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News -
Putin attacks 20 times yesterday. Double the previous day.
Looks like he's given the word to stir up the war again. More death, more misery, more destruction, more Russia.
Update - 7 soldiers injured yesterday.

Weather -
Raining again. 14C. Raining much of the night in much of Ukraine.
Everywhere is lush green. Rain forecast, on and off, for the next few days

Nelson -
will be taking a break from posting the news for a couple of weeks, and doing some travelling.
Admin is travelling through Ukraine, and will post when he can.

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Штаб: Доба в АТО минула без втрат, 7 - поранено
Most of the war action yesterday from Putin around the Donetsk area.
....Andrei Barabanov was dragged out of the apartment barefoot, then thrown into the back of a police van. An OMON officer's foot pressed his head down onto the floor. He remembers thinking to himself: "Andrei, you won't see your home for another four years." His calculation wasn't far off: It would be three years and seven months before he would return to his own bed.

His crime had been to participate in a protest rally several weeks earlier on central Moscow's Bolotnaya Ploshchad. The rally was the culmination of an anti-Kremlin protest movement that had gained momentum in late 2011 following disputed parliamentary elections. It spilled over into 2012, when Vladimir Putin secured a third term as president.....


Shaun Walker's Moscow. Which he never writes about - despite being the Moscow correspondent of Seumas Milne's Guardian.
There are journalists, and "journalists".
Naftogaz Ukrainy in the first quarter of 2016 imported natural gas to Ukraine at a price of $198 per 1,000 cubic meters compared with $228 and $266 per 1,000 cubic meters respectively in the fourth and third quarters of 2015.
In January-March this year Naftogaz purchased 2.01 billion cubic meters of gas in Europe, completely abandoning its purchases in Russia.....

The current oil price is up a bit on a month ago. 46 - 47 dollars a barrel.
But reading this morning that output is up in OPEC countries. So - hopefully the price will not rise too much - for Ukraine's sake.
..."We have long been wondering why we were losing the information war. Myrotvorets closure is an eloquent answer to this question. How can we win this war when not only the agencies financed with grants from abroad, but also Ukraine's government entities that are supposed to make this campaign, destroy the volunteer projects instead - the projects that are fighting on the information front instead of the state. ...

Myrotvorets published a list of journalists accredited by the terrorist organisations, DNR and LNR.
Many many journalists were unhappy about this.

See also
'Myrotvorets' website ceases operation
Stratfor has published satellite photos "Buka" in Makeyevka

Released satellite image, which is visible, with high probability, anti-aircraft missile system "Buk" on a trailer with a tractor with a white cab on the street occupied Makeyevka July 17, 2014.
The picture published analytical agency Stratfor.
Based on recently released information about the origin Bellingcat SAM "Buk", Stratfor discovered satellite photo of 17 July 2014, confirming the installation location on the day of the disaster. In the picture visible installation "Beech" set on the tractor with a white cab, moving eastward through the city of Makeyevka. The picture was made by a commercial satellite approximately five hours before the downing that day in Donbas of the "Boeing" of "Malaysian Airlines".
In Donbass conducted reconnaissance UAV launched from the territory of the Russian Federation
Saturday, May 14, 2016, 7:09
Last night the Russian terrorist gang, 20 times opened fire on the positions of Ukrainian units.
The press center ATO headquarters.
The hottest point is boundary area near Donetsk temporarily occupied. There militants have repeatedly opened fire on the positions of the Armed Forces in the area Avdeevki with grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, small arms and mortars caliber 82 mm.
Strengthening ATO forces on the outskirts of Marinka enemy fired from grenade launchers, drove there and enemy sniper fire.
Unrest in Mariupol and direction. Strongholds of Ukrainian soldiers near Granitna and Shyrokyno pro NFP fired grenades of different systems and small arms. A district towns Novohryhorivka bandits twice beaten the positions forces ATO from BMP.
In addition, on May 13 evening was recorded enemy UAV, which is moving from the territory, crossed the state border of Ukraine and conducted aerial reconnaissance over the temporarily occupied territories.
Since the early days the enemy has fired at least two strongholds of forces ATO near Novohryhorivky weapons of BMP.
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