unchanged. During this period, enemy fire 41 times.
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