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42 attacks by Putin's Russian forces on Ukraine yesterday.
Update - 2 soldiers injured.

Warming up again a little. 23 at 0900 this morning.
But forecast is for it to be much cooler in a week or so.
Update - 30 at 1600.

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SBU detained a Russian who took out from Ukraine strategic equipment for military aircraft

The Russian tried to remove the rail concealed from customs control to the Russian military equipment

In Sumy Ukraine Security Service detained a Russian citizen who tried to take to Russia strategic equipment for military aircraft. According to the press secretary of the Prosecutor of Sumy region Natalia Naumenko, writes Ukrinform .

"Due to verify this information, the Security Service, police area exposed attempted a citizen of Russia, which is contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine tried to remove the rail concealed from customs control to the RF equipment used as components of the onboard systems of public recognition of" friend or foe "military aircraft MiG -29, Su-27 military helicopters and Mi-8, Mi-24, "- said Naumenko.

For the given fact initiated criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Article 15 of the Criminal Code Part 1 st.333 Ukraine, a procedural guide in which the group Prosecutors prosecution Sumy region.

"Coordinated action SBU investigators and prosecutors gathered sufficient evidence on which a citizen of the Russian Federation reported suspicions of an attempt to complete breach of international transfers of goods subject to state export control," - said the press secretary of the department.

Currently investigating, in consultation with the procedure prosecutor filed a request to use a suspect measure of restraint. If proof of guilt in court he faces a sentence of a fine, restriction or deprivation of liberty. In Ukrainian/український
Russia is not going to change the candidate for ambassador to Ukraine

We expect to get some definitive answer, which we showed to whether the Ukrainian side is ready to accept our candidacy or not - Putin aide

Russia does not intend to change the proposed candidate for ambassador to Ukraine. Told presidential aide Yuri Ushakov Putin's Russia, reports "Interfax-Ukraine" .

"I note that we have proposed Kyiv candidacy as ambassador very experienced politician who not only never allow any anti-Ukrainian statements, but what really set to work constructively to resolve the many problems existing," - said Ushakov.

He did not confirm that the post of ambassador nominated Mikhail Babich. "From me you will not wait confirmation of the names, as in diplomatic practice is not accepted", - he said.

In clarifying the question of whether Russia can change candidacy, Ushakov said: "Russia is going. Russia soundings conducted by a reputable channels. We expect to get some definitive answer, which we showed to whether the Ukrainian side is ready to accept our candidacy or not. "

However, he said: "As you know, Ukrainian prefer to have their embassy led to the current situation, Chargé d'Affaires, and they are due to the departure of the ambassador in March 2014 its embassy keep it at that level" .

As you know, the Russian opposition - former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomaryov and political immigrant Olga Kurnosova warn President Petro Poroshenko harmonization of candidacy of Mikhail Babich as an ambassador of Russia in Ukraine. According to Kurnosova, Babich - a former soldier, was head of the government of the Chechen Republic, and his nomination is for the position of ambassador shows that Putin is banking on early elections in Ukraine. Babich - is the last person from which would benefit as a diplomat. "In a situation of undeclared war send ambassador to the military - it's like a spit in the face" - she said.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that Kyiv does not consider the candidacy of a new ambassador to Russia. "The language of today is not about the candidates or some specific things, and the creation of positive dynamics around what is happening around the whole context of Russian aggression, about all that is happening in Donbas", - he said. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:43 amNelson
Bentley Sales in Russia Soar by Almost 50%

Crisis - what crisis? Ok if you're a billionaire.
Nothing seized in PGO's search at NABU premises, - Bureau

Ha ha ha...
But now they know about all the anti-corruption investigations, and can warn all their corrupt buddies! Simples!
This suggests that they didn't get too far in their search, but who really knows....

PGO investigators attempt unsuccessfully to search anti-corruption bureau office in Kyiv
Turchynov announces two scenarios that Russia can implement to try to conquer Ukraine
...."The first and most dangerous is a military scenario, namely a full-scale military aggression, which is also the most problematic and dangerous for the Kremlin itself. In particular, deploying additional military units near the border and in the occupied territories of Ukraine," he said. Read also Donbas militants keep tanks, Grad launchers near Makiyivka, Donetsk – intel

"The second scenario is no less dangerous – the so-called "hybrid" scenario – which remains the most likely today. It involves the continuation of low-intensity combat actions in Donbas, with the possibility of local offensives by the Russian regular units, as well as subversive activities on the rest of the Ukrainian territory," Turchynov declared.....
Russia may start full-scale military aggression against Ukraine or continue hybrid tactics

"In the attempt to conquer Ukraine, one of two scenarios may be implemented both in short- and long-term," Turchynov said during the presentation of the Security and Defense Sector Information Center at the NSDC in Kyiv on Friday.

According to the NSDC secretary of Ukraine, the first scenario is the most dangerous one – the military scenario, namely, a full-scale military aggression, which is actually dangerous for the Kremlin itself, but something Russia is preparing to do all the same.

As the proof of his words, Turchynov quoted the information about Russia's drawing its armed units to the border with Ukraine and the militarization of Crimea.

"The second scenario is no less dangerous. This scenario is the so-called hybrid warfare, and it currently remains the most likely of the two. It involves the continuation of low-intensity hostilities in Donbas, but does not rule out the possibility of local offensives by Russian regular and irregular units, as well as subversive activities in the rest of country," the NSDC secretary of Ukraine said........
Russian Troop Buildup Along Ukraine Border Raises War Fears
....An article that appeared last week in the Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye — a publication which frequently features material reflecting the official position of the Russian authorities — was headlined: "Ukraine has become Russia's strategic adversary: Moscow does not exclude the possibility of a major war."...
Ukraine rebels warn of return to full fighting "very soon".
Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine’s east have threatened a return to full-scale conflict “very soon” if Kiev does not recall forces away from the contact line, newspaper Izvestia has reported...

Please note - Izvestia is a Russian (propaganda) newspaper. Russian source.

DNR announced the resumption of full-scale hostilities
In the case of non-compliance with Ukrainian authorities, at least three points of the Minsk agreements in Donbas may start an open clash...

Obviously a Putin-approved threat. Pull back. Let me take more territory, or mega-war.
Quite a long article - in Russian - but not ONE mention of either Putin or Russia. Cloud cuckoo land. Such is the Russian press and Russian journalism from Shaun Walker's buddies at RIA Novosti et al. (Walker works for Russiaprofile = RIA).
Ukraine Parliament wants to recognize genocide of Ukrainians in 1919-1951

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered a draft resolution "On commemoration of victims of the genocide committed by the Polish government against Ukrainians in 1919-1951," according to a post on the parliament's website.

The draft document was prepared by Ukrainian MP Oleh Musiy (non-affiliated deputy), who posted a scanned copy of the resolution on his Facebook page. The text of the draft resolution and explanatory notes have not been published on the parliament's website. The document stated, "The declaration of independence of Poland on November 11, 1918, led to great joy and justice for the Polish people, but at the same time, it caused great sorrow and disaster for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians." The document also noted that the history of Ukraine under Polish rule is "a history of the genocide of the Ukrainian people, systematically and consistently committed by the Polish state." The draft resolution said, "For several decades the Ukrainian people had been suffering and they died only because they were Ukrainians. Hundreds of thousands were deported and tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians – citizens of the Polish state – killed. It was the bitter result of Wielkopolska’s (Greater Poland) ruling, which also held the Polish people as hostages." According to the draft resolution, during that period "the Ukrainian people were fighting for freedom on their own land and the Poles were fighting for something that did not belong to them. The exact number of victims of those events has still not been determined." "The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine pays tribute to all victims of crimes committed by the Polish government against its citizens during 1919-1951. The government proclaims March 24 as Remembrance Day for Ukrainians who were victims of the genocide committed by the Polish state in 1919-1951," the draft resolution stated. These "painful historical lessons" should not, however, impact current relations between the two states, according to the parliament. "The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine expresses its sincere gratitude to Poland for its support of Ukraine in the fight against foreign aggression," the draft read........
I Ran the C.I.A. Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.
....President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was a career intelligence officer, trained to identify vulnerabilities in an individual and to exploit them. That is exactly what he did early in the primaries. Mr. Putin played upon Mr. Trump’s vulnerabilities by complimenting him. He responded just as Mr. Putin had calculated.

Mr. Putin is a great leader, Mr. Trump says, ignoring that he has killed and jailed journalists and political opponents, has invaded two of his neighbors and is driving his economy to ruin. Mr. Trump has also taken policy positions consistent with Russian, not American, interests — endorsing Russian espionage against the United States, supporting Russia’s annexation of Crimea and giving a green light to a possible Russian invasion of the Baltic States.

In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.....

General Prosecutor's Office raids the Anti-Corruption office

You couldn't make this up.
The incredibly amazingly super corrupt Prosecutor's Office raid - search warrant - the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
The Anti-Corruption bureau try to fight corruption.
The General Prosecutor's Office loves corruption. All multi-millionaires there.
Supposedly over illegal bugging of telephone conversations.
Wow. We don't want any of that. Better that MPs get away with their scams and thieving than the Anti-Corruption bureau find something on them.
Sick - such is "justice" in corrupt Ukraine.
Two soldiers injured yesterday in the ATO zone - Staff
Friday, August 5, 2016, 13:10

During the last day in the area of ​​ATU injured two soldiers.
This was during the briefing, spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"For the past day death toll among soldiers there none, but two were injured. This was due to shelling," - he said.
According to him, the direction of Lugansk opponent twice broke the silence mode.
In Donetsk area militants have repeatedly opened fire on all fronts. In total, this area was carried out 21 enemy fire.
In the Russian vice-consul in Brazil was attacked, one of the robbers - killed

Russian vice-consul of Brazil repelled attack attempt upon him near the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro

It is reported that the diplomat was attacked when stuck in a traffic jam on the car with his wife and daughter. They tried to rob two men on a motorcycle. According to an eyewitness, who was sitting in the back seat, a burglar broke the side window in the car and diplomat, threatening revolver, demanded to withdraw and give him his watch.

Vice Consul tried to repel an attack, resulting in the ensuing fight, and is said to police, the attacker was shot by his own weapon. According to police, the robber shot dead on the spot. His accomplice fled, it is wanted.

Police officially name called vice-consul. However, according to media reports, his duties the Brazilian lawyer named Marcos Cesar Férez Braga.

In Rio de Janeiro frequent attacks on motorists stuck in traffic. Typically, thieves operate in groups and move on motorcycles. In Ukrainian/український
The talks in Minsk are people Yanukovych - Savchenko

At the Minsk talks with the Ukrainian side are the people who participated in the dispersal of Maidan, said Savchenko

At the Minsk talks with the Ukrainian side are people who worked in and Viktor Yanukovych took part in the dispersal of Maidan.

It is in the "On Politics" by Sergei Rudenko in the air Espreso.TVckazala MP Hope Savchenko.

"Do not you took. They gave me information. There is a Sirikit, one general who was to disperse Square, demanding money. Now this man is in the Minsk group, "- said Savchenko, the question of who is involved. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:44 amAdmin
Russian aircraft bombed refugee camps in Syriae

As a result of the air strike near the town of Atareb killed at least two children, wounded 30 people

Two refugee camps bombed, most likely, the Russian aircraft.

It is reported by Reuters .

One of the camps was to the west of Aleppo, the other - near the Turkish border.

According to human rights activists, as a result of air strikes on 4 August the rebels controlled territory near the town of Atareb, killing at least two children, wounded 30 people. Destroyed or burned during the bombing of refugee tents.

British Observatory, which monitors violence, using a network of contacts in the field, said the Russian aircraft considered because of their color and the fact they were flying. In Ukrainian/український
Largely Unnoticed, Full-Scale War May Be Returning to Ukraine
....In Moscow, the conflict has largely vanished from Russian television screens. State propaganda streams have mostly switched attention to Russian forces fighting in Syria, and the escalating political crises in the West. ...

The West, distracted by its own crises, is tired of the conflict and Kiev's often disappointing efforts to reform a system its people fought to overthrow in February 2014. The rise of American and European populism has worked in Moscow's favor, .....

Short, but concise article in the MT.
Pleasing that the MT is still showing some degree of independence under its new owners. But how long will this last for?
Putin has, slowly, but surely shut down every critical journal in Russia.
Individuals who planted explosive under journalist Sheremet's car not indentified yet

A bit unusual. You would think with the video, and also the bomber's car on video, they would know more. But ...
Looking quite professional, if unknown.
FBI experts analyze composition of explosives planted under Sheremet's car

FBI experts analyze composition of explosives planted under Sheremet's car Andriy Shevchenko, procedural prosecutor of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office, has stated that FBI experts, who have joined Pavlo Sheremet's murder investigation in Ukraine, are analyzing the chemical composition of the substance which led to the explosion of the journalist's car....

Interesting that they've brought in the FBI.
They have not bad video of the people planting the bomb - including a woman.
You would think they have some idea who these people are.
And clearly the journalist had been watched for some time to establish his patterns.
President of Ukraine and Prime Minister of Malaysia: Investigation into MH17 tragedy must be finished and perpetrators must be punished
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak discussed the investigation into the tragedy of MH17 flight, which was shot down in the skies of the occupied area of the Donetsk region in July 2014.
“We confirmed our common position on the necessity of finishing the investigation and using all possible means to bring the perpetrators to justice. This is our way to pay tribute to the innocent victims and our duty to their families,” Petro Poroshenko said.
The President expressed condolences to all families that lost their loved ones as a result of that terrible crime.
In his turn, the Prime Minister of Malaysia emphasized the need for ensuring fair trial and bringing the perpetrators to justice. “We are considering the reports on criminal investigation and expect the investigation to have been completed by the end of the year,” he said.
Najib Razak noted that after the publication of the report, representatives of the countries involved in the investigation would have a meeting and coordinate the plan of actions and the order of bringing the perpetrators to justice: “We want to make sure that those who shot down the civilian aircraft will be brought to liability”.


Remember - MH17 was Malaysian.
Headquarters: AT) forces repelled attack by militant group
Friday, August 5, 2016, 7:01
In the area of ​​ATO during the last day recorded 42 instances of opening fire from militants, 21 times in the Donetsk area, 19 - in Mariupol, 2 - in the Luhansk region.
The press center ATO headquarters reported on Facebook page
In Donetsk area separatists fought mortar and machine-gun fire on the Ukrainian military in Avdeevka and Nevelsk.
In Zaitsev and Lower Lozovoe gunmen used 16 times BMP. In Opitnoe terrorists opened fire from anti-tank missile system.
For positions in the Armed Forces Lugansk militants struck with BMP and large-caliber machine gun, also in this region intensified sniper.
In Mariupol towards fire from mortars of various calibres, grenade launchers, machine guns and infantry fighting vehicles were militants on strengthening the Armed Forces in Vodnaya. ...
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