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News -
Putin fires 5 times yesterday at the Ukrainian people. Update - one soldier wounded, Donetsk area.
It all shows - the war, or the ceasefire, is completely in his control. He decides. And typically he prefers war.

Weather -
Light sunshine, pleasant, again. Really a little rain is needed. High maybe of 20 again.

Holiday continues -
I didn't realize, but today still a holiday in Ukraine. How many holidays can you have?
Schools are still closed, other institutions also. But most shops working as normal, I gather.
Took the road back to Kiev yesterday. Quite a lot of cars returning back after the long weekend.

MH17 - Bellingcat -
report due out later today.
Also a bbc programme, but it has already been dismissed as sensationalist garbage for attracting good viewing numbers - talk of "competing theories". Idiots.
Bellingcat have serious journalists. One Bellingcat investigator is worth 100 bbc "journalists".
Information released last night on tv by one Bellingcat worker - they have identified the BUK that shot down MH17 as number 332, from Kursk 53rd brigade (Russia, of course).

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The European Commission's claim that Ukraine has fulfilled all the obligations to the end of the year its citizens had the opportunity to travel to the EU without visas. This was told evrokommissar for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Johannes Hahn in an interview with "Radio Liberty" .

"I am well aware of the challenges faced by Ukraine was - continued armed conflict, there are half a million displaced persons, big economic problem. This is a considerable challenge for the Ukrainian authorities ", - said Khan.

He stressed that Ukraine must still have a long way to not only adopt the necessary legislation on association with the EU, but also to implement it.

At the same time Khan expressed hope that the citizens of Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo will be able to travel without visas to the EU in 2016.

"You also need a political solution, but in relation to compliance standards they have done everything necessary", - he said.

According Yogonnesa Khan getting the visa regime liberalization, Turkey will not be easier than for Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo. He refutes the statements of Ankara, that Turkey will soon get liberalization for help in curbing the flow of migrants to the EU.

"We treat everyone equally. This means that we apply to Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo, the same methodology as well as to Turkey, "- Khan said.

Recall: April 20, the European Commission proposed to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to abolish visas for Ukrainian citizens.

Once this proposal is adopted by the European Parliament and the EU Council, the Ukrainian citizens with biometric passports will no longer need visas for travel to the Schengen area for up to 90 days. In Russian/русский
In Portugal, we raided several football clubs, which are suspected of having links with the Russian criminals and money laundering. It is reported by Reuters.

"The prosecutor's office in Portugal on May 3 said that searches were conducted in the offices of 22 clubs, including Lisbon Benfica and Sporting. A source in the police said that the investigation in the center club Uniao de Leiria, which is owned by Russian businessman Alexander TOLSTIKOV ", - said in a statement.

Reuters reporters were unable to contact the Tolstikova either by phone or by e-mail

The Russian newspaper "Izvestia" reported that the club Uniao de Leiria suspected of fraud, forgery, money laundering, links with organized crime, and the investigation of the Portuguese police regards to player transfers. In Russian/русский
7 Channel's camera crew has been attacked in Odesa.
Censor.NET reports referring to Dumskaya citing the channel.

It all happened right outside the channel's office on Staroportofrankivska Street.

"The attackers arrived in a dark gray Honda, number ВН4152НВ. They used a pump-action shotgun and traumatic pistols. Three channel's employees - two cameramen and a reporter - received gunshot injuries. Moreover, the attackers beat one of them. Our colleagues have been hospitalized. Police are trying to track down the criminals," the statement reads.

As was further reported: "According to updated information, only the reporter received a gunshot wound. His jacket saved him and the bullet did not hit the vital organs. The two operators were hit on their faces."   In Ukrainian/український

Russia consistently uses the Odesa tragedy in its propaganda. All the evidence points to Russia being behind the events in Odesa on May 2, 2014.

Censor.NET reports referring to a video dedicated to the second anniversary of the tragedy outside the Trade Unions House in Odesa, released by Information Army of Ukraine and posted on community's Facebook page.

"Today is the anniversary of the terrible tragedy in Odesa, which claimed lives of 48 people. Despite Russia constantly using this tragedy in its propaganda, all the evidence points to the fact it is Russia who stands behind the May 2, 2014 events in Odesa," the trailer notes.

The video also draws attention to how Russia's media depict a participant of those events in Odesa, who shot at Euromaidan supporters.

"Further investigation revealed evidence of Russia's sponsorship for supporters of Kulykove Pole [the square outside the Trade Unions House - ed.] and Odesa militia [anti-Maidan activists ed.]. Moscow, which gave weapons to its supporters, created all conditions for the Odesa tragedy. There is no statute of limitations for such crimes. The Russian organizers and instigators of this massacre will sooner or later face the International Tribunal," the community says.  In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine may get $50 billion from Russia's Gazprom after the lawsuit of Naftohaz is granted by court.

Yurii Vitrenko, Naftohaz business development director, said in an interview with, Censor.NET reports.

"The total sum of the suit filed with the Stockholm Arbitration is $50 billion, of which 30 billion is a compensation for what we have previously lost or overpaid for in relations with Gazprom, while at least $20 billion is extra cash flows that we'll get access to after decision is taken in Stockholm. Besides, in Stockholm, we force them to start working in Ukraine under the European rules," Vitrenko said.

According to Vitrenko, the Russin side takes all efforts to delay the process.

"The process is going on. They are using delaying tactics. The hearing will begin in the autumn of this year. We are strengthening our positions. All questions asked by the Russian side are satisfied with reasonable answers prepared with foreign experts. We feel quite comfortable. If there is no political risk, we are confident that we'll prove the validity of our line in court," Vitrenko said.   In Ukrainian/український
Bassically photos with comments. From 12 April. RFERL. By Maxim Tucker. (Yet another guy from U of Bristol. History. 30 odd.)
For example, for photo 7
Luda, a 27-year-old midwife, now finds herself removing shrapnel from soldiers' bloodied limbs instead of delivering babies. “How many wounded have I treated? Enough not to be able to count,” she said during a break from tending to casualties. “I feel bad for the boys, of course, but there’s no time to think, really. When I see a wounded soldier, I do my job.” April 7, 2016
Another Ukrainian hero.
Kiev "Unknown Soldier" in Moscow laid flowers do not (NewsOboz)
In Moscow, on the territory of the memorial "Unknown Soldier" in the Alexander Garden near the Kremlin cabinet Kiev city-hero left without a basket of flowers. Relevant photos have appeared on Facebook, according to with reference to Ukrainian truth....

Words fail me.
Deer caused several vehicles to crash into each other. Sad.
..."For example, the first thing to be deployed there was cutting edge submarines carrying state-of-the-art cruise missiles, with the whole territory of Ukraine falling within their impact zone. They have also brought coastal rocket systems that were not there deployed there previously. Thirdly, both aviation and naval groups are being reinforced in Crimea," he added.....
Also making the tv news here currently.
Russian political figures and former government officials closely linked to President Vladimir Putin are among dozens of alleged members of two Russian organized criminal gangs being sought on international warrants issued by a Spanish judge.
The list of Putin insiders named by Spanish Judge Jose de la Mata includes current and former top officials in Russian law enforcement, judicial matters, economic affairs, banking, and the military sector.
Those named are alleged to be members of Russia's Tambovskaya and Malyshevskaya criminal gangs.
The charges include assassinations, murders, illegal weapons trafficking, extortion, fraud, forgery, bribery, drug smuggling, and money laundering....

What will the Kremlin say?
It's an American conspiracy? "Is this the Spanish inquisition?"
Personally I think ..  - murders, trafficking, fraud, bribery... they are simply normal Russians going about their business )).
This story also making the news currently in the Ukrainian press.
Day in ATO: A military suffered injuries in the Donetsk area
Over the past day in the combat zone in the zone ATO wounded a Ukrainian soldier, nobody killed there, there is a decline in militant activity fighters compared to last week were 5 attacks Ukrainian positions.
This was at the briefing on May 3 AP spokesman for the ATO Andrei Lysenko.
According to the staff, a soldier was injured as a result of attacks by militants in the Donetsk area.
"In Donetsk sighting direction due to firing from small arms positions forces ATO near the reservoir Svetlodarsk wounded a Ukrainian military. To the west of the airport in Donetsk region s.Nevelske enemy positions in Ukrainian mines produced 20 to 120-mm mortar," - said Lysenko .
Another provocation was recorded in the northern outskirts of Gorlovka.
Direction Mariupol militants fired RPGs forces ATO near Marinka.
Shelling in Luhansk direction is not fixed.
By Roland Oliphant, avdiivka
3 MAY 2016 • 6:00AM
I am normally very suspicious of Oliphant.
his idiot boss at the Telegraph wrote about Ukraine being "heavy handed" fighting against the Russian armed forces.
David Blair - total idiot.
But Oliphant seems to write an ok article here.
Another word of warning. Oliphant is very close to Shaun Walker - Russiaprofile - RIA - Guardian Ukraine hater, and Putin idolizer.
I have no doubt that Oliphant and Walker travelled to Ukraine together from Moscow a couple of days' ago. Via Belarus.
Volodymyr Viatrovych is erasing the country’s racist and bloody history — stripping pogroms and ethnic cleansing from the official archives.
By Josh Cohen. 02 May 2016.
One brief extract from a long article.
...Though his political star has continued to rise, Viatrovych’s integrity as a historian has been widely attacked within Western countries as well as by a number of respected historians in Ukraine. According to Jared McBride, a research scholar at the Kennan Institute and a fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “the glorification of the OUN-UPA is not just about history. It’s a current political project to consolidate a very one-sided view within Ukrainian society that really only has a deep resonance within the western province of Galicia.”....
The arguments regarding the OUN - UPA will go on and on. And surrounding Bandera also.
Cohen, the author, of course, has his own agenda. He is Jewish.
Cohen is against helping Ukraine militarily -
" too risky" - but for whom? The USA, or Israel?
Cohen - former USAID worker - clearly has his own personal interests ...
Малайзійський Boeing збили «Буком», що належить до 53-ї російської бригади,
We found out the number of the anti-aircraft missile system "Buk", which hit Boeing 777 Malaysian airlines.
Told expert Bellingcat Arik Toler Espreso.TV on air.
"Tonight will be a new report on" Buka "that brought down the Boeing. Was not know the exact number. The complete number was not visible because they erased it. We found that the missing number - three. Number of  "Buka" - 332 "- said the expert.
He stressed that the "Buk" belongs to the Russian 53rd brigade.

Report due out later today. I had a look on the Bellingcat site. Nothing there, as of yet.

Photo below of Buk 332. This piece of Russian military hardware, undoubtedly under the control of Russian soldiers from Kursk, killed 70 children, and over 200 adults.

And one man is ultimately responsible for this atrocity - the Russian commander in chief, Vladimir Putin.
In English here

MH17 shot down by Russian 53rd Brigade's Buk: experts established launcher's ID number, - Bellingcat

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Basically a rundown on yesterday's events in Odesa. Explains why people were detained, and so on.
Russian journalists were not allowed to Estonia and canceled visa
Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 1:56
Crew All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) were not allowed to Estonia.
This is the website of "Vesti".
Thus, entry was denied correspondent Catherine Fisenko, operator and Video, who were traveling from St. Petersburg to the Estonian village Vyzu.
As reported on border control in Narva journalists took the passports returned with Schengen visas revoked.
According to border guards, journalists can not work on the tourism in Estonia Schengen obtained in Finland.
Fisenko told that the passports set a mark that entry is denied by false information about the purpose of being submitted during entry.

Well done Estonia.
Ukraine needs to do the same to these Russian scumballs. They let the propaganda piss-artists in - like Shaun Walker, who flew in from Moscow, straight to Odessa and wrote again about Ukrainian "fascists". Such people violate civil liberties. They are the absolute scum of the earth.
ATO headquarters: Militants five times violated the "silence" used grenade
Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 7:15
The situation in the area of ​​ATO substantially stabilized, but at times the militants opened fire on Ukrainian positions.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
"For the past day were 5 violations of the" silence "of the armed opposition groups" - said in a statement.
The evening of May 2 militants fired rocket-propelled grenade one of the strongholds of forces in the area ATO Marinka.
In Gorlovka Svetlodarsk arch-terrorists were point-blank fire from small arms and grenade towards the position of Ukrainian forces near Zaitsev and Lugansk.
"Since the early days of the opponent never opened fire on our positions", - the headquarters.
April 29th Trilateral contact group in Minsk agreed on the ceasefire in Donbas with the onset of Easter and May holidays.
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