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Why is the US not enforcing their own sanctions on Russia? (My opinion)

on Sat Jun 20, 2015 9:25 pm
There was a recent business gathering in Russia that was attended by well known corporations, i.e. Cisco. I don't recall the US government requesting  for ANY company to adhere to the sanctions against Russia. Is that how weak the US government is, when it comes to enforcing a sanction THEY helped put in place?

Here's a news headline that many recently read: Boeing’s 747 Jumbo Boosted by $7.4 Billion Order From Russia. Never heard a word from Washington informing Boeing about the restrictions regarding the sanctions. Why?

What does that do to Washington's credibility, when they don't enforce the sanctions to a select few. Were they big contributors to the last election? Are they in tune to contribute further to the next Democratic candidate. And this is coming from a lifetime Democrat. We already know that the GOP is all for big business, while crushing the don't have's. Is the Democratic party going to join them on the same boat to corporate governance?

Sanctions as we know does roll back profits to small and medium corporations, but the big boys like Cisco and Boeing are allowed to continue to roll in the big money without any dignity.  Is it that Ukraine isn't worthy to have respect from all that should adhere to the sanction, or is that Washington in reality doesn't really hold much value in its connections with Ukraine and doesn't care about its sovereignty?

Washington (President Obummer) can't even respect the bills that have been passed by Congress which is a practice in the US Constitution. How much more disrespect will he show to our US Constitution?  It was voted and passed by BOTH parties, and Obama is basically slapping all Senators on the face, including showing disrespect to our laws that THEY want us to obey.

Obviously the current sanctions agreement with other countries and governments is as solid as the Budapest Memorandum is.  Not worth the paper it was written on. The UK and US both signed that agreement. We know how much that's worth.

I don't think this is just a US issue. I wonder how many European companies also didn't adhere to the sanctions agreement their governments agreed to? Is the US the only one that has companies laughing at the sanctions?

It's high time Obama and Europe followed the laws and agreements they agreed to and put in place. This is a lack of respect to democracy itself and for democratic countries that try very hard, while the top global governments kick them to the side, as many of them are doing to Ukraine.

The only laws these governments are following the laws of greed. Shame!!!

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