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Tensions between Russia and other countries getting intense. Ukraine's building up forces in Kherson (off the Black Sea) and Putin basically wanting something from the Minsk and Normandy groups, in return for him to back-off.


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Serbia intends to hold joint military exercises with Russia on the border with Croatia

The first mobilization summonses were military reserve in the area of ​​Vukovar (border with Serbia)

Serbia is preparing to conduct military exercises together with Russia. Training will be held in different parts of Serbia, including near the border with Croatia. It is on stand Facebook page says analyst Natalia Ishchenko. In Ukrainian/український
Consuls visited two prisoners in Russia Ukrainian - MFA

Consuls checked their conditions of detention and convinced of the absence of complaints about his health

Ukrainian Consul visited the jail held in the citizens of Ukraine Sergey Litvinov and Alexei Chyrniya.

This is in Facebook to the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

"On 11 August, after a long wait for permission to Russia's Ukrainian Consul General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don met with the unlawfully convicted citizen of Ukraine Sergey Litvinov. Consuls checked the conditions of his detention and convinced of the absence of complaints about his health, "- said in a statement.

The Foreign Ministry also noted that on August 5 to provide adequate consular and legal assistance Consul of the Embassy of Ukraine in Russia had the opportunity to visit a citizen of Ukraine Oleksiy Chyrniya, which is kept in jail PKU-2 (Lyefortovo, Moscow).

"A consular officer is satisfied appropriate conditions being Ukrainian and satisfactory condition of his health", - informed diplomats.

Recall Crimeans Czyrna Alex is a defendant in the "case of Oleg Sentsov" which is called "matter Crimean terrorists." Human rights activists called the four convicts in the case of political prisoners.

Russian security forces detained him in May 2014, after the occupation of Crimea by Russia and accused, in particular, in an attempt to blow up a statue of Lenin in Simferopol. It is not allowed nine months Ukrainian consul, and when the meeting took place, Czyrna reported that it has used torture.

As stated Ilya Novikov Russian lawyer who briefly defended Alexis Chyrniya (his soon forcibly taken out of the case), a Ukrainian slandered themselves and other participants during the investigation of the case and went on to deal with the investigation because of torture.

Sergei Litvinov, peasant Lugansk region, was detained in the summer of 2014 in Russia, where he got medical treatment at the hospital. He was accused of mass killings and rape of civilians, which he allegedly committed while a part of volunteer battalion "Dnepr-1". Russia Court sentenced him to 8.5 years in prison. MFA of Ukraine named Ukrainian verdict solely politically motivated. In Ukrainian/український
As a result of shooting in the Crimea Russian military suffered ethnic Turks

As reported, the checkpoint near Armyansk 6-8 August there were two incidents in which Russian military used firearms. In both cases they were intoxicated.

To the hospital affected by fire in northern Crimea Hafiz Mahamedova no one allowed, and his relatives are afraid to speak in public.

"The situation is under the control of security forces. All we can learn that it is only from local activists. Today many Ukrainian media wrote about the firing of ordinary citizens called the name of Hafiz Mahamadova, but we are trying to contact him from his family. We found out that a real person, he really suffered from the fire, is in hospital. It is not allowed anybody. In what state it, we do not know"- said Celal.

He added that some of his relatives managed to contact, but they are afraid to speak in public.

"Now our activists clarifies certain circumstances. For the big picture, in the village of Suvorov in PE "Armenian" was held on August 6 night wedding. This man is not a Crimean Tatar. He meshetynets Turks. Wedding was held, to which came the Russian military. And there was a conflict between the Russian military and representatives of other nationalities. Because shootout injured civilians, "- said Celal. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:23 pmAdmin
In the Olympic Village disrupted Russian flags

Russian athletes to Rio de Janeiro are very negative.

In a hotel in the Olympic village in Rio de Janeiro tore the Russian flag. This said Alexander synhronistka Patskevych.

"We are a hotel, a house, where he lives only Russian delegation. We live on the 16th floor. And there we hung their flags. And yesterday morning we found that Russian flags torn and tied in knots. Imagine simply thrown on the floor! "- She said.

"This terrified me for his career never watched. Russian athletes osvystuyut in Rio, pointedly refused to congratulate our guys on the podium, not fit to shake their hand, "- said athlete. In Ukrainian/український
In Odesa, drunken man with Nazi literature stabbed guard who died at Russian artist speech (PHOTOS)
One of the guards after the incident became ill and he had a heart attack

August 12 in Odessa took place a meeting with Russian artist Peter Pavlenskym, which ended in tragedy.

During the lecture Pavlenskyy talked about their actions and how the Russian government is struggling with it, wrote "Dumskaya."

However, one of the participants, which witnesses identified the blogger with the nickname "Adolfych" began to behave inadequately. Occasionally he showed Nazi publication and openly drinking alcohol straight from the bottle.

When it came to the guards, he took out a knife and wounded one of them in his hand.

Arrived on the scene ambulance and the police.

Odessa How to write media, one of the guards after the incident became ill and he had a heart attack. A man died in a road ambulance to the hospital. In Ukrainian/український
EU Committee will meet to discuss the situation around Crimea

Mogherini urged Ukraine and Russia to prevent the escalation of conflict

High Representative of the Union for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini discussed on the phone with the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin situation in the occupied Crimea.

It is said in its statement.

"The European Union condemns and does not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol, Russia. We remain steadfast in our support of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine ", - said, in particular, Mogerini.

"All parties should avoid any action that could further escalate the conflict; peaceful settlement of the conflict is the only possible solution. This applies to the Eastern Ukraine, where we call on all parties to actively participate in the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, "- she added.

"The European Union and its Member States will constantly monitor the situation up to the level of the Committee on Political and Security next Wednesday," - said EU High Representative. In Ukrainian/український
Poroshenko and Biden discussed the situation in connection with the actions of Russia in the occupied Crimea

The parties agreed on the importance of continuing the dialogue in Normandy format

President Petro Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden.

The interlocutors discussed the current security situation due to the provocative actions of the Russian side in the occupied Crimea and the escalation of tension in the Donbass.

The President stressed that the recent false statements about Russia's terrorist threat from Ukraine in Crimea is occupied hybrid provocation and another attempt to justify further acts of aggression and scale of the repression in the Crimea, which manages the occupation authorities.

The Ukrainian President stressed on the desire to avoid Ukraine increased tensions due to unfounded accusations of Moscow.

Biden noted the efforts of the President of Ukraine on finding ways to settle the situation. He also stressed that the US side closely monitors all developments around the Crimean provocations, responsibility for which lies fully in.

In this context they stressed the importance not to allow Moscow to use the situation for Crimea as an apology for the apparent failure of its Minsk agreements.

The parties agreed on the importance of continuing the dialogue in Normandy format.

Joseph Biden stressed the immutability of the US position on non-recognition of occupation of Crimea and the obvious need to maintain sanctions against Russia.

The parties discussed the progress on the path of reforms in Ukraine, as well as the acceleration of our country required financial assistance.

Biden noted the important steps taken by Ukraine to implement the relevant commitments in the framework of cooperation with the IMF, particularly in the context of the fight against corruption.

Poroshenko and Biden agreed to remain in constant contact concerning further developments in connection with the aggressive actions of Russia. In Ukrainian/український

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"Our soul is in Ukraine": Ukrainians-volunteers from Italy, Greece and Portugal held flash mob in Lviv dedicated to Independence Day. VIDEO

Ukrainians-volunteers from Italy, Greece and Portugal together with their colleagues from Lviv organized the "Ukraine is above all" flash mob in the center of the city.

They unfolded a heart-shaped piece of cloth with a map of Ukraine in its center and sang the national anthem of Ukraine.

Over the last two years, these volunteers have been rendering assistance to the military hospital in Lviv. In Ukrainian/український
Former Foreign Minister: open aggression against Ukraine - Putin suicide

That means Putin finally and permanently cutting all that it connects with the West, said Ohryzko

The beginning of open aggression against Ukraine - suicide mode Vladimir Putin. About this in the air "on Channel 5," said former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko.

"Well, you have to be quite as they say" obyezbashenym "that is going to war with Ukraine. That means Putin finally and permanently cutting all that it connects with the West. Now there is still some hope, there is some hope that perhaps one day will reduce the sanctions somehow manage to find other ways of influence "- said the former minister.

He added that "oil next year and this year it is planned within 45-50, $ 55. a barrel. This means that the Russian budget has a hole of 30 billion dollars. at once. This means that social programs offset the social situation is deteriorating despite the patience of the Russian people ready to stand for the idea of ​​death. You know, it's suicide, a prologue to the end." In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:10 amAdmin
In Odesa detonated car

Now, the works investigative team, vybuhotehnichna service and DSNS

In Odesa, the morning explosion, which resulted in damaged car. About this The press service of the police of Odesa region.

"Today at 5:10 hours. the police received a report that on the street. Taraspolskiy, 68 there was an explosion, "- said in a statement.

The blast damaged the car brand "Volkswagen Polo".

Currently working at the scene investigative team, vybuhotehnichna service and DSNS. In Ukrainian/український
Human rights do not have access to the Ukrainian Evgeny Panov

They can not verify information on the possible torture

Human rights do not have access to the Ukrainian Evgeny Panov in jail occupied Crimea and therefore can not verify the information about torture that apply to it.

The broadcast "Public" said a representative of the Crimean field Rights Center Alexander Krylenkova.

"To get this information (about possible torture) need to have access to his lawyer or human rights. But human rights activists in jail can not get, we have no access there, so now it's just a lawyer, "- said Krylenkova. In Ukrainian/український
UN Security Council reaffirms position of territorial integrity of Ukraine (video)

All members except Russia supported Ukraine during an urgent meeting on Tuesday, August 11

The Security Council members strongly supported Ukraine's independence and territorial integrity. including Crimea. Volodymyr Yelchenko, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, gave a press conference after the meeting. According to UNIAN report, Yelchenko said Ukraine was pleased with the UNSC position, except for one country.

Yelchenko also stated that he had asked his Russian counterpart Vitaly Churkin to provide the organization with evidence regarding Russia's accusations voiced against Ukraine. Yelchenko said he could hear only words.

He also informed that Ukraine had sent an official request to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, as well as the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, urging them to gain access to Crimea, in particular, to those people who, as Russia claims, had been detained in connection with the so-called "terrorist activity."
Occupants in the north of the Crimea "for security reasons" cut off Internet

Previously, "Krymtelekom" reported disruptions to the Internet in the northern regions of Crimea through technological

Near the city Armiansk in northern Crimea cut off Internet "security reasons." This was stated by a member of the "Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security" Olga Kovitidi, reports "rain."

"For safety reasons (disabled Internet - Ed.). This is to ensure that certain special services ... there was no penetration ... For security needed above all these events, and people understand it, "- she said.

Previously, "Krymtelekom" reported disruptions to the Internet in northern Crimea because of engineering works. The service is connected with carrying out "technological work" in the data network. In Ukrainian/український
In the German Foreign Ministry called the situation around Crimea "alarming"

The parties are to refrain from steps to exacerbate the Crimea, said the Foreign Ministry of Germany
Germany expects that the Ukrainian and the Russian side will refrain from any steps to further aggravation of the situation in Crimea.

This was in comments reported by the Public Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

"We expect all parties to refrain from any steps that could further escalate," - said in comments the German diplomatic agency.

In the German Foreign Ministry called the situation around Crimea "alarming" and added that watching the developments. In Ukrainian/український
Under the new law, judges can hold for crimes - expert

The new law on judicial system and status of judges, which will come into force soon, it significantly weakens judicial immunity.

The Law on the Judicial System and Status of Judges considerably weakens the immunity of judges and judges will hold commit crimes.

The broadcast Public Petrakovsky said Vladimir, an expert of the Centre local governments.

"The new law on judicial system and status of judges, which will come into force soon, it significantly weakens judicial immunity. For example, if the judge is not possible to detain either physically or limit his movement in any way, the new law weakens immunity. If a person during the commission of a crime be identified, it can already hold a general order, "- said the expert.

Currently, investigators and judicial immunity is a major obstacle, he said.

"The immunity of judges and deputy - a real obstacle (to investigate the investigating authorities - Ed.), As the largest claims in the community - to the judges and to the deputies," - said Petrakovsky. In Ukrainian/український
Last night gunmen fired 42 times positions forces ATO

During the last day the Russian occupation forces again violated Minsk II

The enemy 42 times fired position forces ATU, including weapons of prohibited caliber, the press center ATO headquarters.

In Mariupol direction recorded 21 enemy fire. Armed provocations with the use of 120 and 82 mm mortars, machine guns and large-caliber grenade launchers took place in different systems Shyrokynomu, Taramchuku, water and Pavlopoli.

For positions in Birch, Starohnativtsi and Talakivtsi enemy opened mostly machine-gun fire. BMP enemy fortifications used by a Shyrokynomu and anti-aircraft installations in Chermalyk.

In Starohnativtsi and Mar'yintsi fire was small arms. Under cover of darkness in the area intensified Marinka enemy sniper.

In Donetsk opened fire towards the enemy a dozen times. Grenade, machine gun and mortar fire occupants tested for strength line of defense in the area Avdeevki and Luhansk.
On strengthening Svetlodarsk opened fire arcs of 120 mm and 80 mm caliber heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft installations.

In the Leninsky enemy fire was of heavy machine guns. In Verhnotoretskomu Zaitsev and armed provocations continued with the use of small arms. Near Verhnotoretskoho recorded sniper activity.

In Luhansk fire grenades of various opposing positions in the Yellow Ukrainian defenders, Novoaleksandrivtsi, Novozvanivtsi and Popasnaya. In Popasnaya opponent also applied mortars caliber 82 mm. In Ukrainian/український
Alchevsk disabled children forced to appear in the story to support wounded carpenter (PHOTO)

In the video, which was shown on local TV, stating that "alchevtsi with dismay and indignation the news of the attempt on the life carpenter
In Alchevsk, Luhansk region, which is under the control of armed groups "FSC" pupils urban center for social rehabilitation of disabled children forced to appear in the video to support the militants wounded leader Igor Carpenter writes "Fourth Estate".

In the video, which was shown on local TV, stating that "alchevtsi with dismay and indignation the news of the attempt on the life of the republic Igor head carpenter, did not remain indifferent and least alchevtsi - students of the center for social rehabilitation of disabled children."

In children pospivchuvaly camera carpenter and said that they are special children with disabilities understand it well and wish him a speedy recovery.

At the end of the roller teachers put the children in a row, after which they sang in chorus carpenter anthem rehabilitation center. In Ukrainian/український
Putin did not benefit from stability in Ukraine - Garry Kasparov

Kasparov said Putin always accuse their victims of their crimes
Putin did not benefit stability in Ukraine, and therefore throws accusations against the state.

This was stated by the 13th world chess champion and political activist Garry Kasparov at Twitter.

"Putin can not afford a stable Ukraine, and it always starts blaming the victims for their own crimes. Requires an increased level of combat readiness, "- wrote Kasparov. In Ukrainian/український
In the Kherson region arranged the first line of defense - Governor

The question of building fortifications second and third lines of defense
In the Kherson region conducted all steps of the construction of the first line of defense adminkordoni annexed Crimea.

The chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andrey Gordeev.

"An all measures to strengthen the first line of defense in accordance with the plan approved by the General Staff. Now discussing the construction of fortifications second and third lines of defense "- Gordeev said in an interview," Interfax-Ukraine ".

In addition, it zazanachyv the currently discussing the construction of fortifications second and third lines of defense in the area. In Ukrainian/український
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