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Putin's Russian forces attack Ukraine 69 times yesterday. 6 soldiers wounded.

Hot and humid again. Blue sky and sunshine again.
Expect a high of 30 or above in all parts of the country. Update: About 31 at 1500 where I am.

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President Putin told Finland, which rightfully occupied Crimea

Putin: Russia will not provoke a coup in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with President of Finland Sauli Niiniste made a statement about the "coup" in Ukraine in 2014 and the "reunification of the Crimea with Russia in full compliance with international law."

"Not Russia provoked a coup in Ukraine, not Russia jeopardized the life, health and safety of people living on the Crimean peninsula ... The reunification of the Crimea with Russia was completely bloodless, without a single shot, without any sacrifices on the basis of expression people living on the peninsula, in full compliance with international law ", - he said in the course of his visit to Finland.

According to him, those who made a "totally provocative step" as support "derzhperevorot in Ukraine," now and perform other steps, particularly for "tension in other parts of Europe, including the Baltic Sea Region".

As previously reported, Putin made ​​the threat to turn now withdrawn Russian troops to the border in case of Finland joining NATO. Naperendodni visit of the Russian leader to the town of Naantali in Finland, where he received the President of Finland Sauli Niiniste, held a protest demonstration. She organized association of Internet activists "Free Russia" called Puxit.

Finland, once forced to pressure the Soviet Union to accept a neutral non-aligned status, it still holds. Meanwhile Helsinki more closely collaborates with NATO alliance and said that will continue this cooperation and its military participation in joint exercises Alliance also independently decide whether to join NATO. Saul Niyniste invited to the NATO summit to be held next week in the Polish Warsaw.  In Ukrainian/український
US and Canada will perform an observation flight over Russia

Observation flight will take place from 4 to 9 July as part of the International Treaty on Open Skies.

US and Canada will perform an observation flight over Russia in the Canadian surveillance aircraft C-130, RIA "News". This was stated by head of the Russian Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction Sergei Ryzhikov.

He added that the flight will be made on the agreed route and Russian specialists on board will control the strict adherence to flight parameters and application equipment monitoring.

States that the flight will start from Tiksi airfield on the Arctic coast of Far Eastern republic of Yakutia.

According to Ryzhkov, C-130 is not intended for the use of any weapons. He also stressed that the very plane and set it aerofotoapparaty passed the international survey, which was attended by Russian specialists.

"This eliminates the use of technology not covered by the contract," - said Ryzhkov.   In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine has fulfilled all obligations for visa liberalization with the EU - Eliseev

Simplification of the visa regime - one of the issues in relations between Ukraine and the Commonwealth, which promises EU to consider in the near future.

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Konstantin Eliseev said that Ukraine has fulfilled all obligations for visa liberalization with the EU, and the EU itself is confirmed. He told the TV channel "Inter".
"Regarding the visa-free regime, the EU reiterated that Ukraine has fulfilled all obligations under the visa liberalization action plan, and they honestly vysznachyly that now the ball - on the side of the EU", - he said.

According to Yeliseyev, visa facilitation - one of the issues in relations between Ukraine and the Commonwealth, which promises EU to consider in the near future.   In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:54 pmAdmin
Putin legalized Guard created to combat Square

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws on National Guard troops of (Roshvardiyu). This structure has the right to use weapons in the crowd, conduct searches without a court order to prohibit the movement of vehicles

This document is on the website of legal information.

According to the basic law, Roshvardii transferred powers were Interior Ministry troops, riot police, SWAT and TSSN MIA. "Guards" in particular will be able to hold citizens to check the documents to counter mass protests. They have the right under state of emergency to prohibit the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, vehicles used for public transportation to the place of emergency or prosecution of offenders, to enter the house, to use force, special means and weapons as needed. Roshvardiya consist not only contractors, but also with the recruits.

New federal service transferred powers in the area of ​​arms trafficking and control of private security activities (currently responsible for it MVD).

At troops of the National Guard relies tasks such as participating jointly with the police in the protection of public order, public security and state of emergency, in the struggle against terrorism and in ensuring the legal regime of counter-terrorist operations, and participation in the fight against extremism and territorial defense Russia. Among other tasks Roshvardii - protection of important derzhob'yektiv and special cargo assist FSB border authorities in the protection of the state border.

In addition, a package of laws of military Roshvardii number delegated powers similar to those that now have the FSB. It is primarily about the right to use weapons in crowd "to prevent (stop) the attack, the release of the hostages, repel group or armed attack on important state facilities and special cargoes facilities for communications, protected by National Guard troops, and on their own objects troops of the national Guard. "

"Army National Guard operate on the principles of legality, rights and freedoms of man and citizen, unity of command and centralization of control", - emphasized in the explanatory memorandum.

Guide Roshvardii troops carry Russian President and Director will manage federal service - Chief of National Guard troops. April 5 to this position he was appointed Viktor Zolotov, who previously held the position of Chief of Interior Ministry troops.   In Ukrainian/український
MP from Opposition Block and his wife deliberately knocked the woman and mocked her. Shocking VIDEO of the Dnieper

The woman returned home from the market, made the remark two drivers, one of them ran to answer it.

WARNING! This video contains profanity.

Deputy Dnieper district Alexander Zamansky District Council of Opposition bloc knocked the woman and then killed lady's affected products.

It wrote on his page on Facebook MP Vladimir Aryan from the MFP.

According to him, the MP so aggressively responded to the comments in his direction. Toyota is the owner of his wife.

" Moreover, the police tried to hush up the case and the publicity only helped to open criminal proceedings ", - wrote Aryan.

According to local media, the incident occurred on the left-bank 3 a week ago. The woman returned home from the market and was carrying products in the cart. On the way to the house she made remarks to two drivers who, in her opinion, incorrectly parked their cars and travel and blocked passage. One of the drivers ran in response to it.

The police said that the matter will be opened criminal proceedings under Art. 296, ch. 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ( "Hooliganism").

Dnipro Mayor Boris Filatov responded to the incident, calling the local MP "monster."  In Ukrainian/український

Borys Filatov, MP

The Well, IT looks like Our ​​local district Deputies from "Oppobloka" Decided to the BE the Biggest star You are going in the Whole country.
First to two two clowns from shevchenkovskogo area Played a paintball in "Rostov-na is-Donu" and Plotted to the get to the base "Peacekeeper" .
Now the spawn of another sobornogo up closeup beat and humiliated an Elderly woman.
A unique constraint quality of human material.
It feels like just for They Grew vilkul in kadushke as with That for They grind.
and, alas, for such we have voted in almost half of the voters:(
And you, dear "to Patriots Democrats" Further and to 'continue' The sort things out.
Especially on 27Th up my own district

on Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:40 amAdmin
Poroshenko: Russian navy captured 70% of Ukraine

After Russian occupation of Crimea, Ukraine lost about 70% of ships. This, speaking on the occasion of Navy in Odessa, said the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

"Because of the occupation of Russian Crimean peninsula, Ukraine lost about 70% of ships. Most existing ships and boats is in need of repair and modernization.

Yes, I know all the problems of the fleet. Recently completed the inspection team, which in my behalf studied the situation in the Navy and is now preparing solid proposals for increasing the combat potential, associated infrastructure and improving comprehensive support Ukrainian Navy.

One of the main problems I see the housing Ukrainian sailors and, above all, those who left in the occupied Russian Crimea ", - said Poroshenko.

The president "emphasized the unresolved issues of social protection of servicemen and their families and instructed the defense minister to speed up resolving the issue of housing for sailors who left the Crimea."

He also stressed that "the measures taken by the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, currently falls short of the comprehensive support of the Naval Forces of Ukraine".

The President was approved by Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko and Defense Minister Poltorak on priority funding Navy.  In Ukrainian/український
Chess Crown: Ukrainian Muzychuk played draw with a Russian Gil

Ukrainian Anna Muzychuk played draw with a Russian Olga Gil in the second round of the fourth stage of the Grand Prix chess, held in the Chinese Chengdu.

On the second day of the tournament ended in a draw three parties - another Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk and Tszyu Ventszyun from China, Antoanetta Stefanova of Bulgaria and Georgian Bela Hotenashvili, Swede Pia Cramling and Tan Chzhun'i also failed to determine the winner. Dronavalli Harika of India defeated the Georgian Lela Dzhavahyshvili and another representative of India Hampi Koneru beat Zhao Xue Chinese woman.

Standings with two heads Dronavalli points, second in the Kaner (1.5), followed by Kramlinh, Hotenashvili, Stefanova, Ventszyun Maria Muzychuk, Anna Muzychuk, weight (all - 1) Dzhavahyshvili, Xue, Chzhun'i (all - 0.5).

Competitions are held in one round from 2 to 14 July, 6 and 11 July - days.

Grand Prix International Chess Federation (FIDE) season-2015/16 consists of five phases, which resulted in overall standings winner will be entitled to compete for the title of world champion. The next championship match is scheduled for 2017, it also will attend the October winner of the world championship for the knock-out system.

Series Grand Prix FIDE conducted in 2009 and three previous times overall Hou Yifan won, while the second became Hampi Koneru.   In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:49 amAdmin
Kremlin admits Snowden Russian agent

The Kremlin has settled the issue over long-time speculations regarding Edward Snowden's actual role once and for all by stating that Snowden is indeed their man, reported citing the article that was initially published in German by Bild.

In a remarkable interview this week, Franz Klintsevich, a senior Russian security official, explained the case matter-of-factly: "Let's be frank. Snowden did share intelligence."

"This is what security services do. If there's a possibility to get information, they will get it," Franz Klintsevich said, according to

With this, Klintsevich simply said what all intelligence professionals already knew – that Snowden is a collaborator with the FSB. That he really had no choice in the matter once he set foot in Russia does not change the facts................

To read further go to this link: 
Reuters: With Russia as an ally, Serbia edges towards NATO

Serbia is performing a delicate balancing act between its European aspirations, partnership with NATO and its centuries-old religious, ethnic and political alliance with Russia.

Belgrade is being wooed by the West which has sought to bring it into the fold since the fall of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000. Serbia is now a European Union membership candidate and the bloc is its top trade partner and benefactor.

Belgrade is also quietly moving towards NATO despite the reservations of most Serbians but it is wary of damaging its loudly proclaimed friendship with Russia that wants to boost its influence in the region and which is hostile to the military alliance.........
Ukraine to supply missiles for Polish MiG fighter jets

The consortium formed by Polish WB Electronics and Ukrainian Spetstehnoeksport won the tender for the supply of 40 missiles for Polish fighter aircraft.

It is reported by Radio Poland.

"Except for Russia, Ukraine is now the only manufacturer of missiles that can be used for Polish MiG-29M jets. The (Polish) aircraft are adapted to NATO standards, but they are still equipped with Russian-standard weapons. In this case, Ukrainians will supply R-27ER radar guided medium-range air-to-air missiles. These are not too advanced facilities, however they are completely adapted to the aircraft and radar standards............
TASS: U.S. "punishes" Russian companies, which assist Syria in fighting terrorism – comment

The U.S. sanctions against Russian defense industry enterprises are aimed at those who assist Damascus in fighting terrorists, which is seen clearly from Washington's policies, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in a comment the ministry published on its website, according to Russian news agency TASS.

"By attempting once again to try pressing several enterprises of our defense industry under the pretext of their cooperation with other countries, first of all with Syria, the U.S. has demonstrated clearly the essence of its policies," he said. "How could be considered the aspiration of the White House to "punish" Russian enterprises, which assist the Syrian people in fighting the Islamic State (terrorist organization outlawed in Russia)? What is it if not an indirect support of terrorists?" TASS reports. He said if the administration of the U.S. President Barack Obama does not care about the damage to the Russian-U.S. relations, then they should think how the U.S. looks in the world. "However, as the CIS actually had fostered Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the lack of principles and moral in Washington's polices is so evident, that in fact there is not much to comment on.".................

To read further go to this link:

For starters! Bombing children and hospitals, especially with chemical weapons doesn't sound like fighting ISIS. These sanctions must be hitting a chord, if they're responding to the latest.
Lithuania welcomes Nato deployment of troops

President says alliance’s plan is an important deterrent to Russia

Lithuania has welcomed Nato plans to dispatch troops close to the Russian border as the beginning of a new policy of deterrence against Moscow.

Dalia Grybauskaite, Lithuania’s president, said the alliance’s plans to send four battalions with a total of 3,000-4,000 troops to the three Baltic states and Poland, was an important deterrent to Russia, which her government views as an increasing and unpredictable threat.

“If we [border states] will not be heard then Russia will do whatever they want,” Ms Grybauskaite told the Financial Times. “That is why it’s also one of the tools of our defence to be outspoken, to be clear, and to be heard.”.............

To read further go to this link:  Financial Times
I would agree to head Ministry of Defense, - Savchenko. VIDEO
.... The rest of the General Staff are just dozens of colonels and generals, and we have too many of them. They just slow down everything. I would legalize a really effective army and sweep away everyone who absorbs money, stimulates corruption and harms those who at the forefront," she added.

I agree with what she says, and speaking with military people on a daily basis, I know the armed forces reek of corruption and incompetence.
Savchenko would be good at cleaning up corruption - given a clean slate.
But - to head the Ministry of Defence - that is something rather different.
on Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:09 amNelson
6 military wounded yesterday - Lysenko
Sunday, July 3, 2016, 13:19

In the area of ​​ATU over the past day, no Ukrainian soldier was killed, but six were wounded.
This was announced by the speaker of the presidential administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko at a briefing in Kyiv on Sunday.
"For the past day, the fighting, fortunately nobody killed among our soldiers there, but six were wounded," - he said....
Lutsenko disagrees with arrest of Aidar battalion commander Lykholit
...."To my mind, pre-trial confinement is unwarranted," Lutsenko said....

see also
MP Iryna Gerashchenko vouches for Aidar commander release on bail
Russian occupants recruit inmates in Donbas, - Defense Ministry
...On June 30 - July 1, about 100 convicts serving sentences in prisons in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region arrive to the "9th Assault separate motorized rifle regiment of marines" (Novoazovsk). They were released early under an amnesty after the signing of contracts with the Russian occupation command of the military service. ...
Putin releasing murderers and rapists into the community.
The result of idiots like the Greeks, the French fascist right, etc, supporting dictator Putin.
When one of these psychos rapes a woman in France expect Le Pen to blame Ukraine. Such are the sick minds of these politicians.
Ukraine intel reports at least 22 militant Grads on frontline
....39 tanks, 53 artillery systems and self-propelled artillery systems of Russia-backed separatist forces in Donbas combat zone....
....30 Russian servicemen were killed in action and 37 others were wounded over the past week, according to Skibitsky's report. 22 fighters have left the units of occupant forces over the last week, most of them are citizens of the Russian Federation, including Russian servicemen on active duty, according to a representative of the Main Intelligence Department of Ukraine's Defense Ministry Vadym Skibytsky.....
69 attacks yesterday in the ATO zone; most in the direction Mariupol area
Sunday, July 3, 2016, 8:09

Russian occupation forces opened fire 69 times on positions forces ATO units.
The press center ATO headquarters.
Most - 38 cases of enemy weapons registered in Mariupol direction.
In particular, near Vodianoy enemy fire led to the Minsk agreement prohibited 122-mm artillery.
Under fire 120mm mortars hit strongholds of the Armed Forces in Talakivtsi, birch and Krasnohorivtsi. In addition, enemy drones conducted aerial reconnaissance near Shyrokynoho, Pavlopolya, Novotroitsk....


Putin clearly pushing in the Mariupol area. Why ? That is obvious. - his "bridge" to the Crimea. The original plan.
No other reason.
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