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49 attacks by Russians on Ukraine, including artillery.
Update 1: Avdivka shelling last night. 400 shells in 2 hours from Putin. Rada Deputy reports 4 dead, 13 injured there.
Update 2: AP saying 0 dead, 12 injured in ATO zone yesterday.
Update 3: statement saying that Update 1 is false. i.e. the Rada Deputy gave incorrect information. See various postings below for more.

Yesterday quite a lot of rain, but this morning the sky is clearer.
Quite cool. 15 at 0900. Sunshine, light cloud around the capital.
Update: 20 at 1500, also 1800.

Footie -
Ukraine play Germany today (late). 2200. Ukraine time.

Gay Parad -
as it is called here. Taking place now. Lots and lots of media.
The BBC have sent Burrdge, the Spanish language guy, specially to cover it.
I think they are expecting trouble. The Pravi Sektor are there also.
Good police presence.
Expect the Russian press and Shaun Walker types to make a meal of this event, whatever happens.
Looking at photos, it started at the university. (Schevchenko Raion). Last year it was by the Dnepr in obolon.
This time - goes to Kreschatik.
Update 1045. Seems to have ended without any problems. Live report now on Kanal 112.

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Vladislav Grib, recently appointed a personal representative to the OSCE’s Chairperson-in-Office was directly involved in rubberstamping the scam ‘referendum’ used by Russia to try to justify its invasion and annexation of Crimea in 2014. His new appointment as personal representative “on combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination”, etc. seems especially inappropriate given his part in warmongering lies in September 2014 which grossly distorted information provided by the OSCE Observer Mission in Ukraine.

Grib’s active role in rubberstamping a fake ‘referendum’ was in no way concealed as the statement issued by the so-called “Civil Control’ organization, with his signature first, makes quite clear.

This statement begins as follows:

“An all-Crimean referendum was scheduled for 16 March 2014 by the lawfully formed bodies of power – the Crimean parliament and Sevastopol City Council – after the state coup in Ukraine, the coming to power of a self-proclaimed government and the orgy of radical nationalists, neo-Nazis and criminal forces”.

No mention is made of the seizure of control by Russian soldiers without insignia who forced a ‘parliamentary session’ at gunpoint, nor of the fact that Ukraine’s Constitution stipulates that any decision changing Ukraine’s territory must be put to a nationwide vote.

The so-called ‘referendum’ was condemned not only by the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, or representative assembly of the largest indigenous people of Crimea, Ukraine’s government and civic bodies, but also by the OSCE, the EU, European Parliament and all democratic countries.

Civil Control, however, found essentially no violations and repeated the unrealistic turnout results which even the Russian Human Rights Council, an advisory body to President Vladimir Putin, have acknowledged were grossly inflated. There was no criticism of the two ‘choices’ given in this event, neither of which allowed Crimeans to opt for the status quo. One of the two available options was so unlikely to be understood by voters, that a vote in favour of the other – ‘joining Russia’ – would have still been rigged, even if there had been any grounds for believing in a fair vote count. There were none.

The ‘observer mission’ was as fraudulent as the referendum itself. According to Anton Shekhovtsov, a researcher on far-right movements who spotted many of those he monitors at the event, Civil Control was directly involved in coordinating observers. He says that it recruited the Russian team itself, while turning to ‘friends’ whose organizations have consistently provided their services. The international group was led by Mateusz Piskorski from the European Centre of Geopolitical Analysis (ECGA). Piskorski, who is currently under arrest on spying charges in Poland, has for many years now faithfully served as a mouthpiece in support of Putin’s Russia. Other Russian electoral stunts he has approved were in St Petersburg, Moldova and Donbas. At least some of the ‘observers’were from the Belgium-based Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections headed by Luc Michel and Jean-Pierre Vandersmissen, both supporters of the neo-Nazi Jean-François Thiriart and members of the extreme right Parti Communautaire National-Européen (PCN-NCP). The list of observers included representatives of the far-right parties Jobbik (Hungary); Ataka (Bulgaria); Vlaams Belang (Belgium); Freedom Party (Austria) and others. There were also members of neo-Stalinist or extreme left-wing parties, including Germany’s Die Linke. Two Bundestag deputies from this German party have since twice visited militant-controlled Donbas, providing propaganda stunts for the so-called ‘Donetsk people’s republic’.

Given Grib’s new career move, it is worth noting that the above-mentioned Luc Michel, who has also taken part in similar performances by Kremlin-backed militants in Donbas, was presented by the Russian government-controlled TV Rossiya 24 as from the OSCE. The latter neither observed nor recognized the alleged results of the event.


To read further go to this link: 
The revolution of dignity was not only against Yanukovych, but also European values

Serhiy Leshchenko, MP from "MFP" believes that equality march should be held in a country that seeks to change and gradually changing.

"I was on that march last year. The issue of human rights and European values. The revolution of dignity was not only against Yanukovych, but also European values, to ensure that Ukraine joined the European space, not in words but in reality, "- he stressed.

"Events such as equality march is a sign that the country is changing. When MPs take part in such events - a sign that attention turns to human rights, which were previously considered not guaranteed in Ukraine ", - said the deputy.   In Ukrainian/український

In my recent travels to Ukraine, I noticed attitudes changing and freedoms being expressed more than before 2004 Maidan. I was told by an American that has lived in Ukraine for the past 4 years that the young crowd which haven't been exposed to the old soviet days are wanting more freedoms of expression, as we've seen with the LGBTQ group. I saw events such as bike rallies which weren't seen in the past. Young students gathering to enjoy what a free life can bring. More local events are occurring that were never seen in the past, even in the somewhat now pro-Russian areas of the country.

IMO, Ukraine will NEVER go back to the past, as millions have seen since 2004 how much more enjoyable life can be without having to bow to a lunatic leader. NEVER will the want to past. The only ones that still want the past are the old sector which is becoming minimal as time goes by.

Ukraine in the near future is going to be a prosperous powerhouse within Europe. I won't doubt one day they'll call the shots on what should be in Europe. of what I recently saw of Ukraine, and I've hounded about it many times in the past, it's potential is immeasurable. The country's so rich in so many ways. I know Ukrainians won't boast about it, but they all know what Ukraine has to offer the rest of the globe as many top governments have seen recently and are getting on the bandwagon to take advantage of the vast opportunities, such as China and Saudi Arabia, just to mention a couple.

Their manufacturing in the military sector will jump to the top as they recently were (#4). Their military force will be top quality to defend itself. Their exports will continue to expand as we've seen recently.

Never underestimate Ukraine, just desire what it has to offer.

слава Україні.

on Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:44 pmAdmin
A spokesman for "Right sector" said that the soldiers were killed in a powerful attacks near the mine Module.

The "Right Sector" report four dead soldiers Ukrainian Volunteer Corps for the past day.

It is reported by the BBC.

A spokesman for "Right Sector" Artem Skoropodaskyy said that the soldiers were killed in a powerful attacks near the mine Module.

"According to preliminary information, also killed two fighters Battalion" Aydar "- added Skoropadskyi.

He announced a "funeral spontaneous action" in memory of those killed in Maidan in Kiev on Sunday evening.

On those killed in the mine Module wrote in his Facebook MP Ihor Lutsenko.

"The shelling was intense and long. Destroyed many buildings. Fell roof "- said Lutsenko.   In Ukrainian/український
The Russian Football Union will most likely be fined by UEFA after Russian fans attacked England fans in Marseille, a Russian minister has said, according to Deutsche Welle (DW).

Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said the option of a fine was most likely following clashes between England and Russia fans after the Euro 2016 match in Marseille, R-Sport news agency reported, DW wrote. "We will have a fine from [European soccer's governing body] UEFA, so I understand. We behaved incorrectly," Mutko said. Russian officials will also investigate what happened, he added, noting what he said were "many nuances." Earlier, Mutko claimed there had been "no clash...that's being exaggerated; in fact, everything is fine here." Mutko, who has been accused by the World Anti-Doping Agency of complicity in a state doping program, called the charge "laughable." Read also Reuters: Russian anti-doping czar knows 'where bodies are buried' "When the match ended, there was no barrier between the fans. The British were upset, of course, but it all quickly dissolved. "Such matches should be organized properly. It is necessary to separate the fans. The bad thing is that there were firecrackers and flares," Mutko said...................

To read further go to this link: 

Protesters set in front of the Embassy of small symbolic urn for collecting the funds needed for Russian troops return home.

Representatives of the NGO "honor, dignity, Motherland" held in front of the Russian Embassy in Chisinau protests demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Transnistrian region of Moldova.
It is reported Ukrinform.

Protesters set in front of the Embassy of small symbolic urn for collecting the funds needed for Russian troops return home.

Recall that in the Transnistrian region Task Force stationed Russian troops (more than a thousand soldiers), and in the village Kolbasna Rybnitsa area are warehouses with ammunition, which holds more than twenty thousand tons of bombs and shells.   In Ukrainian/український
According to preliminary data, the attacker was committed to "radical Islamist ideology," the official confirmation of his ties with extremist groups there.

Embassy of Ukraine to the United States expressed condolences to relatives of victims of the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando.
"We mourn for the victims of this tragedy. We condemn any violence and any reason. We must make every effort to strive for greater tolerance in our societies, "- said in a statement at the embassy on Facebook.

A fire in the night gay club "Pulse" on the night of June 12, 50 people were killed and 53 wounded. The attack made the man named Omar Matin, who was killed during a police assault. According to preliminary data, the attacker was committed to "radical Islamist ideology," the official confirmation of his ties with extremist groups there.

President Barack Obama called the attack horrific "act of hate" and urged Americans not to succumb to fear.   In Ukrainian/український
The funds will go to victims in the Donbas

Pope Francis at the Vatican initiated a special committee for the allocation of funds to help the Ukrainian affected by the war in Donbas.

It is reported Vatican Radio.

In technical committee included five persons appointed head of the Bishop of Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhya Jan Sobilo. One member appointed jointly by the Pontifical Council Cor Unum and the organization Caritas Internationalis. The mandate of the committee will operate for one year and will be extended if need be.

The Committee will see to it that the funds were actually victims. It will consider proposals from various inter-religious bodies or individual bishops from different regions.

It is unknown the exact amount of money raised - they convey to Rome by bishops' conferences. The money will give people affected by the hostilities, regardless of religion, creed or ethnicity.

As you know, in early April, Pope Francis called on the faithful to support Ukraine and conduct charitable donations.   In Ukrainian/український
One person was hospitalized with injuries

In Kiev, the unknown group of 10 people broke two participants "March equality for LGBT rights" near the metro station "Exhibition Center".

This is reported by "Ukrainian News".

One of the victims was hospitalized with injuries of medium severity.

Hold a group of unidentified policeman failed. Other participants of the march (9 people) forward to safely leave the scene under guard patrol policemen.

The march participants point to several cases of such beatings in several districts of Kyiv.

As is known, previously head of emergency hut Dekanoidze said that the march of equality in Kiev was detained and taken to police rayviddilkiv 57 persons for violation of law, drawn up 10 protocols adminporushennya.   In Ukrainian/український
Russians sent home with prohibition to return to France and the Schengen area for a period

Two Russian football fans who were arrested in clashes in Marseille before, brought administrative charges.

The press attache of the Russian embassy in Paris, Sergei Parinova, writes Interfax.

"Probably in a few days sent them home with a ban on returning to France and the Schengen area for some time," - said the diplomat.

Parinova added that five Russians who received minor injuries in clashes already discharged from the hospital.

As you know, on the eve of Marseilles continued clashes between fans of national teams and England, the police water cannon dispersed opponents. As a result of clashes injured more than 35 people after a match Russian fans in the stands could broke England, where a fight ensued.

Russian Sports Minister President of the Russian Football Union (RFU) Vitaly Mutko said the fights in the stands immediately after the match England-was not.   In Ukrainian/український
Industrial companies are stalled in the rebel-held part of Donbas due to the pressure by pro-Putin separatist leaders - this is the opinion of the Russia-based

It is weird that the newspaper that cannot be described as Ukraine’s loyal friend is reporting the sad news, putting the blame on the separatist leaders.

Such flagship plants as the Alchevsk Steel and Donetsk Steel have stopped, and the Avdijyvka Coke plant was damaged by shelling and is temporarily out of business.

A number of other Donetsk big plants are on the verge of a closure. The interruption of cargo transportation with Ukraine on May 30 has given the ominous dimension to the overall situation.  

 “The intyerruption was declared by the rebel leaders at loud  pre-paid rallies by railway men in Debaltseve and Yasynuvata where the separatists demanded to be paid wages by mainland Ukraine. It is absolutely clear that the rallies were incited by the rebel leaders,” reports.   In Ukrainian/український
"March of Equality" in Kiev, Amnesty International praised as progress in strengthening human rights (Krym.Realii)
You won't read that from Shaun Walker and Seumas Milne in RIA Novosti, or The Guardian.

I mentioned Burridge's report above, but the BBC have linked it to this headline on the main page -

Tom Burridge: Ukraine's gay rights battleground
The actual heading - Ukraine gay rights tension mirrors post-Maidan upheaval - appears at the link.

Maybe the BBC should substitute Ukraine with Orlando?!
50 dead in a gay club there today - but that's fairly normal in the US.
The American consitition enshrines the right to mass-killings. They call it the "right to bear arms" there.
A rather unfortunate heading - "gay rights battleground" - from the bbc today, one might suggest...
Some editor trying to "do the dirty" on Ukraine again?! Could be. Some prathead bbc Sunday editor half drunk after Saturday night on the town.
Russia commands recruits women prisoners as snipers "DNR" (Charter'97)
...."One solution to the problem of acquisition of Russian occupation troops in the field " sniper" was the preparation and involvement of women in such activities, serving time in the women's penitentiary Snezhnyanskiy №127 (Donetsk region). According to reports, the relevant work is carried instructors Russian Armed Forces, "- said in a statement....
What is Putin and his Russian banda turning the Donbas into?
EU and US sanctions against Russia should continue, - the President of Moldova (Tsenzor.Net)
.....Meeting on Saturday with Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, who arrived in Chisinau on a visit, the Moldovan president said that his country's breakaway region, Transnistria, became a "first experiment" of the Kremlin to foment pro-Russian separatist conflict Tsenzor.NET reports with reference to Crimea .Realii.
[Also read: Moldova insists on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the unrecognized Transnistria]
Moscow has supported separatists in Transdniestria, long before the start of supporting separatists in Ukraine, which caused the Western sanctions, Timofti said. "And Russia's interest to maintain its influence in Moldova, which creates serious obstacles to the rapprochement of Moldova with the European Union", - he stressed....


Will the ex-Soviet wasteland called Transdniestr ever become free again? Only babushkas left there now.
on Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:42 amNelson

Much better than any violence. Have a good sing-along with people of other nations Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Information about significant Army losses is not true. Only three soldiers were wounded last night, - ATO Staff
...."The information, published on Facebook by MP Evhen Deidei, about significant losses among the Armed Forces of Ukraine during last night is not true! According to the verified information, no one Ukrainian soldier was killed but 12 soldiers were injured over the past 24 hours (as of 12: 00 a.m.). All servicmen were provided with medical assistance," emphasized in the Staff.

Moreover, it was reported about three wounded soldiers as of 2 p.m., June 12. ....


Hopefully that is true. If so, very very irresponsible of the MP. Loved ones must be very worried anyway, without disinformation.
100,000 flee 'worsening oppression' as Russia tightens grip on Crimea
....But Tamila Tasheva, the co-founder and coordinator of Crimea SOS, a Ukrainian charity, said the real figure was as high as 100,000. "There are more and more people leaving Crimea as the repression becomes worse," she said. "Our offices are full of requests and applications for help for people and their children."

The new estimate is based on data disclosed by Ukraine's authorities. Between January 2015 and April this year, there was a net movement of 73,100 people out of Crimea and into the adjacent region of Ukraine, according to the National Border Guard Service.

That period does not include the first nine months of Russia's occupation, ....


Wow. I don't believe it.... I just don't believe it.
DAVID BLAIR again!! In the Telegraph. What has happened?
It looks like Blair has gone to Ukraine, and begun to understand the situation a little, rather than sitting behind a desk in London, or Africa.
A good headline. You certainly would never ever get anything like this from scumballs like Russiaprofile and Guardian writer Shaun Walker, and the Russian "journalists" , that is for sure.
Finally something of the truth of the situation in Ukraine in the British press - admittedly after two years.

Ukraine is a great European state. Lest we forget, it is still at war
....Thanks to the predatory ambitions of Vladimir Putin, Ukraine is the sole European country that is waging war on its own soil. And Kiev has a very 20th century ritual: the daily announcement of the communiqué from the front. At 12.30 precisely, Colonel Andriy Lysenko, a lantern-jawed military spokesman, reads out the latest news from the east, where Ukrainian troops are fighting battles of attrition with Russian forces and their local allies, who occupy about half of the neighbouring regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.....
The “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk are the unrecognised orphans of Europe. Russia props them up with weapons, troops and money, but has declined to follow its own example in Crimea and actually annex them. Mr Putin does not want to bear the full cost of the bankrupt statelets he has created by force of arms....


Well, well, well....
This is David Blair in the Daily Telegraph. Wow. Two years ago he was writing articles critical of Ukraine, saying its armed forces were being "heavy handed" fighting against Putin's army and air force. What a turn-around. What has happened to him? I think he must have visited Kiev.
Blair - is an expert on Africa. He is not an idiot, but was clearly swept up in pro-Putin propaganda two years' ago. A right-wing Seamus Milne.
Now - well - it shows that there is hope for all journalists....
on Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:23 amNelson
Germany v Ukraine preview: Defensive headache for Joachim Low
World Cup winners Germany commence their bid to claim the European crown in Sunday evening’s opening game against Ukraine.
The Germans will be strong favourites to make a winning start, although a growing injury list is sure to raise Ukrainian hopes of an upset in Lille.
Defence is undoubtedly the weakest link for manager Joachim Low going into the game, with a huge question mark surrounding the fitness of Mats Hummels who is struggling to shake off a calf problem....

[Long detailed review]

Euro 2016 Germany v Ukraine preview: World champions desperate for more glory
Reigning World Cup winners Germany kick off their campaign against a tricky opponent on Sunday night, and come into the tournament off the back of some questionable form. The qualifying campaign started badly, and Germany were then beaten 3-2 by England in March - a match in which the English tore apart the world champions' defence late on. Germany are a classic 'tournament team', however, and as the Joachim Low quotes below make clear, they have every confidence in their ability to turn it on when it matters....
11 minutes ago
From the section Europe
Uefa has begun disciplinary proceedings against Russia's Football Union after "totally unacceptable" scenes at Saturday's England-Russia game.
Footage appeared to show Russia fans rush at England supporters after the 1-1 Euro 2016 draw in Marseille.
Charges against Russia are for crowd disturbances, racist behaviour, and setting off fireworks, Uefa confirmed....

I am sure with a couple of million euros to Uefa officials from Putin, and all will be ok ... Blatter, Platini, and the gang.
Staff: No dead in the ATO zone, but 12 soldiers injured
1834 views 0
Sunday, June 12, 2016, 12:55

In the area of ​​ATU on the last day of Ukrainian soldiers nobody killed there, 12 have received wounds.
This was at the briefing on June 12 AP spokesman for the ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
According to him, while 5 soldiers injured near the mine Module, three of them - because of the shelling, 2 - as a result of the explosion grenades.
"Another five soldiers were wounded near Novotroitsk by a mortar attack by the enemy. One soldier suffered injuries due to close Krasnogorivka grenade fire, another - near the towns Mayorsk as a result of mortar grenade attack by militants" - said Motuzyanyk...
People's Deputy: Militants struck overnight on Avdiyivka, 4 soldiers killed
Sunday, June 12, 2016, 11:25

On the night of June 12, gunmen fired towns Avdiyivka positions and 128 Brigade and the "Right Sector", due to shelling killed four soldiers and 13 wounded.
This was said in his Facebook MP Eugene Dade.
"All night the enemy forces fired Ukrainian position. All night the enemy hit by Avdiyivka. The invaders made accurate artillery strikes on the positions of the soldiers of 128 Brigade and the" Right Sector ". During the night, the Ukrainian side has suffered significant losses: four fighters were killed and 13 wounded. The two men still can not find ... All Ukrainian units given in full combat readiness, "- said Dade.
As you know, the headquarters of the ATO reported that for the last day recorded 49 attacks MAT positions of the militants. Of these, 24 - in Mariupol, 19 - in Donetsk and 6 - in Lugansk areas.
At the Equality March in Kiev, police detained about 50 people
Aggressive people did not respond to police requests.
The Metropolitan Police said the arrest of around 50 violent persons during the Equality March in Kiev. It is reported by the press service of GUNP in Kiev.
"The Metropolitan Police Department was taken about 50 violent persons who do not respond to the requests of the police", - said in a statement.
Law enforcers promise to establish who they are, to take an explanation and to provide a legal assessment of their actions.
on Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:21 amNelson
I should add, I believe it is officially now called the "March of equality".

Last year I witnessed the gathering on the banks of the Dnepr at Obolon.
People gathered. A large police presence. A lot of curious onlookers. A few nutters attacking the police.

This year - held in the centre of Kiev. I didn't go. Watched on tv. Event seems to have passed by without major violence.
One or two nutters shouting obscene things were stopped by the police. Rightly so.
Large police presence. No problems that I saw.

Some reports.
BBC - from before it all happened... not bad actually, even thought this is Spanish boy Burridge from Bristol.
Basically - Ukraine is in a no-win situation. I agree with his write-up.

Ukraine gay rights tension mirrors post-Maidan upheaval

Kyiv's LGBT Community Holds A March Of Equality
[Saying 10 injured, 5 police. But not sure of source. I've heard nothing major on the tv channels.
Most of this report was written before the event.]

Tom Burridge ‏@TomBurridgebbc  37 мин.37 минут назад
Gay pride 'equality march' seems to have passed off peacefully in Kiev amid tight security #ukraine
Terrorists fired about 400 shells at Ukrainian soldiers near Avdiivka last night, - ATO press service
...Moreover, the terrorists fired about 400 shells at Ukrainian soldiers near Avdiivka since 9 p.m. till midnight....

And the French senate, the Greeks, Italians want sanctions dropped against Russia? Sick people.
"If there are no talks with terrorist leaders, we will never have peace on our Ukrainian land," - Savchenko
....At the same time the MP stressed that the withdrawal of Russian soldiers and the sealing of Ukraine's border with Russia must precede such negotiations. "We have an open border," she noted. "I was abducted through those holes in the border. I have seen loads of Russian weapons, Russian instructors, Russian mercenaries, Chechens flowing in," Savchenko added. .
According to polls, Savchenko is losing popularity.
Bound to happen in politics.
HQ - militants frie using banned mortars and artillery
Sunday, June 12, 2016, 7:38

During the last day recorded 49 attacks MAT positions of the militants. Of these, 24 - in Mariupol, 19 - in Donetsk and 6 - in Lugansk areas.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
"The opponent hatyv on our positions from Minsk II banned weapons, completing 29 and 4 mortar shelling of bases," - said in a statement.
In Mariupol direction under mortar fire fighters were positions forces ATO near Krasnogorivka, Marinka, Novotroitsk and Berioza. Near Vod, Gran and Taramchuka attacks were terrorists with small arms, machine guns and large-caliber grenade different systems.
In Donetsk area was uneasily beside Avdiyivka and industrial zones where militants fired machine guns, grenade launchers, anti-aircraft installations and mortars. There from 21.00 to midnight with guns and mortars fired by insurgents Ukrainian military about 400 mines and shells.
Under the blows of artillery terrorists find themselves and strengthen the forces ATO near questionnaire and mine Putilov. Also, militants fired two mortar checkpoint Mayorsk. At Nevel, Mayorska Zaitsev and bandits also fired on the positions of Ukrainian machine guns, grenade launchers and mortars of various systems.
In Lugansk area fighters with small arms and grenade launchers were firing near Novozvanivky and Novoaleksandrovky.


More attacks in the Mariupol area than at Donetsk.
Putin beginning to shift the attention towards his Crimean corridor?
In Donbass two soldiers from "Aidar" batallion killed
Sunday, June 12, 2016, 00:16

In Donbass night on June 11, killing two soldiers, "Aidar" four more were wounded.
This was reported at the battalion on Facebook.
"We have two dead and four wounded one (very heavy)," - said in a statement.
It is noted that major Makarevich, Boris "was killed while performing tasks as a result of undermining the regular car on the mini-tank."
In Donbass killing two soldiers, "Aidar"...
Aidar - I believe a batallion formed from people from Maidan.
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