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In addition to movement of Russian troops in Crimea, Transnistria and at the Russian border, they've now added shutting off internet in Crimea, as if to minimize leaks of military movement.

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on Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:54 pmAdmin
EU imposes sanctions against two Russians

The European Union (EU) has imposed sanctions against two Russian citizens suspected of terrorism, according to the decisions published in the Official Journal of the EU.

Aslan Avgazarovich Byutukaev and Ayrat Nasimovich Vakhitov are named in the sanctions list. They are suspected of being associated with the ISIL (Da'esh) and the Al-Qaeda organizations, the report says.........
Gazprom asks Ukraine to boost gas transit due to Nord Stream repairs

Russia's gas giant Gazprom has asked Ukrainian state-run Ukrtransgaz, operator of the local gas transport system, to ensure an increase in gas transit shipments via Ukraine due to ongoing repairs to the Nord Stream gas pipeline, according to Ukrtransgaz's press service.

"Yesterday, Gazprom filed an application with Ukrtransgaz for boosting shipments of natural gas to European consumers by 20% to 275 million cubic meters per day. The Russian partners explained that the request was made due to repairs to the Nord Stream gas pipeline," the press service said. The operator confirmed that the application could be met only within contractual obligations. However, according to Ukrtransgaz's central dispatcher department, the Russian side had not done anything by 10:00 local time on Tuesday to fulfill its contractual obligations related to the level of pressure at gas measuring stations along the border. Read also Naftogaz reports drastic cut in Russian gas transit volumes to Europe. "The operator of Ukraine's gas transport system is ready to satisfy Gazprom's increased application if the Russian side abides by its contractual obligations, and in particular, ensures the required level of pressure at gas measuring stations located in Russian territory along the border," the Ukrainian company stated..................
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report: Lavrov's Straight-Faced Charade
Inter TV channel executed order of Kremlin on informational defeat of Turchynov, Yatseniuk, and Avakov, - Interior Minister

E-mails of former Inter TV channel employee, Russian citizen Mariya Stolyarova and her colleague Leonid Muravyev with their Moscow curators reveal major targets of Russian propaganda in Ukraine.

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov wrote on his Facebook page, Censor.NET informs.

"Turchynov [NSDC secretary- ed.], Yatseniuk [former PM - ed.] and Avakov are major targets of the Kremlin," Avakov wrote.

"Anti-Ukrainian orders received by Stolyarova and Muravyev in August 2015 included tasks to organize a wave of black PR against a number of Ukrainian politicians. The first item on this task was a package of dirty materials against NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov."

According to the interior minister, the 'order' also included former PM Arsenii Yatseniuk, himself, deputy chairman of Verkhovna Rada committee on culture Mykola Knaizhytskyi, chairman of Verkhovna Rada committee on national security and defense Serhii Pashynskyi, and others.

Avakov stressed that the Russian journalists from Inter TV channel were "fulfilling the Kremlin's order on informational destruction" of those who were deemed enemies by the Russian authorities. The minister believes there are more pro-Russian media in Ukraine who continue operating freely in the country.

As reported, on Aug. 3, May 2015 correspondence between employee of the "DPR Ministry of Public Security" Tatiana Yegorova and representatives of Ukraine's TV channels leaked online. One version attributes the leak to hackers, while another one suggests that Yegorova herself is behind it. The leaked correspondence reveals that the staff of Inter, Ukraina and Donbas TV stations were agreeing their stories with representatives of the so-called "DPR."

In particular, Russian journalist Leonid Muravyev (who was trying to get employed at Inter in spring of 2015 but was expelled from Ukraine) mentions some Mariya in his e-mail. Most likely, he is talking about Mariya Stolyarova, former creative producer of Inter's "Podrobytsi Tyznhia" news show. Inter's top manager Nazim Bedirov believes the e-mails are fake.

Inter channel reporter Roman Bochkala, whose name was mentioned in the e-mails, said the communication could possibly be real. Bochkala left the channel after the publication of the e-mails. In Ukrainian/український
Russia refuses to pay death benefits to relatives of military killed in Donbas, - Schlosberg

Most of the families of Russian servicemen killed in the Donbas do not get the promised 2 million rubles (approx. $28,171) compensation from the state.
Russian politician and human rights activist from Pskov Lev Schlosberg said on air of Echo of Moscow, Censor.NET reports.

"Originally, it was a secret war [in the Donbas - ed.]. Originally, it was a lie by the state, a lie known to thousands, I think, even tens of thousands of those from military families... And the 2014 situation was a situation of complete intellectual breakdown of Russia's state machine, when the state lost its head and the ability to adequately assess the situation after the Crimean events. There was absolute certainty that the so-called triumphal Crimean campaign would repeat itself in the east of Ukraine... When it became clear that the Ukrainian military defended the country's east, it was a huge surprise for the political and military leadership of Russia.

"Accordingly, they did not expect either military actions or losses. They were not ready to explain it either to public or to the military. Our state is not going to recognize this terrible mortal sin of war in eastern Ukraine committed by the Russian armed forces, since it will have to announce the death toll - thousands of people.

The entire territory of the Donbas has come under the rule of semi-legal authorities, obscure institutions and lawlessness. The failure of legal field is the worst thing to happen. And, in my opinion, this stalemate prevails," he said.

"When the number of killed soldiers [in the Donbas - ed.] rose dramatically, many of them were retroactively labeled as "cossacks" and people [relatives - ed.] did not get anything at all [compensation - ed.]... As veterans of other wars, they were given funeral benefits. But not a penny was received from the state for their deaths, after a way to mask these losses was found.

"I have talked with many officers, including senior officers, who call the war in Ukraine a crime against the state. Now they are silent, they talk about it only in private conversations... The fact that they keep silent just shows the utter level of fear. This is a very sad sign for society... Because people believe that their public statement may break their life and, unfortunately, they are not ready to speak at such a high price," he concluded. In Ukrainian/український
The Washington Post: Russia has never observed the cease-fire

The reason for this analysis was the statement by US presidential candidate Donald Trump that "Russia will not go to Ukraine"

While the attention of Western countries focused on other issues, Russia has strengthened its positions in Donbas increasing number of attacks.

It writes in his editorial in the American edition of The Washington Post .

The reason for this analysis was the statement by US presidential candidate Donald Trump that "Russia will not go to Ukraine."

Journalists publication of the particulars of the United Nations, which states that only in June-July 20 civilians were killed and 122 injured, which is two times more than the average figures for the previous 9 months. Ukrainian army, for its part reported at least 13 soldiers who died in July.

Leads The Washington Post and the data transfer of Russian arms and soldiers to occupied Donbas. The total number of Russian troops, according to NATO reaches 10 thousand.

Based on the data of the Ukrainian intelligence publication cites facts about crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border in the area, controlled only by Russia, a considerable number of weapons.

"And this, despite repeated Russia's commitments to withdraw such weapons back from the front line and put them under control," - writes The Washington Post.

To cover the Russian operations in the Donbas Putin uses tricks, deception and falsehood, say journalists. And while its diplomats agree with European colleagues on the cessation of hostilities, Russian troops continued to shell the Ukrainian land.

Criticizes publication and position of the administration of President Barack Obama on the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Journalists point out that most of the plans for a ceasefire was taken with the participation of US Secretary of State John Kerry. However, once Russia violates agreements politician expresses outrage, and then sent to Moscow to negotiate a new agreement. In Ukrainian/український
Today, 6:57 Ukraine time: The situation in the zone ATO: Adventure renewed shelling from all directions

During the last day the Russian occupation forces opened fire 47 times in units Force ATO

20 attacks recorded in Mariupol, 16 in Donetsk, Lugansk and 11 for directions. The enemy has seriously violated the Minsk agreement, using the no heavy artillery.

In Mariupol direction in Shyrokynomu occupants opened fire with guns caliber 122 mm towards the protective position marines released a 116 enemy crushing shells. In addition, the enemy used more than 170 mines of different caliber in Krasnohorivtsi, Shyrokynomu, water and Hnutovomu. Armed provocations using grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms continued to Mar'yintsi and Starohnativtsi.

In Donetsk toward the enemy used artillery caliber 152 mm in Lugansk. The area of ​​Trinity-Verhnotoretske-Avdiyivka enemy resorted to armed provocations with the use of mortars and grenade launchers of various calibres and systems. For positions near the heater kept the enemy machine-gun, and grenade fire Mayorsku.

From morning to noon enemy regime kept silence, and then resumed shelling from all directions.

In Luhansk opponent intensified in the second half of the day. Positions in our defense Novozvanivtsi, Novoaleksandrivtsi watered and invader Novotoshkivsku fire from mortars, grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms. Gold enemy opened fire from grenade launchers and small arms, sniper activity was recorded.

Continues active use of enemy aerial reconnaissance vehicles. In Ukrainian/український
The famous Ukrainian athlete who fought on the side of the militants "DNR", was poor

Husky famous for having played a major role in the Ukrainian children's film "John Power"
Ukrainian athlete Dmitry Khalaj, who moved to the terrorists of "DNR" and stood in the ranks of militants, is in a difficult financial situation and begging for money for their support.

Husky famous for having played a major role in the Ukrainian children's film "John Power", a single shot on the budget money.

Told fighter battalion "Kyiv 2" Igor Savchuk on his page in Facebook.

It is reported that the athlete fought in the ranks of the "DNR" for food, but rather the idea, and now with his manager walks the Donetsk firms and ask for money to have to "get out of the militia." In Ukrainian/український
Minsk process positively fulfilled its mission - Kravchuk

According to Kravchuk, the best process would be the Budapest Memorandum
Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down to talk about the Donbas through the Minsk process.

This was stated by the first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk wrote

"Minsk process began is difficult without a solid, widely-political process with the participation of the artillery. I said from the beginning that, in my opinion, the best process would be the Budapest memorandum to the decision has become not just the right accents, and to the people who make the decision, taking it correctly. Minsk process positively fulfilled its mission. He stopped the aggression of Russia, Putin stopped and "put" Putin negotiating table because of the "Minsk-Norman process", - said Kravchuk.

"While Russia will occupy a position which it occupies, is not very clear: either it observer or she is involved in the conflict, or it does not, she says that is not involved. And obviously that controls the situation Kremlin. While it is proven documented in my opinion, (Minsk format - Ed.) Will not solve the issue of Donbas "- said first president. In Ukrainian/український
The meeting will discuss BP Special Committee access to state secrets Savchenko - MP

"Can a general member of our committee Hope Savchenko have access to state secret, given its recent statements," - said Vinnyk

At a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense Council to discuss access of MP Hope Savchenko state secret. The broadcast channel "112 Ukraine" , said MP, Secretary of John Vinnik.

"... Out in the AP dispersed including Russian PR people, powerfully illuminated by Russian propaganda channels ... Certainly these developments hint at some possible conclusions and related to each other. Unfortunately, it is. We on the committee very seriously now be discussed at the next meeting, or even a member of our committee Hope Savchenko can have access to state secret, given its recent statements. I understand that public policy can claim anything, but such dangerous things that actually dictated from Russia ", - he said.

Vinnyk added that when Savchenko was in a Russian prison, he repeatedly publicly offered to delay Viktor Medvedchuk and exchange it for pilots.

"There rhetoric recently that it hints at some very dangerous relationships with individuals who are not considered in the Ukraine really patriots and those who really are Ukrainian state," - he added. In Ukrainian/український
In the US, Ukrainian, pretending to be the student, pleaded guilty

With forged documents under the alias Asher Potts Ukrainian studied in high school in Pennsylvania

The US citizen of Ukraine, who called himself a fake name and posing as a student, pleaded guilty to several criminal charges.

According to these charges - fraud and sexual relations with a minor - 23-year-old Arthur Samarin could face up to 40 years in prison, after serving his sentence deportation.

With forged documents under the alias Asher Potts Ukrainian studied in high school in Pennsylvania, where he had good success and then went to college in Florida. Even where police found out that he is older than claimed and is a citizen of Ukraine, which is long over short-term visa. In Ukrainian/український
on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:01 pmAdmin
The OSCE insist on meeting with Zakharchenko

The OSCE insist that perpetrators of violence against members of the mission shall be responsible

The OSCE insist on meeting with the leader of the militants "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko to discuss threats to observers. This is stated in a report published on the website of the OSCE.

In a special monitoring mission say that on July 29 armed aggressive action "DNR" near threatened observers toppers that 72 km south of Donetsk.

The OSCE insist that perpetrators of violence against members of the mission are held accountable. In the mission they want to meet with Alexander Zakharchenko, "to testify to the steps taken in response to this incident."

The leader of the "DNR" continues to abandon the meeting, said in a statement. In Ukrainian/український
In protest AP Relatives of prisoners at the Donbass fighters joined the action Savchenko

People want to talk personally with President Petro Poroshenko

During the Presidential Administration continues protest relatives of prisoners at the Donbass Ukrainian military, she was joined by MP Hope Savchenko, who arrived on the scene. This building from the AP transmits television channel "112 Ukraine".

"Hope Savchenko was only at the Presidential Administration, she came here about 15 minutes ago and immediately joined the relatives of Ukrainian military who are held captive by the militants. Relatives hold signs that they are hungry, some holding photos of their sons, who are in captivity. These people are now planning to spend the night here on the sidewalk near the Presidential Administration. They say they are forbidden to establish a tent, guided by the decision of the KSCA. Mostly women gathered here, they will just sleep on the sidewalk, some with chairs. Next to them is now Nadiya Savchenko, "- said in a statement.

"These women say they will remain under the AP for as long as they do not come to the president Petro Poroshenko. They want to ask him questions directly, when it released the exchange of prisoners, "- said the correspondent.

Participants noted that during the day to them with the Administration of the President nobody came. His action they intend to continue on Tuesday. In Ukrainian/український
Polish opposition asked to open local border traffic with Russia

August 3 MNR regime was restored only at the border of Poland and Ukraine
Polish opposition party "Civic Platform" calls on the government to restore the local border traffic (MNR) with the Kaliningrad region of Russia.

This at a press conference in the Sejm deputy said "Civic Platform" Robert Tyszkiewicz, reports Radio Poland.

"Small border traffic - it is a privilege to Poles and Russians. This situation is not one-sided. This mode is beneficial and people of Poland, and the people of Russia. And they both require local border traffic regime has been restored, "- said Tyszkiewicz.

In turn, MP from the ruling party "Law and Justice" Lukas Schreiber said that MNR regime was not renewed for reasons of security.

"We understand the situation of businessmen, shopkeepers situation, but the Polish government, choosing between economic profit and safety Poles always gives priority to safety", - said Schreiber.

As you know, in July in connection with the NATO summit and the World Youth Days Poland suspended the application of international agreements of Ukraine and Russia on small border traffic. August 3 MNR regime was restored only at the border of Poland and Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Political scientist explained Savchenko where to hold rallies

The release of hostages must not require Poroshenko said Tsybulko

Hope Savchenko actually wants to hold prisoners accused those who persistently fighting for their release. To achieve the exchange of hostages, detained militants Donetsk and Luhansk, she had to hold a rally near the Presidential Administration is not Ukraine, but the Kremlin.

This opinion site "24" expressed political expert Vladimir onions, commenting on the statements of Hope Savchenko release of prisoners and to this end the rally at administration Petro Poroshenko.

"They do not hold the same Poroshenko. Is it possible, for example, come to the Pope demanding the transfer of a church ROC MP? She wants to accuse hold hostage those who want to release them, "- said the expert.

According to him, making such steps and statements Savchenko guided by only one motive - cheap, without using the extra funds to be constantly present in the information space. In fact, the political scientist, she can not reasonably explain the logic of their behavior.

Vladimir Tsybulko also noted that the actions of Hope Savchenko does not affect the exchange of prisoners.

"From the Ukrainian side, unfortunately, little depends. Decision still adopt Putin. Kyiv does all counter-proposals can. But Putin only interested surrender Ukraine. And this can not be. Statements Savchenko, it will likely need to build a public exchange process godfather Putin and leader of the "Ukrainian choice" Medvedchuk. It's his script and Savchenko - his singer ", - the onion.

Recall Hope Savchenko said that the first lady Marina Poroshenko Oksana Marchenko (wife of Viktor Medvedchuk) as women (if men can not agree) can negotiate the release of prisoners.

Also on August 8 Hope Savchenko organized a meeting under the Presidential Administration demanding any way release the Ukrainian prisoners. In Ukrainian/український
Savchenko gave Poroshenko letter demanding accelerate the release of prisoners

Freed from the captivity of the militants journalist Maria Varfolomeeva believes that the Ukrainian authorities and so involved in the release of prisoners, because "no sense" to remind
MP Hope Savchenko gave President Petro Poroshenko letter relatives of Ukrainian citizens who are held captive by militants demanding their release as soon as possible.

The broadcast of the public reported the sister Faith Hope Savchenko.

"Filed receptionist president, he addressed to Peter Alekseevich. It was three sheets of signatures. About 30 prisoners Ukrainian mothers wanted to meet with the president or his representatives. They hope that they at least "posehmentno" take the president, "- said Vera Savchenko.

Meanwhile, militants released from captivity journalist Maria Varfolomeeva expressed the view broadcast of the public that the Ukrainian authorities and so involved in the release of prisoners, because "no sense" to remind this President.

"I know exactly what our government is engaged in an exchange. But now the process slows because Russia wants to complete amnesty "- said Varfolomeeva.

Recall this morning at the Presidential Administration building held a rally Ukrainian relatives who are in captivity in Russia and in the occupied Donbas.

This meeting on August 2 announced the deputy Hope Savchenko. Then she said that the hunger strike launched by the government and inaction of the international community in the issue of release of the hostages. In Ukrainian/український
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