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News -
58 attacks by Russian forces on Ukraine yesterday.
Update - 3 dead, 3 wounded, among official military.

Weather -
Warm again. But not too bad. Maybe 28C today. And for the whole week.
Sunshine. Blue sky, a few clouds.

Observation -
The markets are full of Ukrainian produce - corn on the cob, potatoes, berries of all sorts, plums, apples, cucumber, ukrop, and so on.
This really is the time to buy food from the local babuskhas - produce from their gardens.

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Ukraine is an accomplice "terrorism" Gulen - Turkish media

Turkey has talked about that Ukraine promotes the "terrorist organization", which stands against President Erdogan

The educational organization Fetullaha Gulen (FETÖ), which declared a terrorist in Turkey, continues its activities in Ukraine in the fields of education, culture and media

It is reported by Anadolu .

The newspaper said the "terrorist organization" started operations in the country after the collapse of the USSR and in recent years has created a network of structures. In his work FETÖ prefers a policy of "soft power." Since 2001, the organization operates in Ukraine under the name "International School" Meridian ". In Kiev in two separate buildings, acting school, and elementary school. There is also a branch in Odessa.

"The school is making efforts to ensure that along with the most knowledgeable and successful children, here came the children of prominent politicians and public figures. In this way the organization is trying to "influence" on politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen, and use in their own interests ", - said in a statement.

"The current in Kiev in 2013 Ukraine Turkish Cultural Center« Işık »is one of the branches FETÖ. Center organizes training courses and competitions Turkish. Again, the center organizes joint activities with schools "Meridian". It is obvious that the organization of these activities also involve Ukrainian universities and teachers. As in many countries, Ukraine cultural center and educational institutions operating under the auspices FETÖ, organized by joint efforts of Turkish Olympics under the name "Festival of language and culture" - added the agency.

According to Anadolu, led by educational institutions and the support of entrepreneurs - members FETÖ, organization generates different platforms that are "trying to instill sympathy for Fetullaha Gulen."

Recall President Erdogan called on US authorities to give Turkey Gulen.

According to the Secretary of State, John Kerry, the US authorities will investigate and will take a decision, if Turkey will give evidence against Gulen.

Sam Gulen believes that the revolution in Turkey could be staging. In Ukrainian/український
Moscow church procession was not allowed to Boryspil

Organizers decided to go bypassing Boryspil directly to Kyiv

The activists were not allowed in the city of Kyiv region Boryspil members of so-called religious procession organized by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate, the press service of the National Police, Kyiv region.

The police said that the march participants walked to bypass Kyiv Boryspil city limits. "While they went to bypass" - told the press service.

No information about the detainees. "Police restrained activists to prevent any confrontations. Police continued to provide law and order ", - told the police agency.

Earlier it was reported that entry to Boryspil blocked about 200 activists. Among the activists were, in particular, representatives of OUN, local residents and self-Boryspil.

As reported by "head office", the activists tried to throw believers eggs and garlic. Participants of religious procession was guarded by more than 100 security officials of the National Guard and the Metropolitan Police. Guardians offered UOC MP pohruzyty people to buses and thus take them to the capital .

As reported, the so-called sacred procession Moscow Church in Ukraine began on July 3 in the east of Svyatogorsk Monastery and 9 July - in the west of the Pochaiv Monastery. July 27, the eve of the Day of the Baptism of Russia, members of both processes will meet in Kiev on Vladimir Hill and together will be the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which will perfectly solemn worship.

The National Police reported that in California, this march will move from Poltava region through Alekseevka settlements - Yahotyn - Berezan - Swan - Boryspil - Kyiv and Zhytomyr region through settlements pond - Sytnyaky - Makarov - Kolonschyna - Dmytrivka - Kyiv. It is expected that in the Kyiv region sacred procession will be held from 22 to 26 July, accompanying him and ensure public order 600 police and National Guard forces Ukraine.

July 22 city council banned Boryspil procession through the city to avoid provocations, religious conflicts, riots, preventing traffic jams. Law enforcers tasked to ensure public order and safety of residents.

The SBU said that the sacred procession passes peacefully, without violations and conflicts, and participants suggested bypass Boryspil to avoid possible violations. In Ukrainian/український
SBU stopped the illegal transportation of passengers in the occupied territories by Russia

Attackers carried on passenger buses occupied Lugansk to Odessa and back through the Ukrainian-Russian border.

The Security Service of Ukraine reported that stopped the illegal activities of organized group that has established illegal passenger transport from the occupied territories in the Donbass through uncontrolled border, Ukraine.
Attackers carried passenger bus from occupied Lugansk to Odessa and back, thus to avoid crossing the boundary line, the route led through Ukrainian-Russian border, in particular by temporarily beyond the control of public authorities Ukraine checkpoints on the border with Russia, - told the Security Service. Thus carriers also pay "taxes" to the budget of the armed separatist group "FSC".

As they say in a statement SBU jointly with the National Police and prosecutors arrested the organizer in Kharkiv illegal business and three members of the group which carried out these transportation. During the searches, police seized the bus route scheme, agreed with the so-called "Ministry of Transport" group "FSC", boarding passes, print registered in the management group of companies, tax registration certificate "FSC" and so on.

Currently attackers announced on suspicion of committing a crime under h. 3. 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal conveyance of persons across the state border of Ukraine, committed by an organized group or committed for mercenary motives). Continues pre-trial investigation.

According to the current Ukrainian legislation now entering the occupied territory of Ukraine and out of them only possible at specific checkpoints on the actual boundary line, while foreigners and stateless persons should receive this special permit. In Ukrainian/український
Matios said Sheremet who met in Russia shortly before death

According to the military prosecutor, the journalist talked with representatives of the close environment Nemtsov and former Minister of income and fees Klimenko.

Military prosecutor ATO Konstantin Kulik started working on the case Kurchenko back in 2014. This was on "5 channel" in the "Live Day" said Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine - Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

"Kulik was put into the case. The case for Kurchenko, Kurchenko arrest, seizure of assets Kurchenko arrest bull Kulik did ... more February, March, April 2014, when Acting Attorney General was Mahnitskyy. When the office was appointed Yuriy Lutsenko, he collected and said the public should be given the result, for an activity-inactivity can not long continue. We had no relation to the investigation of economic Kurchenko block or Yanukovych. He said where there is a possibility that someone and it turned out I did not know to this day that the case investigated Kulik, he knows it for sure and the moment when they broke up a task force that, well, almost nothing moved, although a large stratum of the documentary was made, "- he said.

Matios added: "I want to say one thing, if it is on investigative fact soon by the Attorney General's Office cadence Yuriy Lutsenko Vitaliyovych can see the subject on which nobody expects. I am responsible for my words. " In Ukrainian/український
At the same time, the Parliament expressed regret at the fact that over the last 20 years have not developed appropriate legal basis for Transdniestrian settlement.

Moldovan Parliament during the autumn session plans to discuss the issue of granting special status to Transnistria and Roadmap Transdniestrian settlement.
This was announced by Parliament Speaker Adrian candidate during the parliamentary session Platform to implement the policy of reintegration of Moldova, reports Ukrinform.

"We have set ourselves ambitious targets and develop a package of legal documents that would give negotiators in the Transdniestrian settlement necessary support for reintegration of the country. At the next meeting we will discuss the concept of platforms special status of Transdniestria and the possible roadmap Transdniestrian settlement, "- said the speaker.

At the same time, the Parliament expressed regret at the fact that over the last 20 years have not developed appropriate legal basis for Transdniestrian settlement.

The participants discussed the implementation of the Platform was signed in early July in Berlin Protocol between Chisinau and Tiraspol in the context of a country visit to the German Foreign Minister, OSCE Chairman Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to be held on Tuesday, 26 July. In Ukrainian/український
The IOC can remove 90% of Russian athletes to the Olympics

According to the publication, for softening criticism screenings DIY IOC.

Of the 387 Russian athletes, only about 40 can enter the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for compliance with the strict criteria of the International Olympic Committee, writes The Telegraph.

According to the publication, for softening criticism screenings DIY IOC.

For athletes from Russia, the main criterion trip to Rio de Janeiro should be no doping history. In order to see this, IOC will hire an independent expert.

The Telegraph said that after checking Russian team could shrink to 40 people. In Ukrainian/український
In Chernihiv police arrested a gang of women robbers

They were local resident aged 34 to 40 years, and even one under 18 years of age.

In Priluki Chernihiv region police detained a group of women rozbiynyts who robbed 88-year-old grandmother.

The press service of the Department Natspolitsiyi in Chernihiv region.

"As a result of coordinated and professional actions of the police department Good Friday police managed to find and apprehend zloumyshlennitsy. They were local resident aged 34 to 40 years, and even one under 18 years of age. Two of napadnyts previously had problems with the law "- said in a statement.

According to the press service, zloumyshlennitsy had four. First, they scoured the house in search of money and valuables, and when they found the landlady threatened with an ax. Frightened woman gave them 1500 UAH.

Fleeing the scene, napadnytsi also grabbed the mobile phone owner.

Detained zloumyshlennitsy very quickly through, including, recently established in Pryluky the video. All except minors placed in temporary detention. Details of the event included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under paragraph 3 of Article 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (robbery, combined with penetration in dwelling, other premises or shelter) that provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of seven to twelve years with confiscation of property. Pre-trial investigation is continuing.

Incidentally, the last week is the second "Women's robbery." First Chernihiv region committed three high school girls 11, 13 and 15 years. The idea of ​​theft they had while playing in the village playground. From the house girls villagers brought $ 1200, mobile phone, alcohol and food. In Ukrainian/український
3 soldiers killed, 3 injured yesterday in the ATO zone - Staff
Monday, July 25, 2016, 12:45

One day in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation killed 3 soldiers, 3 more were injured.
This at a traditional briefing on Monday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"Last night as a result of active hostilities three Ukrainian soldiers were killed and three others injured," - said the colonel.
Responding to clarifying the question of journalists, Lysenko said that information on the use of multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" in Mariupol, as described to the locals, the headquarters of ATO no.
"By 0.00" hail "not used", - said the colonel, promising to disclose the relevant information if it takes place.
"As for the dead ... killed in two Avdiyivka 1 - Nevelske all during attacks. Wounded: 1 in Avdiyivka 1 - Starohnativa 1 - Nevelske" - said the colonel.
Newt Gingrich: NATO countries "ought to worry" about U.S. commitment
...."Estonia is in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The Russians aren't gonna necessarily come across the border militarily. The Russians are gonna do what they did in Ukraine," he said. "I'm not sure I would risk a nuclear war over some place which is the suburbs of St. Petersburg. I think we have to think about what does this stuff mean."...

Incredible ignorance, but such is American politics. Brains the size of newt's.
1939 again? Hitler - not our problem. Leave it to everybody else to deal with. Japan - not our problem. Pearl Harbor.... whoops...

This news item a couple of days' old, but very relevant to Ukraine - US relations.
Jitters In Ukraine As Politically Charged Religious Processions Approach Kyiv
....Marching in two groups -- one from the west of the country and another from the east -- they plan to converge on Kyiv's Volodymyrska Hill and then at the Kyiv-Pechersk Monastery on July 27, the eve of the celebration of the 10th-century Baptism of Kievan Rus....

I saw the bunch marching from the west a few days' ago.
A few babuskhas, but a lot of priests. Obviously Putin has given the order for the priests to turn out for this.
on Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:05 amNelson
Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  13 ч.13 часов назад

Medvedev wears a pair of seriously expensive.. .. WOMEN'S Cartier sunglasses.... what?!

Прислали фотку Медведева в дорогих женских очках Cartier. Ну что могу сказать. Денег нет. Донашивает жены наверно

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  16 ч.16 часов назад
I threatened to arrange a referendum during #RioOlympics unless we could compete.

Darth Putin ретвитнул(а)
Soviet Sergey ‏@SovietSergey  23 ч.23 часа назад
The U.S. could abandon fossil fuels altogether if they could harness the energy of Reagan spinning in his grave. #TrumpTrain

Last edited by Nelson on Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:20 am; edited 1 time in total
Bulgaria Calls Rise In Airspace Violations By Russian Aircraft A ‘Provocation’
...He said the planes had turned off their transponders – communications devices that, alongside normal radars, make it easier for an airplane to be located, especially in congested air space.....

The idiot Putin playing with people's lives. Everybody's - except his own.
Klitschko: Hydropark will be turned into Ukrainian Disneyland

Gidropark - as it is pronounced - is already very noisy in an evening. The sound travels a mile or two... to residential areas like Rusanovka.
And full of drunks also. That's a problem also. But Disneyland... mm....
Kyiv to parade 200 units of military hardware
Kyiv is set to mark the 25th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence with a large-scale parade on capital's main thoroughfare, Khreshchatyk Street, which will feature some 200 pieces of military equipment, according to Ukraine's presidential adviser Yuri Biryukov, Ukraine Today reported Sunday....


Interesting. Military parades have been basically avoided during the war against Russia.
But - 25th anniversary - that's a big one. Why not? As long as they have enough on the front line to stop Putin.
Oil prices dip on ongoing oversupply, economic headwinds
Oil prices held near two-month lows on Monday amid worries that a global crude and refined product glut would weigh on markets for some time to come.
International Brent crude oil futures were trading at $45.58 per barrel at 0657 GMT, down 11 cents from their previous close. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude was at $44.11, down 8 cents a barrel.
Both benchmarks were close to two-month lows reached last week.....


All indicators are that Putin is going to run out of his main reserve fund by the year's end.
on Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:24 amNelson
3 minutes ago -

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 44.06 -0.13 -0.29% Sep 2016 4:02 AM
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 45.60 -0.09 -0.20% Sep 2016 4:02 AM

Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 2.80 +0.02 +0.83% Aug 2016 4:01 AM

Slipping back to the mid 40s. That should make the gas price stable for another month. Good for Ukraine.
Khmelnitsky multimillionaire might sell airport "Juliani" - media
Vasyl Khmelnytsky multimillionaire who owns the airport "Juliani," admitted that can sell the asset if offered good money.
He said in an interview
"If I offer good money for" Juliani, "I sell it" - said the businessman, adding that such proposals so far have been reported.
"What we are, I do not know. That's take, for example," Juliani. "We've spent on him 70 million dollars, terminals built and took a loan of 50 million dollars. Today EBITDA Zhulyan - 11 million, and to assess the business it needs to multiply six. and the sound! Khmelnitsky has airport! Yes, we are working on every flight, increasing passenger traffic, minimize costs. of course, we are not going it at a loss to sell and are fighting for it to work more efficiently, "- said to Khmelnytsky, speaking of the value of the asset.
Asked about the plans of the airport, Khmelnitsky, said the plan to provide more services and attract new routes.


Zhuliani used to be a really small place. The runway was extended a little - there is no room for a long extention.
And then when Wizzair started landing the Airbus 300 there - the place took off.
The problem - poor transport links to the centre. There is a trolleybus and minibuses - cheap.. 20 cents or so - but they take a long time. Often traffic jams.
I have taken a minibus - marschrut - there. It was ok. But no room for major luggage. Hand baggage is ok.
As with Borispol, taxis rule.
Best to land there away from the rush hour.
Nearest metro - not sure. Maybe Voksalna. Or now - a new station - Teremki. Shouldn't be a bad road link from the airport to there. The ring-road.
ATO: militants use 122-mm self-propelled guns during battle in Avdiyivka
Monday, July 25, 2016, 7:30

On Sunday the Russian occupation forces opened fire 58 times on positions forces ATO units, including using a 122-mm artillery.
The press center ATO headquarters.
Most 35 attacks, was recorded in Mariupol direction. With 122-mm self-propelled opponent to beat Novohryhorivtsi, and 120 and 82-mm mortars fired Talakivku, water and Starohnativku.
In Shyrokynomu, Talakivtsi and water enemy also used rocket launchers and infantry fighting vehicles in Hnutovomu - anti-aircraft installations in Krasnohorivtsi - heavy machine guns. During Marinka active enemy snipers....


Grafitti in the photo - боже береги Авдеевку - God look after Avdeevka.
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