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Putin attacks 77 times. He has increased the number of attacks from the 20s and 30s to 60s and 90s over the past month.
No response from Europe or the US that I have seen.
Update: no dead, three wounded.

22 at 0800. Warm and humid again today, but thunderstorms later and cooler next week.
High today around 30 for much of the country.

Update: 1500. Odessa 31. Kiev 35. Donetsk 37. Quite toasty where I am near the capital. And humid. Need some thunderstorms...

MH17 - 17 July:
Two years since Putin's Kursk missile battery shot down the plane with a Buk.

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"Cheap provocation": the UOC MP to disown meeting in Sofia area

Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate said it was not involved in "religious procession" in the Sofia area, where they sang the song "God Save the Tsar".

It is reported by the Synodal Information Department of the UOC on the official site.

"Ukrainian Orthodox Church has no relation to this political event. No cleric Orthodox Church did not participate in it and did not give its blessing to participants in such political actions ..." - said in a statement.

"Obviously, this cheap provocation was made to discredit the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This is evidenced by the fact that provocateurs feel free to downtown, posing in photo and video cameras," - noted in the UPC.

As reported by the "Observer", it was reported that members of the UOC MP religious procession sang "God Save the Tsar!" in the center of Kyiv.

Subscribe to our push-message to the first to know about new material. We promise to send only the really important news. In Ukrainian/український
Malaysia Airlines will pay compensation to the bereaved families of passengers MH17

Under international law, Malaysia Airlines has to compensate the family of each deceased, regardless of the reasons for the crash, amounting to 130 thousand euros.

Airlines, Malaysia Airlines has reached an agreement to pay compensation to relatives of those killed most of the passengers of the flight MH17.

It is reported by BBC.

Dutch lawyer who represents many victims' families, said the general features of the agreement are clear, however details will be announced not by mutual consent.

Under international law, Malaysia Airlines has to compensate the family of each deceased, regardless of the reasons for the crash, amounting to 130 thousand euros.

The prosecutors Netherlands expect a full report on the circumstances of the crash of the Donetsk region will be ready in the fall.

Recall, July 17, 2014 in the skies over territory controlled by pro-Russian militants "DNR" Malaysian plane shot down Flight MH17. As a result of the tragedy killed 298 people.

The European Union and the United States fully supported the work of the joint investigation team, which studies the MH17 tragedy, and concerned countries to effectively punish perpetrators. In Ukrainian/український
Lviv holds the first International Ukrainian Dance and Culture Festival (photos)

Lviv - Ukraine's western cultural capital - for the first time ever is hosting a unique Ukrainian dance and culture international festival, which takes place from 15 to 18 July.

Solo performers and groups sing and dance on the same stage to mark important dates in the Ukrainian history - 25 years since the country's independence and 125 years since Ukrainians started migrating across the world.

Ukraine army destroys mortar battery armed with Gran mines

Ukraine army intelligence reports that in the night of July 14 and 15, ten Russian servicemen were killed and thirteen wounded.

The losses refer only to Russian servicemen as on July 15 the bodies of the Russians were evacuated from the Donetsk Kalinin hospital to Russia in 2 KMAZ trucks.

The Russians do not evacuate the bodies of local separatists, the intelligence report says. 

According to Internet user Аlex N Alex Noyt, the Ukrainian army destroyed a mortar battery equipped with the newest Gran mines which had caused numerous losses among the Ukrainian troops.
On Saturday in the Donbas killed two and wounded three Russian military

Established personal data of one of the killed servicemen of Russian occupation troops

Observed losing regular personnel formations and units of the 1st AC (Donetsk) and 2-AK (Luhansk) Armed Forces that the Donbass perform criminal orders of the Russian government. This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.
"16 July killing two and wounding three soldiers of the 9th individual assault motorized infantry regiment of marines (Novoazovsk) and 3-th separate motorized rifle brigade (Gorlovka) 1st AC (Donetsk) Armed Forces, and also 7-th separate motorized rifle brigade (Luhansk) 2 th AK (Luhansk) Armed forces "- referred to in the message.

Found the personal data of one of the killed servicemen of Russian occupation troops: commander calculation howitzer artillery battery from the 3rd Infantry brigade separate (Gorlovka) 1st AC Armed forces Vihlyayev Alexander V. (06.09.1982r.n.). In Ukrainian/український
Russia delivered to militants in the Donbass fuel tanks and infantry fighting vehicles

In Rovenky arrived three tank with fuel and lubricants (150 tons)

Reported facts regular supply of arms and military equipment, and fuels and lubricants with the Russian Federation at Donbass for militants. This was reported by the Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

In particular Rovenky arrived three tank with fuel and lubricants (150 tons). In the city. Snow brought five infantry fighting vehicles.

The Ukrainian side provided information the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE presence of tanks, artillery systems and 122-mm MLRS "Grad" in areas inhabited Gorlovka Yakovlivka, Barabash, Donetsk and Dokuchaevsk. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:56 amAdmin
Political analyst praised Savchenko and Gavryliuk

Kost Bondarenko sometimes advised to listen to thoughts Hope Savchenko

Director of "Ukrainian politics" Kost Bondarenko noted the work of the parliament of two people's deputies Hope Savchenko and Michael Gavrilyuk.

Commenting on the activities of the Council of Hope Savchenko, the analyst said: "I thought that it will be the second Parasyuk, but it produces ambiguous, but very interesting sober Deals for beginners ". According to Bondarenko, sometimes the thoughts Savchenko ought to listen.

"As Michael Gavrilyuk, all thought that he would become a parliamentary clown, but he understood his role and niche and quickly out-of-information effort. Perhaps it is not very active, but does not make a clown of himself "- said the expert. More, please see the" Commander " In Ukrainian/український
US does not doubt the involvement of Russia to disaster MH17

US confident that the international investigation team conducted an unbiased, truthful and comprehensive investigation into the crash "Malaysian Airlines"

The work of the joint investigation team comprising representatives of Ukraine, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia and Belgium to investigate the crash "Malaysian Airlines" "Boeing 777" (Flight MH17) should provide a basis for bringing the perpetrators to justice. This is stated in the statement of Deputy US State Department Spokesman Mark Toner on the second anniversary of shooting down a plane, the website of the US Embassy in Ukraine.
At the State Department recalled that in October 2015 assessed positively the final report of the Security Council of the Netherlands regarding the cause of the crash Malaysian "Boeing". "This report is recognized valid that MH17 was shot down by a missile" surface-to-air. " Our own assessment has not changed - the missile was launched from territory controlled by Russia supported separatists in eastern Ukraine, "- said in a statement.

" The United States continues to cooperate with the joint investigation team and law enforcement agencies. We have full confidence that these professionals conduct unbiased, truthful and comprehensive investigation, which form the basis for an independent judicial prosecution to prosecute those responsible for this tragedy to justice, "- said in a statement.

Recall aircraft Boeing 777 airline Malaysia Airlines, performing flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down July 17, 2014 in Donetsk region, on the territory controlled by terrorists supported by Russia. Killed all 298 persons on board. The passengers were citizens of 10 countries. The majority of victims (196 persons) - Citizens of the Netherlands. In order to investigate the tragedy of August 7, 2014 was created an international investigation team, which included prosecutors and representatives of other law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Malaysia, as well as representatives of Eurojust.

The Security Council of the Netherlands on October 13 released a report on the causes of the crash "Malaysian airlines". Established that the plane was shot down by a missile "Beech". In particular, according to the report, the crash "occurred through warhead detonation 9N314M type, which is released from the anti-aircraft missile system" Buk "in eastern Ukraine." According to Chairman of the Security Council of the Netherlands, the explosion front of the aircraft was destroyed and the plane broke up in the air. He said that three crew members on the flight were killed on the spot.

Today, July 17, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that only Russia hinders investigation of accident Malaysian "Boeing". In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Jul 17, 2016 7:55 amNelson
Three military wounded in the ATO zone

Sunday, July 17, 2016, 12:47

During the last day of Ukrainian military zone ATO no victims, three wounded.
This was announced at a press briefing on Sunday, a spokesman for the presidential administration on ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
He said the soldiers were wounded in Mariupol direction as a result of hostile fire.
He also cited the revised data for July 15, according to which the two soldiers were Marinka near concussion, the two are in hospital Kurakhovo.
As for the losses of the enemy, according to the investigation, on July 16 for the two militants killed, 3 injured.
Kremlin won’t release Ukraine from its grip and is ready to use missiles and aviation, Razumkov think tank director of military programs Mykola Sunhurovsky believes, reports July 17.

The only way to stop the Russian aggression is to hold a referendum in Ukraine on the accession to NATO, the expert says.

He points out that Ukrainians have long realized the need to join NATO, and the referendum will set the targets for the country’s government.
on Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:51 amAdmin
Intelligence spoke about the situation in the enemy ranks

In the ranks of the militants remains low morale. According to the Main Department of the Ministry of Defense intelligence of Ukraine, this is due to loss of motivation, poor cash collateral and nutrition, as well as the systematic extortion on the part of officers.
So, yesterday Adventure 3 separate motorized rifle brigade ( Gorlovka ), are at the forefront, have expressed open dissatisfaction regular extortions from the brigade command, and refused to give "a representation activities" by 3000 Russian rubles per month. In turn, the command of the brigade left the "rebellious" unit without hot food and threatens to extend the period of stay at the forefront.

"July 15 servicemen 7 separate motorized rifle brigade ( Debalcevo ) declined once again to raise funds for the treatment of severely wounded colleagues, because they believe that the proper treatment of the injured - direct responsibility of commanders for refusing most of the personnel team to raise money for the burial of the former commander, Colonel of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. Alexander Bushueva, command 2 months left "greedy Carbonari" without extra charges for participating in the clashes, "- told in intelligence. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:07 amNelson
Darth Putin et al.

Sputnik ‏@Sputnik_Not  15 июл.
Some 150 #Syrian towns liberated from civilians due to #Russian air support

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  14 июл.
Summary of meeting between me & @JohnKerry on Syria.
"You are"
"We're not"
"You did"
"We didn't"
Repeat for several hours.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  14 июл.
Former Foreign Secretary @PHammondMP was of the Russophobic opinion that Ukraine is a country.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  14 июл.
Don't believe Russia thinks Boris is a fool until the Kremlin compliments him.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  16 ч.16 часов назад
I wouldn't mind a coup run by amateurs. It would give me the excuse for a bloody purge à la Stalin.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  3 ч.3 часа назад
As it's the anniversary, he's a short history of #MH17 as told by my trolls & also the sane.

X Soviet ‏@XSovietNews  3 ч.3 часа назад

Soviet Sergey ‏@SovietSergey  2 ч2 часа назад
We have ordered our media to go full retard on #MH17 today. "We still don't know what happened."

Finally, from The Economist - last sentence of the article -
Britain’s new prime minister will regret appointing Boris Johnson
... It is like putting a baboon at the wheel of the Rolls Royce. Sure, the steering wheel, clutch and accelerator will keep the baboon happy and busy. But the price in collateral damage could be high.

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Two years after the crash in Donbas: causes have not yet been identified [Russian source!!]
... fraud and outright false data from the Dutch investigators, ..., stubborn disregard of information from Russia ....
Why is Ukraine a full member of the joint investigative team?...: Ukraine has all opportunities to forge evidence, ...

The Russian media still in a state of denial over MH17.
A substantial article, but -
no mention of Putin,
no mention of the Kursk 53rd battery sent to Donbass,
no mention of a Buk,
no mention of Bellingcat.

Sick - lying, deceitful - journalism. Shaun Walker's buddies in Moscow. 300 dead. This is really sick.
Walker produced a similar headline in the Putin lovin Guardian last year - 09 July, 2015
One year on, there is no conclusive proof of who was responsible for shooting down the plane, though most evidence points to Ukraine’s separatist forces

Even the phrase "Ukraine's separatist forces" - denies Russian involvement. Most people call Walker's "DNR guys" Russian separatists, NOT Ukrainian separatists.  
Walker is scum, and very clever in the way he manipulates information. After all, he started his career with Russiaprofile = RIA Novosti.

For some real, analytical journalism, see

MH17 – The Open Source Investigation, Two Years Later

....Based on Bellingcat’s online open source investigation we believe the following events occurred:

Between June 23-25 2014 the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade transported vehicles within Russia to positions close to the Russian border with Ukraine. This includes Buk 332, later sighted in Ukraine on July 17 and 18 2014.
On July 17 2014 Buk 332 left Donetsk in the morning loaded onto a low-loader, travelling eastwards through separatist held territory, until it reached the town of Snizhe in the early afternoon.
After arriving in Snizhne Buk 332 unloaded and drove under its own town south out of the town.
Buk 332 arrived at a field south of Snizhne and fired a missile that resulted in the destruction of Flight MH17.
Buk 332 was next filmed travelling east through the separatist controlled city of Luhansk on the morning of July 18 2014.
On July 21 2014 the Russian Defence Ministry presented a series of false and fake information. This included lying about the flight path of MH17, lying about radar data, lying about the location of the July 18 2014 Luhansk video, and misdating and heavily manipulating satellite imagery,....
"We didn't face terrorism [until] Russia started exporting it," - Poroshenko commemorates two years of MH17 tragedy

...."Russia, abusing the right of veto, blocked the decision of the UN Security Council to establish the International Tribunal to investigate the downing of MH17, which is an indirect and logical proof of its involvement in the crime. ...
on Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:32 amNelson
Business in Ukraine: Two years of waiting [Engl]
....A lot has been done in this direction, in spite of the "fraternal assistance" from Russia in the form of the occupation of Crimea and military aggression in Donbas, which provoked the fall of the national economy.
Dozens of bills in the area of business have already been adopted, ....
. Due to innovations, Ukraine in 2015 jumped 13 positions in a Doing Business index, ranking 83 among 189 countries.
But, despite such active actions of the authorities, on which the officials report almost daily, the business environment remains unfavorable....

Three Azov Regiment soldiers detained while attacking cash-in-transit van in Zaporizhia region, - National Guard

No more info.
But more bad news for the Azov Regiment. But seems somebody had inside info on this.
There - maybe - are people out to discredit the volunteer batallions, but Azov seem to be doing it all themselves.
ATO: enemy shells 77 times from all direction, and uses 152 mm artillery

Sunday, July 17, 2016, 7:24
During the last day recorded 77 cases opening fire using artillery krupnokalibernoyi, including 37 in Mariupol, 31 in Donetsk and Lugansk areas 9.
The press center ATO headquarters.
In particular, the direction of Mariupol banned Minsk II 152-mm artillery hit by enemy strongholds of the Armed Forces in Pavlopoli. In addition, the 122-mm self-propelled installation of water he used in 120-mm mortar - in Shyrokynomu, granite, and Mar'yintsi Talakivtsi. At Shyrokyno active enemy snipers.
In Donetsk area was restless Avdiyivka. The enemy fire led by Ukrainian troops of 122-mm artillery and 120 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms.
With the caliber of 120 mm mortars fired at the occupants strengthening Ukrainian defenders Novoselivtsi Second, Nevelsk and near mine Module. Also, in the Donetsk region has involved the enemy armored vehicles, anti-aircraft installations, anti-tank missiles and heavy machine guns.
In Luhansk enemy shot 120 and 82 mm mortars on positions of the Armed Forces in the Old Aidar. Also, during a mortar attack hit Novozvanivka and Novoaleksandrovka.


Again most attacks in the Mariupol area. 37 alone. Putin wants his corridor to occupied Crimea.
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