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56 attacks by Putin.
Update - sadly another 2 soldiers died yesterday, and 4 wounded.

Hot and humid again. I went to the market early, before the heat started to really build; rather like in Vietnam!
28 at 1030. Expect a high over 30. Blue sky and sunshine.

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on Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:19 amNelson
Ukraine resumes gas imports from Hungary

There was some talk about resuming deliveries from Russia.
Russia finally offered a realistic price, BUT - they also wanted Ukraine to pay for gas in the occupied territories. Stupid.
Justin Trudeau praises Canadian military efforts in Ukraine
....“We are giving significant support to the Ukrainian military to be able to be more effective in defending and reclaiming Ukrainian territory,” Trudeau told a news conference where the two countries announced a new Canada-Ukraine free trade deal....
Russia may have lied about losing a gunship to ISIS

....But according to newspaper and expert reports, the helicopter was not an Mi-25 (the export version of Russia’s old Mi-24 attack helicopter), but Russia’s new state-of-the-art Mi-35M helicopter, which first appeared in Syria in December and, crucially, is operated only by the Russian military.....

....“Even if it was an [antitank guided missile], immediately calling it a TOW seems like a deliberate attempt to cast negative assertions around a U.S.-approved program,” Binnie said....


Nothing in the Russian press is as it seems.
This is what losing your newsroom looks like in Russia The reporters at ‘RBC’ meet their new bosses (Full transcript)

[Not too long to read. An interesting insight into how censorship works in Russia. Two extracts - ]

Elizaveta Golikova: Guys, let's stick to specific questions, and you'll get specific answers. That way we won't start talking about the double line again, and we can list the specific qualities of good stories.


RBC journalist: Alright, I'll be the idiot here. We've read in the media that the reports that caused us all these problems were, for example, the reports about [Kirill] Shamalov [allegedly the husband of Vladimir Putin's daughter, Katerina] and about Putin's daughter. Do you think these reports crossed the double line? Because for us, as far as I understand it, they didn't cross the double line. These were good, professional reports. According to your understanding, did they cross it or didn't they?

Igor Trosnikov: I'll be honest with you: I'm not going to answer a question like that. You want too much.

RBC journalist: But this is a specific example. You asked for specific questions, and that's what I've asked.

....Igor Trosnikov: If people here are thinking that you can always be direct—be so direct with everything—it isn't so. It's not allowed at Kommersant, it's not allowed at Interfax, it's not allowed at Vedomosti, and, as experience now shows, it's not allowed here. Yes? But this is our profession. It's your profession. And I'm still hoping that this will be our newsroom going forward. I think we should all have an interest in preserving this at its best and highest quality. But I can't tell you that there are no restrictions whatsoever. They exist. If people here think there aren't any restrictions, then they're better off writing on Facebook. You can still get away with it there.

RBC journalist: They're locking people up for that now, too.....


i.e. - Putin now controls the press - all of it.
Slovakia's Nafta buys 50% in Uzhgorod gas field from Cub Energy
..."We hope that the project would be a first step in creating a portfolio of Nafta's projects in Ukraine," Nafta CEO Martin Bartosovic said....

It seems crazy that Ukraine can't develop its own gas fields.
Two Aidar battalion soldiers Yurii Hurtiak and Yaroslav Komarov killed in Donbas July 11. PHOTO

Two soldiers of Aidar battalion - Yurii Hurtiak and Yaroslav Komarov - were killed in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) yesterday, July 11.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the battalion on its Facebook page.

"On July 11, 2016, at dawn, two our comrades died from wounds received in mine explosions during a combat mission:

" 'Taets' - Yurii Hurtiak,

" 'Komaryk' - Yaroslav Komarov.

"Visitation of "Taets' will be held on July 12, 2016 in the village of Mistky, Svativskyi district, the Luhansk region.

"Eternal glory to our Heroes! Rest in peace! Cover us from heaven! You are with us for ever. Lord is with us!" the message reads. Source:
Captive Russian soldier calls on Donbas comrades-in-arms to go home

...."At the moment, I'm a commander of troop No. 1. I'm a senior lieutenant. I earlier wanted to leave here, wrote a number of [resignation] reports, but they did not let me go," he told the SBU, as seen in the video....

"I'm appealing to all the Russians who are fighting and who have families - go home. This war makes no sense," he said.....

167000 hits already!

You won't find this story in Stalin-lovin Seamus Milne's Guardian from Shaun Walker!! Only Putin garbage there.
2 soldiers killed, 4 wounded, yesterday in the ATO zone - Staff

Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 12:43
One day in the area of counter-terrorist operations 2 military killed, 4 injured.
This at a traditional briefing on Tuesday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"For the past day because of fighting two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four wounded," - said the colonel.
In Barcelona detained son of former Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetskyi (UNN)
KIEV. July 12. UNN. In Barcelona on suspicion of money laundering arrested Stepan Chernovetsky, the son of the former mayor Leonid Chernovetsky. It is reported by El Mundo, reports UNN.
The police conducted a special operation in a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona in the fight against financial crimes.
All police detained 11 people who used the company in Barcelona for money laundering.
"Among the detainees mostly Ukrainian and rosiyay living in Barcelona. Specifically, the son of the former mayor of Kyiv - Stepan Chernovetsky, "- the statement says.
It is reported that detainees accused of creating a criminal organization, money laundering, forgery of official documents and crimes against the Treasury.

Chernovetsky. Also known as "Cosmos".
He was quite popular as Mayor of Kiev, for a very brief time. He built up a following in one of the evangelical churches. Always useful for votes.
But clearly not quite the "Christian" he tried to make himself out to be! Admittedly this is his son, but....
Opposition Calls for Rally Against New Russian Anti-Terror Laws

I would expect Putin to use the anti-terror laws to stop any protests against the anti-terror laws. Welcome to North Korea.
Speaker Parubii opens Rada session: People's Front and PPB unblocking rostrum and presidium. PHOTOS
.....At the same time, people's deputies from the Radical party faction continue their sitting protest at the Rada's rostrum. ...

It looks like Yulia Tymoshenko is not sitting down because she doesn't want to get her 10,000 dollar white satin Louis Vuitton dress dirty.
Yulia - fighting corruption the only way she knows how... LOL.
And there are still idiots who love her. And the Kyiv Post - Taras Kuzio - probably on her payroll. I'd bet my house on it.
Don't forget - there are business links between the Kyiv Post owner, and Tymoshenko. - going back a long long way.

If you want to watch the idiots who represent Ukraine, they are currently live on Rada tv. Now at 1200 noon. Ukraine time.
Village 24 km from Ukraine's strategic port city remains hottest spot in Donbas war
...."The hottest spot was outside Shyrokyne. Russian occupiers used 120mm mortars, grenade launchers, large-caliber machine-guns, and small arms," the ATO press service wrote on Facebook on Tuesday morning....
Coalition deputies surrounded the [Rada] rostrum to prevent it being blocked
Liashko and Tymoshenko trying to block work in the Rada.
ATO: Militants strike with mortars and anti-aircraft installations

Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 6:51
Over the past day in the area of ​​ATU gunmen opened fire 56 times - 23 times in the Donetsk area, 25 - in Mariupol and 8 - in Lugansk.
The press center ATO headquarters reported on the page in Facebook.
In Donetsk area under fire from militants banned 120mm mortars hit Ukrainian bases in Avdiyivka residences and Mayorsku. From 82 mm mortars, terrorists fired at positions near Ukrainian mines Module, Avdeevki and Zaitsev.
In Mariupol direction "hot" was under Shyrokynym - fighters used 120 mm mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. Also, with 82 mm caliber mortars they fired on Krasnohorivtsi, Pavlopolyu and glorious.
In mortars, the Donetsk region the militants fired on the troops of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems, armored vehicles and small arms.
In Luhansk terrorists struck the 122 mm artillery and 120 mm mortars on Ukrainian forces in Novooleksandrivtsi. In Popasnaya gunmen used anti-tank missiles and grenade launchers.
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