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46 attacks yesterday by madman Putin. An increase on yesterday. 1 soldier dead, 5 injured.
Tusk says EU will continue sanctiions for another half year. Expect Putin to up the war again for a few months.

Warm. 24 at 0900. May get near 30 today.

Ukraine lost again. I would say they are out. Very little chance of qualifying, even as a best placed third team.

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The controversy over the council is the latest in a series of crises that have plagued the unity of the Orthodox world in the last two years. Rival patriarchates in Kyiv and Moscow have been locked in a bitter dispute over their respective authority in Ukraine after Russia invaded and annexed the Crimea Peninsula and backed a separatist uprising in the country's eastern Donbas region.

From Georgia Today, June 15, 2016:

TBILISI - Georgian Orthodox Church Patriarch Ilia II announced Tuesday that his church would not take part in a planned summit of the world's Orthodox churches on the Greek isle of Crete on July 19-26.

Known as the Holy and Great Council of Orthodox Patriarchs - the first of its kind since 747 AD - the summit is set to include 350 clerics from the world's 14 autocephalous (self-governing) Orthodox churches.

In an open letter addressed to the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I and posted on the patriarchate's website, Ilia II said, the unity of the Orthodox Church must first be achieved before holding an event of this scale.

The Georgian church's decision to skip the summit mirrored that of the Moscow Patriarchate, which also announced Tuesday that the Russian Orthodox Church would join their Serbian and Bulgarian counterparts in boycotting the council due to a lack of unity amongst the participating branches of the church.

In a situation when councils of this level have not gathered for many centuries, more time is required to prepare for such an event, Russian Orthodox official Vladimir Legoyda said in an interview with state-run television station Rossiya 24.

Ukrainian political prisoner Yurii Soloshenko elaborated on certain moments of his arrest and stay in a Russian prison.

As reported by Censor.NET, he related the story on air of Shuster LIVE talk show.

According to Soloshenko, he was arrested in a spirit of adventure films with several armed men rushing into the room where he was. After seizing his mobile phones, they forced him to take back a parcel with phones and some papers that formed the basis of his verdict.

"These materials are forty years old. The specifications they contained have long been used in Ukraine under the import substitution program," Soloshenko said.

He added he had written more than forty complaints and petitions that remained unanswered. He also cited his Russian investigator who said that Soloshenko's sentence was agreed by Russia's FSB and Prosecutor's Office.

As reported, since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the Kremlin has taken several Ukrainian citizens hostages. The exact number of Ukrainian prisoners of the Kremlin is unknown. At the moment, officials say, about 20 Ukrainians are kept political prisoners in Russian jails or pre-trial facilities, including in the territory of occupied Crimea. The story of Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko, who had been kidnapped, tried, sentenced, and released, proved to be the most high-profile case.

Read more: Hlishchinska, Didenko were long turned by Russia, worked for it, - MP Anton Herashchenko

Hennadii Afanasiev and Yurii Soloshenko were among those Ukrainians held by the Kremlin. Afanasiev was sentenced in Russia on politically motivated 'case of Sentsov-Kolchenko' to seven years in colony. The case is criminal proceedings against Ukrainian director Oleh Sentsov, sentenced to 20 years in colony for an alleged organization of a terrorist group in occupied Crimea. Afanasiev testified against other defendants but later withdrew his testimony and claimed tortures during interrogations.

Yurii Soloshenko has been sentenced in Russia to six years in colony for espionage. When in prison, he was diagnosed with cancer.

June 14, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced liberation of Ukrainians Hennadii Afanasiev and Yurii Soloshenko held in Russia.   In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainian MP (Batkivshchyna parliamentary faction) also intends to participate in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

This was announced by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin at a briefing, Censor.NET informs citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

He said Savchenko would participate in a PACE session.

"It will be direct communication with many MPs; we have also arranged meeting with representatives of the European parliament. Several visits to major European capitals will come up next," Klimkin said.

The PACE session will take place between June 19 and 24.   In Ukrainian/український

Most of the violence was in line Yasinovataya-Avdiyivka and near the Donetsk airport

In the area of ​​anti-terrorist operations last week was characterized by the increasing number of attacks, including heavy weapons, said First Deputy Chairman of the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) OSCE Alexander Hugh.

"In Donbass week was bad. Most of the violence was in line Yasinovataya-Avdiyivka and near the Donetsk airport. Road Debaltseve-Svetlodarsk also remains a hot spot, "- he said.

Hugh said that, in particular, 15 June towns Berezove recorded 60 explosions "of unknown origin" in towns Novoaleksandrovka - 50 explosions, "assessed as shots from mortars", 13 June controlled "DNR" NP Kadiyivtsi (former Stakhanov) - 63 explosions.

According to him, observers particularly concerned about the situation on the outskirts Gorlovki under the control of "DNR", where only the evening on June 12 were 280 explosions.

MSF Head of OSCE informed observers fix a violation of the Minsk agreements from both "FSC / DNR", and from the forces ATO.

"Almost every day we see the movement of soldiers and weapons. We also see damage to civilian infrastructure. In the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk observers saw that many houses were damaged by exploding shells and saw blood stains ... The parties do not observe these earlier promises related to the Minsk agreement ", - he said.

Hugh said that today MSF has 709 OSCE observers, 589 of them work in the East of Ukraine.  In Ukrainian/український

To eliminate fire were involved in fire rescue units of 24 persons and 7 vehicles

In the Lviv region on a city dump Zhydachiva fourth day is fire. This was reported in the Department of Civil Protection of Lviv Regional State Administration, according to ZIK .

"In Lviv oblast fourth day is the elimination of a fire at the city dump in Zhydachev", - the report says.

Thus, for fire suppression involved fire and rescue units consisting of 24 people and seven vehicles on the SU DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region.

Recall, June 14 in Lviv on the territory of municipal landfills in Zhydachiv there was a fire . H and arrival area of the fire rescue individual cells was 3.5 hectares. For the recovery of fire units involved 16 personnel and 5 units of machinery, including 2 bulldozers municipal utility.   In Ukrainian/український
I agree with Petro Poroshenko on what is needed to strengthen the OSCE mission, said Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he agrees with the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the need to strengthen the OSCE, reports Radio Liberty.

"I agree with Petro Poroshenko on what is needed to strengthen the OSCE mission, to the point to allow OSCE observers to carry small arms," ​​- said Putin on June 17, responding to a question at a plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

According to him, an urgent need to carry out political reforms that will form the basis for a final settlement and security.

"But you can not, citing the fact that not all settled in this area indefinitely postpone resolving key political issues, that's all," - said Vladimir Putin.

Recall, June 4, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is ready to allow international observers in eastern Ukraine have guns as weapons.

June 3 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the issue of OSCE police mission in Donbass may be settled in 2016.

Ukraine initiated before placing the Donbass OSCE police mission, but against the implementation of the idea advocated and supported Russia Moscow separatists.

As you know, the OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Dzanniyer recently said that the OSCE is considering sending police missions in areas controlled by separatists in the Donbass during the local elections there.   In Ukrainian/український
June 17 at the UN this paragraph in the speech is not

The United Nations has removed the phrase about the role of Russia in the conflict in Ukraine from the text of the speech of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia, reports Radio Liberty.

As previously reported, in the text of his speech Ban Ki-moon, who on the eve distributed at the UN, he said that Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council with veto power should "play a critical role" in solving "pressing global issues of the conflict in Ukraine and Syria to protect human rights and control of non-proliferation. "

Evening of June 16 at the official website of published text of the speech is that the UN Secretary General.

"Russia as a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations plays a critical role ... in addressing the pressing global problems of ending the conflict in Ukraine and Syria - to protect human rights and monitor the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," - said in a speech Secretary General UN. It is this quote information agencies spread the day before Reuters, AP and Western publications.

However, on June 17 at the UN this paragraph in the speech available.  In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:36 amAdmin
He noted that the Russian Federation takes it

Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum said the United States is the only superpower, reports RBC .

In addition, Putin said that the Russian Federation is taking.

"America - great state. Today, probably the only superpower. We accept it. We want and are willing to work with the United States, "- said Putin.

Earlier it was reported that Putin said that Russia does not want a new "cold war". He noted that the expansion of NATO infrastructure, despite the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact bloc, evidence of neglect of Russian positions.   In Ukrainian/український
Some MPs are summoned to Prosecutor General

A number of people's deputies can get the status of suspects. This was stated by the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, quoted on the page in Facebook his press secretary Larisa Sargan.

"Yes, unfortunately I available information indicates that the number of People's Deputies might become suspects - not only witnesses, but suspects. Some of them are called to the Prosecutor General, some of them already go and give evidence, but it has a procedural term established by law ", - Lutsenko quoted the spokesman.

Earlier, Lutsenko said that this year in the General Prosecutor of Ukraine declared the year of "fishing for big fish".  In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine's economy could receive major financial help next year. The country expects an additional USD 1 billion from the World Bank in 2017. This is reported by Ukraine's Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, after a meeting with the institution's Managing Director Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

"This is good news. The World Bank is ready to review how efficient the already planned and financed programmes are, and reserve additional US bln. for their expansion next year", Groysman posted on Facebook.

The meeting, described by Groysman as "encouraging", has yielded additional positive results for Ukraine. The World Bank will also assist in "developing a strategy for transport corridors and roads in Ukraine" and assess the needed funds and resources for this programme.

"We never had such a strategy before, and it can become one of the vehicles to push Ukraine's economic revival", Groysman praised the new agreement.............
on Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:34 amAdmin
Ukraine is eliminated from the Euro 2016 football championship. The team has found itself at the bottom of Group C after unexpectedly losing to Northern Ireland.

In the game where the Yellow-Blues were considered a favourite, a header from Gareth McAuley and late goal from Niall McGinn secured a 2-0 victory for their team.

Ukraine still had theoretical chances to proceed to the round of 16, but their hopes were crushed after a 0-0 draw between Germany and Poland. Both teams now have 4 points, and are too far ahead of Fomenko's guys, who couldn't earn a single point after two games..................

To read further go to this link:
Russian race walker Sergey Kirdyapkin has been stripped of his Olympic Gold medal achieved in London in 2012. His victory in the Men's 50 kilometre walk was cancelled for anti-doping rule violation by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in March, 2016.

"I believe if the Russian track and field team is there it will hurt the credibility of the Games. I would be very, very angry and more athletes would be robbed of medals again", the new Olympic champion, Australia's Jared Tallent said in his speech, according to
on Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:28 amAdmin
Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko reprimanded chief military prosecutor Anatoli Matios for ineffective work, giving him 100 days to better his performance, ZIK reports June 16.

Lutsenko blew the whistle on the case investigated by the military prosecution of the Lviv Armor Plant director who got away with a very soft punishment for embezzling UAH 2 mn ($80,000).

 “Embezzling state money during the war amounts to state treason,” Lutsenko said. 

Matios has 100 days to improve – or be dismissed, Lutsenko warned.

Although the court in Lviv gave the plant director a suspended 5-year sentence, the military prosecution wanted to soften this mild sentence, Lutsenko noted.
on Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:17 amAdmin
Addressing a session of Ukraine-NATO interparliamentary committee in Kyiv, deputy Rada Speaker and member of the Minsk group of negotiators Iryna Herashchenko said, among other things: “Ukraine is learning the hard way, analyzing its mistakes regarding the Donbas war. We expect Europe to do the same work. In 2008, Germany and France blocked the signing NATO of its plan for Ukraine, saying this will appease Russia. It was a big mistake!

It untied Russia’s hands and enabled Moscow to attack Georgia, annex Crimea and invade Donbas.

Both Ukraine and Europe are paying a high price for the mistake in 2008.

Therefore, it is important not to repeat the past mistakes, to continue the sanctions on Russia pending the complete implementation of the Minsk agreements. The sanctions keep Putin quiet and promote peace and security,” Iryna Herashchenko said.
on Fri Jun 17, 2016 7:22 amNelson
Why Kerch May Prove a Bridge Too Far for Russia
Quite a long article.
Putin's bridge to occupied Crimea.
Tamara Klykh is 72 years old. She arrived in Rostov from Kyiv and the consuls took her to Chechnya. She attended the trial in Grozny, which judges kept her son behind bars once again, and visited him in prison.

"He was so... It was terrible to see him like that, when he started muttering something I was unable to understand. It was scary. He became very skinny," she said crying.

Stas (Stanislav - Ed.) stays in a cell with two other inmates. He used to stay with four others previously.

"He used to sit with career cons, habitual offenders. He said that they were beating him. But he seems to get along with these ones," Tamara said.

She told that her son (Stanislav Klykh - Ed.) showed her the marks of torture he had been subjected to a year ago.

"He said that they were cutting him here," the woman said pointing at her hands. "They implanted something black resembling capsules under his skin which were exploding then. And they also threatened to cut off his hands if he continued resisting. He recalled that they had put a bag on his head, beaten, thrown out into the prison yard and left without taking the bag off his head for two days. Then they swilled him out, saw that he was still alive, forced him to drink some vodka and take something else."

Stanislav told his mother that he was still being beaten in jail in Grozny and even pointed at one of the security guards. But the mother does not know whether to believe her son or not. She sees that he is out of it and does not understand when he speaks the truth. She has not noticed any traces of beatings.

"As for the escort officer whom Stas pointed at, he had been serving in Zhytomyr previously. He's a smiling guy. We were even talking about today's Chechnya with him. He said they could do nothing with it but to wage another war," Tamara quoted her son's escort officer as saying.
Russia today.
Countries in the world to avoid -
1. Russia 2. North Korea.
27-year-old fighter Serhii Koshmal killed in engagement near Avdiivka, - journalist. ФОТО
..."He was killed in early hours of June 16, 2016 in an engagement with Russian occupants near Avdiivka, aged 27. He will be buried in Bakhmach, the Chernihiv region, on Saturday, the time and place to be specified," Solodko wrote. ...

The war continues. Meanwhile the UN idiot Ban Goofball Moonbrain has been kissing Putin's butt in St Petersburg.
The UN is useless. Completely useless. It needs dispanding.

Ukraine furious over remarks on Russia by UN chief Ban

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In the area of ATU sniper bullet killed a soldier - Staff
Friday, 17 June 2016 12:37

One day in the area of military anti-terrorist operation 1 killed, 5 more were injured.
This at a traditional briefing on Friday, spokesman of the Administration for ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"Last night we lost another soldier - it was due to enemy sniper fire near the Avdeevki, another five soldiers were injured due to shelling near Mar'iyinky and Mayorska" - said the colonel.
Putin signed the decree on the date of the September elections to the [Russian] Duma
Putin elections. One party, one vote. Putin's party.
EU sanctions against Russia to be extended for another term, Tusk says
Posted also by Admin yesterday.. But important news. Hopefully true.
I was expecting the Greeks - known prostitutes working for Putin - to object. Also perhaps the Italian fascists, French Right Wing Le Pen fascist party also.
Parubii prematurely closed session over deputies-truants: only 210 MPs stay in Rada. PHOTOS

Understandable for the hard-working Ukrainian deputies. I would say that they have already worked for at least two weeks this year.
Really it is time for their summer holidays - perhaps 4 or 5 months' break, from the stresses of sitting in the hall talking on their mobiles, and occasionally pressing a voting button when correctly bribed.
My opinion - shoot the lot, and start again.
SBU's counterintelligence eliminated 30 subversive groups. 13 Russian agents tried
...13 Russian intelligence agents are on trial: a deputy chief of the ATO Staff, a lieutenant colonel of the National Guard, an employee of the personnel department of a military unit, a Ukrainian soldier, residents of some Ukrainian regions that were in touch with Russia's operatives, providing them with limited access data," the statement reads. ...
A big problem for Ukraine; lots of pro-Russians / ethnic Russians in the Ukrainian military structure. Need lie detector tests. Every year. For everybody.
on Fri Jun 17, 2016 2:54 amNelson
ATO: 46 attacks yesterday, militants used a tank
Friday, June 17, 2016, 7:46

Just a day recorded 46 shelling positions forces ATO, 24 of them in Mariupol, 18 in Donetsk and Luhansk 3 directions.
The press center ATO headquarters.
Strengthening near Krasnogorivka enemy fired from BMP and anti-aircraft installation ZU-23-2, and later also accustomed heavy mortar fire and was carried out twice from the tank.
In addition, about 19.00 when enemy fire hit a controlling point of entry / exit "Marinka" where injured two civilians. Near Marinka position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine more than 10 times came under fire from small arms and grenade launchers of various systems.
In Mariupol towards Russian invaders shelled strongholds near Shyrokynoho, Vod., Hnutovoho, Novotroitsk and large caliber machine guns and grenade launchers of various systems.
In Donetsk area under enemy mortar fire positions Armed Forces find themselves near Nevel, Luhansk and Trinity, and near Novgorod Zaitsev and hatyv enemy machine guns and large-caliber automatic grenade launchers.
In Luhansk strongholds forces ATO near Novoaleksandrovka and Popasna, came under fire mortars caliber 82 mm, and near Novozvanivky - grenades.


Most attacks again in the Mariupol area - Putin's corridor to the Crimea.
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