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Update - 7 soldiers wounded yesterday.

Report that many streets in Donetsk have been renamed.

In Brussels, held demonstration in support of a visa-free regime for Ukraine.

In Crimea, passed show of combat aircraft.


Odessa 16° RealFeel® 17°Sunny

Kyiv 16° RealFeel® 15°Sunny. Actual observation. 25 at 1600.
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Russia should fulfill its part of the Minsk agreements

Implemented EU sanctions against Russia immediately canceled if Russia will fulfill its part of the Minsk agreements. This Friday, June 3, said Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.
The statement was made ​​during the congress of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania, held in Ґyustrovi writes DW.COM .
"I am for Russia to step by step, moving closer to the European economic area that we finally got a common economic zone from Vladivostok to Lisbon" - said the Chancellor.
However, in view of Russia's actions in Ukraine can not give their own principles, said Merkel.
Now France and Germany are trying to achieve a lasting truce in the Donbas and local elections, the Chancellor added. And Ukraine has finally access their borders. "When this is done, then we will immediately terminate the sanctions", - assured Merkel.
Recall that in June, the EU should decide on the continuation of sanctions against Russia, which are to expire in late July 2016.   In Ukrainian/український
Russia wants to show that it is fighting extremists allegedly from Russia, Chubarov said.

Russia will continue to carry out arrests of Crimean Tatars, and then arrange a show trial in the world. So the leader of the Mejlis Refat Chubarov commented " Ukrinform " new arrests in the Crimea.

" The occupiers will increase the number of prisoners, whom they accuse of belonging to alleged extremist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir ... They do that by typing a number of people likely to be 30-35 people who make the show a process to deceive the West world, they say, in the Crimea does not oppose the Crimean Tatars, non-Muslims and Muslim extremists " , - he said.   In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:40 pmAdmin
Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church (Gundiajev) openly compared Orthodox church of the commercial bank.

The video was online Youtube.

"The fate of the house, according to some representatives of the Ukrainian government should solve everything. To become apparent illegality, and in some sense, a folly of this proposal, let us imagine that the fate of the bank decide all. Not founders and all who live in this place, "- Kirill said in his speech.

Recall, June 3 Parliament Committee on Culture and Spirituality recommended that MPs pass a bill to change the religious communities subordination. In the Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate has stated that this document "is planned legislate in Ukraine church raid."   In Ukrainian/український
Matviyenko said that in some countries is blown confrontation on Russia

Russia "does not want to look calmly at how the Russian-speaking population in some former Soviet republics becomes the object of harassment in the field of language and education."

This was stated by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko - write the Russian media.

"The Russian people, the Russian culture is the target of harassment and persecution. One can cite a lot of examples of legitimate restrictions provided for by international law interests of Russian people abroad in the field of language, culture and education. We know what is happening in this field in Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, in some other countries, "- said Matvienko.

She said Russia wants "calm look at it."

This Matvienko noted that in some countries forced confrontation toward Russia, spreading Russophobia and attempts to "isolate its citizens from the great Russian culture" under the pretext of their alleged disloyalty to the country of residence.

"Outside of Russians are especially numerous in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic countries ... Nobody ever gave facts, examples of their disloyalty, promotion of political and economic interests to the detriment of the country of residence" - said the speaker of the Federation Council.   In Ukrainian/український
A plan to kidnap and eliminate Russian GRU fighters Yevgeniy Yerofeyev and Aleksandr Aleksandrov was elaborated during the trial over them in Kyiv.

Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios said on 112 TV Channel, Censor.NET reports citing

"According to reliable information of our foreign partners, it was an attempt of alleged kidnapping and actual elimination of GRU officers when they were transported from the SBU remand prison to the courtroom," he said.

According to Matios, the security forces were not able to prevent attacks with weapons, including RPGs, in the center of the capital.

"Unprecedented measures, coordinated with the top leadership of the state, such as ban of export of all detainees in all courts have been taken," he said.

Matios added that the lawyer of the GRU officers maintained direct contact and synchronized her actions with the Russian special services.   In Ukrainian/український

Thierry Mariani. Some right-wing idiot. 1939? France was responsible for the Nazi invasion?
In July 2015, Mariani accompanied by Russian officials made a trip to Crimean peninsula which was annexed by Russia in 2014. In interviews and meetings he expressed support for the annexation. “We welcome the courage of the Crimean Parliament because it was able to make this decision despite the difficult situation and a great risk of escalation”.[9]

What a scumball. Italian descent. Mussolini brain. Hence his liking for Putin. But probably getting a good $$$$$ payback from the Russians for this garbage also.
...The town of Avdiyivka and the village of Pisky near the ruined Donetsk airport remained hot spots on the Donbas war map...

Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Actually Care About Saving Leopards [Engl]
Post by Nelson Today at 2:34 am
Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Actually Care About Saving Leopards
A high-profile, Putin-backed campaign to protect the habitat of Persian leopards has been quietly abandoned, clearing the way for the country’s richest man to expand his ski resort.....
The regulatory changes have coincided with plans for an expansion into the valley by the nearby Rosa Khutor ski resort, which hosted the downhill skiing and snowboarding events for the Olympic Games. The resort is owned by Vladimir Potanin, whom Forbes declared Russia’s richest man in 2015 with a fortune of $15.4 billion. Three other Russian billionaires — Oleg Deripaska, Roman Abramovich, and Alexander Abramov — will reportedly soon have a stake in the resort as well. ....


Money, lies, and corruption. Putin. Russia today.
200th Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces in the Donbas Part 2/1
Post by Nelson Today at 2:24 am

Lots and lots of photos and evidence.
Direct Russian involvement in the Donbass - clear as crystal - unless you are a Greek, of course, or watch Putin TV all day and all night. Or are simply very very stupid.

Poroshenko: Russia is aggressor, but Russians are not enemies for Ukrainians [Engl]
Post by Nelson Today at 2:17 am
Interesting statement.
Making a distinction between the actions of the Russian government under Putin, and the Russian people.
But Putin has created a lot of hate between Ukraine and Russia.
One example. A friend of mine whose great grand mother survived Leningrad - over a year siege, I believe - calls the Russians "kapsap" now in letters to me.
And you could say that he has a lot of Russian blood in him.
Very diplomatic talk from Poroshenko. Is he trying to affect a compromise? Interesting move.
Terrorists ...located 56 tanks, 50 artillery systems, and 37 Grads along front line, - Defense Ministry
Post by Nelson Today at 2:09 am
....Moreover, the pro-Russian militants continue to return Grad rocket systems to the front line. Thus, 37 Grad rocket systems were spotted near Bokovo-Platove, Horlivka, Donetsk, Makiivka, Chornukhyne and Yasynuvata. ...
Mis-translation by somebody in the heading. "dislocated" ? Probably mean relocated?

on Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:57 amAdmin
The new version of the White Paper on which work experts from the Ministry of Defence of Germany is nearing completion and soon it will be submitted for approval to the government

The Government of Germany renews security strategy, which, along with terrorists and hackers migration crisis, Russia recognized the enemy in Germany.

It is reported by the German publication Die Welt.

It is noted that the previous version of the security strategy, the so-called White Book was approved by the government in 2006.

The new version of the White Paper Russia is no longer a partner of Germany and its rivals. Crimea annexation and aggression in eastern Ukraine, a willingness to forcibly ensure their own interests Russia questioned the world order, established after the Cold War.

The paper said that it had far-reaching implications for the security of Germany. Of particular concern is that Russia uses hybrid instruments to combat blur the lines between war and peace, and undermine other countries.   In Ukrainian/український
US Navy destroyer Porter June 6 will go into the Black Sea in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve ( «Atlantic determination")

The US continues to demonstrate its commitment to the collective security of NATO and support partners in Europe, RBC reports referring to the site of the Sixth Fleet. It is reported that Porter will "approach to ports and bilateral training with Navy partners."

Operation Black Sea "aims to improve maritime security, stability, availability, and capacity-building with allies and partners."

USS enter the Black Sea under the Montreux Convention, under which ships nechornomorskyh states there may be 21 days. Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the future presence of multinational battalions in the Baltic States and Poland will "clear signal" that an attack on one country will cause a reaction of all countries.   In Ukrainian/український

In tunnels found safe with jewels, gold bars, black documentation

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine during a search of the estate of the first deputy head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Mykola Romanchuk found in building a network of underground tunnels. The press service of the SBU.

In tunnels were safes with gold ingots, ancient icons, antique, silver.

"The vaults also kept" black accounting ", which shows of corrupt deals," - reported in the SBU.

In addition, home Romanchuk found in a suitcase with 300 thousand dollars and a large amount of jewelry.

Earlier it was reported that during the search of the households zamholovy Mykolayiv Regional Administration found dollars, gold and fascist crosses.

Recall, the chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that in the case of receiving bribes for granting permission for the resettlement limestone quarry mining detained four persons, including the first deputy head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Mykola Romanchuk.  In Ukrainian/український
It is reported that the shelling was carried out from the territory temporarily occupied Dokuchaevsk

On Saturday night, terrorists fired from Minsk II banned mortars caliber 120mm towns Nikolayevka.

The press center ATO headquarters.

"June 4, 2016 Russian-terrorist units in the period from 22.10 to 23.00 from the territory temporarily occupied Dokuchaevsk opened fire from 120 mm mortars, Minsk prohibited agreements on settlements Mykolaivka "- said in a statement.

Total issued 7 minutes, the effects of fire confirmed.   In Ukrainian/український

The enemy used mortars, anti-aircraft installations and ACS

During the day Russian-terrorist forces 44 times fired position forces ATU Minsk II of prohibited weapons, including at the Mariupol - 24 and 20 in Donetsk directions.

The press center ATO headquarters.

In Mariupol direction with small arms, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers of various systems gunmen opened fire several times near water, Krasnogorivka and Marinka.

Near Pavlopolya Shyrokynoho and Russian mercenaries fired position forces ATU twice using mortars caliber 82 mm. Subsequently enemy for strengthening of shelling in the area and Shyrokynoho Novotroitsk accustomed also banned Minsk II heavy mortars.

From dusk enemy fire intensified at the Donetsk area where mortars with a caliber of 120 mm, double-covered position Armed Forces near Avdeevki and defense questionnaire and sand - with heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, anti-aircraft installation ZU-23-2 and 82-mm mortars, besides in the sand intensified sniper.

From 21.00 to 22.00 in dense mortar fire fighters found themselves defenders of Russian Zaitsev.

At 22.10 the territory temporarily occupied Dokuchaevsk opened fire from 120-mm mortars on towns Nikolayevka. Total issued 7 min. The bombardment lasted until 23.00.

Subsequently, the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the same towns The enemy used self-propelled artillery caliber 122 mm.

In Lugansk direction relative silence followed.  In Ukrainian/український
Grafter police caught red-handed

Branch officer manning a regional military offices Kharkov detained after receiving a $ 600 bribe from a citizen for nepryzov.

This was said deputy head of communications of the police head office in Kharkiv region Oksana Kalmykov, reports Ukrinform.

"Officer Branch completing a regional military offices Kharkov arrested on the steps of institutions after receiving $ 600 bribe from a citizen for nepryzov to military service. Money seized, "- noted Kalmykov.

She said the detention of 37-year-old officer made UAS investigators and military prosecutors Kharkiv garrison.

Opened criminal proceedings under Part. 3. 368 (acceptance of offers, promises or receiving undue benefits officials) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

"Detained faces up to 10 years imprisonment with confiscation of property" - added Kalmykov.  In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainian Sergey Litvinov illegally sentenced to Russia, demanded that the Russian official apology for wrongful prosecution.

As reported by the UE, referring to "Radio Liberty", an appropriate statement Litvinov passed through his lawyer Viktor Parshutkin to the Prosecutor General of Russia.

Litvinov was arrested in 2014 and accused of killing several dozen civilians Luhansk region, which he allegedly committed while a part of volunteer battalion "Dnepr-1".

"When a lawyer for cooperation with Ukraine and Kyiv hensluzhboyu human rights activist Maria Tomak proved that the" victims "Litvinov never existed, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation withdrew the charges. Immediately after the Ukrainian accused of robbery and Tarasovskaya District Court of Rostov region sentenced him to 8.5 years in prison, "- said in a statement.

Litvinov said that he was illegally detained from 20 August 2014 to 8 July 2015.

"Complex psychological and psychophysiological forensics on 3 August 2015 found that I was tortured in order to force the sign composed investigative interrogation of the" confessions "of killing at least 39 people. Survey also found that these "cognitive" testimonies were written not by my words, that falsified investigative case file. In this regard, the demand to bring me on behalf of the Russian Federation official apology for damage caused by a criminal prosecution, "- said Litvinov.

According to counsel Ukrainian, if ignoring the statements his client inactivity prosecutors will be challenged in court.

"The statement - this is the beginning. If silence or inaction prosecutors refusal will be appealed in court, "- said the lawyer.

He also said that a few days before the court of civil proceedings will be filed a claim for moral damages and claim to channel "Russia" Dmitry Kiselev and libel.   In Ukrainian/український

This morning, June 4, in Makeyevka in the park. Pochenkova unknown blew up a monument to Lenin. This is referring to people on social networks reported

According to the publication, a three-meter statue of Lenin was blown around six in the morning. After the explosion sector near monument surrounded by members of the so-called MGB "NPT".

After the explosion sector in the area of ​​the monument surrounded by members of the so-called MGB "NPT".   In Ukrainian/український
Law enforcement officers caught in illegal activities director one of specialized health centers in Mirgorod Poltava region. Officials announced the suspect, the press service of the Department of National Police protect the economy, says RBC-Ukraine.

"Yes, for carrying out works on major repair of elevators, reconstruction of heat supply and purchase of medical equipment Head transferred funds to the accounts of companies. However, these works are not completed in full and facilities installed. However, the acts performed works 100 percent indicated their implementation. State suffered damage amounting to more than 1.4 million hryvnia, "- said in a statement.

In this regard, staff investigation department police department HUNP Mirgorod in Poltava region, reported officials suspected of a criminal offense under Part. 2, Art. 367 of the Criminal Code (negligence).

Recall, as reported by "head office" SBU detained recently in the Dnipro official, who demanded money for receiving preferential loan. An official demanded 10 000 USD from a local resident for smooth credit for housing in rural areas at the expense of regional and state budgets.   In Ukrainian/український
In the General Prosecutor's Office opened criminal proceedings in respect of MP from the "Block Poroshenko" Alexey Goncharenko. This was announced by MP from the faction of the Radical Party Andrey Lozovoy in his Facebook, writes RBC-Ukraine.

As proof, he published a social network in the answer Deputy GPU Igor Mosiychuk.

The document stated that the proceedings opened under Art. 110 (encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) and Art. 161 of the Criminal Code (violation of citizens' equality based on their race and their attitude to religion).

In MP from the MFP famous Odessa separatist Aleksei Goncharenko opened criminal proceedings under Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - violation of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine and Article 161 - violation of equality based on their race and their attitude to religion.

I mean Goncharenko promote ideas of "Russian World" in Odessa, meetings with curators from FSB and subversive anti-Ukrainian activities in general.

The proceedings opened after an appeal to the GPU Igor Mosiychuk, supported by high quality evidence base, including videos.  In Ukrainian/український
Despite protests, land for the construction of the church identified. In the frontline Vugledar locals staged a revolt against the construction of the Church of the Moscow Patriarchate . People say they do not want to hear no bells in the window, or to someone sow "Rus measures" at hand, referred to in the story TSN.19 30 .

Want to build a temple on the main street middle of residential buildings. Permission is given to City Council.

Locals hoped to see on a dedicated place in the church playground, dairy or bakery. "25% - a religious people. The rest have God in your heart and enough of them" - says a resident of the city. Ugledar Michael said.

At the public hearing, most - Butterflies in headscarves. They - the "pleasing to God." The event decided that because the money to the company or athletic field - be it a church.

"Millions will be five. Depending on what we build," - said the clergy. Sponsor the construction of, say there.

Mayor, Colonel Nahvardiyi, says he fought in Slavic. And among all the proposals chose this.

"The Moscow Patriarchate - in that area. And then Ukrainian Orthodox Church," - he explains.

At the same inscription on the table of the parish, who rents a room and going to build a church, clearly states: "St. Tikhon temple, the Moscow Patriarchate, Donetsk Diocese."

They say they have identified the land is 2012. Since there are stone and cross - in memory of Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow. But the land the church is small, and it requires more - the boiler house for the abbot and parking 38 cars.

"We want Ukraine there was. I do not want to, so that was how we know hotbed" Russian measure, "- says a resident of the city. Ugledar Krolenko Ia. Yet another angry argument vuhledartsiv - it will be the fifth temple in 15000th city. What for five years can not be open kindergarten.

As previously reported, there are melons church city Konstantinovka Donetsk region do not give a pass under the control of the Kyiv Patriarchate . Priests are afraid of raider attacks church. According to their beliefs, the decision to change was taken Patriarchate parish, and the Ukrainian church in the area ATO pray just for Ukraine and its freedom. TSN correspondent Natalia Nagornaya   In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Jun 05, 2016 12:28 amAdmin
The UN knows that Russia supplies of heavy weapons and ammunition to the occupied rayonыv Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and holds the rotation of Russian-terrorist units participating in combat. "We have received reports that credible, the movement of Russian troops across the border on the territory of Ukraine and from the country This includes heavy weapons. And it comes fully credible report", - the press-secretary of the UN Human Rights Ravin Shamdasanyi "Voice of America" ​​4 June. In addition, in the occupied territories systematically violated human rights. According to the UN report, about 2.7 million people living in regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are under the control of terrorists deprived of the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. Torture and sexual violence are common practice in the conflict zone.

"Threats to rape and other forms of sexual violence used as a means of torture and ill-treatment in the context of illegal detention, both men and women ... The threats of sexual violence, bodily harm or murder of a female family ... often used as a means of coercion of detainees men ... to give up their property or other actions that require offenders ", - the report says the UN High Commissioner for human rights.

Earlier the head of the SBU Basil Hrycak said that currently Ukraine in the east is from 4 to 6,000 military personnel of the Armed Forces.

Meanwhile, according to analysts Stratfor Lauren Goodrich, the number of Russian troops operating in the Donbass size reaches 10 thousand soldiers operating in a three or four army brigades. The total number of armed forces "FSC" and "DNR", while remains unknown. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces at the beginning of February the total number of pro fighters and Russian troops that are on the temporarily occupied part of Donbass is 34 thousand people. Of these, approximately 7,000 military personnel, including those involved in sabotage, terrorist attacks and attempts to assault Ukrainian positions along the boundary line.  In Ukrainian/український

Chief editor of "BlohSochi" Alexander Gross, who accompanied a group of American journalists detained by Russian security services near Sochi, left in custody for five days.

As a member wrote on Twitter NGOs "International agora" Alexander Popkov, a journalist arrested for organizing a public event in the border area - reports Ukrinform .

Detained along with crew translator Dmitry Saltykov was fined 1,000 rubles and released.

Popkov also confirmed that foreigners were detained by employees of the channel HBO Real Sports.

Most American journalists detained on Friday near the Russian-Abkhaz border, were released a few hours after clarification of the local "special regime". It operates in the area of ​​5 km from the border with Georgia in the Adler district of Sochi, foreigners here and access is limited.

Media reported that the journalists were the story of the empty houses, built for the Olympics in 2014.   In Ukrainian/український
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