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46 attacks again by the Russian occupiers yesterday.
Sadly - 2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, and 10 wounded in fighting. And the French senate want to drop Russian sanctions? Sick people without morals.

Last night amazing thunderstorms in the Kiev area. And some quite heavy rain.
This morning - the calm after the storm. Party cloudy. 16C at 10 am. Everywhere is amazingly green.

Heard that Tymoshenko had a top-level meeting a couple of days' ago.
Savchenko discussed. She is a wild card. And they simply don't know which way she is going to turn.
Some talk behind Tymoshenko's back.. People in her party beginning to realise that she is not popular. A lot of people don't like her.
Savchenko's talk about becoming President has got them thinking - maybe a new party leader?!

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Dutch authorities have not forgotten about the results of anti-Ukrainian referendum

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, using his country's position as the Presidency of the Council of Europe seeks revision of Ukraine Association Agreement with the European Union. The policy of changing certain clauses country took after a referendum in which the majority of citizens voted against the ratification of the Association. This is stated in the article "Commander" "Association of Ukraine - EU: a woman Hague against?" .

First of all, the Dutch government proposes to delete a paragraph on military cooperation between Ukraine and Europe. This requirement Ґaaha proves that the EU cares about security issues NATO. However, within the EU also has a military cooperation and military-industrial. According to the current text of the Association, Ukraine got a chance and an opportunity to upgrade their own army with the help of just cooperation with Europe and a number of European countries, in turn, can now directly work with the Ukrainian aerospace industry.

Dutch diplomats also insist that Ukraine had "automatic access to European funding." As we know, the countries that signed the EU Association start to receive from the Commission funds allocated to development of different areas - for example, to build infrastructure projects. This - not loans and targeted subsidies, that is, to return the money is not necessary, provided that they are used as intended. Opportunities theft of such subsidies is not, because the money allocated is not conditional Ukrainian officials, they go directly to contractors, usually foreign, projects that deliver "turnkey" Ukrainian government.

In addition, the Dutch government requires that the Association had clearly stated that the agreement does not give Ukraine the right to join the European Union. Actually, about the prospect of the Association already spelled nothing but the Netherlands believe that this is not enough.   In Ukrainian/український

"The largest import of used cars is from the British Virgin Islands or Panama"

May 31 excited member of the "Renaissance" Dmitry Svyatash ran out of the hall and the parliament, and not holding back emotions, said cell of the "terrible" event that just occurred. In the tube invisible interlocutor MP and known (as he claims former) avtomahnat said a lot of "hot" words, and briefly describe their essence can be known winged phrase "lost everything". On the day Parliament adopted the long-awaited by many law a significant reduction in excise duty ( since 1 July this year ) on imported vehicles (except production of aggressors) that were in use. Some by car tax cut of more than 20 times.

But while some celebrate, others bu la mourning . Svyatash, considered one of the most powerful lobbyists avtohaluzi, registered subsequently adopted a resolution to repeal the law. Thus the procedure of signing the law president (or the imposition of a veto) blocked consideration of this resolution by Parliament.

In that Parliament suddenly change his mind and cancel its decision not believe myself Svyatash. In a conversation with "Hlavkomom" MP predicts that "thanks" to the new law will remain out of work thousands of workers in the sector and the country will lose out on billions of hryvnia per year. This Svyatash transfers fellow MPs who are to blame.

Reduced excise tax on old cars - it's one of the few "victories" that ordinary people can experience for yourself. You're in this situation is likely to avtomahnati lobbyist in that do not want to be missing out on profits. Can you explain who exactly is this bad?

This is such a "victory", which actually would be "a betrayal." Let me explain why. In Ukraine, for the past seven years has sold 4 million new cars. This car bought Ukrainian citizens and legal persons who paid for these taxes and fees. I will say even that almost half of these cars were assembled in Ukraine. All seven Ukrainian car owners who have more, some less, went through our country are bought petrol, paid road fee, car insurance, repair, spare parts bought ... That indirectly participated in the creation of gross domestic product. All these cars have some residual value prevailing on the market. Every family that has a car knows that it costs roughly 10 or 15 thousand dollars. For statistics will tell you that the volume of domestic resale in Ukraine last year was 450 thousand contracts and sales of new cars totaled 52,000 cars.

What will happen after the entry into force of the new law? That is, for example five years "Skoda", owned by Ukrainian, and the same five-year "damage" has the Pole. Pole all those five years went to his "loss" in Poland, there was buying parts, pay taxes, fees and so on and will now be able to sell it to Ukraine. And if he will sell it in Poland, it receives VAT refund from the state, according to Ukraine sell less. And this car will go to us without excise restrictive measures and will soon compete with the same machine that operated in Ukraine. This will lead to the fact that prices for Ukrainian secondary market indeed fall, but due to the fact that poor 30-40% a sufficiently large number of our citizens.

Now, about who benefits and who is lobbying. When a law lobbied representatives of industry, large factories that create GDP and jobs - this is normal and it happens everywhere. But another thing when it engaged in "huckster" of four or five automarket that decided the same market with 450,000 domestic resale rozderybanyty. Resale and do not auto building and creating jobs.................

To read further go to this link:

Former Deputy Economy Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Sukhomlyn, who worked in the government in times of disgraced Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, was arrested on June 10 in Kyiv.

The information was confirmed by Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko.

The top official of Yanukovych era is charged with embezzlement of state-owned assets and causing damage of some UAH 4 billion [USD 160 million] to Ukraine................
"The provocateurs came in an organized group, they lit firecrackers, pelted the building with eggs and then went away," an embassy officer told Ukrainian journalists.

He added that the attackers were shouting anti-Ukrainian slogans, and the police did not interfere with the events.

The incident involving about 200 of young men took place head of Sunday's Russia Day.

On June 10 a similar rally took place in Ukraine's southern city of Odesa, where the activists picketed Russia's Consulate General building.....
Oil investors are buying contracts that will only pay out if crude rises well above $100 a barrel over the next four years – a clear sign some believe today's bust is sowing the seeds of the next boom, according to Bloomberg.

The options deals, which brokers said bear the hallmarks of trades made by hedge funds, appear to be based on the belief that current low prices will generate a supply crunch as oil companies cut billions of dollars in spending on developing fields. The International Energy Agency forecasts that non-OPEC supply will suffer its biggest decline in more than two decades this year, Bloomberg wrote. "The market faces a supply crunch in the next 24 months," said Francisco Blanch, head of commodities research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York. "Some hedge funds are betting that oil prices will need to rise sharply to bring demand down again – that's why they are buying deep out-of-the-money call options." Over the last month, investors have bought call options – giving the right to buy at a predetermined price and time – for late 2018, 2019 and 2020 at strike prices of $80, $100 and $110 a barrel, according to data from the New York Mercantile Exchange and the U.S. Depository Trust & Clearing Corp....................

To read further go to this link:

Ammunition seized for further destruction.

About 2,000 rounds of ammunition from World War II discovered in mid-Buda Sumy region. This was reported in the press service HUNP in Sumy region.

By mid-Buda Police called 40-year-old local resident, who said that when searching for the lost rings his wife in a city park, a distance of 300 meters from residential buildings, he found a mine during World War II. Police officers who arrived on a call, found hundreds more ammunition caliber 50 mm without fuses.

When the scene pyrotechnics examined, we found another 1,910 rounds of ammunition.

As noted, munitions without fuses, including - 1260-millimeter mortar 50 mines and 650 pieces of 45-millimeter shells from World War II, made in Germany.   In Ukrainian/український
49-year-old director of reported suspicions

In the Dnieper area manager of one of the companies reported suspicions of embezzlement of budget funds in the amount of 830 thousand UAH. He faces up to 12 years in prison, the press service of the Department of Economics Natspolitsiyi protection.

Uzes Operatives found that in 2014 between the company and the Department of City Council concluded the contract for carrying out works on major repairs of residential buildings located in the city. Kamenskoe Dnipro area.

"In carrying out such work, such as repairing elevators, from the budget has been allocated funds amounting to more than 2.7 million. At the expense of the company listed almost 830 thousand UAH, but repairs elevators nobody was going to hold. The received funds from the budget head company immediately transferred to the account of a fictitious company, "- said in a statement.

Currently, 49-year-old director of reported suspicion of theft of state budget

According to this fact Investigation Department Kamensky Police Department in HUNP opened criminal proceedings under Part. 5, Art. 191 of the Criminal Code (misappropriation, embezzlement or taking them through abuse of office).   In Ukrainian/український

The match of the 1st round of the Euro 2016 Group C in Germany - Ukraine could take place under the roof.

About this in his Twitter correspondent of team Ukraine France Vladimir Bogachev.

"Tomorrow storm is expected, so the match is likely to hold the roof, like today's training," - he explained.

Recall that the match Ukraine - Germany on 12 June. Kick-off at 22:00. The match will be held in Lille.   In Ukrainian/український
"This is disinformation, the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] forces remain at their positions, and the ATO line remains invariable," the spokesman told Interfax-Ukraine on Saturday...........
Ukrainian military aviator Nadia Savchenko said she would take a lie-detector test to silence critics that have suggested she might be a double agent for Russia. Savchenko spent nearly two years in Russian captivity before she was released in May. After receiving a hero's welcome and being sworn in as a lawmaker, recent polls show a dip in her popularity. Speaking to Oleksandr Lashchenko, host of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service program Saturday Interview, Savchenko accused some Ukrainian media of misrepresenting her.

"I would like not to comment on the issues linked to the possible swap of our prisoners of war or hostages who are staying in the hands of terrorists and their masterminds in the Kremlin… When the fates of our prisoners are at stake, I would like not to violate agreements by any word. There are different ways, including at the pretrial investigation, court hearing and conviction stages. We can resolve the issues if there are political agreements," Lutsenko said at a briefing in Kyiv on Saturday..............

To read further go to this link:
US Jay-Bill Corp. is showcasing its investment project in Zakarpatya which will create several thousands of new jobs, oblast administration reports June 10.

Total investment within 3 years will amount to $55 million, the largest in Ukraine. Jay-Bill is to build a new plant by the yearend, increasing its workforce from the present 2,000 to 5,000.

Jay-Bill is the world’s third largest manufacturer of electronics with a yearly turnover of $18 bn.

The corporation has 102 plants worldwide, employing 80,000 workers.

Jay-Bill has been operating in Zakarpatya for 10 years now. It pays its workers an average monthly salary of UAH4,000 ($160) plus an impressive social package including transportation to/from work, food, medical insurance. Engineers get salaries between $320 and $1,200 per month.

The Carpathian area is a gold mine for Ukraine, if it can make it one of its priorities to fix the worse roads I've ever driven through. Beautiful mountainous horizons, Colors beyond compare. But what will continue to keep tourists from returning is its roads.

I spent six days driving through it, and the worse part of traveling through it was, I spent a majority of the time paying attention to driving and weaving around the potholes than enjoying its background beauty. Of course we know it has a lot to do with corruption regarding its funding from the government. Till that's corrected, Ukraine will continue shorting itself from a big prosperous tourism potential.

Investments will and can be very big in the Carpathians, but with these horrible conditions, it'll be slow in creating prosperity in that area.

I'm glad I got full coverage for my rental car, and glad that it withstood tremendous damage. So I can imagine a citizens cost to live in those areas. I would love to buy land there and build a home. I couldn't ask for more, from such beautiful surroundings and the savings as compared to living in the US.

So Ukraine, do something to make the beauty the country has to make it a great European country. The people deserve it.

Here's a short video on what I experienced leaving the hotel in Vorokhta, Ukraine I stayed in.

Headquarters: Military loss in the area ATU - 2 dead, 10 injured
Saturday, 11 June 2016 13:40

During the last day of hostilities in the area ATO 1 killed one Ukrainian soldier, another soldier was killed as a result of a truck hitting a mine.
This June 11 at the briefing said AP spokesman for the ATO Andrei Lysenko.
According to the staff, and 10 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded, one of them was injured as a result of undermining stretch to two military personnel were injured during enemy attacks.
"Combat loss over the past day are: two soldiers dead and ten wounded," - said Lysenko.
According to Lysenko in the area ATO in Donetsk area remains tense....
on Sat Jun 11, 2016 4:53 amNelson
Soviet Sergey ‏@SovietSergey  13 ч.13 часов назад
We used to be in G7½.
[Lavrov is much taller than Putin!]


Soviet Sergey ‏@SovietSergey  16 ч.16 часов назад
We might try to grow bananas in Belarus.
on Sat Jun 11, 2016 4:10 amNelson
Euan MacDonald: Divide and re-conquer?
I don't normally recommend articles in the Yulia Post, but this is not bad. Opinion. And some of it maybe a bit dodgy.
Towards the end he's basically suggesting - like with Savchenko - negotiating with the Putin puppets, particularly with the Lugansk guy.
I think if Plotnitsky tries to get his own "kingdom" within free Ukraine, then Putin will simply remove him.
Article is by Scottish journalist Macdonald. For more on him, see our
Journalists reporting on Ukraine sticky.
Parliament to adopt new law on screening officials if current one abolished, - Speaker Parubii

Understanding that the Constitutional Court plans to abolish the key articles of the lustration law.
They need something to weed out the pro-Russian spies in all levels of government and the army.
Terrorists use heavy weapons all along contact line. Sabotage group tried to infiltrate Marinka area, - ATO press center
In English
Two bodies with Russian army chevrons found in Luhansk region

The grave site was found due to a sign with the name, the birth and death dates of a fighter, who was buried there. The sign reads: "Sergey Shirolapov, 09.02.1971 – 19.02.2015. Novorossiya's Militia." "One more grave site has been spotted. We're retrieving the remains for further examination," Evacuation coordinator Mykhailo Kotylevsky said.

One of the dead bodies had a fragment of the clothes with a chevron saying "Russia – the Armed Forces." The second body has not been identified yet.

Probably two more from Siberia who "got lost".
Churkin again lied to the UN Security Council meeting
Saturday, June 11, 2016, 5:52

Head of the Russian delegation to the UN Vitaly Churkin during a meeting of the Security Council on Friday tried to spread false statements that Ukraine did not officially appeal to the UN to request the deployment of a peacekeeping mission in the occupied areas of Donbas.
Permanent Representative of Ukraine Volodymyr Yelchenko UN reacted to the Russian diplomat attempts to distort the situation, reports Ukrinform.
"Today the Russian delegation resorted to lies again, this time saying that the Security Council received no request from Ukraine to deploy a peacekeeping operation," - said Yelchenko after the speech in the UN Security Churkin.
"For the protocol: Ukraine formally addressed at the highest level to this Council, as well as the Secretary-General with the request at least twice" - the Ukrainian representative.
In this regard, he recalled the address of the President of Ukraine to the UN Security Council and the General Assembly approved by Parliament March 17, 2015. Yelchenko also noted that the document was not even registered with the Secretariat under the number S / 2015/225....

Cherkin = Russian = liar.
Putin, Lavrov and Cherkin. The three biggest liars in world politics.
At the headquarters of the ATO reported on night attacks and loss militants
Saturday, June 11, 2016, 7:51

During the last day recorded 46 cases opening fire across the boundary line near Donetsk DRG enemy suffered losses.
The press center ATO headquarters.
Thus, Mariupol direction the enemy made 12 attacks sighting mortar positions near Krasnogorivka Armed Forces of Ukraine and Novotroitsk. In the area of ​​Marinka, Shyrokynoho Talakivky and Russian mercenaries fired with small arms, machine guns and grenade launchers of various systems. Around 23.00 the positions near Krasnogorivka Armed Forces fired three tank......

Intensified and Russian saboteurs. Specifically outskirts of Donetsk was observed nomination sabotage and reconnaissance groups opponent of up to 4 people towards strongholds near Marinka. As it opened cross-fire with small arms, forcing the enemy to retreat. From DRG loss of 2 people.
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