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In Mariupol toward militants fired nearly 120 times

Aug 10
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Re: Translator.
That's Google for ya. That's why I post the original language to it, as most people in the know, know what the real meaning is.
@Admin wrote:
US State Department: Sanctions will remain in force until Russia will not return Crimea to Ukraine

Oh, your translator often does my head in!

Sanctions will remain in force until Russia will not return Crimea to Ukraine!!!   Exclamation  Question

should be

Sanctions will remain in force until Russia returns Crimea to Ukraine
Sanctions will remain in force until while Russia will not return Crimea to Ukraine
or many variations on that theme which are the opposite of the poor translation. Complain to googlies!
Ukraine's Ambassador to the UN, after Russia's actions under consideration convene the UN Security Council

Ambassador of Ukraine to the UN drew parallels between the situation now and August 2008, when Russia was invading Georgia.
Permanent Representative of Ukraine Volodymyr Yelchenko Council held an urgent briefing on the situation around Crimea after loud statements Russian President Putin and the siloviki, according to Public.

"The question of the convening of the UN Bezbeky considered ... As soon as it is necessary, we will do it immediately," said Yelchenko.

"We are ready to convene the Security Council, even at night, if necessary," - he stressed.

Ambassador of Ukraine to the UN drew parallels between the situation now and August 2008, when Russia was invading Georgia.

According to him, the statement of the leader of that additional meetings (in Normandy format - Ed.) Have no meaning, sounding quite dangerous.

"The proposed meeting in September in Normandy format was very useful idea" - he added.

As you know, on Wednesday the Russian Federal Security Service issued a statement about alleged two attempted military attack on Ukrainian Crimea and organize terrorist attacks there in which the Russian military were killed and a soldier FSB.

Ukrainian General Staff called these statements a provocation and NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov - hysterical and false.

After reports of the FSB, Putin accused the authorities of Ukraine in terror and promised "do not pass". In addition, he said that "sees no sense in Norman talks." In Ukrainian/український
Russian troops in the occupied Crimea are able to use nuclear weapons - intelligence

Nuclear weapon delivery systems currently available on the occupied peninsula - on the ground and naval base of Sevastopol

Russian forces in Crimea are able to use nuclear weapons. The territory annexed the peninsula there are ways of delivery.

According to the press service of the Defence Intelligence citing a statement broadcast of "Radio Liberty" Defence Representative Vadim Skibitskoho.

"Means of delivery of nuclear weapons are now in the Crimea - on the ground and naval base of Sevastopol. This warships and submarines. Most nuclear warheads are located in the Southern Military District of Russia ", - the press service quoted Skibitskoho.

According to him, if necessary, deliver nuclear warheads on the peninsula and they will be ready for use.

"They can be delivered either in the Crimea, where such a decision is adopted or placed on the aircraft. After that weapon will be ready for combat use, "- said Vadim Skibitskyy. In Ukrainian/український
In Russia believe that Putin's statement is a hint to refuse to Minsk II

This is the beginning of the process of rejection of Minsk II in the "Norman Quartet"
Statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the "terror Ukrainian authorities in Crimea" is an allusion to refuse execution of the Minsk agreements in the "Norman Quartet".

The broadcast of the public said the Russian journalist and TV commentator «rain» Konstantin von Eggert.

"I think this is the beginning of the process of rejection of Minsk II in the" Norman Quartet ". While this is only a hint, because Putin said that in the future he would like to see some of the US pressure and influence Kyiv, or, as he said, agents of Washington "- said Eggert. In Ukrainian/український
US State Department: Sanctions will remain in force until Russia will not return Crimea to Ukraine

In statements after the State Department of the Russian FSB reminded that Crimea will always be a part of Ukraine

In the US State Department claim that Russia occupied Crimea is and will always be a part of Ukraine. This was at the briefing said US State Department spokesman Elizabeth Trudeau, reports UNIAN.

At the State Department said they had seen reports of the statements of the Russian FSB allegedly prevent terrorist attacks in the Crimea. Thus Trudeau advised Ukraine to ask the government for additional information.

She also said the United States supports the relationship with Ukraine. However, the State Department repeated the position that the United States does not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea.

"We do not want to distract from the real problem here, which is not only the Russian occupation and annexation of Crimea attempt, but also in the continuing aggression in eastern Ukraine. Our position on Crimea known. Crimea is and will always be a part of Ukraine. We deplore and call for an immediate end Russian occupation of Crimea ", - said Trudeau.

"The penalties associated with Crimea will remain in force until Russia will not return the peninsula of Ukraine", - said Trudeau.

She also recalled that the United States supported the Minsk process and that it is always possible to maintain the dialogue between the parties. In Ukrainian/український

The militants in the Donbas threatened religious minorities - US report

The separatists resorted to anti-Semitic rhetoric, said the report.
The US State Department said that Russia supported separatists who still control parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, violated the rights of those who are religious minorities in the occupied territories.

As they say in the Ukrainian part of the State Department report on religious freedom in the world in 2015, separatists abducted, detained, beaten and threatened with representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchate, "Jehovah's Witnesses" and Protestants.

In addition, the separatists resorted to anti-Semitic rhetoric, said the report.

They also continued vandalski action and the seizure of church property and declared that freedom departure ceremonies applies only to certain "official churches". In Ukrainian/український
Russian media reports on 7 "saboteurs" arrested in occupied Crimea

Seven people are reported to have been arrested on charges of preparing acts of sabotage in Crimea, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported citing a source in law enforcement agencies.

"Seven people have been detained, including the coordinators from Crimea – local agents," the report read.......

Are they more upset that their side received casualties and the make-believe Ukrainian side didn't? No photos of the captured which might just be Crimean's, having them posing as Ukrainian military and probably getting paid for it. And STILL no video either.
Ukrainian stocks continue gains on Warsaw, London and Kyiv exchanges

In spite of summer heat and continued turmoil in eastern Ukraine, investors keep buying Ukrainian stocks in remarkable numbers. More on this unexpected result in Concorde Capital’s daily market comment below:

Ukrainian stocks kept riding their hot streak on Tuesday, August 9. The WIG Ukraine Index of Warsaw-traded stocks increased 0.9%, extending its win streak to seven sessions at a 4.6% advance. It has reached its highest level since November 2013. Tuesday’s gains were led by its biggest component, sugar producer Astarta (AST PW), which rose 2.4% to its highest level since February 2014.

In London, iron ore miner and pellet maker Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) skyrocketed 35.7% after Fitch upgraded its credit rating. The stock has surged 58.4% in the three sessions since releasing its 1H earnings on Aug. 3, reaching its highest price since November 2014. The Ukrainian Exchange (UX) Index of Kyiv-traded stocks improved 0.7%, or 1.3% in three sessions.
Astarta reports strong early grain harvest results

Ukrainian farmer and leading sugar producer Astarta (AST PW) harvested this season 324 kt of early grains, which is a 20% yoy improvement, Concorde Capital informed clients, based on Astarta’s Aug. 9 press release. The result was achieved by both an increase of acreage under early crops (+11% yoy to 56 Kha) and better average yield of grains (+8% yoy, we estimate). In particular, Astarta reported an 8% yoy increase in average yield of winter wheat to a company record of 5.8 t/ha.

The company highlighted that production of its own seeds contributed significantly to the improved results. It added that it’s fully sufficient with its own seeds for the upcoming winter sowing campaign.

Concorde analyst Alexander Paraschiy added: “Astarta’s results were also helped by favorable weather conditions, but nevertheless the result exceeds our expectations. These results add optimism for the sugar beet and late grain harvest (which are more important for Astarta’s well-being than the early crops) and allows us to remain positive on Astarta stock.”
Russia Accuses Kyiv Of Plotting 'Terror' In Crimea; Ukraine Denounces Moscow's 'Fantasies'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has lashed out Ukraine, accusing the government of "terror" after the Federal Security Service (FSB) claimed that Kyiv tried to send saboteurs into Crimea and that a soldier and an FSB officer were killed thwarting the alleged armed raids.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko rejected the Russian claims, which followed an increase in Russian military activity in the northern part of Crimea near the border with mainland Ukraine, as "fantasies" and "provocation."

The Russian claims added to tension between Moscow and Kyiv, already on the rise following an upsurge in fighting in the conflict between Ukrainian government forces and Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

"This is very alarming news," Putin said on August 10. "In fact, our security services prevented an incursion into the territory by a sabotage-reconnaissance group from Ukraine's Defense Ministry."

Putin said Kyiv's alleged actions were "stupid" and "criminal" and that there was no point in holding talks on the foundering peace process in eastern Ukraine -- a reference to proposals for a meeting between Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and France on the sidelines of a Group of 20 summit on September 4-5 in China.

He said the alleged infiltration attempt showed that the Ukrainian government had "turned to the practice of terror instead of searching for compromises, instead of searching for pathways to a peaceful settlement," and suggested Russia would seek revenge for the two deaths, which the FSB said occurred in clashes over the weekend.

The FSB said it believed Ukrainian special forces had been planning attacks targeting critical infrastructure.

"The aim of this subversive activity and terrorist acts was to destabilize the sociopolitical situation in the region ahead of preparations and the holding of elections," the FSB said, referring to Russia-wide parliamentary elections next month.

Kyiv: 'Fake Information'..................

Access complete text of the editorial: 
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report: Another Olympic Offensive?

Russian fast attack craft secured in roadstead, several submarines left Sevastopol harbor for unknown reasons. VIDEO

A warship was laid out at the Sevastopol harbor. Besides, several submarines drove out on Tuesday, Aug. 9.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Krym.Realii, judging by the side number of the ship in the Sevastopol harbor, it is Mirazh fast attack craft.

According to the locals, the vessel has been at anchorage since noon yesterday. In Ukrainian/український
"Russian spy", found out interesting details of American life Ukrainian "student"

Ukrainian Arthur Samarin, who was on trial in the US for fraud and abuse of minors, distinguished success in school.

23-year-old native of Nova Kakhovka, which now threatens the '40 prison and a fine of $ 90 thousand., A few years ago moved to the US from Ukraine international youth program and enrolled to study at a school in Pennsylvania, said the "Today" with citing US media.

As it turned out, the guy is not just procured a forged documents and Arthur Samarin turned to Asher Potts, but underestimated their real age of 18, allowing him to study in an ordinary American school. Moreover, even after in 2012 he ended visa, he continued to live in the States. But this is not all violations of the law, which the US suspects Ukrainian police. Huge prison term for corruption he faces 16-year-old schoolgirl who does not know the real age, Arthur Asher.

Surprisingly, if you omit the criminal inclinations Samarin, the other his stay in the US guy used with advantage. Local media reported that Arthur had to participate in the Cadet Program of the US Navy, was fond of space technologies and developments in this area and even allegedly wanted to work at NASA. So Arthur classmates with whom talked to American journalists say they were shocked by the news about crimes Ukrainian. I was told that the school called his Russian spy by distinctive accent. However and classmates, teachers and the American school, where he studied Ukrainian, said that he was one of the best in school, and even went to the community the most successful students.

Immediately after the arrest, local police began to establish how Arthur was able to get fake documents in the country, characterized tough immigration laws, and now is not excluded that the US Ukrainian anyone could contribute in this delicate matter. Notably, the court held that the question of the judge whether he needs a translator, Arthur said: "No, I know very well English and understand the indictment."

As it turned out, before leaving the US Samarin Arthur entered the Kherson State University, but was later expelled. In the same university as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law is his father, Andrei Samarin.

"From any help he (Andrey Samarin. - Ed.) Refused. As for details (in the case of Arthur Samarin), then I do not grasp. In America, her justice. I think, will understand" - briefly commented Rector Vasily Stratonov .

According to the university, the young man was expelled because of absenteeism, but studied well and knew English. In high school added that if Samarin Jr. ever submit an application for restoration, the special commission may consider it. The press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry yesterday declined to comment on the situation with Samarin, but said the check information. But the US media is hard as a matter of deportation Ukrainian home.

Speaker of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko explained that if the United States will make Ukrainian sentence and it provides a prison term, the national vidbuvatyme punishment in America.

Even the Interior Ministry explained that if the Ukraine and the United States will be interested to extradite the offender, it is a trick, "the Extradition Treaty with the United States we do not. So the US can send Ukrainian in that country, which in the US, and we have a contract. "

As reported by the "Observer", Ukrainian Artur Samarin pleaded guilty in the US. In Ukrainian/український
Preparation of the terrorist attack in Lviv SBU detained four suspected filed

The Security Service of Ukraine detained four filed in the Lviv region on the eve of citizens suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack.

This was stated by head of UAS in Lviv oblast Viktor Andreychuk, reports "Interfax-Ukraine".

"Four detainees charged with suspicion of preparing terrorist attack, searches conducted in six people who are in the business", - said Andreychuk at a briefing in Lviv on August 9.

He said the detainees seized weapons and ammunition will be handed over to the Ukrainian military zone ATO.

He added that one of the detainees was found Manuals detailing the mechanism of the cell organization whose mission is to overthrow the government, in particular, by force of arms.

As previously reported "Observer" SBU prevented large-scale terrorist attack in Lviv . Members of the terrorist group planned to simultaneously blow up railway tracks in three different directions from the regional center.

ukr.obozrevatel.comIn Ukrainian/український
In the Russian Foreign Ministry said the talks Steinmeier and Lavrov on Donbas

Head of the Foreign Ministries of Russia and Germany Lavrov and Frank-Walter Steinmeier on August 9 by calling discussed settlement of the military conflict in the Donbass.

The press service of the Foreign Ministry.

"It was continued discussion of current issues related to promotion of implementation of the provisions of the Minsk" set of measures "to resolve the situation in eastern Ukraine. Emphasized the need for synchronization steps towards a political settlement of konkfliktu domestic security issues," - said in a statement.

The minister also exchanged views on issues of the situation in Syria and the international promotion of the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the country.

In addition, during the conversation the issues of Russian-German agenda.

Note that at the time of publication notes about talks Lavrov and Steinmeier at the German Foreign absent.

As reported by the "Observer", called Steinmeier steps to resolve the conflict in Transnistria. In Ukrainian/український
Public humiliation: Putin, Erdogan made feel embarrassed in front of hundreds of cameras

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the leader of Russia Vladimir Putin shift from foot to foot before hundreds of journalists being late to a meeting.

The corresponding video appeared online.

Note Putin before he became famous style of late for formal talks.

Recall that in St. Petersburg, the first Russian-Turkish talks at the highest level since November 2015, when relations between the two countries deteriorated.

Earlier, Erdogan expressed hope that the talks with "friend Vladimir" will open a new page in bilateral relations between Ankara and Moscow. During a personal meeting with Putin, he did not even mention about Russian aircraft shot down.

June 27, Russian President Putin received from Erdogan's formal apology for downed Russian plane. After the collapse of the Russian leader said that "Allah is deprived of reason," the official Ankara.

As reported by the "Observer", November 24, 2015 through Russian airspace violations bomber Su-24 was shot down Turkish plane a kilometer from the border with Turkey, in Syria. In Ukrainian/український

Poroshenko welcomed svitolina with victory over Serena Williams at the Olympic Games in Rio

Ukrainian beat in straight sets first racket of the world American Serena Williams.

President Petro Poroshenko has congratulated Ukrainian tennis player Elina svitolina of victory over the first racket of the world Serena Williams at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

This is stated in the message of the President in social network Facebook.

"The intense fighting, confident game and deserved victory over the first racket of the world! Bravo, Elina svitolina!
I wish further victories in the Olympic tournament, "- wrote Poroshenko. In Ukrainian/український
After the courtesy of nuclear strikes, and Putin agreed to meet British Prime Minister Theresa May

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the new British Prime Minister Theresa May ?? held a telephone conversation, during which agreed to intensify joint work on a number of areas and conduct a personal meeting.

The press service of the Kremlin.

The two leaders during a telephone conversation expressed "dissatisfaction with the current parameters of cooperation both in political and in trade and economic spheres," the report said.

Putin and May agreed to "dialogue through the special services that deal with issues of aviation safety."

The telephone conversation took place on the initiative of the British side, said the Kremlin.

As reported by the "Observer", before May declared its readiness to strike nuclear attack if necessary.

"The threat that comes from countries such as Russia and North Korea remains real," - she said. In Ukrainian/український

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In Mariupol toward militants fired nearly 120 times

Over the past day in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation Russian occupation forces opened fire 62 times in units Force ATO

Specifically to 28 times in Donetsk and Mariupol directions, and 6 in the Luhansk region. The press center ATO.

In Donetsk direction occupants in violation of the Minsk agreements used heavy artillery in Lugansk 122 caliber. Under fire 82 mm mortars hit a dozen times Ukrainian bases in Avdiyivka, Verhnotoretskomu, the heater and the second Novoselivtsi, besides there beat the enemy with grenades and heavy machine guns.

By fortifications near Zaitsev, Luhansk, Novgorod and Nevel - with grenade launchers and machine guns. In Verhnotoretskomu, Novgorod and applied Mayorsku enemy armored vehicles. This direction was carried fire from anti-aircraft installation.

In Mariupol direction during the 120 attacks and 82 mm mortars on positions in Ukrainian Krasnohorivtsi, Talakivtsi, Novotroickoe Shyrokynomu opponent and produced more than a hundred pounds. Enemy fire from grenade launchers and heavy machine guns was carried out in Hnutovomu. Near Shyrokynoho and Marinka opponent has used armored vehicles. Double open enemy sniper fire. In Birch and water provocations continued with the use of small arms.

In Luhansk was restless in Novoaleksandrivtsi, here the enemy opened fire from various caliber mortars, heavy machine automatic and antitank grenades. Small arms fired Popasna.

Impressive volume of keeping the enemy aerial reconnaissance of our positions. Last night at 8 times Shyrokyne-water areas, Luhansk Trinity and in the district of Donetsk observed drones. In Ukrainian/український
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