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Viktor Yanukovych is ready to tell the public the truth about Maidan

on Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:59 pm
Viktor Yanukovych is ready to tell the public the truth about Maidan

Yanukovych is by far the least desirable witness for the Ukrainian government because it initiates the transfer of the investigation into the shootings on the Maidan in international courts - said the defender of ex-president Vitaliy Serdyuk

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine sent a request to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to provide international legal assistance for organizing questioning as witnesses the former President Viktor Yanukovych and former commander of the interior troops Stanislav Shulyak. They want to question in the case of the shooting of former fighters "Berkut" activists Instytutska February 20, 2014. As told reporters the judge presiding the panel Sviatoshynsky district court of Kyiv Sergey Dyachuk already solved the issue of technical support remote interrogation of former Ukrainian officials who are in Russia.

"The Court informs stakeholders, which on its own initiative, the head of state enterprise" Information judicial system "of that studied the state of logistics Sviatoshynsky district court about the possibility of organizing and conducting the interrogation of these persons in order to provide international legal assistance, as well as if necessary, the court put the necessary technical equipment, "- he said. The judge said that questioning Yanukovych and Shulyak can happen if the Russian side agrees to it, and the Russian Ministry of Justice can resolve the issue "in his own way."

Back in March, Viktor Yanukovych lawyer, a partner bar association Aver Lex Vitaliy Serdyuk assured "cupola" that Viktor Yanukovych is ready to give evidence . And there is one fundamental condition. This should not happen in Ukraine, Yanukovych because very concerned for their safety.

"For a long time public information communicated that to blame Viktor Yanukovych, he ukryvayetsya of justice, period - then told the lawyer. - Protection Yanukovich led the conversation with the Prosecutor General, we have repeatedly stated its readiness to participate in all investigative actions that are necessary for the investigation Square ... ". However, according to the lawyer, too much desire in the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office was not.

"It presents several sworn statements from the client, it requires that all investigative actions conducted in this case would take place with his participation. The Criminal Procedure Code provides for interrogation of persons in the videoconference and the investigation abroad. We offered the GPU to their representatives went to Russia, Yanukovich residence and spent the necessary investigations. First of all, it extended interrogation of Viktor Yanukovych in Rostov-on-Don in the community. In the GPU heard this proposal, demanded to give them the address. We are officially provided for the GPO building in the cottage in Rostov-on-Don, which leased the client. Was given a statement later - the technical documentation for this house. But the GPU said that Viktor Yanukovych gave no full address, and it prevents the trip ", - explained the situation in the spring Vitaliy Serdyuk in the conversation with" Hlavkomom. "

Upon request of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice of the Russian side to assist in the examination, defender Yanukovych said "Commander" in which format the former guarantor is now ready to cooperate with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Vitali, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine appealed to the Justice Ministry of Russia for international legal assistance for the organization of the interrogation as a witness former president Viktor Yanukovych. Do Viktor Yanukovych agreed to undergo an interrogation?

Viktor Yanukovych personally initiated this examination in court. I recall that during the year Viktor Yanukovych all available legal mechanisms trying to oblige the preliminary investigation body to carry out its interrogations and in the case of the Maidan, in all other cases. Also, Viktor Yanukovych appealed the refusal of all that came from the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

We know that already address issues of technical support remote interrogation. What is the format?

Viktor Yanukovych has repeatedly demanded that the investigators arrive on location, which previously provided them. Regarding the interrogation Svyatoshinsky District Court of Kyiv, he will be in accordance with the requirements of international cooperation - videoconference.

Some time ago in an interview with "Commander" you stated that representatives of the Ukrainian Prosecutor showed no desire to conduct personal examination of Yanukovych in the Russian Federation . You said that they were not advantageous to conduct investigative actions with Yanukovych. Something has changed in that time?

Unfortunately, the situation regarding the examination and conduct other investigative actions with Viktor Yanukovych has not changed and the change can not, because investigators GPU have become hostages of Ukrainian politicians and can not begin to investigate different version of events than the one that was previously announced by the Attorney General and current President. Accordingly, Yanukovych received from evidence, investigators would have to work out a completely different picture of what happened, then they certainly will not be allowed again.

Should the examination to conduct such consent Russian side - the Ministry of Justice or the law enforcement agencies of Russia? Under what conditions Ukrainian side can be provided denial?

I can not comment on the other side. However, I and Viktor Yanukovych will do depending on our part to the interrogation took place.

At what stage is now investigating cases against Yanukovych? You can talk about revitalization process?

Most of the proceedings against Yanukovych, in particular, on the Maidan, suspended. Now the protection is active on the restoration of an independent investigation and gathering of evidence that completely refutes the official position of the investigation. Protection also insists on the prompt transfer of the court case on the street that Viktor Yanukovych will open, uncensored, to provide all citizens of Ukraine real version of events tragedy on the Maidan. We hope that this process will be the most public, and all its members, including the victims will be able to assess and understand who should be responsible for what happened in Ukraine.

When the last time you were in Yanukovych?

We met in person on April 11, when I took away Viktor Yanukovych explanation of the case "Berkut".

Are there any guarantees, the terms of which Yanukovych could come to Ukraine?

Viktor Yanukovych today is for the least desirable of the current government witness, and therefore speak of real guarantees its security is not possible. Viktor Yanukovych intends to initiate the transfer of the investigation Square in international courts, where it will be installed truth because Ukrainian politicians influence the process will be minimized. In Ukrainian/український
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