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Savchenko visited the graves of fallen soldiers yesterday. Also spoke with UN dignitaries regarding imprisoned soldiers and citizens in Russia.

A home for the elderly in a village near Kyiv burned down. Taking the lives of 17 people.


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By Paul Goble* for “Window on Eurasia”:

May 28 – For the last decade, Vladimir Putin has pursued a plan to isolate his country from the outside world by pursuing rearmament and confrontation with the West, Andrey Illarionov says. Now, there is evidence that the Kremlin leader is stepping up his efforts in that direction even during the current charm offensive.

In an interview with Radio Liberty, the Moscow analyst argues that the West should stop viewing Ukraine or Georgia as the occasion for Putin’s actions and see them instead as symptoms of his much larger policy, one that he argues has been in place since at least 2006 (

Putin’s goals over this period have been to prepare Russia, its people and its economy “for a much longer, more global and more serious confrontation with the external world” than many now assume. And these goals were put in place long before Russia sent troops into Ukraine and long before the West introduced sanctions.

The Kremlin leader’s “preparation for war against the outside world began not in 2014, not with the annexation of Crimea and not with the actions of ‘the little green men’ in the Donbass or in other places,” Illarionov says. They began much earlier as can be seen by examining Putin’s 2010 plan for Russian rearmament.

Not only is that plan continuing, he says, but despite what some think, Moscow’s efforts to realize it are even intensifying. In 2010, Putin put in place a program for the rearmament of Russia, one that he said at the time would cost 20 trillion rubles over the following decade. He has been spending more than that since by taking money from the Russian population.

But there is an even better indication that Putin is planning for a long-term confrontation with the West: his government is buying gold. While the Russian economy is getting worse, the government’s stockpiles of gold are growing because if the sanctions regime intensifies, Illarionov says, Moscow can always use gold to purchase what it wants.

The Russian government’s purchases of gold in the first quarter of this year, he notes, “broke all previous records.” But it is important to recognize that these purchases began not at the start of the war with Ukraine but “already in January 2006. Therefore, the strategic planning of confrontation with the outside world began just over a decade ago.”........
The Pentagon has developed a new lethal weapon - the so-called supergun, which does not require any explosives or gunpowder.

About this newspaper Wall Street Journal.

The weapon called railgun. To disperse the projectile used electromagnetic rails. Moreover, the ammunition can reach speeds of more than 1.5 km per second.

In the United States explained that the railgun - a powerful offensive weapon, which will be under the power and make a hole in the ship of the enemy, and destroy tanks and positions of the terrorists.

Work on this weapon of war has often been the purpose of hackers from Russia and China, but the US military failed to protect the information.

"You can not ignore the fact that Russia has the ability to carry conventional munitions over large distances we must be able to withstand such volleys ... and electromagnetic cannon potentially give us the opportunity to do so." - Said US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Wark.

The US military has stressed that the railgun become a kind of deterrent Russian aggression (eg, against the Baltic countries) and China. In Russian/русский
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow deprived of an honorary doctorate from the National University of Dnipropetrovsk.

It is reported by Radio Liberty .

As noted, the decision to initiate the teachers of the University. They believe that the statements of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church are "a flagrant violation of international norms and etiquette", damage the image of Ukraine in the world, as well as contrary to award the title "Honorary Doctor" of the University.

Recall LLD honorary doctorate Kirill received in 2010. In Russian/русский
After the failure of Ukrainian independence, the Kremlin began to assault her siege.

Exacerbation of conflict between Russia and Ukraine will inevitably predicts Russian sociologist and publicist Igor Eydman in the comments for the DW .

Undeclared Russian-Ukrainian war, which began over two years ago, continues. The Russian ruling elite did not put up with the Ukrainian independence. When making his vassal Ukraine by peaceful means, through controlled Yanukovych, failed, the Kremlin has tried to achieve this by force. And at the same time a bit off from the revolution weakened neighbor Crimean sweet piece.

All subsequent events indicate that the destruction of a united and independent Ukrainian state is the real aim of Putin's policies. This task determines the actions of the Russian authorities and military confrontation with Ukraine, and in negotiations with her about a peaceful settlement in the Donbass.

Trojan horse instead of New Russia

Over the past two years the tactics to achieve this goal has changed. First was an attempt to storm the Ukrainian state, dubbed the "New Russia project." The Russian authorities have tried to split Ukraine and the formation of the whole Russian-speaking south-east of the pro-Russian quasi-state. As a result, it managed to capture only part of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

After the failed assault on Moscow by all the rules of military art went to the siege. It is stepping up military and political pressure on its western neighbor, while trying through the Minsk talks drag Trojan horse to Ukraine in the form of "DNR" and "LC". It is in fact meant Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, speaking about supporting the "return" of Donbas.

What the officials keep back, tell their agents propagandists. The well-known TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, for example, does not understand "why do we need to take Lugansk and Donetsk", let better it will be Russian "antibodies" in Ukraine, by which it "cleansed of evil fascist" and then the "Our Ukraine will be all."

Under the Russian plan, which is easy to read at the talks in Minsk, the so-called "LC" and "DNR" to be fully controlled by the Kremlin, but to live with the number of Ukrainian territory for Ukrainian and expense have with Ukraine a clear border, remaining constant source of political instability in the country. Poroshenko is hardly on it will go, but also to solve the problem by military means he is unable to. Therefore fruitless negotiation process may be delayed.

Putin's siege of Ukraine is intended for the emergence of a new internal conflict in the country. Then with the help of the Kremlin will try to finish their enclaves are losing popularity Ukrainian authorities to put in its place some 2.0 Yanukovych.

Under Putin, the world Ukraine is impossible

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande is trying to convince Russia to withdraw from the Donbas. This appeal is, in fact, contained in the final declaration of the leaders of the "big seven". However, in the current situation, such a turn of events is unreal. Putin has not only does not want to, but can not play the game Donbass ago. In this case, he would have been forced to admit defeat adventure "New Russia". But Putin can not be played. This would hit hard on the image of the winner, which kept him going wild popularity rating.

Conquerors are moving away from the walls of the besieged city, if they have serious internal problems. Leaving from the Ukraine, Putin can only be a result of a sharp aggravation of the economic crisis and, as a consequence, the political situation in Russia. The Kremlin is now all the forces seeking the lifting of sanctions, but only in order to save resources for the continuation of great rate, which has already become almost official Russian strategy. Minsk negotiation process serves him diplomatic cover for the continuing siege of Ukrainian independence.

Savchenko and a new wave of patriotism in Ukraine

Liberated from a Russian prison Nadezhda Savchenko, apparently, will become a new landmark figure in the Ukrainian political scene. Her heroic and romantic patriotism at home Savchenko much to their liking. The Ukrainians will never forget the occupied territories and the victims of the Russian aggression. Savchenko can lead a new wave of patriotic politics - the movement for the return of the occupied territories. Now Ukraine has no strength to fight off the spoil, but there is no doubt, sooner or later it will "come for her."

The situation "neither peace nor war, an active" can not last indefinitely. Sooner or later it has to swing in one direction or another. While Putin and his entourage are in power, the root causes of the current Russian-Ukrainian confrontation can not be overcome: Russia de facto not leave the Donbass and will not even try to reach an agreement with Ukraine on the Crimean problem. This means that the probability that the situation will sooner or later will swing to a new escalation of the war, great. Only posleputinskaya Russia will be able to establish a lasting peace with the Ukraine. In Russian/русский
Former warlord terrorists in Donbas Igor Girkin (arrows) said that he would fight for the return of Ukraine and Belarus into Russia.

On it informs "Belarusian Partisan" with reference to the Radio Svaboda.

In Moscow, on May 28 issued a "Political Declaration of the All-Russian National Movement", which stipulates that participants of all-Russian national movement fighting for the rights, freedoms and interests of Russian living in other states and "suffering discrimination".

"We do not recognize any of the Soviet territorial division or Bialowieza agreement. The land on which they live Russian people, watered with blood of the Russian people, have the right to return to Russia. We are in favor of the union of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and other Russian lands into a single . all-Russian state and the transformation of the entire territory of the former USSR in the Russian zone of influence unconditional We support any efforts to unite the Russian people, wherever they came, "- the document says. In Russian/русский
In Moscow, about a dozen young men held a May 29 rally in support of Ukrainians Alexander and Oleg Kol'chenko Sentsova which are in Russian prisons.

This was reported by blogger Ilya Varlamov on your page to Facebook.

Marchers took to the prospectus, unfurled a banner with the inscription "Freedom for the prisoners Crimean" and went with him, calling for the release rebyat.Takzhe during the action they lit the Fire. In Russian/русский
In occupants at the site - innovation: long, narrow targets that resemble oil complexes and cars enemy columns on the march

On the Crimean Chauda ground near Feodosia pilots of the Russian State test center test promising types of aircraft and helicopters.

It is reported Interfax citing Chief VKS Russia Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev.

According to him, a new generation of television equipment at the site "makes it possible to track the results of each of the ammunition."

"In testing new samples evaluated all the characteristics - from the moment of separation ammunition to undermine their moment," - he said.

Bondarev said that at the site except sea targets introduced another innovation - a long, narrow targets that resemble oil complexes and cars enemy columns on the march.

He also said that during the four days - May 30-31 and June 3-4 - will be free to come to the site to look at the so-called competition "Aviadarts 2016". The main performances of the competition - 5 June Nakhimov Square in occupied Sevastopol.

glavcom.u  In Ukrainian/український
on Sun May 29, 2016 2:44 pmAdmin
Scientists have found wreckage in Rivne land molded products from vessels and flint Copper Age 4 thousand. E. is

In areas where localized by mapping sources Lubomirski castle of the XV - XVII., Conducted an archaeological assessment. This was reported in the press service of the City Council Rivne.

The approximate area of ​​the whole castle area - 1.5 hectares of exploration work conducted at the site, archaeologists size 70x70 meters. They found strong cultural layers of sediments and remains of stone buildings, previously referred to XVII - XVIII.

The area is very promising for archaeological research Rivne castle, say archaeologists.

Among the archaeological finds dominated materials eighteenth - early nineteenth century., Collected quite distinct collection of pottery XVI - XVII. However, there were initial findings and the day - fragments of molded products from vessels and flint Copper Age 4 thousand. E. e. They found fragments of vessels and the late Roman period (III - V c.).   In Ukrainian/український
Accused threatened witnesses 2 May 2014 massacre

In Odessa, Kyiv district court took into custody a Russian citizen accused of committing riots in May 2, 2014.

According to the Court, the main person involved in high-profile cases "May 2" solution Malinovsky District Court of Odessa was released from custody under house arrest on May 27.

"According to investigators, May 26, the suspect, who is a citizen of, by messenger" Viber ", sent the witness" 2 May "message of death threats read:" Hohol, I'll promise that the dam, but i do not believed. Tomorrow I will change the measure of restraint and I will be released, wait for a visit, "- said in a statement.

Recipient message above actually took death threats and criminal investigation body qualified by these actions ch. 2, Art. 129 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - "threats of murder on the grounds of national intolerance."

As you know, May 28, Malinovsky District Court of Odessa decided to release under house arrest one of the accused in the case on May 2 event, Russian Evgeniya Mefedova. However Mefedov remained in custody.

As the head of the Odessa "Right Sector" Sergei Sternenko, the Russian was detained under the new criminal proceedings.

According to media reports, Mefedovu charged with threat to life mainly prosecution witnesses Alexander Posmichenku (Art. 129 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

May 2, 2014 in Odessa during the riots killed 48 people, injured more than 200. Most of the victims died in the House of Trade Unions. The investigation revealed that the riots were organized in Odessa and deliberately planned.   In Ukrainian/український
29-year-old international organization Muhudinov wanted on charges of murder and illegal arms trafficking

The site was Interpol card with information about the search soldier battalion "Sever" Chechen Interior Ministry Ruslan Muhudinova, who is accused in the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.

The card indicates that 29-year-old international organization Muhudinov wanted on charges of murder and illegal arms trafficking, according

Russia has Muhudinova the international wanted list in November 2015, a month later "Rosbalt", citing sources reported that Russian police handed over to Interpol information of investigation.

In February 2016 the family lawyer Nemtsov said that Interpol are looking Muhudinova. He then noted that the site of the International Criminal Police no information about wanted Muhudinova, but promised that "try to have placed it there."

Boris Nemtsov was killed on the night of February 28, 2015 in central Moscow. In December the investigation named the murder uncovered: Muhudinov was named organizer and its customer, about its possible motives had been informed.

Charges of murder were brought Zaur Dadayev, Anzor and Said Hubashevym, Temyrlanu Eskerhanovu and Khamzat Batayevu that, according to Russian investigators, were the direct perpetrators.  In Ukrainian/український
A man so tried to "resolve the issue" and crossings smooth border crossing

Today, the checkpoint "Little March", on the border with Slovakia, Chop border detachment was recorded and stopped another attempt to bribe. Around 11:00 a citizen of Russia, en route to enter Ukraine, provided for checking passport which were funds in the amount of 10 euros. This was reported in the press service of the State Border Service.

In SOT also noted that about 6:00 am a man has tried to enter the territory of Ukraine through the checkpoint "Uzhgorod-cherry Nemetske." However, due to the lack of sufficient financial support, the man was denied entry to Ukraine.

In this incident the guards informed the members of the National Police.

State Border Service of Ukraine appeals to all members of the international movement does not violate applicable laws and not to try to pull in border illegal activities, offering bribes for making illegal decisions.   In Ukrainian/український
One of the gang members appeared young girl on crutches

On the night of Sunday in Lviv moons massacre. Patrol arrested sixteen people who are involved in it. This was reported in the press service of the police patrol the city.

At night, at 1:40, to the crew of patrol police received a call about a fight in the street Komarova. When the patrol arrived at the place, they saw two men with bloody stab wounds. Inspectors called to place a quick and investigators.

Policeman interviewed witnesses of the suspects. Immediately, all the crews patrol handed orientation, which sought approximately 12-15 people. One of the attackers in a red shirt, and with them the girl on crutches. All Age about 20 years. Two of the victims claimed "ambulance". One of the wounded lost his way to the hospital unconscious. At the scene was his wife, who reported that the man had disappeared phone. She spoke with him on it before the incident occurred. Reasons find out brawl investigation. Instead patrol began to survey the area.

At 3:30 shop next to nothing on the street Elena Stepanovna they noticed two suspicious young men who purchased the water. Inspectors tracked the boys already at the entrance and told them, received a call from neighbors abuse silence. Patrol said the boys with conduct preventive conversations with residents of the apartment. The apartment is on the third floor were a total of 16 persons who reported that they rented it for two days to celebrate birthdays girl. As it turned out, she was on crutches. The apartment also was the guy in the red shirt.

In place caused investigators. Witnesses upiznaly suspects. On the balcony of the apartment found the brass knuckles than the phone (maybe one that disappeared into the victim). Among the suspects were several minors. All detained because he knows wounded hospitalized. The detainees were taken to the Drug Testing for examination. Next business engaged in the investigation.   In Ukrainian/український

Probably better understood, if you know the Ukrainian language report at the link above.

Monument dismantled blocks not to damage the construction of the monument, which decided to transfer to the "private open-air museum"

In Odessa dismantled the 10-meter statue of Lenin.

Dismantled monument, located in the park Savitsky (formerly the Lenin Komsomol).

In the Odessa City Council said that dismantling was completed in the late afternoon on May 28. The park remained pedestal.

Monument dismantled blocks not to damage the construction of the monument, which decided to transfer to the "private open-air museum."

As previously reported, in Odessa on May 17 under the law of discommunization began to dismantle the monument to Lenin in the park Savitsky. 10-meter granite monument would make out on the block, but then failed to do so.

Head of the Department for Cultural Heritage Protection of Odessa City Council Andrei Shelyuhyn at a press conference then said that dismantling will take some time due to the design of the monument.   In Ukrainian/український
A monument to Soviet-era KGB servicemen was completely destroyed in downtown Kyiv.

Activists attempted to dismantle the statue much earlier, but the process was too complicated, as the monument weighed about 300 tons. Instead, activists decided to paint it.

The dismantling works re-started a week ago. Today, on May 29, it was taken down with the help of an excavator. The method caused some outrage since the monument was planned to be transported to the Soviet-art museum.

Kyiv's officials said they were not responsible for demolishing the monument.

To read further go to this link:
Leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko says that Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko will be killed should she decide to go to Donbas to participate in war, according to Ukrainian website Novosti Donbasa.

"If Savchenko comes to the front line, we'll shoot her. So when we're to blame for killing her, it wouldn't be so offensive," he told journalists.

He also claims "Kyiv would prefer to have Savchenko dead than alive."......
Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko has told UNIAN whether there is a threat of a full-scale Russian invasion and elaborated on the reform of Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces.

Not long ago, the Ukrainian side presented to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) a plan to ensure security in Donbas. Was the General Staff involved in drafting this document?

Yes, we have submitted proposals for measures aimed at stabilizing the situation on the contact line, and a number of our proposals were taken into account. This includes the move to disengage the parties in certain areas, it also refers to a ceasefire, and there are proposals regarding OSCE control over the withdrawn weaponry in designated areas, the free movement of SMM monitors in government-controlled territories and areas beyond such control. The proposals also relate to putting up additional monitoring posts along the contact line, especially in hot spots, and 24/7 control on the [contact] line.

There are proposals on demining. Today we have completed mine clearance operations at five sites while in another four areas the process is almost complete, and three more areas remain problematic. Unfortunately, it is impossible now to fully restore the infrastructure there due constant shelling. For example, there is a gas pipeline in Maryinka and there is a problem there. Although we took the initiative calling for a ceasefire and attracted the OSCE, we still don’t have an opportunity to fully restore the infrastructure.

If a positive decision is taken regarding deployment of an international armed police mission, what may be the number of troops in your opinion?

We thought about, we did calculations. This should be a few thousand [people].......................

To read further go to this link:
Continuing the sanctions is the only way to exert pressure on Russia to stop supporting separatists fighting the Ukrainian army in the Donbas and to force them to observe the truce.

Former NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen told Reuters, Censor.NET reports.

"Ukraine will find it easier to persuade European Union countries to renew sanctions against Russis this summer if it shows progress in pushing reforms and tackling corruption," Rasmussen said.

"I know from talks with politicians in Western capitals that their willingness to continue sanctions is also linked to the Ukrainian willingness to actually carry out comprehensive reforms. So my goal as adviser to the president would be to actually initiate a two-way street. Firstly of course in Western capitals I will argue that the Ukrainians have already carried out profound reforms. But on the other hand, I will also bring messages back to the president from my interlocutors so that the Ukrainian authorities clearly understand what is the priority in Western capitals," the former chief of NATO added.   In Ukrainian/український
MP Nadiia Savchenko met with Ivan Šimonović, the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights.

Savchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Thanks to Šimonović Croatia and Serbia have committed the exchange of prisoners in all to all format in 1992. Croats at that time were able to open not window but gates of opportunities. I want to believe that Ukraine-Russia will be able to perform such a miracle," she wrote..   In Ukrainian/український
At least seventeen people have died and one is missing after a fire broke out at a home for the elderly in a village near Kyiv, Ukraine's state emergency service said in a statement on May 29.

"Emergency services units saved 18 people, five of whom have been hospitalized with burns of varying degrees of severity," the Ukrainian emergencies ministry said in a statement.

It said the fire broke out in the early morning hours of May 29 in a privately-owned two-story building, which housed 35 people, in the village of Litochky, 50 kilometers north of Kyiv.
Over the past 24 hours, on May. 28, five Ukrainian soldier were killed in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone.

Presidential Administration spokesman on ATO issues Colonel Oleksandr Motuzianyk announced today at a briefing, Censor.NET reports.

"Unfortunately, five Ukrainian soldiers were killed over the past 24 hours. Four more soldiers were wounded," Motuzianyk said.

Read more: Tensest situation reported at Avdiivka. Militants' sabotage and reconnaissance unit (SRU) attempted to intrude into Ukrainian soldiers' positions near Novoselivka, - ATO press service

The speaker didn't clarify where exactly the Army suffered losses.   In Ukrainian/український
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