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40 attacks yesterday by the Russian forces on Ukrainians. Update - 3 soldiers wounded.

A beautiful morning. 16 at 0900. Afternoon quite warm. 24C. Quite a bit of cloud.

Ukraine lost 2-0 to Germany last night in Euro 2016.

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Two patrol police employees have been detained by the Internal Security Department for a bribery attempt.

Censor.NET reports citing patrol police press service.

"The officers were caught red-handed during a joint anti-corruption operation by the Patrol Police Department in Odesa and the Internal Security Department. The Monitoring Department was notified of two patrol officers extorting money from citizens. The information was communicated to the Internal Security Department. A joint decision was taken to apprehend the perpetrators.

"The detainees are being transferred to the prosecutor's office for further investigation. The patrol police constantly works to effectively protect the safety of Ukrainian citizens! We will not tolerate corruption and other abuses in our midst!" the message notes.  In Ukrainian/український
I was beaten only in captivity. And then - only in the capture. But this is normal

MP, Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko said that in captivity it almost physically tortured, but apply moral pressure. She said in an interview with "Radio" Liberty " .

"They (investigators, jailers - Ed .) Very quickly realized that I can not in any way affect and torture in vain. Besides my popularity grew very quickly. Well struck, happened. But there was no torture. Another would have cried that dragged handcuffed tightly. I was beaten only in captivity. And then - only in the capture. But this is normal. And I was injured [shows scars from pass-through wound to his left arm above the wrist]. Transverse, easy ... "- she said.

Savchenko said that it used powerful psychological pressure. In particular, the constant surveillance, interception of mail, throw feykovoyi information, constant calls to interview.

"... Pidsadni duck. Hoisted me once a girl, but most of all, and refused to work. Its three days ago was taken. They said these words [as] 'you will die here, "of course. But said, "You did not shine. You do not need anyone there, so you better confess. " They wanted me admitted to the murder. Once I asked: "The aim of crossing the border?" I say I stole. They had a very close case of my kidnapping, "- said Savchenko.

As previously reported, Savchenko said that was able to escape from captivity.   In Ukrainian/український
I'm not stupid, I'm not deaf, not dumb, not blind. I understand everything and feel everything, said MP

MP, Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko said that it does not care what others say about her deputies, reports "Radio" Liberty. "

"After returning, I realized that politics and especially everything that happens around politics, the media, close to various policy organizations - is when people think one thing, say another, and do all the third. I think about what I think about? No, I think not. I spray this nonsense "- she said.

Hope added that now wants to avoid populism more work and less talk.

"I'm not looking for enemies. But if it turns out that someone will be on my way and I'll go and I know that my goal is correct, I would sweep it out of the way, no matter what. I'm not stupid, I'm not deaf, not dumb, not blind. I understand everything and feel everything. But this does not mean that I should be afraid. I'm not going to look for protection. I try not to provoke unjustified aggression against themselves. Everyone understands perfectly what I say and do the right thing. You think I did not protect the people? Where I come not everywhere organized itself some protection, "- she added.

Previously reported that Savchenko told about the circumstances in which it came into Russian captivity

Hope also expressed their views on the need for the entry of Ukraine into NATO.  In Ukrainian/український
Last week, the GPU has renewed deal Ivanyuschenka

Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko filed an application to the High Qualification Commission of Judges about the disciplining of two judges Pechersk district court of Kyiv, which is not brought timely decision on George Ivanyuschenka.

This was reported by the press service of the GPU.

According to the report, the judges almost two months did not take the decision at the request of the investigator with immediate consideration, for permission to arrest the suspect.

"The said unjustified delays judges Pechersk district court. Kyiv and proceedings resulted in failure to receive timely authorization to suspect George Ivanyuschenka and termination of international wanted list, making it impossible to arrest and detention of the wanted person following her extradition," - said in a statement.

As you know, earlier Ivanyuschenko achieved removing itself from the international wanted list. According to the MP from the MFP Serhiy Leshchenko, this happened with the support of the current leadership of the country, including - President Petro Poroshenko.

Recently it became known that Ivanyuschenko, who was hiding in Russia, was able to leave his family in Monaco.   In Ukrainian/український
In the Baltic countries and Poland, NATO plans to deploy on a rotational basis four multinational

NATO is taking on the eastern borders proportional defensive measures in response to the aggression of Russia in Ukraine.

This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday at a press conference in Brussels on the eve of the Council meeting of Defence Ministers 14-15 June, reports Interfax-Ukraine .

"We will regularly review our needs and the state of defense, but it is clear that what we did is, no doubt, a reaction to Russia's actions in Crimea, in the Ukraine, because the illegal annexation of Crimea to the Russian policy of destabilization of eastern Ukraine no not considered the military presence of this kind, we now will be on the east side of the alliance in the Baltic States and Poland "- said the NATO secretary general.

"This is a response to Russia's actions, but we do not want confrontation with Russia, we do not want a new" cold war ", we will continue to maintain a dialogue and call for a constructive relationship, because we believe it is important not only day we have, but in the long term it will be beneficial for Russia, for us all in the Euro-Atlantic area "- said the secretary general of the alliance.

Stoltenberg stressed that these battalions are part of much larger changes in the defense program and NATO deterrence, which includes increasing the number of NRF and 8 small new headquarters in the eastern part of the Alliance.

"All together - this is the right balance between a high ability to strengthen and increase our presence forefront", - he added.

Stoltenberg said that NATO will continue to work to improve the freedom of movement of troops and equipment allies, because speed can be crucial in the event of a threat.   In Ukrainian/український
Arrived on the scene unit Explosives

Part of the stadium "Stade de France" evacuated due to suspicious package found there.

It said the publication L'Equipe.

The package was found on Monday afternoon. In the evening at the "Stade de France" should pass game between the national teams of Sweden and Ireland.

The area around the suspicious object was surrounded by police. Part of the stadium evacuated

Arrived on the scene unit Explosives. However, it was found that the alarm was false and the stadium reopened.

Recall secret services of France and Germany warned of the likelihood of terrorist attacks during Euro 2016.   In Ukrainian/український
In the winery will be built in Ukraine's largest plant for the production of refrigeration equipment

The company UBC Group intends to invest 15 million euros in the construction of the plant for the production of refrigeration equipment in the winery. In 2014 the company decided to move all its power from the annexed Crimea and started looking for a platform for building a new plant in Ukraine. In September of the same year between the company and Vinnitsa City Council signed a memorandum of cooperation.

As reported at the Vinnytsia city council, after reaching the full capacity in 2020. The new plant will provide jobs for 1.5 thousand. People.

"This will be the largest in Ukraine, the most modern plant in the world in production of refrigeration products, which will be implemented in Ukraine, Eastern and Western Europe," - said at City Council.

"The project involves the construction of a modern enterprise, which will house under one roof the production, storage, administrative and household and office space. According to preliminary calculations, the investment will be EUR15 million ", - said the city council.

The plant to be built in three phases. The first stage, and its commissioning is scheduled for 2017. As part of the first stage is planned to enter the production capacity of 6 thousand. Units of commercial refrigeration equipment.

In the second phase (2017-2018 gg.) Production capacity should increase to 9000 issue of refrigerating cabinets, showcases a month. The third phase will be completed in 2020. Until now planned to expand the production area to20360 sq. m, Establish manufacturing freezer chests in the amount of 6 thousand. Pieces per month and increase production of refrigeration cabinets, showcases 15 thousand. Pcs. monthly..........   In Ukrainian/український
on Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:25 amNelson

WTI Crude Oil
$49.07 ▼-1.49 -3.04%

Brent Crude Oil
$50.54 ▼-1.41 -2.79%

Steady price is good for Ukraine. 50 dollars should be fine, regarding the budget.
Ukraine Throws All But Kitchen Sink at Russia’s Bond Lawsuit
London judges, no strangers to disputes involving vast sums of money and international corruption, will have to turn diplomat in deciding whether Russia bullied Ukraine over a $3 billion bond.
They’ve been asked to consider the annexation of Crimea as part of a document submitted by Ukraine’s lawyers last month in a lawsuit over a bond Kiev defaulted on in December. The 42-page defense also touches on political pressure and Russia’s support of a rebel conflict in Ukraine’s east that crippled the economy and made it impossible to repay the debt....
on Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:33 amNelson
Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  18 ч.18 часов назад
Germany playing our Ukraine Oblast is a massive provocation & Russophobic act.
[re footie )) ]

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  21 ч.21 час назад
If Russia is disqualified from the Euro Cup, i'll start the Euro Invasion.


Soviet Sergey ‏@SovietSergey 21 ч.21 час назад
No. Those bitches would let us bomb a stadium if we pay them a few million bucks. Soviet Sergey добавил(а),

Maria Rainczuk @MariaRainczuk
@SovietSergey Will FIFA?

Soviet Sergey ‏@SovietSergey 21 ч.21 час назад
UEFA doesn't have the balls to ban us.
Gas stocks in Ukraine's inventories 11.2% up after completion of heating season
...imports of natural gas since early June came only from Slovakia in the smallest volumes – slightly less than 500,000 cubic meters a day. No gas was imported from Hungary, Poland and Russia....
Presume Ukraine waiting until July when gas should be cheaper still.
Will Russia set a market price, or still demand an above average price from Ukraine?
If so, Ukraine will buy from western Europe again.
Batkivshchyna faction MPs and its head Tymoshenko left Rada’s coordination board
....The incident occurred after Rada Speaker Andrii Parubii had refused to put to a vote inclusion of four bills on gas extraction tariffs and tax rates in the next week's agenda prior to announcement of findings made by the relevant committees regarding them, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine television channel. ....

Priority for Tymoshenko - elections - and to be the next President of Ukraine.
Batkivshina in opposition. Expecting their bills to be tabled.

Parubii tangled with Tymoshenko as she failed to stay within time limit at coordination board. VIDEO

Ukraine reports record number of Donbas casualties in last four weeks
...."We have an absolutely record number of the dead and wounded at the front over the past four weeks, including among civilians. And, obviously, security in Donbas, its significant deterioration is the key point, which does not allow speaking about the possibility of solving issues in the humanitarian and economic spheres... The security situation in the east is a priority," Gerashchenko said.....
Three soldiers wounded yesterday in the ATO area - Staff
Monday, June 13, 2016, 12:51

One day in the area of anti-terrorist operation three soldiers injured.
This at a traditional briefing on Monday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"For the past 24 hours no dead Ukrainian soldiers there, three of them were injured," - said the colonel.

As far as i understand, the march passed of peacefully. About 2000 people took part.
I understand the police detained some youths.
Similar marches also in Poland, Germany...
Sad - the same day - Orlando.... 50 shot dead in a gay club. Madness. Now beginning to appear like a (lone) terrorist attack.
Four fighters of Right Sector killed; information about killed Ukrainian soldier confirmed by several sources, up to 20 wounded and shell-shocked, - Butusov about losses at front line on June 12
Sunday night, the Ukrainian side incurred significant human losses in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area.
This was announced by Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.
"Losses at the front line on the night of June 12. As a result of Russia's heavy artillery shelling of Butivka mine, four fighters of the Right Sector were killed. One soldier of the Right Sector has gone missing - he is being searched for. Also, one soldier of the Ukrainian army has been killed - the number of his unit is being specified," he wrote.
According to Butusov, uo to 20 people have been wounded and shell-shocked at the front line. ..

Various conflicting reports. But the Ukrainian military don't normally report volunteer batallion losses.
"Kiev"  airport to be renamed in honor of the Sikorsky aircraft [designer], and "Borispol" - the artist Malevich (Interfax-Ukraine)
...International airport "Kiev" (Juliani) will be renamed in honor of the aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky, and the international airport "Borispol" (both Kiev), the largest airport in the country - in honor of the artist Kazimir Malevich....

Sikorsky I have heard of. Kazimir Malevich? Who?
Better of with Taras Schevchenko. Or...
This on Malevich from wiki
Born Kazimir Severinovich Malevich Russian: Казими́р Севери́нович Мале́вич
23 February 1878
Kiev Governorate of Russian Empire, now Ukraine
Died 15 May 1935 (aged 57)
Leningrad, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian Empire then Soviet Union
Education Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture
Known for Painting
Notable work Black Square, 1915; White On White, 1918
Movement Suprematism

mmm... doesn't look like the best choice to me.
Into occupied Donbas from Russia have driven 70 trucks with ammunition (MFN)
In the occupied Donbas from Russia has driven 70 trucks with ammunition (MFN)
Military intelligence has documented facts regular transfer of ammunition from the territory occupied by Russian Donbass. At this time of the Rostov region drove 70 trucks with ammunition. On Sunday, June 12 at the briefing said the representative of the Presidential Administration (PA) of Ukraine on ATO Alexander Motuzyanik.
"The other day, a convoy of 70 trucks, after loading ammunition in the Russian city of Rostov region Donetsk, made a march in the direction of Izvarino Krasnodona", - said Mr. Motuzyanik.

Recall, as reported by Defence Intelligence, Russia throws in the occupied areas of Donbas weapons, military equipment and ammunition, as well as fuels and lubricants.
Militants fired at town near Gorlovka. Killed woman
...."Tonight, from 00.20 to 00.50, insurgents fired artillery peaceful Artemovo (territory Toretskoho city council), district street mining. A number of houses destroyed," - he said.
"A shell hit the house number 6 killed a woman, 1932 year of birth," - said Abroskin.
"The site works investigative team Toretskoho police," - he said...
ATO headquarters, gunmen opened fire 40 times in all directions
Monday, June 13, 2016, 7:44

One day recorded 40 attacks by Russian occupation troops, including 27 in Donetsk, Mariupol and 12 to 1 in Luhansk directions.
The press center ATO headquarters.
Thus, in the Donetsk area late at night under mortar fire positions of the Armed Forces find themselves near Avdeevka Ukraine, Lenin and Novgorod, and from BMP weapons and anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2 bombarded enemy fortifications near Trinity, Novgorod and Luhansk.
In Mariupol towards Russian occupants fired on units ATO forces with small arms, machine guns and large-caliber grenade near Krasnogorivka, Marinka, water and Talakivkoyu.
In Lugansk area was relatively calm, fixed point-blank fire from grenade near Novozvanivky.
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