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Russian proxies attack Ukraine 43 times yesterday.
Update - 1 soldier killed, 5 injured.
One or more soldiers die every day now in the fighting against Russia.
It makes me wonder - I think these figures are probably true, but those from a few months' ago were probably false.
I think there have been far more military deaths on both sides than the governments are letting on.

Weather -
Pleasant. Already 16 at 0900. High maybe of 22. Sunny. Blue sky around Kiev. Update: 24 at 1500. Nice.

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The United States could turn to Canada to help it establish a new NATO force in eastern Europe as a deterrent against Russia because it is struggling to win support from its European allies, diplomats say, according to Reuters.

"Despite its show of force with a military exercise across eastern Europe this month that involved more than 20 NATO and partner countries, the alliance is moving slowly in its efforts to build a rotating force of 4,000 troops on its eastern flank in Poland and the Baltics," Robin Emmott and Wiktor Szary wrote in an exclusive material titled "U.S. may turn to Canada for help with new NATO force in east Europe," which was published by Reuters on June 9. Only Britain and Germany have said they are willing to contribute, by providing a battalion of about 1,000 troops each. The United States will provide a third battalion, leaving NATO requiring one more country to provide a fourth. "European allies have reasons why they can't come forward. They're thinly stretched, at home, in Africa, in Afghanistan. They just don't have the money," said a senior NATO diplomat involved in the discussions. The reluctance of some European governments to help the military build-up, the biggest since the end of the Cold War, reflects internal doubts over whether the alliance should be more focused on combating militant groups and uncontrolled flows of migrants, mainly from the Middle East and North Africa. "There are divisions within NATO," said Sophia Besch, a European defense expert at the London-based Centre for European Reform think tank. "Some allies feel the focus should be on the south." Unity is crucial for NATO as Moscow and Washington accuse one another of intimidation close to the NATO-Russia border. NATO and Russia feel threatened by each other's large military drills and are at odds over the crisis in Ukraine. Any sense in the United States that Europe is unwilling to pay for its own defense could be damaging. U.S. President Barack Obama has suggested European powers were "free riders" during the 2011 Libya air campaign, and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has accused them of not paying their fair share. A senior Polish diplomatic source familiar with the negotiations said NATO would not allow the build-up to fail as it had already been announced, and because Russia might exploit it as a sign that NATO is unwilling to defend Poland. "The summit in Warsaw will be President Obama's last (NATO summit) and the U.S. wants it to be a success. It will ensure that the fourth framework country is found, possibly by leaning on Canada," the source said. "Washington will bend over backwards here."

"PERSISTENT" PRESENCE.................

To read further go to this link:
Secure communication is one of the main components of modern warfare. This investigation reveals the Russian armed forces’ secret satellite communication used in combat activities in the Donbas.

Volunteers of the international community InformNapalm received valuable information, classified by Russian invaders, from insiders in the occupied territories, Censor.NET informs.

This information discloses details of Russian military's use of satellite communications in the Donbas. According to the information received, the communication is organized through two channels: civilian and military. The following subscribers work through the civilian channel:
8605 - Office of the Russian Federation's Defense Minister (Moscow);
8615 - communications center (control center) of Russia's General Staff (Moscow);
8616 - Russian MoD's operations group (Rostov-on-Don);
8630 - command post of the '1st Army Corps' (Donetsk);
8634 - command post of the 3rd SMRB of the '1st Army Corps' (Horlivka);
8631 - command post of the '2nd Army Corps' (Luhansk);
8632 - command post of the 2nd SMRB of the '2nd Army Corps' (Luhansk);
8633 - command post of the 12th reserve force command (Bolshoy Log, Rostov Oblast, Russia), coordinated by Colonel-General Sergey Vitalyevich Solomatin, call-sign 'Kobra.'
See more: Russian invaders from Murmansk's 61st brigade of Russian Army spotted in Luhansk. PHOTOS

Communication is carried out using the Russian government's communications satellite telephones (Satellite Communications Federal State Unitary Enterprise) through 'Express-AM' satellites. The military channel is used to communicate with the Russian military forces stationed in the Donbas on a rotating basis.

In this case, portable R-438 'Barrier-T,' R-438-M 'Belozer' and mobile R-441 'Liven' systems have been registered. By the way, the latter was seen in summer and fall of 2014 at the location of the so-called 'Zarya' [Dawn] battalion of the Russian occupation troops. The base of 'Zarya' was located in the former military office of the Luhansk region (georeferencing made by blogger Askai). Here is a photo by press office of 'Zarya' (archive).

Another photo of this satellite communication station was uploaded into the photo album of Sergey Prilutsky ( profile ), a Russian mercenary from Pskov. Judging by the antenna, we see the R-441-OV station on the 'Ural' chassis.

For reference: R-441-OV satellite communication station works through the ESSS-2 [uniform communications satellite system] geostationary re-translators 'Globus-1' and 'Globus-1M' and 'Meridian' repeaters on highly elliptical orbits (including the on-board processing mode and direct re-translation in 4/6 and 7/8 GHz ranges). Also it can use civil orbiter repeaters of 'Express' and 'Yamal' type in the direct re-translation mode at 4/6 GHz. R-441-OV station is designed to provide countermeasures-safe satellite communication for military units and separate objects of operational and operational-strategic command levels. The station provides the organization of secure telephone, telegraph, facsimile and data transfer at the rate of 1.2, 2.1, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2 kbps with similar stations as well as with 'Kristall', 'Dozhd', 'Legenda' and R-439KUL stations. Serial production of the equipment and deployment it to troops started in 2007.

In addition to modern means of satellite communication, InformNapalm's volunteer intelligence specialists have also identified Russia's electronic intelligence means. More information could be found in ' Russian electronic warfare stations in Donbas'.   In Ukrainian/український
The Russian militants established facility for training subversives in the part of Lobacheve village they control in the Luhansk region.

Censor.NET reports citing the story by Channel 5.

The village of Lobacheve is divided into two parts by the river. One part is controlled by the Ukrainian government while the other - by the Russian-backed militants. According to the soldiers of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade, Ingush people are mainly fighting with the militants against the Ukrainian troops as evidenced by the flag of Ingushetia flying on the opposite side of the river. Chechens, Ossetians, and "Cossacks" platoon from Kaliningrad have also joined the ranks of the Russian terrorists. The enemy subversive and reconnaissance groups try to cross the river at its different sections almost daily. The Russian militants have recently organized a training camp for saboteurs in the part of the village they control. Even 16-18-year-old boys are recruited there to undergo explosives training. According to the soldiers guarding the demarcation line in this village, the militants are planning to use teenagers who have obtained demolitions expertise in terrorist attacks in the Ukrainian troops' rear.   In Ukrainian/український
The National Council on Anti-Corruption Policy chaired by President Petro Poroshenko discussed the implementation of the judicial reform.

Censor.NET reports citing the press office of the president.

The head of state noted that it would facilitate full reboot of the judicial power. According to the president, it is a step aspired by society, for the present judicial power has an extremely low level of trust.

Petro Poroshenko is confident that with the creation of conditions for the reboot of the judicial power, the formation of principally new infrastructure for the fight against corruption in Ukraine has been finished.

"But the courts must be cleared of corrupt officials in order to eliminate corruption," the president stressed.

The head of state welcomed the abolition of judicial immunity and introduction of their declarations of revenues and expenditures. According to him, efficient cooperation of the High Qualification Commission of Judges, High Council of Justice, National Anti-Corruption Bureau and other law enforcement and fiscal authorities facilitates greater quality of contests.

The president emphasized the importance of beginning the procedure of formation of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in September and forming it by the end of the year."For today, scrupulous lifestyle monitoring, declarations of revenues and expenditures, declarations of family ties, control of the Public Council will allow us to expect an efficient judicial system shortly," the head of state noted.   In Ukrainian/український
Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko stresses that no grounds to accuse President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko of tax evasion in the context of ‘Panama offshore scandal’ have been found.

As reported by Censor.NET with reference to Interfax-Ukraine, he told journalists in Kyiv on Thursday.

"I believe everyone has had an opportunity to get acquainted with the conclusions of the internationally renowned law firms which found no grounds for accusing the president of tax evasion or any other unlawful activities inconsistent with the National Bank of Ukraine regulations etc.," Lutsenko said.

He drew attention to the fact that these international companies were "financially and legally liable" for their conclusions.
"All this has been demonstrated at the president's press conference during his dialogue with the author of these allegations that turned out to be 'soap bubbles'," the prosecutor general summed up.

It should be reminded that April 3,2016, the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) has published the materials proving relation of certain heads of state and well-known people to offshore companies of Panama. The investigation was based on documents of Mossack Fonseca law firm.

The journalists from around the world obtained about 11,500,000 different documents with data on offshore companies and accounts owned by 128 politicians and public persons including 12 world leaders and their close relatives as well as 29 persons from the Forbes World's Billionaires list.  In Ukrainian/український

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have been drilling hypothetical destruction of NATO warships in the Black Sea on the eve of the Alliance summit in Warsaw.

As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, this was said by Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadym Skybytskyi at a briefing in Kyiv.

"According to the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Russian Armed Forces carried out military exercise in the airspace of the central part of the Black Sea June 8. It was a demonstration of the simulated destruction of the NATO naval task force led by the guided missile destroyer USS Porter stationed in the port of Constanta (Romania)," he said.

"These drills involved four Tu-22M3 bombers from the 22th Heavy Bomber Division which homed the antiship missiles onto the target and imitated their launch. The bombers were accompanied by four Su-27 fighter jets," Skybytskyi informed.

According to him, the Russian Federation has once again tried to emphasize its dominant position in the Black Sea by such actions.

"Such actions of the armed forces are of particular importance for the Russian Federation on the eve of the NATO summit in Warsaw which will tackle the issues of regional security including the Black Sea region," Skybytskyi stressed.

As previously reported by Censor.NET, the United States boosts its presence in the Mediterranean to balance Russia's military activities on the eve of the NATO summit scheduled to be held in Warsaw July 8-9.

Earlier, according to the agreement between the U.S. and Romania on defense against ballistic missiles of Dec. 23, 2011 the American multi-purpose anti-aircraft missile system Aegis equipped with SM-3 (Standard missile 3) will be deployed at the former air base in Deveselu, Romania.   In Ukrainian/український

on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:29 pmAdmin
Meanwhile, 38% of respondents do not support the entry, runs a poll held by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology May 20 – June 2, UNIAN reports.

18% of respondents were undecided.

Regarding Ukraine’s integration with the European Union, 46.2% of Ukrainians favor it, with 11.6% supporting the entry of Ukraine into the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

32.1% of Ukrainians opted for Ukraine’s non-affiliated status regarding EU and CU.

The survey included 2,043 respondents in 110 cities and towns of Ukraine except the rebel-held territories and Crimea.
Crimean authorities destroyed over 15 tons of Polish apples and Spanish oranges in line with Pres Putin’s ban on food from the countries that had imposed economic sanctions on Russia, Ukrayinska pravda reports June 9.

Traders typically cheat the Russian authorities by exporting food via Belarus. The trick worked many times – but not this time.

Earlier, the Russians destroyed Ukrainian strawberries and a large consignment of meat.

The food embargo will last until Aug. 2016.

The food is destroyed by trampling it with caterpillar tractors or burying it in the earth.
According to Rada lawmakers Leonid Yemets and Yehor Sobolev, the Constitutional Court is preparing to cancel the law on the lustration of officials who had been in key positions during the Yanukovych regime.

“If the CC revokes the lustration law, ex-president Yanukovych supporters will be able to occupy positions in the government and law-enforcement,” Sobolev says.

The lawmaker reminded that the present CC passed the ruling to vest Viktor Yanukovych with dictatorial powers.

“Despite our warning, Pres Poroshenko resorted to feet-dragging regarding the prosecution of CC ruling which illegally gave Yanukovych dictatorial powers,” the lawmakers said.

Former Regions party heavyweights Lyovochkinm Bojko and Derkach are behind the attempts to cancel the lustration law, the lawmakers said.

The lawmakers urged Ukrainians to protest outside the CC building on Friday when the final ruling is to be publicized.
Exclusive - Putin must be stopped now or Russia will advance to the Polish or German border, says pilot Nadiya Savchenko – Ukraine's 'Joan of Arc'
nice exclusive for the Telegraph. Their top headline currently.
Amazingly, by goofball David Blair, who famously described Ukraine as being "heavy-handed" fighting about Russia's 10,000 tanks.
Blair trying to make up for his stupidity?!
Blair is good on Africa. But pretty much useless on anything else. But I've yet to read the interview. Here is the start -

David Blair, chief foreign correspondent, kiev
9 JUNE 2016 • 1:50PM
Vladimir Putin must be stopped now or Russian forces will advance to the “border with Poland or Germany”, according to the war heroine turned politician described as Ukraine’s “Joan of Arc”....

“It might be uncomfortable for Europe or even America for some time. But they need to understand that if they don’t stop Russia on the border of Ukraine, next time it will be on the border with Poland or the border with Germany.”....


Actually, not a bad interview. When I saw fruitcake Blair's name I got very worried. But - the interview seems ok. No obvious bias. Maybe Blair is slowly learning about eastern European politics - and wars.
on Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:28 amNelson
Putin's Core Support Begins to Waver
..The Duma's approval rating fell to 42 percent in March from 56 percent in September 2014. Those who believe the country is moving in the right direction dropped to 49 percent, while 33 percent now say Russia is definitely moving in the wrong direction.
Overall support for Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his cabinet is now evenly split, down from 60 percent two years ago. The Russian Public Opinion Foundation, or FOM, gave similar results: In its survey of 1,500 people last month, support for Putin, Medvedev, and their United Russia party fell about 7 percent compared with a year ago.
And just in case there was some misunderstanding, 82 percent agreed there's an economic crisis, and most said it's going to be a long one. ...

Putin's best bet - to ensure there is NO opposition.
If no opposition, then - it doesn't matter how well or badly he does in the election. He wins.
If serious problems, he can just manipulate the results anyway.
Odesa court again arrests Russian citizen Mefedov, accused of May 2 events
"DPR", "LPR" just don't exist. They are terrorists, any talks excluded, - Parubii
....When asked by journalists in Kyiv on Thursday to comment on the proposal of MP Nadiia Savchenko to negotiate the release of hostages with the representatives of the so-called "DPR", "LPR", he said: ""DPR" or "LPR" just don't exist. There are terrorist organizations that are currently operating in the territory of our country under supervision of the Russian aggressor, secret services, and Putin."
"These organizations have been condemned under the Ukrainian legislation, recognized terrorist in nature, and I believe that any talks with these people are excluded," he stressed.....


Agree totally with Parubii. They are terrorists - pure and simple. Mercenaries. Dealers in death.
Pyatt: World community has not enough info on Russia's role in Donbas war
"I think a big part of the Kremlin's tactic from the start of this aggression has been to see how much they can get away with without provoking an international reaction. That's why they sent the "little green men" into Crimea. It wasn't to hide it from the United States' government, from our intelligence. We had a very clear picture of what Russia was doing. It was to create confusion. The objective of this Russian informational warfare is not to win the argument – it's to win the war. As we say they have weaponized information," Pyatt said on air of ArmyFM....
Now tell that to the idiots in Greece, or the French Senate.
At night in the area ATO killed one soldier, wounded 5 - Staff
Thursday, June 9, 2016, 13:08

One day in the area of anti-terrorist operations 1 Ukrainian military killed, another five people were injured.
This at a traditional briefing on Thursday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration Alexander ATO on Motuzyanyk.
"For the past day one military killed, 4 more soldiers and one border guards were wounded," - said the colonel.

OSCE SMM's missing driver returned to mission in Donetsk
...On June 8, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) said that they have information that their missing Ukrainian driver is held in Donetsk and they insist on his unconditional release....
No doubt pressure on him to report on what the OSCE are doing, and discussing.
Materials for tribunal: Russian Tigrs of recon company of 136th brigade of Russian Army in Donbas. PHOTOS
...."InformNapalm's investigations report at least five episodes of the 136th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Army in Ukraine. This means that the command and soldiers of the brigade should be tried by a war tribunal as convicts and/or witnesses of conduction war crimes on the territory of a sovereign neighboring state," the authors of the material read.

I think you can expect the French scumballs or the Greeks to block any war crimes tribunal. Business must come first for these animals.
France's Senate calls for rollback of anti-Russian sanctions

When Hitler invaded France....
But when Putin invades Ukraine..... French scum. Boycott French goods.
From Russia with Love, or new jobs for occupied Donbas
Don’t invite the "Russian world" to your homes. After all, it can actually come, with all the ensuing consequences. Two years of occupation of Donetsk and Luhansk clearly showed how quickly one of the country’s richest regions can be turned into a gray zone with no future and prospects. I remember the good old times when people said: “It’s Donbas that feeds the whole of Ukraine!” Donbas residents were free to say – being within Ukraine’s borders and under the Ukrainian law – that "no one has ever put Donbas on its knees," but, after Moscow’s “young republics” emerged, it became clear that there will be no chance to get back up. It is no secret that after Ukraine’s former leaders fled to Russia and the war started, the standard of living has fallen dramatically across all of Ukraine. However Donbas also faced a terrible fate of looting. By the way, not all industrial facilities were destroyed in hostilities. Many enterprises were cynically transferred to the Russian territory by the invaders. Some were simply cut on scrap – and also taken out to Russia. A space of fear an lawlessness was created in the occupied territories, a curfew is still being enforced....

First paragraph of a recommended read.
Russia suggests price of 177 dollars for gas for Ukraine
In Russia, called the price of gas at 177 dollars comfortable for Ukraine
Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 21:16

The contract price for gas for Ukraine in the second quarter at a rate of 177 dollars per thousand cubic meters was comfortable without discount prices European spot.
Told reporters the head of the Russian Ministry of Energy Minister Alexander Novak, "Interfax-Ukraine".
"We have always been the position that no changes to the contract may not be until the end of 2019. With regard to gas supplies to Ukraine, the prices in force today, is much more comfortable than the prices that are on the spot at European gas hubs . second quarter (estimated contract price without discount - ed.) 177 dollars per thousand cubic meters, "- he said....

Last quarter they suggested 210. Gradually the price is falling.
I would think this price matches what Ukraine would pay from its European neighbours.
Although I do think that Tymoshenko could do a "better" deal - maybe 450 dollars, with a special bonus for her friends, maybe a new "contract" for Taras Kuzio writing his pro-Tymoshenko propaganda for the Yulia Post - I mean Kyiv Post. Maybe a headline like "Only Tymoshenko can save Ukraine". Or "Why I love to kiss Yulia's butt - it's the $$$$ ".
Day in ATO: shelling militants packaged for 152-mm artillery
Thursday, June 9, 2016, 7:30

During the last day situation in the area of ​​ATU complicated, pro-gang 43 times opened fire on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including Minsk II of prohibited weapons.
The press center ATO headquarters.
Thus, in the Donetsk direction on Ukrainian defenders at Avdeevki, Pisky, Opitnoe, Russian mercenaries fire from all kinds of small arms and mortars of various calibers, and about 22.00, breaking the Minsk agreement annexed to shelling also powerful artillery system caliber 152 mm.
Positions forces ATO in Lugansk region and Novgorod grenades were fired from different systems and small arms, and next Mayorska Zaitsev and even with heavy mortars.
With the onset of the dark time of day for Ilyich direction gunmen repeatedly fired on strongholds of the Armed Forces in Novotroitsk area of ​​heavy caliber mortars and 122 mm self-propelled guns, and near Marinka Pavlopolya and mortar shells of caliber 82 mm. Under fire heavy machine guns find themselves in positions of Ukrainian soldiers near Talakivky and Shyrokynoho.
Illegal armed groups violated the regime of silence in the Luhansk region. There nearby towns Novozvanivka unsighted gunmen fire from small arms and grenade launchers tried to provoke the forces ATO.
In some cases, to stop enemy activity Ukrainian units opened fire.
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