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70 attacks by Putin yesterday on Ukraine. The figure yo-yos massively. I think a psychological game by Putin. I am sure the ATO forces are used to this.
Update - No dead, but 4 soldiers wounded.

Kiev, Ukraine Sunday 18°C |  64°F
Precipitation: 0% Humidity: 94% Wind: 6 km/h

[Nelson} - another hot day expected. 30 in the capital, and in much of the country at large. 90F.
Update - 29 at 1400. Some cloud, but thunderstorm unlikely. Pity.

Observation: [Nelson]
Ukraine is going through a very hot period. I don't remember anything like this at all.
30 most days. Maybe 29, maybe 33. And very humid.
And if you don't have A/C - wow - not easy. Such a contrast on last summer which was mild.
I would think that the temperature has been around 30 for maybe 20 of the last 30 days.

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Militants IDIL recorded video message threatening to kill Putin

The militants "Islamic state" video posted on YouTube, which called for jihad followers in Russia. They also threatened to murder the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

This news agency Reuters .

"Listen Putin, we will come to Russia, kill you in your house. Take, take jihad and fight with them," - the agency quoted a message from the roller.

The agency notes that it can not confirm the record, saying that it was published in the channel, which is often used paramilitary groups. In Ukrainian/український
In Russia, disappeared the plane with three people on board

Currently, rescue workers are preparing for a search operation.

In Russia, Novosibirsk region on Sunday disappeared AN-2 on board were three people. It is reported by TASS with reference to the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to the agency, the plane was heading from Krasnoyarsk in Berd. In the regional emergency department explained that the plane left the boundaries of the Novosibirsk region and then link to it disappeared.

Currently, rescue workers are preparing for a search operation.

Earlier this day, residents of one of the adjacent areas of the neighboring Kemerovo region reported a span like the missing plane, but local rescue workers have not yet confirmed whether it is the missing An-2. In Ukrainian/український
In Kiev, the police has written over 100 "new" penalties drunk drivers

Now, driving while intoxicated punished by a fine of 10,200 USD and deprivation driver's license for a year.

In Kiev, more than 100 drivers have released "new" administrative penalties for driving while intoxicated. This was on the head of the Public patrol police Kyiv Yuri Zozulya.

"In those days, about 100 people have received administrative records after the law came into force. Therefore, the reaction of the people we soon learn, "- said Zozulya.

Now, driving while intoxicated punished by a fine of 10,200 USD and deprivation driver's license for a year.

For repeated violations provided more stringent punishment: 20,400 USD and 40,800 USD for the second and third attempt to sit behind the wheel drunk. The rights will select three years and 10 years respectively.

This fine for driving for those who withdrew law is preliminary - 510 UAH.

Until recently, the penalty for driving drunk was 3,400 USD. In Ukrainian/український
The head of the IOC called the conditions of admission of the Russian team at the Olympics

Russian team to participate in the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio Janeiro same three-stage filter, you have to admission, as the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach at a press conference.

The decision of the IOC Executive Board on the participation of Russian athletes at the Olympics in Rio - this, according to Bach, three-step procedure. The first stage - Filter international federations who can testify to international tests of each athlete. The second filter does not add athletes ever violated anti-doping rules. Finally, the third filter - the decision of the IOC, based on the opinion of independent experts and the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS), informs RIA "News ".

"We are now in the third stage, where the executive committee yesterday decided to delegate this right glad of three members of the executive committee, which was headed by the head of the IOC medical examination", - said Bach.

Recall that on July 24 the executive committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided not to remove the entire Russian team from the Olympics, leaving the international sports federations the right to determine who will speak at the 2016 Games in the performance of a number of athletes criteria.

Subscribe to our push-message to the first to know about new material. We promise to send only the really important news. In Ukrainian/український

"Putin did you look in the mirror": Poyarkov the air violently, "rode" on Savchenko (VIDEO)

MP from the faction "Motherland" Hope Savchenko "shame" Ukraine for its application and is not worthy to be a presidential candidate.

This was stated by well-known artist and public figure Sergei Poyarkov broadcast "112 Ukraine".

"I hate that Savchenko considers himself a candidate for president What did you do for this heroic has stayed so I want to say that we have guys that year sat in the basement, they were not hungry -.? They are not fed, they broke the fingers they have not seen a lawyer, and about which the world does not know, and relatives. you're out for a walk went by comparison! you're a tenth of saw what they saw! How are you behaving? you're a disgrace to Ukraine is now! " - Appealed to the People's Deputy Poyarkov.

According to him, the rhetoric Savchenko affected Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Who are you did you did Putin Then Poroshenko (President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko -. Ed.)? Gave the hero, Julia (the leader of the VO" Motherland "Yulia Tymoshenko -. Ed.) Arranged in PACE ... Did you do something you? organized? what led you? you do not know anything except how to talk the language! This smoky void! " - Considers Poyarkov.

At the conclusion of his speech, he turned to Savchenko with the words: "You're in the mirror look and shut up, please!" In Ukrainian/український

Efremov bought Luhansk mayor seat for $ 3 million - Landyk

The former head of the Party of Regions Oleksandr Yefremov with his protege for mayor of Lugansk Sergei Kravchenko paid three million dollars Communist Spiridon Kilinkarov for its rejection of the election victory governor in 2010.
This was told the former deputy Party of Regions Volodymyr Landyk in an interview ONLINE.UA.

"Spyridon refused merstva, took three million dollars from Ephraim and Kravchenko: and with Symonenko (Petro Symonenko, leader of Communist Party of Ukraine) spoiled when relations: I understand Symonenko was opposed to Kilinkarov took these compensation and refused to fight. It Spiridon won the first trial and appeal just did not come - sent a lawyer who said, "We agree!" - he said.

During the negotiations, according to Landyk, he tried to find out from Kravchenko, who supports it.

"Sergei, and tell you who made the mayor?" - "No!" - "Do you have anything to do with Landyk or Ephraim?" He says drawl: "No! I love men!" Here he told me in the eye - with Ephraim, the three of us were. And I say Ephraim: "If not, no relation to it have nor I - that's what I need from ...? His people love - and let him choose!" In short, I talked to them in a raised voice, said, "That bastard will not ever support!" - Said the former Regions.

As reported by the "Observer", a former Regions claimed that  Yefremov was an agent of the Kremlin ever since the Komsomol . In Ukrainian/український
There is a "for" and "against": Russia's Putin commented on the possible involvement in the murder Sheremet

Journalists who support Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia, must fear for their lives, but can kill them both with one and with the other hand.

Such an opinion in an interview to " Apostrophe " expressed the well-known Russian human rights activist and leader of the movement "For Human Rights" Lev Ponomarev, commenting on the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet Kiev.

"If we talk about how it is beneficial to Putin or not, I think, that in this case, has its own" for "and" against. "" Collective Putin "is beneficial because it destabilizes the situation in Ukraine. Would be as if to say that power in Kiev, Poroshenko not control the situation on the other hand, it is not profitable, because the Pasha really was a friend of Boris Nemtsov, and when such a vivid figure of destroyed -. the mere opinion that "collective Putin" is profitable, spoken aloud, the Kremlin harm " - said Ponomarev.

"It says that the FSB continues to muddy the waters and cause an even greater hatred of Russia. It is clear that such a position is immediately picked up by Ukrainian media and spun to cause more hatred of Russia. In this sense, this murder is unprofitable to Putin" - he stressed.

According to human rights activist said that from now on journalists, which in relation to Russia took the position condemning the military conflict with Ukraine, have to fear for their lives.

"But at the same time killing them are both one and the other. It is clear that this could be a provocation most obvious representatives of radicals to incite hatred towards Russians and Russia. However, that does not cost anything to kill a man. And such undoubtedly there, but it can also be the operation of Russian special services Considering Pavel Sheremet as a sacred sacrifice, Ganapolsky and others may be afraid of the threats of his life -... it is obvious Politkovskaya's murder, as well as other political assassinations in Russia, exactly the same can be consider, "- he concluded.

As reported by the "Observer", in the morning, July 20, in the city center was blown up car was driven by Pavel Sheremet. Sheremet left the house and drove a few tens of meters, when worked explosive device with remote control .

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed law enforcement agencies to immediately investigate the murder of a journalist . The police qualified the explosion of cars Sheremeta as murder. In Ukrainian/український
"You can add it yourself": Trump said that Putin will not go to Ukraine

The Russian president has nothing to do with the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.

This was during the interview told ABC US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"President Putin will go to Ukraine, you knew he was not going to come to Ukraine can afford it note and write ..." - said Trump.

He also spoke about the need to mitigate the attitude of the Republican Party to the Ukraine-Russia policy. In particular, charging that happened to Ukraine, Obama and his administration, as well as noting that America needed stronger ties with Russia. In Ukrainian/український
Next week will be decisive for Russia's Olympic team

By August the fifth IOC must determine whom to admit to the Olympics in Brazil

A special committee of three members of the International Olympic Committee until August 5 will determine which of the Russian athletes allowed to participate in the Summer Olympics in Brazil, writes "RBC-Ukraine".

As the press-secretary of the International Olympic Committee, Mark Adams, the "troika" will include President of the International Archery Federation Ugur Erdener, the representative Claudia Bockel Athletic Commission and former IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch.

"They adopt the final decision", - said Adams.

Before World Anti-Doping Agency WADA advised IOC to eliminate Russian athletes to participate in the Olympics. Call preceded the publication of the results of investigation of lawyer Richard McLaren, who proved that the Russian authorities encouraged athletes to use doping. In Ukrainian/український
Deputies of Kyiv region threatened with 8 years in prison

He is suspected of driving drunk, during which there was a serious accident

Deputies Makariv district council (Kyiv region) Matthew Yevseyenku that took part of the accident near Kyiv, charged with violation of traffic safety. According to police, the officer may conduct in prison from 3 to 8 years and stay right automatic control for up to 3 years.

"Given the special status of the detainee reports of suspicious specified person made personally by the prosecutor of Kyiv. Currently, the suspect is in a temporary detention facility. Prepared a petition to the court to elect him as a preventive measure detention, "- said in a statement the National Police.

Recall that on the night of July 29 on the ring road in Kiev there was an accident involving Makariv district council deputy Matthew Yevseyenka from Union "Fatherland". Examination confirmed 1.85 ppm alcohol in his blood.

27-year-old deputy, being drunk while driving Toyota Land Cruiser, tried to escape from police, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with the "Volga".

Two people who were in the "Volga", were seriously injured and are in intensive care. In Ukrainian/український
More than a million people attended the Mass the Pope in Poland

More than a million people came to the closing Mass of the World Youth Day in Poland, held by Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Sunday, July 31, celebrated Mass for more than a million pilgrims to "Poly Mercy" near Krakow. However, organizers spokeswoman said the agency AFP, who attended the service "from 2.5 to three million people."

Mesa was the final chord of the World Youth Day, which lasted a week and brought together young Catholics from around the world. Among others, the Mass was attended by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

During the service the Pope stressed that young people should believe in the power of mercy and called the threat of a lack of faith in themselves. He also urged not to fall into despondency and strive for the common good.

"Depression unworthy of our spiritual body. It is like a virus that infects and blocks all" - quoted Pope agency dpa.

Trying to reach the hearts of the young, in his speech, Francis used the IT metaphor, telling the audience to "open the best possible links to heart that sees and sends the good, and never tired of doing it." He urged people to use the Gospel as GPS in your life.

Francis also said that young people should be dreamers who believe "a new humanity" that "rejects hatred between peoples" and "does not want to see borders and barriers."

The next World Youth Day will be held in 2019 in Panama, where the Pope and all invited.

Source: Deutsche Welle In Ukrainian/український
President of Poland went on confrontation with the EU

Andrzej Duda signed the law on the Constitutional Court of Poland despite the requirements of the European Commission

President of Poland Andrzej Duda has signed a new law on the Constitutional Court. This is stated in a message on the website of the President, transmits DW.

Indicated that despite the ultimatum put forward by the European Commission, its requirements, as well as the recommendations of the independent Polish lawyers and organizations such as the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, have not taken into account in the new law.

Among other things, the new law provides that all cases are now before the courts, should be re-examined after the law takes effect. In addition, three judges of the COP elected Sejm old one, not allowed to work in it, instead call law judges other three persons elected parliament, which is dominated by the party of "Law and Justice".

As you know, July 27, the European Commission gave Warsaw three months to amend the legislation. Otherwise Warsaw Brussels threatens to use Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty, which provides that in case of "serious and continued violation" of fundamental values ​​contained in the agreement, Member States may deny the right to vote. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:53 amAdmin
Russia's Black Sea fleet increases

Russia plans to dopravyty annexed Crimea three newest frigate

By the end of this year, Russia plans to transfer to the annexed Crimea three newest frigate. This was reported by the pro-Russian edition of "RIA Crimea" referring to the commander of the Russian Black Sea branch of Alexander.

"It is expected that the fall comes second, is serial, ship ..." Admiral Essen ", which passed all tests, and after participating in the parade dedicated to the Day of the Navy, he will make the transition from the Baltic fleet in the Black Sea. By year-end forward in Sevastopol third ship "Admiral" series - Admiral Makarov ", - says the publication.

In June and July 2016 Russia has handed over to the annexed Crimea two patrol ship "Admiral Essen" and "Admiral G." and the submarine "Stary Oskol".

Total Defense Ministry until 2020 plans to put six frigates to the Crimea. In Ukrainian/український
Turkey missed the "Tagil". The country hopes to increase the flow of tourists from Russia

This was stated by Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the Turkish government is working to increase the flow of tourists from Russia to the Turkish Antalya. It says the European Parliament, referring to the Turkish news agency Anadolu.

During his speech, Cavusoglu thanked the Russian community in Turkey, which Turkish and Russian flags in hand joined the so-called watch democracy continues in Turkey since the coup attempt.

Chief Turkish diplomat underlined that the Turkish authorities are not accountable to anyone, and she will decide which countries to build relationships. Cavusoglu also said that on August 9 in St. Petersburg will meet the presidents of Russia and Turkey.

The minister said that the Turkish authorities will continue to work to ensure that give impetus to increase the flow of Russian tourists to Antalya. In Ukrainian/український
Clinton accused Russia of hacker attack on the US Democratic Party

And Donald Trump - in support of Vladimir Putin

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed the opinion that Russian special services involved in cyber attacks on US servers Democratic Party. This was reported by "Kommersant" referring to Fox News Sunday.

The website Wikileaks published nearly 20 thousand. Batch of emails that have become available as a result of a hacker attack. Mrs. Clinton said that she would not tolerate any interference in the election of one of the foreign countries, especially from the "enemy country".

Also, the US presidential candidate of the Democratic Party criticized his rival, Donald Trump, for the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We know that the Russian intelligence services broke into Democratic National Committee, and we know that they organized the publication of many of these emails," - said Clinton.

She added that Donald Trump shows "suspicious desire" to support Russian President Vladimir Putin. Asked whether Russia is seeking win Donald Trump for president, Mrs. Clinton said that is not ready to claim it.

"But I believe that if the present facts, there are serious questions about Russian interference in our elections, our democracy," - she said, adding that it will not tolerate such behavior from any country, especially the "EU opponents" .

Recall newspaper The New York Times, citing a source wrote that cyber attacks on computer systems Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters, apparently, was conducted by Russian security services. However, CIA Director John Brennan refused to answer questions about who may be involved in the burglary. In Ukrainian/український
Russia sends massive supply of weapons, ammo and fuel to Donbas rebels

Another massive supply of weapons and fuel has been delivered to Donbas by Russia, Ukraine army July 30 intelligence report says.

A train with 8 tanks and 4 APCs came to Khartsyzk.

A column of Russian weapons, 19 tanks, 11 APCs, 3 Grad missile batteries, 2 self-propelled artillery guns, 44 trucks with ammunition and 34 fuel trucks crossed into Ukraine via the Izvarine checkpoint.

These deliveries of weapons and ammunition do not dovetail Russia’s assurances that it wants peace in Donbas.
Drunken Russian occupants voluntarily left military base in Bezimenne and robbed local residents, - Defense Ministry
....The command of the "9th Assault separate motorized rifle regiment of marines" (Novoazovsk) of the "1st Army Corps," of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation dismissed them," the report reads.
Trial of Yanukovych's ally Yefremov suspected of separatism begins Aug 1
....Chief Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko said that Yefremov is suspected of committing deliberate actions to redraw the borders of Ukraine, of involvement in the creation of the "LPR" terrorist organization and misappropriation of property from the Luhanskvuhillia coal company. ....
Ukraine reports skirmish near Maryinka, up to eight enemy troops killed
The Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation headquarters has reported an attempt by the enemy's two special forces units to break through Ukrainian positions near the town of Maryinka at about 19:00 local time on Saturday, July 30.
"The Ukrainian military repelled them successfully. The coordinated efforts of the personnel made the enemy retreat to the initial firing positions. The enemy suffered losses of up to eight men. There were no losses among Ukrainian troops," the ATO HQ wrote on Facebook on Sunday....
Jermilev - have no illusions; the Russians destroy our people

And the French scumball MPs go on a happy visit to Crimea. Fascist scum, the French. Many welcomed Hitler in 1939.
Yesterday in the ATO zone passed without loss, 4 injured - Staff
Sunday, July 31, 2016, 13:58

In the area of ATU over the past day, no Ukrainian soldier killed, 4 soldiers wounded.
This was at the briefing on July 31 AP spokesman for the ATO Andrei Lysenko.
According to the staff, while enemy losses are 1 - died, 12 - injured.
"The losses incurred so-called" team 7 "and" 9 Regiment "forces of (7 separate motorized rifle brigade (Debaltseve), 9 separate assault Mechanized Regiment Marines (Novoazovsk)," - said Lysenko....
Lutsenko names grounds for Yefremov's detention, including participation in creating LPR
Side kick of Yanukovich.
Detained at Borispol trying to leave for Austria. Donbass mafia.
ATO: The situation worsened, with 70 attacks, including use of 152-mm artillery

Sunday, July 31, 2016, 7:50
The situation in the area ATU more active in all areas - seventy times gunmen opened fire on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the banned Minsk II 120-mm and 152-mm heavy weapons.
The press center ATO headquarters.
The most difficult situation is in Donetsk area. Large caliber artillery and mortar positions were used by the Armed Forces in Avdeevka and Sands. Fire from 120 milimitrovoyi banned weapons was conducted in enemy Trinity.
With mortars, machine guns and grenades of different systems, small arms fire was conducted in villages in the area and Gorlovki Avdeevki. Near the Lower Lozovoy used armored vehicles enemy infantry. In Svetlodarsk and worked Mayorsku enemy sniper....
АТО forces eliminated two and wounded four militants in Donbas, - Defense Ministry

Russian militants suffered more losses in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area over the past 24 hours.

Censor.NET reports citing Intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense.

Over the past 24 hours, two militants of the "11th separate motorized rifle regiment" (Makiivka) of the "1st Army Corps" ( Donetsk), of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as of the "2nd" (Luhansk) and "7th" (Debaltseve) "separate motorized rifle brigades of the 2nd army corps" (Luhansk) were eliminated and four more wounded. In Ukrainian/український
US called when positioned police mission in Donbas

US Ambassador to the OSCE stated that the main condition for a truce is

US Permanent Representative to the OSCE Daniel in March called sustainable ceasefire in Donbas conditions necessary to consider the possibility of introducing the region Police Mission, writes "Radio Liberty"

"The focus is now on restoring a cease-fire, which is a precondition for everything else ... then it will be necessary to assess further enlargement precautions necessary to conduct free and fair elections are but a first step, no matter what - ceasefire" - said in March during a telephone press conference.

March said that the current Special monitoring mission of the OSCE, in accordance with its mandate, is a civilian mission of unarmed observers and should remain so.

"We should see further assess when it's stable ceasefire, additional security tools may be required and may be possible. Obviously, one option that is being discussed is a police mission, the presence of security forces some kind, and MSF will continue to be unarmed mission ", - the ambassador said.

March said that the situation in the east of Ukraine "in recent weeks seriously deteriorated."

US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt said that this is the fault of Russia, which "continues to fuel the conflict by supplying (pro-Russian separatists - Ed.) Weapons, ammunition, fuel and more."

From the end of April in eastern Ukraine would act ceasefire in the Donbas, which participants agreed Trilateral contact group. But attacks continue in the Donbas, and parties to the conflict accuse each other of violating the regime of silence.

Ukraine initiated before placing the Donbass OSCE police mission, but against the implementation of the idea advocated and supported Russia Moscow separatists.

OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Dzanniyer recently said that the OSCE is considering sending police missions in areas controlled by separatists in the Donbas during the local elections there. In Ukrainian/український
In Kiev, looking for explosives in the embassy of Iraq

In Kiev, the check posts of bomb embassies in Iraq. The press service of the metropolitan Natspolitsiyi.

"Information about a bomb threat was received to another part of the Kiev police today at 17:13. Anonymous told of bomb embassies outside Iraq Zvirynetska in the Pechersk district of the city," - told the police.

To the Embassy immediately went investigative team of district police department, experts vybuhotehnichnoyi services and representatives of other relevant services.

The information on this incident registered in accordance with the applicable legislation in Pechersk Police. Law enforcement officers are searching for the person who left the message. In Ukrainian/український

Ukrainian delegation to PACE made a tough statement by French parliamentarians visit to the occupied Crimea

Ukrainian delegation sent a tough statement of the President of PACE Pedro Ahramontu, after a visit to the Crimea occupied by a group of French MPs headed by PACE delegate Thierry Mariani.

Text of the statement posted on a Facebook MP, representative of Ukraine to PACE Vladimir Areva.

"With deep disappointment we took notice of another illicit visit to Crimea a group of French MPs led by delegate PACE Thierry Mariani. On behalf of the Ukrainian delegation declare we offended brazen disregard Ukrainian and international law, respects Mariani proved to be a recidivist. We do not going to tolerate and respect the right of politicians to a demonstrative disregard of laws and contempt of the Council of Europe "- said in a statement.

It also noted that parliamentarians photo with so-called "green men" only proves the conscious expression of French politicians disrespect to the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Ukrainian delegation deplored the fact that PACE after a similar "stay" the three representatives of France in Crimea a year ago and could not establish rules that would regulate the respect for international and national legislation of the PACE delegates. "All of this undermines credibility of the Assembly as a body, which is the guardian of democracy, human rights and the rule of law" - said in a statement.

Recall that in the Crimea occupied by a delegation of 11 French MPs led by deputy Natszboriv, ​​co-chairman of the Association "Franco-Russian Dialogue" Thierry Mariani. There they were accompanied by the head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Slutsky.

Note that half of the members of the French delegation attending the second time occupied Crimea. Past trip took place in summer 2015. In Ukrainian/український
French-Crimea.JPG You don't have permission to download attachments.(26 Kb) Downloaded 0 times
FSB announced the cyber attacks on at least 20 organizations in Russia

It was introduced the ability to carry out the interception of network traffic, listening screen screenshots, recording audio and video files

Federal Security Service announced the "facts penetration of malicious software designed to kibershpionazhu" in the computer network of about 20 organizations located in Russia.

"The analysis found that infection subjected to information resources of state and government, academic and military institutions, enterprises military-industrial complex and other facilities critical infrastructure. This fact points to the spread of the virus targeted, professionally planned and carried out operation "- said in a statement.

It is reported that according to experts indicated malware on writing style file names, parameters and methods used infection similar to software that was used in high-profile operations kibershpionazhu previously identified as in Russia and worldwide. New sets of software produced for each "victim" individually, based on the unique characteristics of the PCs that attack.

The spread of the virus by conducting targeted attacks on a PC by sending an e-mail containing malicious attachments. After its introduction in malicious software loads the necessary modules, allowing for the "victim" then is able to carry out the interception of network traffic, its listening screenshots screen, self including web cameras and microphones, PCs, mobile devices, recording audio and video files , data on keystrokes.

Russian FSB in cooperation with ministries and agencies to undertake comprehensive measures to identify all the "victims" of malware in Russia and localization of threats and minimize the consequences caused by its spread, said the Office. In Ukrainian/український
Russia denies plans to storm Aleppo after evacuating civilians

Sergei Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, refuted the information that Russia and Syria are preparing to storm Syria's Aleppo after clearing civilians out of the city under the guise of a humanitarian operation. Radio Liberty quoted him as the diplomat answered reporters questions on late July 29.

U.S. officials and Syrian rebel groups have suggested Russia's and Syria's creation on July 28 of so-called "safe corridors" where they have invited an estimated 250,000 civilians trapped amidst fighting to evacuate may be part of a plan to depopulate the city so that the Syrian army, which has surrounded and besieged the city, can seize it.

"I categorically deny the allegation that some assault is being prepared," Ryabkov told Interfax late on July 29.

"Our American partners, due to their own stagnancy and suspiciousness toward Russia, are beginning to attribute some nonexistent designs to us. We cannot accept that things are formulated this way. We are pursuing the ends that have been declared - not more but not less," he said.

Some U.S. officials have agreed with assertions by Syrian rebel groups that the so-called safe zones, which Aleppo's besieged civilians so far have largely avoided, will not be used to provide humanitarian aid and a safe route out, but rather to cleanse the area so government forces can capture it.

They point out, moreover, that with momentum in the war on the side of Syria and Russia, capturing the biggest remaining rebel stronghold in Aleppo would provide them with a potentially decisive victory.
Accident in Norway: Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has opened a "hot line"

Coach of the Ukrainian crashed in Norway, 1 person killed, 10 injured

A bus accident in Norway with the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry opened a hot line, said channel" 112" .

Phone for quick connection polstvom Norway +4796869801 Ukraine, MFA of Ukraine 380,442,381,657.

As previously reported, in Norway, 100 km from Olesund accident involving a tourist bus, which suffered as a result of citizens of Ukraine. The accident occurred about 18:00.

"According to police, the bus was 41 people, all of them, including driver and team leader - citizens of Ukraine ", - said in a statement the Department of Consular Service of the MFA of Ukraine.

One man killed, 8 to 10 passengers were seriously injured and are sent to the hospital. Other members of the group will be placed in the closest to the accident site hotels.

In place is an accident helicopter and ambulances, firefighters.

"Embassy keeps the situation under special control, maintains constant contact with the team leader, tour operators and representatives of law enforcement bodies", - said the Foreign Ministry. In Ukrainian/український
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