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News -
Reading that Putin's Russians fire 6 times yesterday at Ukrainians.
There was supposed to be a full ceasefire for Easter. But this does show that Putin can stop the firing - almost - if he wants to.
No Ukrainian dead or injured on Easter Sunday. Thanks be to God.
Boiko and Co blocked at Odessa airport, supposedly left to fly back to Kiev.  

Odessa anniversary -
Some protests today. See reports below. Including photos.

Weather -
Blue sky, sunshine again. I'm still in Zhitomir. Here about 12C. High maybe near 20 - all week, I understand.

The Easter weekend -
Many people with families, but also many people drunk. Completely drunk. Ukraine does have a serious alcohol problem.
One main source of that problem is cheap alcohol. Cigarettes also. Taxes need to be raised on these items for the sake of the health of the nation.

"Journalist" Shaun Walker -
Word is that scumball Russiaprofile - RIA Novosti - The Guardian Russian resident journalist Walker has arrived back in Ukraine.
Expect another article in The Guardian about a) Ukraine fascists, b) Ukraine anti-semites, c) something else bad about Ukraine.
Walker only does bad news on Ukraine. Maybe he will head to Odesa? Maybe his Russian buddies have told him that something will happen there?
For more on Walker see our sticky on Journalists in Ukraine.

Update - Shaun Walker definitely in Odessa. He knows to go where the trouble is in Ukraine - 100% scumball Russiaprofile "journalist".
Expect more garbage in the Putin-Stalin-Seumas Milne-loving Guardian.
Example. Walker is a Moscow correspondent. 12 people were arrested yesterday in StP for waving EU flags. But Walker doesn't tweet this. But he does tweet a photo of a woman arrested in Odessa. "Moscow" correspondent = Moscow "journalist". Scum.

Last edited by Nelson on Mon May 02, 2016 11:56 am; edited 8 times in total
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International human rights organization Freedom House analyzed the freedom of the media in 199 different countries and territories in 2015, evaluating each on a scale from 0 to 100.

One of the worst countries in the context of freedom of the press has become Belarus - 192 position occupied Crimea - 195, Iran - 190, the organization said.

It also reported that Uzbekistan (197) and Turkmenistan (198) are at a level that is higher, perhaps, North Korea.

"In some Central Asian countries such as Turkmenistan, from year to year almost unchanged. In other countries, such as Tajikistan, we saw a lot of repression of freedom of expression associated with the acceleration of Islamic political parties ", - said analyst Helen Agekyan Freedom House.

According to the organization, the level of media freedom in the world in 2015 fell to its lowest level in 12 years. In Russian/русский
Russia's Nikita Kuzmin, accused of creating a computer virus has infected millions of computers in several countries, including the NASA system, was sentenced to 37 months in prison.

According to the prosecutor's office of the Southern District of New York, the Russian citizen, who was detained in the United States in 2010, do not need to be in prison, because this time he had already served while awaiting sentencing.

"Yes, he is released," - said the source. He said that Kuzmin in court pleaded guilty and cooperated with the investigation.

The prosecutor's office also said that the court obyazal.Kuzmina to pay damages in the amount of approximately $ 7 million.

As follows from the case, 28-year-old Russian has created a malicious virus Gozi, by which attackers could withdraw money from other people's bank accounts, writes the "Interfax-Ukraine" .

"Experts have identified cybersecurity server that stores information stolen Gozi virus, including information about 10 thousands of accounts belonging to more than 5,200 users of personal computers", - stated in the materials of the case.

In addition, information included information for access to the accounts of more than 300 companies, including large international banks.

According to the investigation, "Kuzmin earned at least $ 25 million, selling and renting a Gozi other criminals."

"During the investigation it was found that Gozi virus were infected over a million computers in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, France, Finland, Italy, Turkey and other countries. In the United States suffered individuals, companies and other institutions, including NASA ", - stated in the materials of the case.

According to prosecutors, established a Russian citizen malicious software caused damage amounting to tens of millions of dollars. In Russian/русский
In Odessa, mined the railway bridge, which is located near the center of the city. Law enforcement officers blocked traffic in both directions.

It is reported by "News Channel" 24 " from the scene.

The railway bridge is located near the railway station near the center of the city. Details of the incident - yet. In Russian/русский
Lithuania has reported that NATO fighter jets conducting the Air Policing Mission in the Baltic States were scrambled five times to intercept military aircraft of the Russian Federation in international airspace over the Baltic Sea from April 25 to April 30, according to Lithuania's Ministry of National Defense.

On April 26, NATO Baltic Air Policing fighter jets were scrambled from Siauliai Airbase to identify and escort a Su-27 military aircraft of the Russian Federation that had taken off from Kaliningrad, the ministry reported.

The aircraft was flying in international airspace over the Baltic Sea without having pre-filed a flight plan, without using onboard transponder, and without maintaining communication with air traffic control centres.

On April 27, fighter aircraft conducting the NATO Air Policing Mission from Siauliai Airbase were scrambled to intercept a military aircraft of the Russian Federation en route from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad in international airspace over the Baltic Sea. The NATO fighter jets identified an Il-38 of the Russian Federation flying in accordance with a pre-filed plan, maintaining communication with air traffic control centres, but with onboard transponder switched off.

On April 28, NATO Air Policing fighter aircraft were scrambled from Siauliai twice to intercept military aircraft of the Russian Federation in international airspace over the Baltic Sea. NATO fighters identified and escorted an IL-18 of the Russian Federation flying from Kaliningrad without a pre-filed flight plan, not using its onboard transponder, and not maintaining communication with air traffic control centres.........................

To read further go to this link:
“In such situations,” Piontkovsky writes, “the force clans shift in a standard way from the struggle for influence on the leader to the struggle for positions of power after him.” And that is exactly what happened last month when the security services forced Putin to back down on both Viktor Zolotov and Ramzan Kadyrov, reducing the influence of the former after boosting him and stripping the latter of his own military force and then publicly criticizing him....................

To read further go to this link:
Finland and Sweden are strengthening their ties with Nato, in developments prompting Russian criticism and scrutiny.

Known in the Cold War for their neutrality, in 2014 the two Nordic states signed new accords with Nato on so-called host-nation support.

The agreements enable joint training and military assistance from Nato troops in emergency situations. The accord has already entered into force in Finland. It will be up for a vote in the Swedish parliament on 25 May.

The Finnish government also commissioned a team of independent experts to rate the consequences of possible Nato membership.

The report, put forward on Friday (29 April), said a Finnish application would be a “sea change” in the country's foreign policy, and was likely to upset Russia. It recommended that relations with Nato should be conducted together with Sweden.

"Whatever is done should be done together," said Francois Heisbourg, one of the authors.

The experts noted that Finland took part in the EU’s common security and defence policy (CSDP). But they said the EU policy was complementary to Nato’s military capabilities rather than a potential substitute.

Finland's prime minister Juha Sipila welcomed the report’s findings. He said Finland would let Sweden know if it chose to apply for Nato membership.

"We have promised not to surprise each other in these matters," he said.........

Saakashvili: Day in Odessa was calm and peaceful (UNN)
And congratulations to all those who helped maintain that calm.
The likes of Shaun Walker - the Russian activists - are not happy.
Walker flew from Moscow via Minsk to Odessa in the hope of some major trouble. And he described the police action - maintaining calm - as "provocative".
What a Major League scumball Walker is.
Pro-Ukrainian activists held in Odessa, a memorial service for those killed May 2, 2014 (Gordon)
In the Greek area of ​​Odessa held a prayer service for the victims in the tragic events of May 2, 2014, reported the publication correspondent "GORDON". The funeral service was held in the same place where two years ago there was the first murder. It drew about 150 people to the national symbols of Ukraine. From gravelights they posted a trident, laid flowers at the photographs of the victims....
У Саакашвили рассказали, кто на самом деле контролирует ситуацию в Одессе
The situation on the Kulikovo field in Odessa, where he arrived today, where died two years ago to commemorate the separatists in the House of trade unions, controlled by the National Police and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).
This was told and. about. Deputy Head of the Odessa State Administration Oleksandr Borovik.
"It matters to the police and the Security Service. They run and monitors processes, "- said Borovik, answering the question of whether it really is a bomb threat at Kulikovo field in Odessa....
on Mon May 02, 2016 12:57 pmNelson
Another tweet from Walker, which I missed -

Shaun Walker ‏@shaunwalker7  3 ч3 часа назад
Kulikovo Pole still closed off on 2nd anniversary of Odessa deaths. Not even the relatives of those who died allowed in to lay flowers.

Kulikovo Pole???!!! Pole???

Куликово Поле (Одесса)
Walker simply has no idea what he is writing about.
Поле is Russian for a territory, or area - like a square - Plochad, or a Park. - Park!
Best translation would probably be territory - an area usually with some trees, maybe a paved area also.
"Field" is also possible.
It is NOT however a "Pole". And the same goes for Ukrainian.
Seems like Walker has hit the vodka early today.

Walker has already posted his garbage in the Guardian -
Tensions run high in Odessa on anniversary of deadly clashes
Walker uses two photos from TASS, the Russian news agency. Including one showing a badge saying "Stop fascism".
The association is obvious. Ukrainians are fascists for Walker - and for Putin, and Cherkin, and Seumas Milne of The Guardian.
His last sentence says it all -
“But it’s hard to think of it as a victory when our city is still split and one half of the city doesn’t think of itself as Ukrainian.”

Trying to justify Putin invading further, to occupy "Russian Odessa"??
Walker is the absolute scum of the earth.

P.S. Walker always uses the word "fascist" in his articles about Ukraine.
In this article he only uses the word fascist four times - (twice in relation to the photo) - getting soft in his old age.
The Kulikovo field in Odessa again bomb warning.
Odessa police checks information about mining field Kulikov, where today held events in memory of the victims of clashes between pro-Ukrainian activists and separatists May 2, 2014....


True or not, the authorities have so far avoided deaths and injuries in a potentially explosive situation.
If Shaun Walker was sent there yesterday from Moscow, then he for sure was expecting lots of trouble, and good Russian propaganda.
He is currently having to be his creative best to produce anything for Putin, his master, nevermind his immediate boss, Advisor to the Labour party leader Corbyn, and Guardian editor, Seumas Milne, the millionaire "Stalinist" (I joke not).
...."The Occupants' bloc heads left Odesa! Glory to Ukrainian patriots from Odesa! Glory to Ukraine! Together we are the force to be reckoned with!" People's Front faction MP Andrii Levus wrote on Facebook and posted picture of departing aircraft.
"Putin's revenge-seekers and the Russian secret services' agents of influence from the pro-Kremlin Opposition Bloc - MPs Boiko, Novinskyi and Bakulin - have flown the hell out of Odesa. The plotted political provocation has failed! There is no room in patriotic Odesa for the followers of the "Russian world" personally responsible for the tragedy of May 2, 2014. I am grateful to the Ukrainian patriots for their patience, understanding, respect for public order and rule of law, cooperation with the law enforcement agencies. Glory to Ukraine!" Adviser to Interior Minister Zorian Shkiriak wrote on Facebook. ...

Amen to that.
Slava Ukraini!
Walker - I suggested earlier in the day that he might head to Odessa.
Walker is a Moscow Guardian correspondent - also works for Russiaprofile - part of RIA Novosti - part of the Kremlin propaganda machine.

A tweet from Walker this afternoon - from the area of the Trades Union House in Odessa -

Shaun Walker ‏@shaunwalker7  5 ч.5 часов назад
The whole territory surrounded by national guard, police, many lazing under trees. Seems needlessly provocative.

???????? What???
The police "lazing under trees" is "provocative"???
Walker the "journalist" at work.
For more on Walker see our analysis of journalists writing about Ukraine -
Graham Phillips and Walker are top of the list for promoting the Kremlin line -
Journalists reporting on Ukraine

Walker is clearly still on the scene, after at least 5 hours, waiting for some trouble, but looks like the authorities have the danger of another clash under control.
This from Walker, a couple of minutes ago -

Shaun Walker ‏@shaunwalker7  3 мин3 минуты назад
7pm and still nobody allowed in to Odessa trade union building, a small crowd now, leaving flowers outside.

And Walker posts a photo of police with three people. Presumably Walker's "small crowd". What I would call a very small crowd.
But Walker is a bonefide RIA Novosti "journalist".

Last edited by Nelson on Mon May 02, 2016 12:33 pm; edited 1 time in total
The leader of the Odessa regional organization of the party "opposition bloc" Nikolai Skorik after 16 hours arrived Kulikov field and laid flowers in memory of the victims is 2 May 2014.
MP laid flowers on one of the beds along with ocheplenoyu law enforcement area, the correspondent UKRINFORM.
Skorik tried, unlike many of Odessa, penetrate it Kulikovo field. He heard everywhere exclamations "Shame," in which the politician left the gathering together about a thousand Odessites...

The Putin scum no longer are welcome in Odessa. Maybe they are beginning to realise this.
But many are thickskinned, to put it mildly. Just like Yanukovich. Stupid and ignorant.
...Lawmakers from the opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko and Vadim Novinsky have not been able to get out of the Odessa airport and flew out of the city. He writes about this edition of the Odessa "Duma".
After a short stay in the VIP-terminal, where they were evacuated after the beginning of a brawl at the airport, and Boyko and Novinsky got into the bus and went to a private plane. As the "Duma", the people's representatives flew to Kiev.
Novinsky and Boyko blocked at the airport by representatives automaidan, self-defense and the organization "Vіlnі people." At the scene came to the Odessa police chief Giorgi Lortkipanidze, Deputy Interior Minister Sergei Spring. They tried to negotiate with the activists, so they fired people's deputies from the airport, but this has no effect.
In Odessa, Boyko and Novinsky came to hold a prayer service for those killed in clashes between activists of the Ukrainian and pro-Russian separatists have taken place in the city of 2 May 2014.
As the correspondent of the edition "GORDON", about 16.00 to Kulikovo field in Odessa came another MP from the opposition bloc - Nikolai Skorik. He did not miss a cordon on the area, so the deputy put flowers near the metal detector, and then left without talking to the press.
"Duma" makes clear that the assembled people shouted "shame" and "PR in the blood." ["позор" и "пиар на крови"]....

Excellent work by the Ukrainian activists. Stopping the Yanukovich scum. Send them to Putin.
It shows - the Russian DNR and LNR are completely under Putin's control; how many live, and how many die.

The Opposition Bloc faction MPs arrived in Odesa on ‘May 2’ tragedy anniversary. The Automaidan activists hold them inside the airport to avoid escalation of the situation in the city and avert provocations.

People's Front faction MP Andrii Levus wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Boiko and Novinskyi have arrived at the Odesa airport and now stay in the VIP-lounge. The patriots are close. It seems to me that the representatives of the Occupants' bloc would better board a plane and flee," he wrote.

"Titushky have arrived at the Odesa airport to protect Boiko.They are probably preparing to breakthrough," Levus added later.
Lots of photos.

Edited to make link "live"
In Odessa, a memorial service to mark the anniversary of the tragedy moved to another time and place
Monday, May 2, 2016, 13:04
In Odessa, the commemoration activities for the second anniversary of the tragedy "May 2", scheduled for 12:00 at the Cathedral Square, moved to the Gretski plocha at 20:00.
This is stated in the announcement event at the Odessa "Right Sector", writes Interfax-Ukraine.
The reasons for the transfer is not specified.
As you know, May 2 held in Odessa, two memorial services for the victims of the events of May 2, 2014, when, during clashes between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian activists killed 48 people and injured more than 200.
Most of them died during or as a result of a fire in the House of Trade Unions Kulikov field.

Also a sort of memorial made by some at Kulikovo field, in a little flower plot -
At the airport of Odessa activists plan to meet Boyko and Novinsky and stop entry to the city

On Monday, May 2, activists automaidan and Self Defense in Odessa airport awaiting the arrival of deputies from the opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko, Vadim Novinsky and others, not to let them participate in the mourning events in the city. This social media eyewitnesses.

Caption under the photo on the link refers to Boilko of the  окупаційного блоку -
Occupation Block - not Opposition block )) Good humour. )

more photos here
others here

Last edited by Nelson on Mon May 02, 2016 7:00 am; edited 2 times in total
In underpass near the field Kulikov found grenades
Monday, May 2, 2016, 11:55
In Odessa, near the railway station and Kulikov field in the underpass found grenades.
This was reported in the May 2 oblupravlenii Natspolitsiyi.
"Around 11 am the police received information that in the underpass at the railway station found three grenades. The place went investigative team and specialists explosion technical service police", - the emergency.
Watching the tv, looks like 150 or so people, some with flowers.
Looking at them - mostly 40+ age. Babkas also. Likely ethnic Russian pensioners pining for the Soviet Union again. My personal opinion.
Obviously some family, I am sure, of those who died in the tragedy also.
A lot of journalists about as well.

12.55 - printed report on Espresso tv that activists have blocked Odessa airport to stop Party of Regions people going to the Trade Union House.
But can't find this story anywhere else currently.
Also a report that police found 3 grenades in Odessa. [now see below on this]

Last edited by Nelson on Mon May 02, 2016 6:10 am; edited 1 time in total
on Mon May 02, 2016 5:41 amNelson
...People are outraged that they are not allowed to lay flowers to the House of Trade Unions.
Today, May 2, had already gathered near 100-150 Kulikova field, to lay flowers to the House of Trade Unions. The participants are indignant that they do not allow law enforcers, said Duma....

Looks like many more people now - this from 1140. Now 1240 - Ukraine time -

Kulikovo field cordoned off by the police and the National Guard under: who came to say that the area is mined (updated)

Currently Kulikovo field cordoned off by the police and the National Guard under.
As the correspondent of "Duma", near the two entrances on the part of the Italian boulevard and street Pirogov, where established frameworks begin to gather people with flowers. In the area of mobile communication disruptions....

Photo from today -

At Kulikovo field in Odessa dispute with the police (
People with flowers tried to enter through the police cordon and get to the Kulikovo field. But [police] do not let them say that the area is mined.
It is reported "Dumskaya."....
Before entering the square with Italian boulevard and street Pirogov set frame metal detectors....

[From the photos at the link one post down looks like a couple of babkas to me. ]

Куликово Поле (Одесса)
Area of the Trade Union House. Older photo -

Last edited by Nelson on Mon May 02, 2016 5:37 am; edited 1 time in total
on Mon May 02, 2016 4:07 amNelson
Volodymyr Hroisman's Cabinet of Ministers has 13 new ministers. Six of them were MPs, three are associates of the incumbent head of government. . ...
Quite a long write up. In English. Hard to judge the accuracy of the information, but no reason not to trust it that I know of.
Having skim-read the article, nothing too much catches my attention, other than the fact that all these people change parties more often than some people change their underwear.
Please note. Article from 3 or 4 days' ago.
....The minister wrote: "The "major" May Day demonstrations held by communists and leftists across the country ended. They passed unnoticed - peacefully and quietly. Their participants were staring in envy at the people dressed in holiday vyshyvankas carrying Easter cakes. The most vivid rallies and demonstrations were held in the following cities:
- Dnipropetrovsk (organizer - the Union of communists) - 25 participants guarded by 193 policemen (!);
- Cherkasy (organizer - the banned Communist party) - 30 participants guarded by 50 police officers;
- Kyiv - 30 participants guarded by 60 police officers;
- Kherson (organizer - the Anti-Fascist Committee) - 48 participants guarded by 40 police officers. ....
In Zhitomir, where I am staying I bumped into a commie demo - perhaps 40 or 50 people, to be honest, looking at my photos again.
All old dedushkas who look quite wealthy by Ukrainian standards. Presumably high-up officials who get good pensions from their Soviet days.

In Lviv, the joint prayer, during which about 300 people shared prayer commemorated those Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donbas.
According to UNIAN, funeral ceremony was held on May 1 was honorable burial №76 Lychakiv Cemetery Lvova.Uchast in common prayer was the family of dead soldiers, community activists also joined Mayor Andriy Sadovy and family.
Before prayer attended launched at the graves of fallen warriors state flags of Ukraine and lit the lamp. Joined in honoring the fallen soldiers and tourists, who also were in the territory of Cemeteries.


God bless them.
...Speech Churkin at a meeting of the UN Security Council - exactly the same thing. Even if you imagine Churkin's logic that "Crimea - an internal affair of the Russian Federation, so we will not discuss the issue of the Crimean Tatars", then immediately in the next sentence - schizophrenia: Churkin said that UN Security Council resolution should address the question of Odessa, which Russia officially considers Ukrainian. That is, I think, the Russian authorities have let slip even without realizing it, or the theft of the Crimea, or that they want to take over Odessa. And all because of the Kremlin's no common supporting decisions of the last two years. Excitation and mobilization of Russian society by constantly cultivation on Russian TV of hatred of Ukraine and form an opinion about the "intrigues" of various "foreign enemies", that is hysterical and tremor - this is the way the produced / generated / management decisions of the Kremlin ", - I wrote Yahno.
Putin will take whatever he can get. Crimea, Donbass, Odessa, Budapest, Warsaw, Vilnius... and march on Berlin - given the chance.
He's a nutcase, supported by fruitcakes like Cherkin, Lavrov, and "journalists" like Shaun Walker.
I think all depends on the pressure on Putin, and the Russian economy.
No pressure, and Putin will keep the war going. Pure and simple.
....The convoy entered the Luhansk region near Sukhodilsk. The brand new Russian Ural and KamAZ military trucks with no license plates arrived in the city. ...

on Mon May 02, 2016 2:21 amNelson
Theoretically Ukraine's "El Classico" - except that Dynamo have already won the league.
I watched the "highlights". Basically lots and lots and lots of very bad fouls.
Euro 2016 coming up in 40 days or so. How are these players going to play together for Ukraine?!
on Mon May 02, 2016 2:10 amNelson
In Russia detained marchers with flags of the EU
Sunday, May 1, 2016, 21:15
In St. Petersburg detained 12 participants of the "European March" with "demonstration symbols" of the European Union.
This is reported Hrany.Ru.
"Activists were arrested while driving on sidewalks for" demonstration symbols "and in response to provocation pro-Kremlin activists," - said in a statement.
Local authorities have not agreed on a coalition "Democratic Petersburg" one of the four applications for the "European March" among other May Day demonstrations in the city.

Russia today.

ATO: despite the agreement, the militants opened fire 6 times
Monday, May 2, 2016, 7:22
During the last day of the Russian terrorist gang-truce followed almost along the entire boundary of the parties, all 6 episodes were recorded using militants weapons - most of them point-blank shootings.
The press center ATO headquarters.
Yes, a few random shots from the temporarily occupied territories were heard in the evening of Easter Donetsk and neighborhoods in the area Shyrokynoho.
However, late in the evening two gunmen aiming to beat positions near Granite Ukrainian units with grenade launchers and anti-aircraft installations.
Soldiers of the Armed Forces fire in response not torn.
In Luhansk were recorded flying enemy reconnaissance UAV.
Since the beginning of this period along the entire boundary side was quiet.
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