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Russian forces attack Ukraine 54 times yesterday. A reduction on yesterday, but still quite a high total from Putin's scum.
Update - no soldiers killed, but 2 wounded.

Quite a good thunderstorm last night. Some rain. And the temperature today is much lower.
At noon about 25C. Quite cloudy.


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Savchenko will not support Tymoshenko in the upcoming election

Savchenko Tymoshenko once supported the election.

MP from the party "Motherland" Hope Savchenko not support the election of Yulia Tymoshenko and politicians who are old methods.

This was the deputy said in the "Big Interview" broadcast channel NewsOne.

"This time I will not. I will not support any of the old politicians who are old methods. Yulia Vladimirovna (Tymoshenko - Ed.) I supported once the elections. Then, it seems, was Yanukovych. All the other times I chose other candidates, "- said Savchenko. In Ukrainian/український
In the Kyiv region during a fire on a farm killed more than 100 animals

Firefighters rescued 43 animals.

In Kiev on a fire at livestock farm in the village Lehnivka street Polevaya killed 110 heads of livestock, besides, burned 200 tons of hay bales. It was possible to save 43 animals, according to the website of the State Service of Emergencies in Kyiv region.

Message about the fire came at 2:15 on August 2 to the operational and dispatching service Baryshevsky area.

To place a call immediately sent to 25th division of the State Fire and Rescue town of Berezan and 24 th State Fire and Rescue village of Baryshevka. In Ukrainian/український

on Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:10 pmNelson
The Secret of the St. Princess Olga
Print article Published: Tuesday, 02 August 2016 14:03
Igor Sechin, 55, is considered one of the most powerful men in Russia, after his long-time friend and boss, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. Due to his tough character and close ties to secret services , Sechin is sometimes referred to as Darth Vader by Russian and international media.
Sechin has been working with Putin since the early 1990s. When Putin became the head of the Committee for Foreign Affairs in the St. Petersburg Mayor’s Office in 1991, Sechin was appointed his chief of staff. The two became close.
..... From 2004 till 2008, Sechin worked as deputy chief of Putin’s administration. When Putin headed the government in 2008, Sechin was appointed deputy prime minister.
Since 2012, Sechin has been the chief executive officer of Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned energy giant.....


Another of Putin's close buddies living it up while normal Russians live in poverty.
Such is Seamus Milne's beloved Russian Federation, formerly Stalin's Soviet Union.
Over 400 Ukrainian paratroopers killed in Donbas fighting against Russian aggressor - Poroshenko
"A total of 415 paratroopers did not return from a mission, dying in fierce fighting with the Russian aggressor," Poroshenko said during celebrations on the occasion of Airborne Forces Day at the Training Center of the Airborne Forces in Zhytomyr.

The President said 2,295 airborne soldiers received state awards, seven of them marked with the title "Hero of Ukraine."
French lawmaker responds to Ukrainian journalist about Kremlin pay for his Crimea position: ‘That’s a shitty question.’



Anton Shekhovtsov
French Republicans' delegation to Russia-annexed Crimea was paid by the "Russian Peace Fund" headed by a Russian extreme right MP.

Found the source for this -
Ce voyage en Crimée est intégralement financé par la Fondation russe pour la paix, une structure très active dans les relations avec l’Europe, héritière de l’ancienne Fondation soviétique pour la paix, liée au KGB et très proche de l’Eglise orthodoxe. Elle est dirigée par le député Leonid Sloutski, un proche de M. Mariani, présent sur la liste des personnes visées par les sanctions européennes.
Victim in car crash caused by drunken lawmaker Yevsieienko dies in intensive care unit
The driver of the car rammed by Toyota operated by Member of Makariv (the Kyiv region) District Council (Batkivshchyna faction) Matvii Yevsieienko died in the in intensive care unit of the hospital No. 17. His wife is in critical condition. ...
Shortly before the accident he was involved in a conflict, during which he made a shot with his handgun and started escaping from police officers in his Toyota. ...


I expect him to be let off. In Yanukovich's time, the dead driver would be prosecuted!
Can we expect justice in this case when Tymoshenko sits in the Rada?! I doubt it. We will see.
Ukraine reduces gas imports in July by nearly 32%
The oil price is fairly stable - around 40 dolllars a barrel. So I don't see the gas price changing much for the next few months.
So - this should not be a problem for Ukraine and next winter. I think there's already quite a bit in storage.
Donald Trump ridiculed after insisting Vladimir Putin 'not going into Ukraine' two years after invasion
.....“He’s not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want.”
But when the host, George Stephanopoulous, pointed out that some Russian troops have already been in eastern Ukraine for nearly two years, the Republican presidential nominee backpedalled and became defensive.
He said: “OK, well, he’s there in a certain way.
“But I’m not there. You have Obama there. ...

Bill Homewood @Thefacebookpoet
TRUMP: one of the dimmest and most ignorant people on the planet.
Watch this (you won't be disappointed)...

"I was not involved in that. I was not involved in that..."

The problem is - his brain is not involved either. It is not involved in processing any information that goes in through his ears.
Trump has to be the dumbest person ever to run as President.
I remember Dan Quayle... VP... he was pretty thick, but Trump... he beats everybody hands down.
13:00 02.08.2016
Savchenko ready meet leaders of self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine

The whole of the west's position has been geared towards negotiating with Putin, not with his puppet masters.
And Savchenko is trying to tear all that up.
Plotnisky and Zakcharcnko - two dumbnuts, for sure.
I recall the saying - "You can't talk sense to a fool".
This is surely true. And may also apply with respect to Savchenko. Well meaning, but naive. And losing popularity.
You might as well pick anybody off the street in her place. Surely, there are millions of Ukrainians far more intelligent than her.
on Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:26 amNelson
Darth Putin et al.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  16 ч.16 часов назад
This is why Russia supports Trump. Can't multi-task.

Trump co-chair on Crimea: He was 'thinking about something else'
...“I’m not trying to offer an excuse. But I will say, this is the — this is — the circumstance sometimes that, that — that happens. I think what was really at the heart of this.”....

Darth Putin ретвитнул(а)
Michael Weiss ‏@michaeldweiss 19 ч.19 часов назад
The nickname of the downed Russian helicopter in Idlib is "The Terminator." Sounds very humanitarian in purpose

Sputnik ‏@Sputnik_Not 1 авг.
#Putin doesn't understand why rebels shot down #Russian #Mi8 helicopter after it delivered #HumanitarianAid rockets

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB 31 июл.
Trump says Crimeans want to be in Russia. My troll army hears.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB 31 июл.
Trump was right when he said "Putin's not gonna go into Ukraine". By my own words, I'm already there.

Soviet Sergey ‏@SovietSergey 31 июл.
We decided to open humanitarian corridors in Aleppo by bombing the hospitals out of the way.
on Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:10 amNelson
Mr. Trump and Spineless Republicans
Just when it seems that Donald Trump could not display more ignorance and bad judgment or less of a moral compass, he comes up with another ignominy or two. This weekend he denigrated the parents of a fallen American military hero and suggested that if elected he might recognize Russia’s claims to Ukraine and end sanctions.....

On Sunday on ABC, Mr. Trump’s comments on Ukraine demonstrated even less knowledge about world affairs than suspected. His remarks also reinforced suspicions that he is sympathetic toward Vladimir Putin, Russia’s authoritarian, anti-Western president.....


I like the phrase - even less knowledge about world affairs than suspected...
Basically saying - we know he is stupid, but he is even more stupid than we ever imagined.
on Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:04 amNelson
Trump the Traitor
Strong - but good.
I would have used the word "ignorant" more.
The Trump campaign denies its own Ukraine policy
Nothing brilliant.
Why not just say that Trump and former Yanukovich aid Manafort are liars?
And Trump is completely ignorant on world matters. Dummkopf.

This doing the rounds on twitter currently -

Court arrests ex-head of Regions Party faction Yefremov for 60 days
....Yefremov was detained on suspicion of encroaching on Ukraine's territorial integrity at Boryspil Airport in Kyiv on July 30 after he boarded an Austrian Airlines plane bound for Vienna. Yefremov is suspected of a number of criminal offences, including taking possession of a property, premeditated attempts to change the borders of Ukrainian territory in breach of the Constitution, and organizing and assisting the efforts to create the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic (Articles 191, 110 and 258 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code).....

Personally I'd shoot him - that would save a lot of public money, and significantly improve the quality of the gene pool in Ukraine.
Savchenko goes on hunger strike to protest against authorities' nonfeasance in releasing Ukrainian prisoners

She means well, but - her idea of negotiating with Plotnitsky and Zacharchenko - absolute idiotic thick stupid terrorists - is itself a dumb idea.
Savchenko has not impressed me. She is simply - well - a simple person. Good ideals, but no real practicality or solidarity.
You cannot openly negotiate with dumb terrorists. The Minsk process was set up to include this.
No one killed yesterday, two Ukrainian soldiers wounded, - ATO speaker
Injured at Zaitsev.
"When I said that Putin is not going into Ukraine I am saying if I am president," - Trump offers excuse for his statements on Crimea


The more I hear from this Trump, the more he disgusts me.
This "correction" is a downright lie.
The guy is an ignorant baboon. I am sure he had no idea at all what he was talking about when he made his original statement.
How can such idiots end up as Republican candidates for President?
Answer - Money.
The same money that put baboon Yanukovich in as President of Ukraine.
If you have enough money you can become President of Ukraine, or of the USA. It doesn't matter how stupid you are.
"57-mm rockets are considered humanitarian aid in Russia": journalist reveals 'humanitarian assistance' from Russian helicopter downed in Syria. PHOTOS
....German journalist Björn Stritzel published pictures of 57-mm missiles carried by the Russian "logistic support Mi-8 helicopter" downed in Syria.

Russian President Putin's Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov later said that the helicopter was on a humanitarian mission. ...


People in Ukraine have sadly learnt what Russian "humanitarian aid" is. It has cost 10,000 lives here.
ATO: militants open fire on Ukrainian forces 54 times yesterday
Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 7:11

During the last day the Russian occupation forces opened fire 54 times on ATO Forces units, including agreements with Minsk banned weapons.
The press center ATO headquarters.
In particular, 36 enemy attacks recorded in Donetsk, Mariupol 14, and 4 in Lugansk area.
In the Donetsk region on the site Avdiyivka - Krasnogorivka and near the Trinity enemy used a 120-mm mortars and heavy machine guns. In addition, the enemy used a 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms near Avdeevka, Mayorska, Novgorod, Zaitsev, Lower Lozovoy and Opitnoe...
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