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71 attacks by Putin's forces yesterday; double the number from Sunday. Putin is starting the war big time again.
Update. 1 soldier killed (sniper). 6 wounded.

A little rain yesterday. This morning fresher, and a little cooler. 22 at 0900.
But I expect the temperature to return to 30 later in the week.

One of the greatest football humiliations of the last century?
England lose to Iceland. This making the rounds on twitter -

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A video showing the beginning of shelling of Butivka mine in the Donetsk region, where soldiers of the Right Sector were killed by a slide, has been posted online.

As reported by Censor.NET, the video of the June 11 shelling of Butivka mine has been posted by volunteer Yuliia Tolmachova on Facebook.

"At night, when shelling usually takes place, OSCE representatives do not work. A position of OSCE "waker up" should be introduced - a person who would get them out of beds and take to shelled positions...

"This is a start of shelling of Butivka mine when the Right Sector fighters were killed. Deaf and blind OSCE reps have seen and heard nothing," Tolmachova noted bitterly.

As reported, four soldiers of the Right Sector died June 11 in a slide at Butivka mine, caused by pro-Russian militants' shelling.   In Ukrainian/український
Russian gas price for Ukraine in the third quarter will be determined by market formula provided by the current contract.

This was stated by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, reports " Russia 24 ".

"I can only say that, most likely, according to preliminary estimates, it will be absolutely competitive prices at a level no higher than the market. If there are market prices, respectively, no discounts (for gas for Ukraine. - Ed.) Will not be required" - said Novak.

He said that the price formula implies a valuation of petroleum products for a period of several quarters.

"The price will be determined by the formula under the current contract price formula implies a valuation of oil and oil products for a period of several quarters. Now, at the end of the quarter, the relevant calculations for the third quarter will be made", - the minister added.

As reported by the "Observer", the price of Russian gas for Ukraine contracted in the second quarter was $ 177 per thousand. Cu. m without discounts.   In Ukrainian/український
In the rear of the enemy easier to survive than in Parliament, said Savchenko.

MP Hope Savchenko in favor of the elimination of the presidency in Ukraine. She stated this during a visit to Kiev, where its huge honor opened Mural, reports news channel "24".

"People, I want to see our country could live without presidents. We have the people and the state - is different. We can live without presidents. No matter, I'm the president or anyone else. I want to run a system that would have enabled transparency, honesty to go in only one direction in which the people want, "- said Savchenko. Also, the MP mentioned the war at the front and his work in Parliament.

"I have to ensure that children were the deputies and the deputies themselves, but if you bring to the front the fighter that wants to fight not - the first deserter, it's not your friend. The state should protect the army. I can not take the hand of his son Liovochkin or someone you there yet named, and bring to the front. I would be with him in intelligence did not go, I would have with him was not. In the rear of the enemy easier to survive than in the Verkhovna Rada ", - believes Savchenko.   In Ukrainian/український

In November and December 2013, "Investment Capital Ukraine" Valeria Hontaryevoyi, on behalf arbuzivskyh non-resident companies, has acquired the "Savings Bank" currency treasury bonds worth over 10 bln. UAH

Two years passed since then, as a means of "family" Yanukovych placed a number of Ukrainian banks have been "frozen". July 13 Kyiv Pechersk court decided to arrest 14 accounts of Cypriot companies in the Savings Bank, Ukrgasbank, Ukreximbank, Expobank and Fidobank. Prosecutors believed that all they have to do with the former National Bank Chairman Serhiy Arbuzov. In the accounts were blocked foreign and domestic bond loan (government bonds) worth about 1.02 billion. Dollars. and 1.5 bln. UAH.

Two years Ukrainian politicians argue about how to return the money to the state. Meanwhile, government bonds continue to bring income to their owners - Securities paid coupon. According to the Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence John Vinnik, by the end of this year will approach maturity more of the bonds, and the total amount of funds in bank accounts arbuzivskyh companies will make 37 bn. UAH. According to the deputy Tetyana Chornovil, currently two-thirds of the bonds are repaid, ie, it is "real money." Turn to the state budget funds and send them to finance military representatives of the faction "Popular Front" trying using the bill №4811. However, having reconciliation in the Committee on National Security and Defence document on June 16 was not on the agenda. Victoria Syumar People's Deputy said that at the session hall there are many MPs who want to repay Yanukovych, not to give money to the army.

One way or another, but is becoming increasingly clear that in the history of means "family" Yanukovych have any risks to representatives of the current government. But what? Available edition were sensational documents that might explain a lot.

"Cupola" publishes a table of data transactions on the Exchange "Perspective", held by "Investment Capital Ukraine» (ICU) for its customers during November - December 2013. In total, during this period ICU bought the "Savings Bank" currency bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance, totaling $ 10.7 billion. USD.

The names of these same companies we find in the already mentioned decision of the Pechersk court for the arrest of assets "family" Yanukovych. All are involved in criminal proceedings number 42014000000000359 opened Prosecutor General's Office.

ICU served arbuzivski non-resident company as Chairman of the Board of Directors was present head of the NBU Valery Hontaryeva. At that time she was also co-owner of the investment company. And this can not but cause a number of issues that are required to answer Hontaryeva itself, its partners and representatives of the Prosecutor General ICU. Obviously, the money Yanukovych Ukrainian banks - is only "the tip of the iceberg." And people who helped "family" to the legalization of capital, will be able to provide information which is hidden funds the former president.   In Ukrainian/український

"Volunteers" were crosses from one of the organizers of the war in Donbas

In the Russian republic of Komi on local television showed the plot of award militants who came from the Komi fight against Ukraine at Donbass. It is reported that so-called "volunteers" who returned from Donbas, got crosses from the organization "Union of Volunteers of Donbass", which is headed by Russian ex-FSB officer and one of the organizers of the war in Donbass Alexander Boroday.

According to journalists in eastern Ukraine fought about 20 inhabitants of Komi.

One of the recipients militants, answering journalists' questions, said that went to fight in the Donbass, because the news showed that Ukrainian mock women and the elderly.

in the story also says that all Award crosses were ten people two of them - posthumously.   In Ukrainian/український

The soldier of the 7th separate motorized rifle brigade (Debaltseve) killed a civilian

Growing discontent of the local population temporarily occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine presence and actions of Russian occupation troops. This was reported by the Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

June 26, in a state of extreme intoxication, soldier of the 7th separate motorized rifle brigade (Debaltseve) inflicted multiple stab wounds civilians, resulting in dead last.

"Indignation caused local residents attempt to command 7th omsbr hide the fact of belonging to a criminal military brigade and release him from military service earlier date (22 June). When spontaneous rebellion seriously injured were assistant chief of staff and deputy brigade commander of the crew of the personnel "- referred to in the message.  In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:32 pmAdmin
At least six Russians and one Ukrainian have been arrested in the Spanish port city of Tarragona, local media outlet El Mundo reports on Tuesday, June 28. The detainees are allegedly members of Russian mafia, operating in the country.

According to El Mundo, the suspects have been laundering money for two powerful gangs, known as Tambov and Tagan criminal groups. Furthermore, sources say, the mafia members have held meetings with some high-ranking Russian officials, namely members of the country's ruling party United Russia.......
An annual NATO-led training exercise has kicked off in western Ukraine near the Polish border. The 16th edition of the "Rapid Trident" exercise brings together troops from 11 countries, including NATO members such as the United States, Canada, Britain and Turkey. It also includes non-NATO countries in the alliance's Partnership for Peace program, such as Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. It will focus on "peacekeeping and stability operations.

Over the day yesterday, nine pro-Russian militants were killed, eight received wounds. They were members of four different illegal armed groups.

This was announced by Presidential Administrative representative on ATO (anti-terrorist operation) matters Oleksandr Motuzianyk at a briefing, Censor.NET informs.

"Nine militants were killed, eight received injuries, from four different illegal armed groups. The biggest losses were incurred by occupants in the area of Shyrokyne," he said.

"During a combat patrol near Vodiane, our soldiers took captive eight militants from the so-called '9th separate assault motorized rifle brigade of marine infantry' (Novoazovsk). The oldest of them is 49, the youngest - 21 years old," the ATO speaker added.

He also noted that the names of all eight captives have been established:

- Sergey Perstryaev (born in 1967);
- Alexey Tolstoluk (born in 1980);
- Yuriy Zyumin (born in 1981);
- Vitaly Shevelev (born in 1995);
- Anton Gorbushko (born in 1978);
- Valentin Vantula (born in 1975):
- Roman Ternovy (born in 1980);
- Ruslan Anrilevsky (born in 1988).

Investigation continues. The citizenship and the background of the militants are being established by the Security Service of Ukraine.

Earlier, three killed militants were also reported near Shyrokyne. According to volunteers and activists, the militants were seized by scouts of the 8th battalion of Ukrainian volunteer army, commanded by call sign Cherven, with support of the 54th recon battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.   In Ukrainian/український

The Ukrainian government must pursue a more aggressive legal policy toward Russia and demand compensations to be paid to Donbas residents for the damage done by Moscow. West’s legal firms can assist Ukraine in bringing its suits to international courts, US Atlantic Council expert and ex-president of Freedom House Adrian Karatnytsky told ZIK June 28.

 “Ukraine must look for ways to integrate the occupied territories and their populace. The most important thing here is to pursue an aggressive legal policy to repay the damage done by Russia to residents of Donbas, despite the fact that many residents are not loyal to Kyiv,” Karatnytsky said.

Ukraine is to protect Donbas residents in the rebel-held territories not by reaching a compromise with Russia but by an aggressive legal policy in courts, the expert said.

That Russia does not recognize the jurisdiction of foreign courts should not stop Kyiv’s compensation suits.

 “Russia has a lot of property abroad, the Nord Stream and similar state-owned gas/oil pumping facilities. Ukraine may get some part of this property as compensations – if positive court decisions are made.

There are many western legal firms that can assist to win compensation suits in courts – for a share in compensations, for example, Adrian Karatnytsky advised.
June 27, the Ukrainian troops captured 8 rebels in a daring reconnaissance operation in Donbas, Ukraine army spokesman informed June 28.

The names of the captured rebels belonging to 9th Marines regiment have been published. 

During the operation 9 rebels were killed.
Russian Ministry of Defense accused the US destroyer "Greyvli" in dangerous proximity to the Russian patrol ship in the international waters of the Mediterranean, he writes of Deutsche Welle reports .

Events took place June 17 in the eastern Mediterranean. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the US destroyer approached the Russian patrol ship at a distance of 60-70 meters on the left side and crossed his path of movement at a dangerous distance of 180 meters. The Defense Ministry called it a flagrant violation of the Regulations for Preventing Collisions. The Pentagon often "blames the Russian pilots and sailors of incompetence", while "the US military seamen allow themselves to forget about the basic principles of navigation safety", - quotes the representative of the Ministry of Defense agency "Interfax".

American destroyer "Greyvli", equipped with anti-missile defense system is on duty in the Mediterranean Sea in 2013. "Yaroslav the Wise" refers to a permanent operational Russian naval compound in the Mediterranean Sea. It is designed to track submarines, as well as providing amphibious landings.

Previously, the Pentagon has repeatedly said cases of dangerous proximity to the Russian Air Force fighter aircraft of the United States . In particular, in April 2016 a Russian Su-27 made ​​a close encounter with an American aircraft over the Baltic Sea, and the bombers and the Russian military helicopter in the same simulated attack on the American destroyer. In all cases, the military command insisted in Moscow that the pilots had acted in accordance with the rules.   In Ukrainian/український
Those guilty of killing 17 bison, which is an endangered species of the Red Book, have not yet been punished.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by coordinator of the World Wildlife Fund office Andrii Plyha on his Facebook page.

Read more: Ukrainian tourists publish evidence of protected Carpathian forests total devastation. PHOTOS

According to Plyha, 17 bison, which is nearly 1/10 of total bison population in Ukraine, were killed in the Vinnytsia region in February. Right after the crime, bison meat was found in several local yards.

Four months after that, Plyha wrote, no one has been punished for the crime.

According to him, the ecology administration estimated about 2 million hryvnia ($80,000) in damages and sent the materials to the Main Department of the National Police in the Vinnytsia region. However, the case has never moved forward, Plyha wrote and posted a response by the Police (in Ukrainian).

The document reads that 'investigative and procedural activities, required for full investigation of the crime' continue.

Plyha believes that as long as the meat was found in local yards, the case is being purposefully delayed in order to be subsequently closed.

As reported earlier, in late January several dozens bison got on an ice-covered river in the Vinnytsia region, where their population had been restored over the previous 10 years. Some of them might have been killed by locals, others drowned as the ice broke.   In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine must send a strong message to the residents of the rebel-held part of Donbas that they can live in peace and prosperity only as part of bigger Ukraine, Deputy Minister for Occupied Territories and Displaced Persons Georgy Tuka said, Espreso TV reports June 28.

 “It is quite possible to get this message across,” the official said.

Now most of the residents in the occupied territories do not support Ukraine. Nor are they in favor of Putin’s plan to unite all Russia-speakers in Ukraine in a part dominated by Russia (the so-called ‘Russian World’), Tuka said.

Tuka also commented on the probability of elections in Donbas. No elections are feasible today or tomorrow. Ukraine first wants to restore its power in the occupied territories, control the border with Russia and let various political parties run a full-scale campaign.
Eight militants captured in combat action in Donbas, - Yarosh
Another Facebook user Lilia Ukrainska noted that a Ukrainian unit has taken captive eight Russian mercenaries. The captives have been interrogated. Three soldiers of the enemy have been wounded, she wrote. ...

Captured by a volunteer batallion.
[Russian] Sniper kills Ukrainian soldier at Avdiyivka
28 June 2016 13:49 | SOCIETY

Another six military wounded
One day that passed, the Ukrainian army suffered losses: industrial zone near Avdeevki enemy sniper shot and killed a Ukrainian military. Told the spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
Another six military wounded - five as a result of attacks by militants and a disruption to stretch at Starohnativky.
At the same time, according to ATO headquarters, the enemy losses for the period amounted to nine people dead and eight - wounded...

As reported, during combat patrol near Vodianoy Ukrainian soldiers captured eight militants of the so-called "9th Mechanized Regiment separate assault Marines" (Novoazovsk).
Already established names of all eight detainees captured fighters Sergey Pestryayev (1967 born), Alex Tolstoluk (1980 born), Yuri Zyumin (1981 born), Vitaly Shevelev (1995 born) Anton Gorbushka (1978 born), Valentin Vantula (1975 born), Roman Thorns (1980 born), Ruslan Anrilevskyy (1988 born). The oldest of them was 49 years old, and the youngest - 21 years.
Poroshenko: Decentralization in the Constitution - only when security conditions are met in the Donbass
Ukraine will review amendments to the Constitution of decentralization only after the establishment of security conditions in eastern Ukraine.
This was during a commemorative meeting in the Parliament on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said the president.
"Constitutional amendments in the second reading vote is not today and not tomorrow, not July 4th ... Obviously, to amend the Constitution in this part there are clear conditions precedent above all - security" - said Poroshenko.
"To be installed complete and lasting ceasefire. Russia must withdraw all its troops, weapons and equipment from Ukraine. SMM OSCE to establish permanent monitoring over temporarily uncontrolled section of Ukrainian-Russian state border. It has to happen real disarmament of all illegal groups in this territory, establish safety zones "- said the president.....


Strong line. Russia under Putin will never withdraw. Just like Hitler. And I think Poroshenko knows this.
Kuchma greeting in the Rada with shouts of "Go!" (

Kuchma met in the Council cries & quot; Down & quot;
During the festive meeting dedicated to the Day of Constitution of Ukraine, MP of the second and third convocations Oleksandr Yelyashkevich met ex-President Kuchma cries of "Kuchma out!". It is reported "" Kuchma did not respond to a greeting in parliament....


Constitution day. I watched a bit of this on tv. To be honest, not very interesting.
Elections cannot take place now due to objective reasons: it is dangerous in Donbas, - Merkel
..."We-re talking (in the Minsk process - Ed.) not only about political, but also about other issues. The elections cannot take place now due to objective reasons: it is dangerous in the Donbas. We need to develop a joint plan for reconciliation and cease-fire," she said....
Trying to offer a carrot to Putin. Ceasefire, and your "Shaun Walker" elections can take place.
But Putin knows he is winning the long war against sanctions in the EU. Money is begiinning to talk - particularly amongst the Greeks, Italian and French fascist party MPs, and other scumballs.
Brexit to have no effect on EU readiness towards visa-free regime with Ukraine - Schultz

I hope so. Soon Ukrainians may be freer to travel around Europe than the British!
I was thinking September 01... but... Maybe later... We'll see. They need to set a date, and then people will know that it will happen.
Lithuania fears a weakening of the EU position on Russia
...She criticized some EU countries, calling for a more "flexible and pragmatic" approach to anti-Russian sanctions, calling the approach "very counterproductive."
He said the UK is a "strategic ally" of Europe in ensuring security, human rights and prosperity of democracy.

Agree totally with her.
ATO: Yesterday separatists fired 71 times with banned weapons
Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 7:26

During the last day recorded 71 cases opening fire from militants 46 - in Mariupol area, 19 - in Donetsk and 6 - in Lugansk.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
"Hottest" in Mariupol direction Shyrokynoho was in the area where 15 fixed overnight shelling of bases of all types of small arms, mortars of various calibers and self-propelled artillery.
There was restless at Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Chermalyk, Lebedinsky and water, where militants fired mortar forces ATO.
For Ukrainian positions near Novotroitsk, Starohnativky, Pavlopolya and Talakivky terrorists fired with heavy machine guns and grenade launchers of various systems. On the territory temporarily occupied Dokuchaevsk militants shelled positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Novotroitsk with propelled artillery caliber of 122 mm....

46 attacks in the Mariupol area.
Clearly this is Putin's main target now. He desperately needs his corridor to Crimea, and then possibly on to Odessa and Transdniestr.
And then presumably reoccupying Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and so on.
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