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48 attacks by Putin's forces on the Ukrainian people yesterday.
Update: Sadly one soldier died, 2 wounded.

I'm in the centre of Kiev today. It is hot, and humid. 30+ now at 1400 hrs.
Some cloud, but no sign of rain, or a thunderstorm. Similar yesterday.

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on Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:44 pmAdmin
Savchenko wants to head the Defense Ministry

Hope Savchenko made a loud statement.

Hope Savchenko expressed readiness to lead the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. She said on the air the talk show "People. Hard Talk. LIVE "on the channel " 112 Ukraine " . "Agreed to. I would then legalized by the law as it happens. Our captain - a level of brigade commanders, not even a colonel. The captain can handle the task, were examples where seizure was Kramatorsk airfield separatists. While one group led by Colonel, another major, and the third captain. Only the captain brought his group "- said the MP. " So the captain - a level of lieutenant colonel, commander of the brigade, a division, battalion. Colonel, brigade commander - a level of the General Staff. The rest of the General Staff - it's just battalion colonels, generals is who we really bloated. It's just slows everything that was done. I would that legalized army that really effective and rejected everything that gets money, corruption and harms developing one who at the forefront ", - said Savchenko.

Earlier, the MP from the "Fatherland" Hope Savchenko said that Ukraine is ready to be president, if want to Ukrainian.   In Ukrainian/український
In Chernihiv SBU unmasked konverttsentr that brought "in the shadow" over 400 million

For his services transactions participants received 10.12 percent of the total amount derived in the "shadow" of cash

The Security Service of Ukraine in Chernihiv region exposed the activities of the center, where participants created more than 40 fictitious transit converting structures. On their bank accounts transferred funds of the real sector of the economy, according to the press center of the SBU .

According to authorities, the year Conversion Center brought in the shadow turnover of over 400 million.

"The employees provided services to build illegal VAT credit and non-cash transfer of funds withdrawal hotivku.Dlya department used a number of well-known commercial banks. For his services participants received 10.12 percent of the total amount derived in the "shadow" cash "- said in a statement.

Together with fiscal Security Service raided the office konverttsentru, who was in Kiev. Law enforcement officers found the stamps of fictitious companies, checkbooks, "black" accounting, computers, mobile telephones, bank card center. Now the accounts of fictitious companies blocked 1.5 million.

As previously reported, the SBU Lugansk region found a cache of weapons to officials of Yanukovych's team.   In Ukrainian/український
Supporters of the arrested "aydarivtsya" still set a tent on Khreshchatyk

Protesters demand release Lyholita from arrest

Supporters of the arrested former chief of staff Battalion "Aydar" Valentine Lyholita set the tent on Khreshchatyk, in which the previously blocked traffic for vehicles. At 17:00 they plan to rally to the house of President Petro Poroshenko.

Protesters demand release of Lyholita arrest.

Pechersky District Court of Kyiv on the eve of Valentine chose to Lyholita as a preventive measure 2 months of detention. He is charged with crimes in six articles of the Criminal Code, including banditry and robbery. Protection of the case has been forged.

After the announcement of the court decision on preventive measures Lyholita supporters, among them - and a number of MPs - blocked its withdrawal from the courtroom. They demand the release of former "aydarivtsya."

Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that taking the case under personal control. Valentin Lyholit at the time served in detention 72 team. "Aydar" as a volunteer battalion based in Luhansk region. Now that military force is part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  In Ukrainian/український
Prosecutor's office of Donetsk region arrested terrorist "DNR" fault which killed 10 Ukrainian military
Offenders brought the terrorists to the location of Ukrainian military

The prosecutor's office of Donetsk region arrested a member of a terrorist organization "DNR" through action that killed 10 soldiers Armed Forces, the press service of the prosecutor's office of Donetsk region on the page in Facebook.

Initiation of criminal proceedings under Part. 3. 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (act of terrorism).

Pre-trial investigation found that 29 July 2014 during a combat task Latyshev Shakhtarsky village near Donetsk region located 19 servicemen Armed Forces. Local resident accomplice of so-called "DNR" brought to their location at least 4 units of heavy armored vehicles (together with participants of illegal armed formations "DNR"). Because of the unequal battle MAT 10 soldiers were killed and five captured.

Now offender who brought the terrorists to the location of Ukrainian servicemen detained. They found 61-year-old Shakhtarsky area. At the request of the prosecutor's office of Donetsk region on July 2 he was elected as a preventive measure of detention for a period of two months. Search for other members of assassination continues.  In Ukrainian/український
Georgia's association agreement with EU enters into force

The Association Agreement between the EU and Georgia fully entered into force on Friday, July 1.

The agreement was signed in June 2014 to deepen political and economic relations between the European Union and Georgia and establish the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini noted the EU-Georgia relations become 'become both broader and deeper' with the agreement's entry into effect. "The EU is looking forward to further strengthening its cooperation with a country that is still working on crucial reforms in areas such as the rule of law, the accountability rules for public decision-makers and transparency," she added.............

To read further go to this link: 
on Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:24 pmAdmin
Passenger car sales grow by over 50% in Jan-June

"The Ukrainian car market continued the upward pace that AUTO-Consulting has been recording since early 2016," AUTO-Consulting said.

Toyota remains leader in June with over 500 cars sold, and Renault was second.

Dealers of Skoda cars brought the brand to the third position (in May it was fifth) with over 400 cars sold (a rise of 41%). VW was fourth and Kia was fifth, followed by BMW with a 36% rise in sales.

Hyundai climbed from tenth in May to seventh in June. Ford was eighth and Ukrainian ZAZ was ninth. Nissan was the tenth largest brand in sales.

Premium brands dominated in the top 20 cars sold most of all.

AUTO-Consulting said that Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Land Rover are boosting sales, while Audi did not show success. Lexus left Audi behind.

"If in the first month it seemed like not a pattern, the second month in a row is a trend," the group's analysts said.

Peugeot and Mitsubishi dealers are quickly recovering their positions (a rise of 129% and 175% respectively).

According to the statistics published by Ukrautoprom association on Friday, in June 4,781 passenger cars were sold (a 42% rise on June 2015 and 7.5% rise on May 2016).

The top five coincided with data from AUTO-Consulting. Toyota saw a 4% rise in sales on June 2015 and a fall of 4% on May 2016 with 522 cars sold.

Renault sales grew by 18% on June 2015 and by 7% on May 2016, to 442 cars.

Skoda with 411 cars sold saw a 3.9-fold rise in sales on June 2015 and a 42% rise on May 2016.........
on Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:08 amAdmin
Ukrainian stocks continue post-Brexit rally

Ukrainian stocks extended their post-Brexit rally for a fourth straight session on Thursday, June 30. The WIG Ukraine Index of Warsaw-traded stocks increased 0.8%, extending its win streak to four sessions at a 3.6% advance. The gains were led by its biggest component, sugar maker Astarta (AST PW), which has improved 5.6% in four straight rising sessions. In London, iron ore miner and pellet maker Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) increased 3.2%, extending its hot streak to four sessions at a 10.2% advance. The Ukrainian Exchange (UX) Index of Kyiv-traded stocks rose 2.5%, led by oil producer Ukrnafta (UNAF UK +4.8%).
The Daily Vertical: A Reality Show With Real Consequences
Putin Hints At Troop Movements If Finland Joins NATO

"Finnish forces would cease being independent, cease being sovereign in the full sense of that word," Putin said after a July 1 meeting in Finland with President Sauli Niinisto. "They would become part of NATO's military infrastructure, which overnight would be at the borders of the Russian Federation."

Putin added: "Do you think that we will continue as before by keeping our troops 1,500 [kilometers] away?"

His comments came ahead of next week's NATO summit in Warsaw that Niinisto has been invited to attend.

Alliance members are expected to endorse a larger deployment of alliance military forces to Eastern Europe.

NATO says the planned increase of forces on its eastern flank is in response to Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, including its 2014 seizure and annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and the ongoing war between Russia-backed separatists and Kyiv's military in eastern Ukraine........
Russian warship carried out dangerous maneuvers on a rapprochement with the US destroyer in the Mediterranean - Pentagon

The Pentagon believes that Russian military ship "Yaroslav the Wise" carried out dangerous maneuvers on a rapprochement with the US destroyer Gravely in the Mediterranean.

It informs Tsenzor.NET with reference to "Kommersant" , this writes Reuters .

As the representative of the European command of the US Navy Danny Hernandez, a Russian ship gave a "false signal International," which means destroyer prevents its movement. However, the ship changed course almost simultaneously, and maneuvers Gravely not disturb "Yaroslav the Wise."

According to Danny Hernandez, a Russian ship intentionally hindered the actions of the US aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, who was accompanied Gravely. "Yaroslav the Wise" in this case was on an aircraft carrier at a distance of about 9 km. The military said that the US side considers the actions of the Russian ship "unprofessional" and that they could lead to disaster.

Earlier Russian Defense Ministry said that June 17 in the eastern Mediterranean American destroyer Gravely dangerously close to the Russian Navy ship "Yaroslav the Wise."

"In the eastern Mediterranean American destroyer Gravely made a dangerous rapprochement with the Russian warship at a distance of 60-70 meters on the left side and crossed the TFR rate of motion" Yaroslav the Wise "on the nose in a dangerous distance 180 meters", - said the Russian ministry, noting that the Russian ship "followed in international waters and constant exchange rate and any dangerous maneuver against the US ship did not commit."  In Ukrainian/український
Russian Yaroslav Mudry warship made 'unprofessional' maneuver in Mediterranean Sea, - Pentagon

According to U.S. Defense official, a Russian warship carried out "unprofessional" maritime operations in close proximity to a U.S. Navy ship in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in June.

Censor.NET reports citing Reuters.

On June 30, the Yaroslav Mudry came unnecessarily close to the USS San Jacinto and maneuvered in it's wake. U.S. officials called the incident "unsafe and unprofessional".

This is the second time the same Russian vessel has come within close proximity of a U.S. Navy ship this month. On June 17, the Yaroslav Mudrycame within 315 yards (288 meters) of the USS Gravely.   In Ukrainian/український

Capitalization of banking system increases by 18% since early 2015
Despite removal of banks from the market, capitalization of the banking system since early 2015 has grown by 18% or UAH 39 billion, to UAH 218 billion as of May 1, 2016, according to the presentation spread at a press conference of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)...

Stability of the banking system is very important for the future of Ukraine. There are now only two are three banks with any reputation.
And no foreign banks at all in Ukraine. Sad really.
Naftogaz to Gazprom: We order and import gas only via GTS points controlled by Ukraine
Good reply to Gazprom's demand to pay for gas for the occupied lands.
Putin trying to save money.
Supporters of arrested battalion commander Lykholit gather on Khreshchatyk street in Kyiv. PHOTOS
...Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office charged two Aidar soldiers with a number of grave crimes. Later it turned out that one of them was Aidar's legend Valentyn Lykholit (call sign "Batia"). Criminal proceeding against him was opened on suspicion of organization of an armed gang, robbery, burglary, and kidnapping of two or more persons. According to the investigators, the fighter violated the Constitution and the Charter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces several times, as well as improperly performed his duties.

For many a hero. But...
Putin has promised to take action if Finland joins NATO
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if Finland joining NATO, do not expect that Russian troops previously withdrawn from the border with Finland, will remain at previous positions.
He said this at a press conference with President of Finland Sauli Niiniste, "Interfax-Ukraine".
"Imagine that Finland will join NATO, it means that Finnish troops are no longer to be independent, will cease to be sovereign in the full sense of the word, they become part of the military infrastructure of NATO, which will be immediately on the borders of the Russian Federation", - said Putin.
"Think we have and will continue to operate? In a thousand kilometers took our troops, so they stay there?" - He continued.
However, Putin said that Russia was "in any case treat with respect any choice of the Finnish people." He noted that it was the Finns should ensure the independence and security.
At the same time, Putin said that Russia cherishes status neutral Finland and treats him with respect.


Ha ha ha... Just like he did with Ukraine?! Liar.
Lutsenko said that early elections would lead to disaster
Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that early presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine will lead to disaster.
He stated this on Friday during his visit to Kherson, spokeswoman Larissa prosecutor Sargan page on Facebook.
"The country is on a perilous turn. Several months ago, early presidential and parliamentary elections were actually a reality. I am deeply convinced - as a person, as a citizen - that early elections would lead to a catastrophe in the tap. If we get another domestic disturbance - Country can fly away "- quoted Sargan Lutsenko.
According to the prosecutor, anti-corruption legislation in Ukraine - "one of the strictest in Europe, but not practice." He said that "people" peck "on the idea of ​​early elections just because they do not see change, especially in a good way."
Lutsenko said that people need to demonstrate that the government is changed.
Therefore, he said, "the first task - to restore at least rudimentary confidence in law enforcement."
"Naftogaz" will not pay "Gazprom" for gas supplies to militants

Gazprom were trying to bill Ukraine for supplying gas to the occupied areas. Sick in the head, but such is Putin.
Intel: Airborne division from Kostroma [Russia] came to Donbass

Kostroma (RF) unit arrived Airborne Division Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces in Donbass.
This July 2 AP spokesman for the ATO Andrei Lysenko, citing data from the Central Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
"Donbass unit came from the 331 st airborne regiment 98 th Airborne Division Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces (the place of permanent deployment - Kostroma)," - said in a statement Intelligence.
According to the MoD Defence, Russian paratroopers involved in sabotage and reconnaissance operations on the section front Luhansk - Krasnogorivka.

Kostroma is north-north-east of Moscow.
I think they will find it quite hot in the Donbass - in more ways than one.
HQ: In the area of ​​ATO one soldier killed, the militants' have losses
Saturday, July 2, 2016, 13:32

In the area of ​​ATU on the last day because of the fighting killed one Ukrainian soldier, two soldiers were wounded.
This July 2 AP spokesman for the ATO Andrei Lysenko.
According to him, Ukrainian troops suffered losses at the Donetsk area.
However, according to the headquarters, July 1, in the area ATO killed 5, wounded seven occupants from the 5 divisions of the enemy - "9th" and "11th" regiment, and "3rd", "4th "and" 7th "teams.
"The greatest losses suffered" 9 separate assault Mechanized Regiment Marines "(Novoazovsk), which operates in Mariupol direction. Established names of three wounded fighters - Oleg Kozlovsky, Vitaly Orlov, Andrey Raev" - said Lysenko.
ATO: Militants struck 48 times, used banned mortars
Saturday, July 2, 2016, 8:05

Over the past 48 days the militants again fired position forces ATU, including banned weapons.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
In Donetsk area recorded 28 incidents of firing by the terrorists. In particular, they used Luhansk mm caliber gun system 122 and 120 mm mortars.
"SPIEGEL remain our position near the settlements Verhnotoretske, Trinity and Avdiyivka where the enemy used the 120 mm mortars, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns", - the headquarters.
In Mariupol direction recorded 19 attacks by militants. Near Krasnogorovka terrorists fired power ATO prohibited from Minsk II 120 mm mortars. Under fire were also Ukrainian position in Talakivtsi, Novotroickoe and Berioza.
In Luhansk day was relatively quiet. Reported a fire with small arms in the Popasna.
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