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Russian forces attack Ukraine 54 times yesterday.
Sadly 3 soldiers killed by Putin's army. 4 also wounded.
Reports of serious build up of Russian tanks on border with Crimea. Border closed in places.

What a change! After a relatively long hot spell, with temperatures frequently over 30 (90+) it has finally cooled down.
Perhaps 25 today. But still warmer east and south of the capital.
Cloudy where I am. No sun. But a welcome break in the heat.
Forecast for the next ten days is for it to basically stay pleasant. In the low 20s. Say 70F in US money.

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on Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:35 pmAdmin
Clinton promised to confront Putin if elected

Clinton has repeatedly pointed to the confrontation between the US and Russia

US presidential candidate in the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton promised to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin if he wins the election.

Reported by the Associated Press.

Also candidate for president drew attention to the fact that during her work in the administration of US president in relations between America and Russia, there was clear progress and managed to restrain Putin attempts to destabilize the situation in the world.

As we know, Clinton has repeatedly pointed to the confrontation between the US and Russia, in particular, arguing that the Russian secret services hacked servers Democratic National Committee and published documents from there. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:11 pmAdmin
Erdogan called Putin "friend Vladimir"

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan decided to be friends with Russia and develop new economic relations

For obtaining visa-free regime with the EU Turkey will still have to change their anti-terrorism legislation. This was announced by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in an interview with German newspaper Tagesspiegel, reports Deutsche Welle .

"Turkey is committed to fulfill all conditions of 72, and only when that happens, we will cancel visa requirements for Turkish citizens," - said Juncker.

He said that fundamental rights, including freedom of the press can not be canceled only one reference to the anti-terrorism legislation.

On the question of refugees Juncker stressed that "the EU should work with neighbors to help the refugees who will suffer if we do not come to an agreement."

Juncker said earlier that the agreement with Turkey to combat illegal migration can be broken.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has threatened to terminate the agreement with the EU migration if the visa will be canceled. In Ukrainian/український
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report: Less Carrot, More Stick
Undefeated Ukrainian boxer knocked out opponents in the first round

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Teslenko won another victory in the professional ring. In his sixth pro fight of heavyweight dismantles our Argentine Javier Lardapide (8-3-1, 5 KOs). The bout took place at the "Arena Lebrun" in Bedford (Canada). Teslenko from the first seconds began to shower blows opponents and finished the fight in the first round. Alexander knocked out Argentine, winning premature fifth victory in six matches held.

Ukrainian next fight is scheduled for September 9. It also held in Canada - in Info Tech Centre in Toronto. However, still undefeated contender Teslenko yet unknown. Recall that recently another Ukrainian boxer suffered a second defeat in his career. In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainians did not shoot at the Russian military in Crimea

Russian media spread rumors about the attack on the Ukrainian Intelligence Group of the Russian military in Crimea

In the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine refutes information spread by some Russian media about the alleged involvement of Ukrainian intelligence on the Russian military in one of the units occupied by Russia Ukrainian Crimea.

This was in comments to Radio Liberty Project "Crimea. Realities " said a spokesman for the General Staff Vladislav Seleznev.

He said such statements "are provocative and untrue" and the Ukrainian military "are routinely and planned mode".

"Our units are located in specific places and at specific positions, serving in the planning mode. Objective - to deter enemy aggression, "- said Seleznyov.

He also confirmed the Russian military grouping in the Crimea. "We know that soon in the Southern Federal District of Russia will begin large-scale exercises" North Caucasus-2016 ", it is likely that some movement capability of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is also in preparation for this exercise," - he said.

Previously, some Russian media spread information about the alleged attack with shooting at Russian military unit in occupied Crimea, by which is affected. Official confirmation of this information from the Russian authorities Crimea there.

On Sunday morning, according to the Ukrainian border, Russia with unannounced reasons temporarily stopped the procedure of crossing the administrative border between Ukraine and mainland occupied Crimea. Currently restored space on one of the three KPVV.

Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis Nariman Celal Sunday reported a cluster of Russian military about Dzhankoy that in the far north of the peninsula.

Russia not commented on these allegations. In Ukrainian/український
In Rio Olympic nearly drowned press attache Pentathlon Federation of Russia

Brazilian rescuers responded quickly to the situation and pulled the journalist out of the water.

In Rio de Janeiro rescuers helped out of the water press attache of the Russian Federation Alexei Popov pentathlon, which nearly swept downstream to the ocean. It is very Popov said on his page on Facebook, writes RBC.

"The President has not lost immediately tried to swim diagonally, but the swim did not, I have relegated farther. Well, local rescuers responded quickly rushed ... (in flippers) and helped swim back "- he wrote.

Popov said that is not consumed alcohol before they decided to swim, and said that generally swims well. Press Attache said that the incident occurred on August 6. That day, he called his second birthday.

Note that the pentathlon competitions will start on August 18. Among them Ukrainian will participate Tymoschenko Pavel and Anastasiya Spas. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:14 pmAdmin
In Russia recorded the sixth case of Zika virus

Previous 5 cases were discovered in June

New case of Zika virus confirmed in. This was reported by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, reports TASS .

"Today we have six cases of Zika virus was delivery of one of the Caribbean" - said A.Popova.

The patient has recovered, discharged and is doing well, she added.

Recall that in mid-June 2016 in Russia was confirmed five cases of Zika virus. In Ukrainian/український
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report): War Without End

Like Being A Slave': Workers On Russia's Bridge To Crimea Report Abuse, Deceit

At the end of July, construction worker Vyacheslav Abdullin quit his job and headed home on foot – a 600-kilometer trek from the Kerch Strait to his hometown in the Ural Mountains region of Russia.

After a month laboring on a project that President Vladimir Putin has made clear is extremely important to the Kremlin -- a bridge linking Russia to the peninsula it seized from Ukraine in 2014 -- Abdullin had nothing to show for his pains except harrowing stories of deception and abuse.

Working on the Kerch Strait Bridge "is really like being a slave," Abdullin told RFE/RL.

"You can't stand, and you can't sit. Even if you have to wait half an hour for additional materials, if you are standing around, you will be fired. If you sit down, you are fired. You have to be doing something, even if you are just moving boards from one pile to another or tossing stones back and forth," he said by phone from Zlatoust, a city near Chelyabinsk in the Urals. "You have to look busy all the time. If not, you are fired."

The laborers were not allowed to take off their shirts in the hot summer sun, and sometimes they worked whole days without being given water to drink, Abdullin said.................

Access complete text of the editorial:
‘LPR’ leader Plotnitsky discharged from hospital after attack, - Russian Interfax

Leader of the 'LPR' terrorist organization Igor Plotnitsky has been discharged from the regional hospital after the yesterday's attack.
Russia's Interfax agency reports citing its own informant, Censor.NET writes.

According to him, the state of the terrorist has improved and doctors have decided to transfer him to outpatient treatment. He added that Plotnitsky will return to work in the coming days, perhaps even on Monday.

See more: 'LPR' leader Plotnitsky brought to hospital in severe condition. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Aug. 6, Russia's RIA Novosti agency informed that the car of the 'LPR' leader Igor Plotnitsky exploded in the occupied city of Luhansk. Later separatist Oleg Tsariov wrote that Plotnitsky was delivered to the hospital in a severe condition. In Ukrainian/український
Large number of Russian military equipment delivered to occupied Crimea via Kerch. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Censor.NET reports citing the Crimea Human Rights Group

Local residents informed about a large amount military equipment which arrived via ferry and proceeded deeper into the peninsula. According to eyewitnesses, a whole railroad train of military equipment was spotted at the railway station on Aug. 6. On the same evening, a large convoy of Russian military vehicles drove through the residential neighborhoods to leave Kerch.

According to human rights activists, movement of military equipment through civilian areas poses certain threats and is prohibited by the international humanitarian law. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Aug 07, 2016 9:25 amNelson
Going into Ukraine
....It’s not clear how many Russian personnel are now operating inside Ukraine; in the past, estimates by NATO and other outside observers have ranged from several thousand to 10,000. Veteran analyst Paul Goble of the Jamestown Foundation reported in a recent blog post that “curators” dispatched by Vladi­mir Putin’s regime “are attached to military units, political organizations, newspapers and radio stations, as well as other distinct institutions.” They transmit orders from Moscow and control all government as well as military operations.

Ukrainian military intelligence has identified and publicly named dozens of Russian officers posted to the region. One who was captured on July 11, a platoon commander named Alexey Sedikov, said in a video posted to YouTube that Russians hold many key leadership positions, such as battalion commander and deputy chief of staff....
4,7 magnitude earthquake occured in Mariupol. Infographics
....As the press service of the Mariupol City Council reports, seismic activity has been recorded in the city of Mariupol at 11:15 a.m. today. Three waves with magnitude of 4.7-4.9 on the Richter scale have been recorded. Tremors have been felt even in Volnovakha and in the vicinity of the town. According to HydroMeteorological Obsevatory, the epicenter of the quake was located outside Mariupol. ...

4.7. I would think too small for any damage.
Russia massing tanks near Crimean Dzhankoy at border with mainland Ukraine – witnesses
...."Witnesses report that large groups of Russian military hardware have been massed near Armyansk and Dzhankoy. Dzhankoy has been cordoned off by troops with tanks and other equipment," Deputy Chairman of the Crimean Mejlis Nariman Dzhelalov wrote on Facebook on Sunday. According to earlier reports, the occupying authorities in Crimea blocked the checkpoints at the administrative border with mainland Ukraine on Sunday morning....

Sounds worrying.
Putin is a nutcase, and these is no logic to what he does. Just a mad imperialist dictator.
Footage proves Yefremov participated in 2014 Luhansk pro-Russia rally
Footage has been posted to the Internet proving that Oleksandr Yefremov, the leader of the former Regions Party parliamentary faction and an ally of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, participated in a pro-Russia rally outside the Luhansk regional council building in March 2014....

Effremov - mega Yanukovich scumball. Awaiting trial. Shooting him would be too kind.
In ATO zone 3 soldiers killed at the front line - heavy weapons moving to and fro by terrorists
Sunday, August 7, 2016, 12:54

During the last day of hostilities three Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four wounded.
This was at the briefing on August 7 AP spokesman for the ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"The biggest loss - at Krimskoe, where three soldiers were killed and two injured - it was due to fire and explosion. One wounded - in Mar'yintsi, another - in Pavlopoli, also because of shelling," - said Lysenko.
According to the ATO headquarters, across the boundary line observed maneuvering heavy machinery militants.
"There pulling artillery systems, rotation units, including Russian forces, which pass the state border of Ukraine with Russia in uncontrolled area. We see some movement and dynamics of troops militants along the boundary," - said Lysenko.
Servicemen of the Russian 33th Motorized Rifle Brigade Identified in Occupied Donetsk
....This investigation deals with a new verified episode of servicemen of the 33th Motorized Rifle Brigade of Russian Armed Forces (MRBr, military unit 22179) participating in the war in Ukraine.....
...Tupikin’s selfie on the roof of the building of the former Eastern Customs of the State Fiscal Service in Donetsk, both in winter and in summer, may indicate that Russian servicemen installed radio transmitters or other means of communication on the roof of the building. The building is located on the territory of the paramilitary rescue service station in Donetsk on Levitsky street. We wrote about it in our previous investigation of the Russian 66th Signal Brigade. Satellite images of the soccer field located behind the building of the rescue station consistently show it filled with military equipment....

Russian servicemen, but they put on DNR badges.
It is time the west started calling these people Russians. That's what they are. It is a war between Russia and Ukraine.
But a war that Russia doesn't want to admit to.
Soldiers, suffered in grenade explosion during firearms training in ATO zone, one seriously wounded, - doctors
Six solders were wounded as grenade detonated during military trainings in the village of Rozivka in the Zaporizhia region. The grenade has detonated at about 12 p.m., on Aug. 5.
Anatolii Sydorenko, head of the Independent Doctors Union announced, Censor.NET reports citing 061.
All the soldiers were hospitalized. 30-year-old soldier was taken to Rozivka central hospital. The man suffered rupture of the brachial artery, the amputation of the phalanges of the right hand, multiple shrapnel wounds, contusion of the 3rd degree.
The rest of the military were initially taken to Rozivka hospital, but were later transferred to a military hospital in the village of Mykilske in the Donetsk region. The soldiers got shrapnel wounds of various parts of the body.

Reported on this yesterday, but no details then.
Head of UN monitoring mission visited captivated Ukrainian servicemen in Donbas

One of the of factors of the visit is the next UN report, which will be released in September

The head of the UN Human Rights monitoring mission Fiona Fraser visited the Ukrainian servicemen held in captivity in Donbas by insurgents of "DPR". This was stated by the so-called "DPR Ombudsman" Daria Morozova, reports "Interfax-Ukraine".

"One of the key factors of the visit is the next UN report, which will be released in September. Together we entered every camera, there are two or three of them (prisoners of Ukrainian military - Ed.) in a single unit, they have safety and three meals a day, four-hour walks. Mrs. Fraser has no complaints, she isl satisfied with all she has seen, "- said Morozova.

According to her, all military were interviewed by Fraser on the subject of torture, they also gave her letters to their relatives.

Savchenko hasn't been recruited in Russia, she just perceives sharply today's realities in Ukraine, - MP
According to Evgen Marchuk, it is not necessary to hurry up with serious suspicions and accusations

Nadiya Savchenko has not been programmed by Russia, she was just sensitive about the Ukrainian realities. The Ukrainian society should show an extraordinary delicacy of this issue, - stated the Ukrainian representative in the subgroup on security issues of Trilateral Contact Group on the peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbas Evgen Marchuk, reports "112 Ukraine".

"I come from the other side to the assessment of such sensational statements about Savchenko. Here, society should show the extreme delicacy and care. It is very painful for her to respond to something that we are accustomed to, and of course, that the form of her response, it is sometimes not logical, and hurtful. I would not hurry to quite so seriously exaggerate, that it is Russia has recruited her, that she was programmed there." - Said Marchuk.

Russian citizen who came to Ukraine to join militants' ranks detained by Security Service

SSU officials deported the alien from the territory of Ukraine and prohibited him the re-entry

Security Service of Ukraine together with border guards in the international checkpoint "Tanyushevka" in the area of ATO has detained a Russian citizen who came to Ukraine for joining the illegal armed groups. This was reported in the press service of the SBU.

"A native of the city of Balakovo, Saratov region in early July this year, has already visited Lugansk through a closed checkpoint" Izvarino "(controlled by the terrorists). In the city, he came to the point of recruiting fighters, where he was offered 15 thousand rubles for a" service in the armored forces". Mercenary agreed and even started to undergo medical check-up, but later abandoned the contract, citing the poor conditions of "work" and the hostility of the local population, "- said in a statement.
ATO - terrorists strike with mortars, provocative fire
Sunday, August 7, 2016, 7:05

For the past day 54 times militants opened fire on the positions of the Armed Forces 26 times on the direction Mariupol, 23 - in Donetsk, 5 - in the Luhansk region.
The press center ATO Staff reports page on Facebook.
In Donetsk area with mortars caliber 82 mm and 120 militants have repeatedly opened fire on Avdiyivka, Svetlodarsk, Novoselivtsi. ..
Antitank grenade terrorists struck Pisky and Butivka mine. Near Novgorod bandits fired with heavy machine guns.
In Zaitsev militants provoked Ukrainian military fire with small arms. The area of ​​the front Krasnogorivka - Zaitsev separatists used infantry fighting vehicles, machine guns and mortars of various calibres.
In Mariupol toward militants were grenade fire near the Lebedinsky and Pavlopillya. In Starohnativtsi, Novotroickoe, Berioza, Vodnaya, terrorists used small arms..
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