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News -
22 attacks by Putin yesterday.

Weather -
Pleasant start to the day, +6 at 0800.
Some people had a touch of frost yesterday. Heard of -2 further south in Vinnitsa oblast.
Today - maybe +16. Sunshine.

Footie -
Not the best result for Shakhtar. They drew 2-2 v Sevilla.
Other semifinal, Villareal 1 - Lpool 0.
Away goals count in the Europa league, so... difficult now for Shakhtar. 2nd leg in Sevilla.

Observation -
Orthodox Good Friday today. Admin sending me into Kiev again.

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Throughout the day April 29 situation in the area of ​​ATU complicated, pro-Russian militants fired 40 times Ukrainian military positions.

This is stated in the summary published at the press center ATO headquarters in Facebook.

"Most hot was in the area of ​​Marinka. There illegal armed groups nearly a dozen times opened fire on our strong points with caliber 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers of various systems and small arms," ​​- said in a statement.

Also from the temporarily occupied Donetsk and its suburbs intensively shelled militants strongholds ATO forces on the outskirts of Avdeevki, Krasnogorivka and Nevel.

There, they used small arms, rocket launchers and mortars calibe
r 82 mm and 120 mm.

On the outskirts of occupied Gorlovki pro-Russian militants fired 82 mm mortars on positions in the Ukrainian army Zaitsev.
"In Mariupol militants fired towards our bases near the Lebedinsky 120-mm mortars near Talakivky - the caliber 82 mm mortars and small arms," ​​- told in the headquarters.

There were also two fixed spans UAV invaders. One of them - was air saboteurs.

"Several times flying over the positions of our troops near Lozuvatskoho, drone dropped bombs. Since the beginning of day three gang fired from grenade launchers and small arms Ukrainian bases in the area and Avdeevki Marinka" - reported at the headquarters of ATO.   In Ukrainian/український

So! For not to actually use fighter jets, they use drones to drop bombs which is basically the same result. And we all know, Ukraine's not supplying them to the terrorists, or they're directly being supplied and used by Russian forces. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, UNSC.
Swedish Prime Minister Stephen Lovan April 29 placed the head of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, who commented the probable accession to NATO Stockholm, noted that "the Kremlin would respond military-technical measures."

Leuven said that Lavrov's words are "absolutely useless" reports The Local.

Thus, the Swedish Prime Minister said that Moscow's views on this matter were not consulted, and Sweden takes his own decisions in matters of security and defense. In addition, Sweden demands respect as well as respect the decisions of other states.

Recall, April 28, Sergey Lavrov during an interview with Dagens Nyheter, said the Kremlin would respond to the likely accession of Sweden to NATO military-technical measures on its northern borders. Lavrov also said that Russia would not consider joining the alliance in Sweden as a solution to attack the Russian Federation.

As reported by the "Observer", in the Armenian capital Yerevan held a rally against the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.   In Ukrainian/український
Lawyers for fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, urging the EU court that all the charges against him are politically motivated, they also talked about the "excessive" amount of frozen funds for its European accounts.

It is reported by Deutsche Welle , with reference to the report on the progress of the process prepared by the Judge Rapporteur for the meeting, which took place on 29 April. The document also notes that Yanukovych denies any wrongdoing in the embezzlement of public funds.

Thus, according to lawyers, Yanukovych is confident that the amount of its funds frozen in the accounts exceeds the amount of misappropriation of property, which he is credited.

"Since the total value of the property that was allegedly illegally mined known, the freezing of funds in a larger amount of this cost is not justified", - said Yanukovych's lawyers.

In response, the EU representatives in the court said that the freezing of all funds for Yanukovych accounts in European banks is not excessive, because "this is probably not the only means that there is Viktor Yanukovych."

During the hearing, the Court of Justice heard the positions of the parties, a decision on the case will be made later.

As reported by the "Observer", before the EU Court of Ukraine ordered to pay compensation for Yanukovych legal costs.

The international human rights organization Transparency International has published an investigation, stating that Viktor Yanukovych and Mykola Azarov received Russian citizenship and are now under the protection of the Kremlin.   In Ukrainian/український
Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said that the authorities are planning to allocate € 1,3 million for the creation of a news center, who can provide the interaction of independent Russian media in Europe. He said this at a conference on "The future of independent Russian media" in Amsterdam.

"The Netherlands will provide € 1,3 million euros for the regional Russian-language news center, which will promote the development of existing partners in the Eastern Partnership countries. The center will allow journalists and independent media to exchange news reports and articles in Russian, "- said the Minister.

According to him, the initiative is a continuation of the plans laid down at a conference in Warsaw in September 2015. In Russian/русский

The cause of the peak number of violations of the cease-fire in eastern Ukraine are the actions of pro-Russian separatists and Moscow, which supports them. An appropriate statement was made ​​on Friday, the deputy speaker of the US State Department Mark Toner, reports "Ukrinform" .

"We are certainly concerned about the level of violence in eastern Ukraine - the highest since the time to reach agreement on a cease-fire in September", - said Toner.

He stressed that was registered during April about 30 thousand cases of violation of the ceasefire, calling it "a huge amount." At the same time, he said, "the OSCE reports confirm that mostly responsible for violations are separatists."

In this context, he once again called on Russia and the separatists, which it supports, to "respect fully the ceasefire." In Russian/русский
Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza, commenting on the information television CNN that Russian fighter Su-27 made the interception of American aircraft, announced that the US Department of Defense is concerned about the actions of the Russian military aircraft ..

"The American aircraft was in international airspace and did not go to the Russian territory," - she said.

She also noted that such a maneuver would lead to dire consequences for the crews of both aircraft.

"More importantly, dangerous and unprofessional actions of the pilot can cause unnecessary aggravation of tensions between the two countries", - added Baldanza.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Su-27 made a dangerous maneuver around a US military plane RC-135 over the Baltic Sea. In Russian/русский
Russian Su-27 aerobatic maneuvers performed around the US military plane RC-135 over the Baltic Sea, reports CNN. This was stated by two high-ranking military source.

American spy plane was in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

It is noted that the Su-27 flew within 100 feet (30.48 m) from the US aircraft, and then, having made a figure flying, appeared on the other side of the American side.

The source described this maneuver is very dangerous. According to him, the US side can express concern about this Russian colleagues.

CNN also notes that this is the second such incident involving Russian aircraft this month.

April 14 Russian aircraft performing interception of the American RC-135, flying at a distance of 50 feet (15 m) from its wing, also making "barrel", said the US European Command.

US Secretary of State John Kerry in a telephone conversation protested Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in connection with the flight of the Su-24 bombers over American destroyer in the Baltic Sea. In Russian/русский
In consideration of the US House of Representatives introduced a bill HR 5094 "Support for stability and democracy in Ukraine." The legislation has initiated co-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Elliot Engel, reports "Ukrinform" /

The bill is aimed, in particular, "deterrence, rebuff and termination of Russian aggression in Ukraine to help the democratic transition."

Co-sponsors of the document were made by 15 members of the House of Representatives, representing both the Democratic and Republican parties in Congress.

The bill claims to preserve the legislative level sanctions against Russia to the full implementation of its Minsk agreements and will continue until the Russian occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. In addition, the document prohibits the recognition of the United States, the Russian annexation of the Crimea.

The text contains a requirement for the head of the US State Department to develop and begin to implement a strategy to counter the Russian disinformation and propaganda directed against the population of the countries bordering Russia. In addition, the Board of Governors of the US broadcasting issues is to create a broadcast service of the Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian subordinate service broadcasting, to broadcast programs in the Crimean Tatar language in Crimea.

The bill also provides for the establishment of an international consortium with the participation of the United States, other countries, multilateral institutions, investors and insurance companies for the joint guarantee of possible investment risks. This paragraph is aimed at facilitating the infusion of private investment Ukraine. In Russian/русский
In Kiev attempted to rob a branch of the attackers "MetaBank" in the Shevchenko district. This was reported in the State Natspolitsii in the Zaporozhye region.

At the scene arrived several patrol police crews. Fleeing, attackers threw a grenade at police.

As the chairman of the trade union ambulance Anatoly Sidorenko, two police officers were injured in the blast.

Now, the works investigative team. Held wanted criminals. In Russian/русский
Iran is interested in pumping its oil through the Ukrainian oil pipeline Odessa - Brody oil pipeline links the Black Sea - Western Europe, said at the extraordinary meeting of the government's Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik.

"We had a meeting with the Ambassador of Iran, the Iranian side expressed great interest in the transportation of Iranian oil through the" Southern (Odessa) - Brody ", because this is the best logistics", - the minister said.

He said that during the negotiations the decision to enter the specific arrangements and visit all of the potential for the use of facilities within two months.

Attending the meeting, First Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Stepan Kubiv noted that prospects of cooperation Ukraine and Iran have been identified in the Memorandum of Understanding signed in March this year during the visit of Ukrainian governmental delegation to Iran. According to Stepan Kubiv, the two countries have a wide range of mutual interests, including agriculture, engineering, mining, hydropower development, metallurgy, aviation, railway vehicle.

It was reported earlier that Ukraine in 2016, plans to resume cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in political, trade-economic, cultural-humanitarian and other spheres, after 11-year hiatus. In May and June in Tehran trade mission of Ukraine will be sent. In Russian/русский
OSCE Special Representative in the Trilateral contact group on the settlement of the situation in the Donbass Martin Saydik notes the lack of agreement on the release of hostages before Easter.

He said this on the basis of today's meeting of the Trilateral contact group.

"With regard to the meeting of the working group on humanitarian issues, I have to note with regret that the arrangements for the release of detained persons, it would be important before Easter, have not been achieved," - said Saydik.

Recall representatives of the "DNR" and "LC" at a meeting of the subgroup of Humanitarian Affairs, the Trilateral contact group in Minsk did not respond to Kiev's proposal for a prisoner exchange in the format of "25 to 50".

"In the group in Minsk - the failure of the negotiations to free the hostages by ORDLO who have not given us an answer to our proposals, and now demand amnesty involved in the terrorist attacks in Odessa and Kharkov!" - Wrote on his Facebook page the representative of Ukraine in humanitarian subgroup, the first vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko. In Russian/русский
The Kremlin decided that Kiev should stop mode ATO in Donbas. Told reporters a representative of the Russian Federation in a contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass Boris Gryzlov, reports RIA "Novosti"

"Elections (in the Donbass - ed.) Should be carried out by the OSCE standards. But compliance with these standards is clearly impossible in the conditions of the so-called anti-terrorist operation. Thus, this regime should be canceled, as well as the economic blockade of the south-eastern Donbass. It is impossible to simultaneously deal with the ATO and a political settlement, "- Gryzlov said after the meeting in Minsk contact group. In Russian/русский
Norway intends to build a fence at the border crossing "Borisoglebsk - Storskog" on the border with Russia.

It is reported by NRK citing local police boss Ellen Cathrine Hetta.

As the broadcaster, the Norwegian authorities have warned Russia of its intention.

The country is convinced that the fence does not affect the traffic traveling through the intersection point. At the same time it can help in case of increase in the flow of migrants.

"If the flow of migrants out of control, the fence will help," - said Hetta. In Russian/русский
Russian gas prices in Germany fell by 56%, despite the fact that energy prices since the beginning of the year increased significantly. In March, the spot gas markets in Germany the cost of thousands of cubic meters of gas, "Gazprom" has fallen to $ 147.2. This is stated in the monthly monitoring of the Ministry of Economic Development.

According to a report in March, the Russian gas fell by 14.6%, and prices have collapsed by 56% in annual terms. The average gas price in the first quarter of 2016 was $ 167.6 per thousand cubic meters.

Currently, gas prices are closely tied to oil prices. This occurs since the Soviet times. However, gas prices react to oil quotations with a time lag in an average of 6 to 9 months. In Russian/русский
At the Hesed Shaarei Tzion social welfare center in Odesa, Ukraine, elderly Jews gathered April 20 to compete in a Passover-themed cooking competition— an Iron Chef-type event with matzo as the main ingredient.

Hesed Shaarei Tzion , which is sponsored by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee , provides social services and Jewish cultural fare to needy Jews.

Among the competitors were former doctors, musicians and engineers, whose dishes were judged by Hesed professionals and volunteers, with feedback from elderly participants.

First prize went to 79-year-old Kadya Feon, a former seamstress, who won for her gefilte fish.

“Pesach means first of all freedom for me,” Feon said. “Here, at the Hesed, we have the freedom to be ourselves, to be needed and to be happy as Jews.”

Second place went to Ida Malanyuk, 75, for her matzo chocolate cake, which she decorated with orange and kiwi slices and colorful sprinkles.

Other dishes included leikach (honey cake), layer-cakes and matzo pies, called matzovnik , made with a variety of salty and sweet fillings including honey and chocolate cream....
Organizers of the 2016 Eurovision have published the official guidelines for the use of flags and banners at the Song Contest.

However, the usual size restrictions are not the only ones. There is now a list of banned flags – and that's left some groups unhappy, including the Crimean Tatar people.

Their light blue flag with a golden tamga (stamp) was included in the list of the prohibited local, regional or provincial flags, as well as flags of the disputed territories.......

BAN EUROVISION!!!!!! Mad Mad Mad
Lawmakers in the U.S. are contemplating purchasing Russian rocket engines. One U.S. Congressman says his country should not contribute to Russia's military modernization. The Republican representative Duncan Hunter made the statement during the talks in the House of Representatives' Defence Committee. Hunter insisted the Pentagon should not purchase Russian rocket engines, even for the sake of the U.S. space industry.

"There is no single reason for filling Putin's personal pockets with our money. There is no urgency in buying 18 units right now, hence, we could buy no more than 10. Please take into account that advocating this bargain you simply provide Russia's war industry with foreign investments," stressed the Republican Congressman............

To read further go to this link: 
The range from the forefront positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the site of the incident is 6.6 km, said the press center of the Anti-Terrorist Operation commenting on the tragic events in Olenivka, Volnovakha district, in Donetsk region on April 27.

"Based on the tactical and technical characteristics of the 82-mm mortars, we see that they could not be used at such a distance, because a 2B14 Podnos mortar has a maximum range of 3,000, while a 2B9 Vasylyok mortar – a range of 4,200 meters," said the Ukrainian side...............

To read further go to this link:
Ukrainian hackers from informal communities called Flame Falcons and Trinity penetrated the website notorious for Russian-backed separatist forces propaganda, 'Anna-News'.

The main page of the resource now shows a video clip with a speech of a masked man.

"If you are watching this video, we have cleared the information space from another website of Russian terrorists," says a video message............

To read further go to this link:
Ukraine's largest steelmaker Metinvest (METINV) reported February EBITDA at USD 42 mln, compared to minus USD 15 mln generated in January, Concorde Capital informed client in an online advisory today.

Both Metinvest’s metallurgical and mining divisions contributed almost equally to the monthly result, which also implies EBITDA of USD 28 mln in 2M16.

Monthly CapEx was USD 18 mln in February, well below the USD 28 mln cap approved in its standstill agreement with bondholders. Total debt stood almost unchanged m/m at USD 2,910 mln as of end-February, while cash was USD 143 mln.

Concorde analyst Roman Topolyuk added: “Metinvest surprised the markets with its February financial result, which was a combination of realized price increases for certain products and 8% m/m hryvnia devaluation during the month. The holding’s average realized selling price for long products grew 17% m/m in February, compared to market prices growing 2-3% m/m. The bulk of the steel price increases of USD 165-207/t (60-73%), between end-February and end-April, has yet to be reflected in Metinvest’s future financial results......
Despite all of Vladimir Putin’s efforts to divide and weaken Europe, no one has done more to “strengthen European unity” and prompt all but a handful of Russia’s former allies to look to Brussels rather than Moscow as their desired goal, according to opposition politician Gennady Gudkov.

The reason for this is clear and known to all, he argues. “The Russian state in the person of its political leadership does not respect and does not want to recognize the key principles of world civilization.” And if this trend continues, Russia’s only allies will be Turkmenistan and North Korea or possibly Zimbabwe (

In an Ekho Moskvy post, Gudkov goes through the list of countries that have turned away from Russia and toward Europe: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Montenegro, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and the list goes on. Now even Serbia on whom Russia has devoted so much attention is turning away from Russia and toward Europe

While Moscow media blames this on the US and Barack Obama – Russian propaganda “couldn’t do otherwise” – in fact Russia has only itself to blame. Indeed, thanks to Putin, Ukraine’s process of nation building and turning to Europe has been accelerated “by about 50 or even more years.”

The fundamental reason that all these countries are looking to Europe is “simple.” “Both Germany and the other countries of Europe have built a very attractive political and economic model of development,” one that has attracted others to their banner rather than driving them away as Moscow has....................

To read further go to this link:
Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin during the UN Security Council in Ukraine predictably built his speech on the theses of Russian propaganda, accusing the West and Ukraine to the conflict in the Donbas and Crimea called "Peninsula stability." The meeting of the Security Council was held on Thursday in New York, reports "Ukrinform" .

"The American and British Permanent Representatives today strangely tried to link the beginning of the crisis to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. No need to juggle - the fault will still fail to cover you in unleashing the crisis. And Crimea now - a peninsula of stability in comparison with the Donbas and throughout the Ukraine ", - said Churkin in his speech.

However, he said that the Security Council is used in the Ukrainian issue as a propaganda platform, and Washington's position called the "politics with a double bottom, which undermines the credibility of their actions, both in Ukraine and in other cases."

The representative of the Russian Federation also accused Kiev of reneging complex Minsk agreements of measures, stating at the same time that such a point of view of Russia "share in the West." In addition, the Russian representative was trying to impose on Ukraine as a duty dialogue with the so-called "representatives of Donbass".

In addition, according to Churkin, the Ukrainian armed forces have initiated a voltage in the Donbass, which has now reached the peak phase since August 2015. In Russian/русский
Deputy Foreign Minister - Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Vadim Pristayko said that as a result of Russian aggression Ukraine has lost 20% of its gross domestic product. He said this during a UN Security Council meeting in New York.

"Russian minions destroy the social and economic infrastructure of Donbass, and, indeed, whole plants are transported to Russia. Ukraine has lost 20% of its gross domestic product as a result of the Russian aggression, "- said Pristayko, quoted by UNIAN .

The diplomat also said that Russia has concentrated in the occupied part of Donbass 34000th military forces.

Recall, the proposed Russian statement to the press following the meeting was not accepted . Because of him during the UN Security Council meeting there was a verbal altercation between the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko and Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation in the Nations Vitaly Churkin.

Security Council session was closed. The Chairman suggested to continue the discussion with stakeholders after the meeting. In Russian/русский
The so-called "state security ministry" of self-proclaimed "DNI" states on the prevention of the assassination of the leader of the terrorist gruppirovaki Alexander Zakharchenko. This was stated in the "Office" on Thursday, April 28 in the evening.

"April 28, 2016 the National Security Ministry of the DNI was prevented an attempt on the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko," - noted in the message, inform the separatist DAN edition.

Oise that "as a result of search operations group arrived to the territory controlled by the Kiev Ukrainian citizens had been detained, who had with him a powerful explosive device disguised as a home decoration."

It has been established that the individuals had associates who studied routes Zakharchenko movement and his place of residence.

The militants say they have established "terrorist plan of action: to bring an explosive device in a shooting complex" Artemis "in Donetsk during the next visit of his head" DNI "Alexander Zakharchenko."

It is also reported that the suspects in the preparation of the attempt and the explosion in the shooting complex detained. Investigative measures. In Russian/русский
We all knew this in Ukraine several years' ago. And add Cherkin and Lavrov to the list of Russian serial liars.
...."Fighting takes place in hotspots. The fighting there varies in intensity over time. Days of relative calm are followed by days, or even weeks of intense escalation. Just recently, in the week from April 11 to 17, the Mission has observed particularly intensive violence between Avdiivka and Yasynuvata, to the north of Donetsk. This was the highest level of violence observed since August 2015," Apakan said at a UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine on Thursday evening.....
on Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:21 amNelson
ATO headquarters: Militants have stepped up reconnaissance
Friday, April 29, 2016, 6:52
For the past day 22 times militants fired position forces ATU.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
"On the part of temporarily occupied Donetsk and the surrounding area fighters with mortars caliber 120 mm and 82 mm, easel and automatic grenade launchers fired on our strong points in the area south and Krasnogorivka Avdeevki. Near Marinka enemy soldiers applied against Ukrainian rocket launchers and snipers" - said in a statement.
In Mariupol direction under fire fighters with 120-mm mortar rounds fell near the position of Ukrainian settlement birch-2.
In Luhansk, near Novotoshkivskoho, terrorists fired position forces ATU easel with automatic grenade launcher.
"The enemy has stepped up reconnaissance. Last day flights of several enemy UAV" - said the ATO headquarters.
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