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Are Kremlin Trolls manipulating stock markets?

on Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:43 pm
All of us that read the news articles in this forum are quite familiar with the many different ways Kremlin Trolls get in to affect many sectors, such as social media, including the news media. The US and others recently have confirmed of the troubles they're creating throughout western countries.

Kremlin Trolls fabricate and spread false information and get paid for it. For example, in a social media source like Twitter, Facebook and others, they'll post false information. When they get replies they get paid for it, per reply.

The stock market is not out of bounce, as their attempts to destabilize the media, they'll also attempt to do the same with the market, but spreading falsehoods. You'll find them imitating bearish traders and day traders. When you have a stock that its RSI ratings, volume and percentage increase at closing suddenly being bashed with negativity on the perfromance and its future, many ARE Kremlin Trolls, putting their share of negativity on the market. I saw many examples recently, during the Brexit debacle. Many were saying the entire Europe's doomed. SUDDENLY! This past week, the British pound had its best highs since 2008, went from 1.48/$ to 1.32/$. The S&P500 got a return on their losses of 90%. And there are other very good signs that the market isn't doomed. Those are are the Kremlin Trolls at work, trying to put a negative on everything they can to destabilize the western economy. Remember! They're in deep shyte from the sanctions. And bullies as they're known to be, they'll do anything to spite the west who applied those sanctions.

So watch out for those Kremlin Trolls that are also playing with you in the market. Call them as they are and BLOCK them.
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