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54 attacks by Putin on Ukraine.
Monday was the worst day for casualties in a year. Update below now says 9 soldiers died in fighting.
UP journalist killed this morning in Kiev - looks like bomb under car. See 2 posts' down.

Pleasant. Partly sunny, but cooler. 15 at 0800. High today of maybe 22.
Admin wants me to go into Kiev today.
I've worn shorts for the past 6 weeks, but today.. not sure.

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Since the beginning of July in the Donbas killed 27 soldiers, 123 wounded

Ukrainian diplomats at the UN calling for Russia to adhere to Minsk II

In the area of ​​ATU this month killed 27 Ukrainian soldiers have suffered 123 injuries.

This was reported by the permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations.

"Russian aggression means 7 soldiers killed, 14 wounded yesterday. 27 killed and 123 wounded in July, "- said in a statement.

"We demand that Russia observe the Minsk agreements, restore exchange of hostages and agree a comprehensive package of security measures proposed by Ukraine", - the representative of Ukraine to the United Nations.

"If the situation does not stabilize in the Donbass, Ukraine will take all measures to protect its territorial integrity and security of its citizens," - said the diplomats. In Ukrainian/український
German expert explained why Ukraine should trade with Russia

German political scientist believes that Ukraine is important to maintain a relationship with the Russian market

German political scientist Andreas Umland believes that Ukraine should not stop trade with Russia contagion own economic interests. He said this in an interview with "Commander" .

"Ukraine is now in a critical economic situation. And the argument cited Hope Savchenko, today to stop any trade with Russia, I would also be supported, but ... Given the current difficult general economic situation should probably keep those connections now. Moreover they are for, to their budget, by and large, no big deal. But for the Ukrainian economy, so that it is not completely collapsed, it is important to maintain a relationship with the Russian market ", - said the analyst.

He said that in Ukraine there are some companies that can sell their products exclusively to Russia. "They can not go to these products to other markets", - said Umland.

"In my opinion, for each industry, each company is required to decide separately as an economic cooperation could take place, - he said. - However, if the benefit of the military-industrial complex of Russia, this cooperation is not in favor of Ukraine." In Ukrainian/український
In the US State Department commented on homicide Sheremet

The American Office expressed condolences to relatives of the deceased journalist.

In the US State Department reported that shocked and saddened by the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev and ready to provide assistance for the impartial investigation, in particular, it can participate in the FBI.

"Pavel Sheremet, a citizen of Belarus was an example of a journalist, he is known for bold and tenacious materials. Sheremet has played an important role in the Ukrainian democracy, highlighting important topics for society, including corruption and the government. Those killed Sheremet not tolerant to freedom and democracy, "- said in a statement the US State Department.

Also, the US Office welcomed the statement of the police and the General Prosecutor's Office to conduct a deep investigation and prosecution of those responsible.

In the US State Department expressed condolences to the family of partners and Pavel Sheremet, Helen butt and his colleagues "Ukrainian Truth".

Recall morning of July 20 journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed in the explosion of his car. The man died on the spot. The car belonged to the head of the Internet edition "Ukrainian Truth" Olena butt, but it was not in the car. In Ukrainian/український
In OUN said they will not allow the entry of participants of the procession in Kyiv

The organization promised to use only peaceful methods, however in case of provocation plan "creative act".

In the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) reported the establishment together with eight community organizations Kyiv Defence Staff, to prevent the entry of participants of the procession in Kyiv.

In particular, the roads leading into the city, planned to place two camp. One near Boryspil, the second - in Zhytomyr highway. It is planned that tents will operate from 23 to 27 July.

"Recall that in Kyiv is the so-called" go for peace ", which was initiated by the Moscow Patriarchate. It involves outright collaborators in the service of the Kremlin, which go to the Caves "praying" for the victory of Russia. During the war in the East - is another provocation, which was initiated by the aggressor country. The aim of Ukrainian reminded that Ukraine still imperial colony of Moscow ", - said in a statement UNO.

The organization stressed that going to work by peaceful means, but "in case of failure or provocation collaborators from Kyiv plans to enter the" reserve the right "to act creatively."

As reported, the Ukrainian procession peace, love and prayers for Ukraine started in eastern Ukraine from Holy Assumption Monastery Svyatogorsk July 3, in the west Ukraine - July 9 Pochayiv Lavra. July 27, the eve of the celebration of the Baptism of Kievan Rus and of St. Vladimir, processions will meet in Kiev on Vladimir Hill and together with the Orthodox Kyiv and pilgrims from all over Ukraine will to the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Processions accompanying the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Pochaevskaya", "Svyatohirsk" and other revered shrines. In Ukrainian/український
European Commission recommends visa liberalization for Ukraine: draft report published

Contributors of the report have declared full support of visa-free regime implementation for Ukraine, Ukraine Today reports.

European Commission concluded that Ukraine has met all the conditions, set by the European Union, according to Ukraine Today. They mentioned that Ukraine has already canceled visa requirements for EU citizens, who would like to stay in the country for up to one year..........

To read further go to this link:
FBI and Europol experts to engage in Sheremet's murder investigation, - Poroshenko (StreetcamVIDEO

International experts from FBI and Europol will be involved in investigation of the killing of prominent journalist Pavel Sheremet.

This was announced by President Poroshenko's press secretary Sviatoslav Tseholko, Censor.NET informs.

"President has instructed to involve experts from the U.S. FBI and the EU to the investigation [of Sheremet's killing - ed.]," he said.

President also said this in a phone call to Chief Editor of Ukrainska Pravda Sevhil Musaieva-Borovyk, during which he expressed his condolences to relatives and colleagues of the journalist.

Poroshenko informed that he had asked for help of FBI in order to guarantee the transparency of the investigation. The agency has agreed to engage, the president said.

He also ordered Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin to invite Europol to participate in investigation. According to Poroshenko, the best investigators have been involved in the case.

Watch more: "When he stopped at crossroads, explosion occurred. Glow of fire went up to third floor," - witness of journalist Sheremet's death. VIDEO

"He said he was with us in his thoughts, that this is a test, that someone is trying to destabilize the situation in the country. He said he was alongside UP [Ukrainska Pravda - ed.] and ready to stay in touch 24/7," Musaieva-Borovyk said.

As reported, prominent journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed in a car bombing in downtown Kyiv on Wednesday morning, July 20. The incident is preliminary qualified as murder. National Police chief Khatia Dekanoidze said the investigation into the killing of Sheremet would be a matter of honor for her. Kyiv prosecutor Hovda took the probe under personal control. The Information Policy Ministry is set to establish an inter-agency working group to investigate the death of Sheremet.

According to witnesses, the explosion occurred when Sheremet stopped at an exit to a main road. They note high detonation velocity.

Prosecutor General Lutsenko commented on the tragedy: "The death of Sheremet was due to an explosive device. It's a murder." Later, the Interior Ministry added a homemade shell-less explosive device was used, its power equivalent to 600 grams of TNT.

The tragic death of the journalist provoked strong public outcry. The chief editor of Ukrainska Pravda Sevhil Musaieva-Borovyk said: "This is a blow to entire Ukrainian journalism." OSCE called for bringing organizers and perpetrators to justice. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linkevičius called for a thorough investigation. Ukrainian President Poroshenko expressed his sympathies to the family and friends of Sheremet. Verkhovna Rada Speaker Parubii called for an immediate investigation. Similarly, an urgent and effective probe was ordered by Prime Minister Hroisman. NSDC Secretary Turchynov also expressed his condolences. President Poroshenko said international experts from FBI will be involved in investigation of the killing.

Sheremet will be buried in Minsk.................... In Ukrainian/український
Nigel Farage plans tour to stir up EU referendums

Outgoing Ukip leader tells Trump’s convention he sees parallels with Brexi

Nigel Farage is planning a tour of European countries to encourage more referendums on EU membership, the UK Independence Party’s outgoing leader revealed on Wednesday.

Four weeks after his success in Britain’s EU referendum, Mr Farage told a lunch on the fringes of Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland he would be “encouraging other independence movements” on his tour this autumn.

“I’m going to go to Athens in September and we’re going to have a big symposium about alternatives to membership of the euro and what it’d be like to get out of the euro. Oddly, perhaps, I’m the most pro-European politician of the lot,” he said.

Saying the EU project “never had any legitimacy from the start”, he also predicted referendums would happen in Denmark (leading to Dexit), the Netherlands (Nexit) and Sweden (Sexit)......................

To read further go to this link:   Financial Times
Russia in Decline: Three Possible Scenarios for the Future Jamestown Foundation

It is widely believed that contemporary Russia’s decline started right after the annexation of Crimea, when, in the course of less than one week, the Kremlin almost irreversibly predetermined the future of the entire nation. By acting as an aggressor—breaking international law, bilateral and multilateral agreements, and the general rules of conduct of post–Cold War Europe—Russia has embarked on a path leading to economic decay and international isolation, which potentially threaten to ruin Russia as a state.

There is no need to argue that Russia is a state in decline today, but I believe it is necessary to highlight that its course was, to some extent, predetermined even before the annexation of Crimea. The Russian economy, which had grown impressively throughout the 2000s, was hit quite hard during the 2008–2009 crises, with GDP shrinking by 7.8 percent in 2009. In 2010, it returned to 4.5 percent growth—the highest rate seen to date. Despite average oil prices reaching above $100 per barrel from 2011 to 2013, by the end of 2013, Russia’s GDP grew by only 1.3 percent, sliding down to 0.6 percent in 2014. Even if there had been no war in Ukraine, sanctions or low oil prices, Russia would be facing a systemic economic crisis. The existing model of state capitalism that lives off of commodities exports [1]—redistributing revenues among the population and stimulating consumer spending to catalyze business activities [2]—exhausted its potential for growth in 2013. The economic crisis and the government’s inability to deliver the same level of satisfaction among the population drives the Kremlin to pursue foreign military adventures, increase its indoctrination campaign via state propaganda, and launch limited witch hunts for the “enemy within” and abroad. All of these factors that began before the annexation increased drastically due to ongoing wars in Syria and Ukraine, and resulted in what could best be described as a management downturn with no sound plan of action....................

To read further go to this link:
In Melitopol six-year boy caught cholera after bathing in the river (GolosUA)
....added that in the last case of cholera was reported in Melitopol in 2008....
Azov sea.
Ukraine should get visa-free regime in October - the European Commissioner (Business)
Not quite correct - the "decision" should be made by October.
I'd bet on Jan 01 2017.
Nine Ukrainian soldiers killed in action area July 18

Nine Ukrainian servicemen were killed in the area of combat operations in the country’s east on Monday, July 18.

Censor.NET correspondent reports citing the information submitted by the Civil and Military Cooperation Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Seven Ukrainian soldiers died a heroic death in action, other two died of non-battle causes.

The 53rd Mechanized Brigade lost five soldiers, the 93th Mechanized Brigade - two soldiers, the 36th Marine Brigade - one soldier, and the 17th Armored Brigade - one soldier.

"Their names are known but this information should not be published before their relatives are notified and one soldier is identified.

"The Civil and Military Cooperation Directorate of the General Staff also managed to swap the body of a soldier of the 54th Mechanized Brigade yesterday. The military died a heroic death in action a few days ago while patrolling neutral zone.

"All the information on losses is submitted in full at the request of commanders of military units. Evacuation of bodies is carried out orderly.

"Glory to the heroes fighting and giving their lives for us, covering the whole Ukraine and each of us by their bodies! We will not forget your sacrifice and your acts of bravery.

"May the memory of you live forever," Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook. Source:
Yesterday I posted that 7 had died on Monday. But this now says nine.
Journalist Pavel Sheremet killed by explosion in his car in Kiev
On Wednesday morning, the explosion killed known journalist Pavel Sheremet in his car.
According to UP, the car exploded on a street corner of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Franko in front of MkDonalds restaurant.
This car belonged to the head of "Ukrainski Pravda" Olena Prityli -  Олені Притулі,, but she was not in the car.
The explosion occurred at 7:45 am when Sheremet was driving in the car.
In place of the police arrived.
Sheremet last five years lived in Kiev, worked in the "Ukrainian Truth", was a presenter at Radio "Vesti"...

[more photos at link above]

Somebody didn't like what UP were writing. This story from their website. I would say, the best news source in Ukraine.
ATO: Militants struck with mortars and prohibited weapons
Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 6:52

In the area of ​​ATU over the past day gunmen opened fire 54 times, and 24 times in Donetsk and Mariupol areas and 6 in Luhansk region.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
In Mariupol banned the direction of Minsk II 122 mm artillery militants fired 12 projectiles to Ukrainian strongholds in Shyrokyno. In addition, terrorists have used 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.
For ATU forces in Talakivtsi militants struck 120 and 82 mm mortars. When a mortar attack also hit positions in the Armed Forces Krasnohorivtsi, Hnutovomu and water. On the other weapons terrorists fired by Ukrainian military in Mar'yintsi, glorious, and Starohnativtsi Novohryhorivtsi.
In Donetsk direction "hot" settlement is Avdiyivka.
"This enemy has involved against our troops 120 and 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. Also, with 120 mm mortars enemy fired Mayorsk and mortar shells of caliber 82 mm - Budivka mine, Opitnoe, and Zaitsev," - said the headquarters .
Luhansk 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers and various systems militants fired heavy machine guns on the village Lugansk. They also used anti-aircraft installation during Nozvanivkoyu and BMP - under Novoaleksandrovka.
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