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Russia continues training near Ukraine. The OSCE was denied to enter Crimea to check on the supposed terrorists. Another Russian fighter jet intercepted by NATO in the Baltics.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Russia tests prohibited laser weapons on Ukraine's soldiers – head of Border Guard Service

"Earlier Russians tested their laser weapon on our soldiers. As a result, three servicemen of State Border Service received retinal burns. The situation is very serious, doctors were able to recover only peripheral vision, but they still do not have the central vision," Nazarenko said in an exclusive interview for the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

Read also Russian military aviation active at Crimea border – Ukraine's border guard service

The head of the Border Guard Service noted that the incident happened at Maryinka checkpoint in Donetsk region when Ukrainian border guards were conducting surveillance via binoculars and a monocle...........
on Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:03 pmAdmin
Since I've been on Twitter, I've blocked 25,000 Kremlin Trolls. The main purpose for them to be trolling is to spread misinformation about things like the US, Ukraine's government. The big problem is, many people fall for it, as they're too narrow-minded and won't spend the time to find out on their own if they're facts or fabrication. So they fall for what is told to them from weakness.

MANY Americans are actually Kremlin Trolls. I've also run into some Canadians and Brits that also troll for the Kremlin. Anthony Van Der Craats is one of the first I found out was a troll, from Australia and the UK which lived for a while in Kharkiv, Ukraine. And he's still at it.

Trolls will trash people like Obama, Poroshenko, the US government along with the Ukrainian government. Some are very slick as the one I met which lived in Canada. He wouldn't come out and say it, but he'd bash Poroshenko, Obama till the cows came home. I saw who he was following and it was finally obvious he was a troll.

VERY IMPORTANT: Kremlin Trolls make a living every time someone replies to their tweets. So if you're trying to win a battle by disputing with one of them, you're helping them make a living, to continue doing what they're doing. Remember, some of these scumbags are slick, so don't let them rear you into a dispute you won't win. Don't support their way of life. At the same time, you'll be assisting Putin accomplish what he wants to, within the western democratic countries. You won't miss them, so BLOCK them. ASAP.

A good way of identifying a Kremlin Troll by their username. It'll usually include many mixed numbers like, Joe 234345. Many will be Americans and some from eastern Europe will even use American names. Here are some good examples. And many are popping up being Trump supporters:


Sally Shagger

Cynthia StillBB This one you'll freak on. American to the bone.

real Sam Handwich

Doug Smith Here's a real American winner, if he is one.

If we don't block this tralier trash, they'll continue to ruin people's minds that don't any better. It's like people that bow to Trump. As you can see a couple of these. They're Trump supporters. So imagine how many are there out in your neck of the woods. Do what's right and block them, for the sake of the truth.
Eight killed in car accident as minibus hit truck on Kyiv-Odesa highway in Mykolaiv region. (PHOTOS)

A terrible car crash killed eight people on the 291st km of Kyiv-Odesa highway at Mazurove village in the Mykolaiv region on the night of Aug. 13.
Censor.NET reports citing the рress service of the State Emergency Service in the Mykolaiv region.

"The 18th unit of the State Emergency Service in the Mykolaiv region received a report about a car accident with Opel Vivaro LCV and DAF-420 truck. The accident happened in Kryvoozerskyi district of Е-95 Kyiv-Odesa highway," the report reads.

Eight passengers of the Opel vehicle died, including a child born in 2008. One person was delivered to a hospital in a severe condition. The victims are being identified. In Ukrainian/український
Participants marched equality believe that Odesa has shown itself as an open and safe city

Participants thanked the National Police to ensure a high level of security

Participants of the "Odessa Pride 2016" satisfied today Marsh equality, held at the Promenade. It is reported " First City ".

"March was held safe, positive, and we believe that this is a huge step forward. Now the whole world sees that Odessa - really open and safe city. The city where there is room for all", - stated in the message.

Participants thanked the National Police to ensure a high level of security and participants march.

"Some media write that after March of Equality" was slaughter. "So, the participants from March saw only as somewhere to run, journalists and police. Police work was at a level that we have not even seen provocateurs." Odesa Pride 2016 "showed that a productive dialogue with the police and the city possible. We are open to it," - say the organizers of the "Odesa Pride." In Ukrainian/український
Olympics-2016. It is unfair: Russia has become a party to the scandal at the gym

China has made accusations against the International Federation of gymnastics because of the unfair refereeing.

On the eve of the athlete from the Chinese Shang Chunsun lost only 0.116 points rossiyanke Aliya Mustafina and lost the chance to "bronze." According to the manager of the Chinese team E Chzhennan, this decision of the judges is unfair.

"We believe that this method of grading the International gymnastics federation casts doubt on the level of competition Unfair assessment cause huge damage to the morale of gymnasts and prevent their further professional development." - Quoted functionary "R-Sport".

As reported by the "Observer", the legendary US swimmer Michael Phelps was furious on the tolerance Russian swimmers for the Olympics-2016. Later Russian woman Yulia Efimova demanded by 22-times champion of Olympic Games apologizes. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:20 pmAdmin
Died daughter Nikita Khrushchev

88-year life of Moscow journalist died, the daughter of former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev Council Adjoubei.

This was announced on August 13 radio station " Echo of Moscow " referring to the word family Adjoubei.

It is noted that Khrushchev's daughter died in one of hospitals of Moscow.

Council Nikitichna Adjoubei was born in Kiev, April 4, 1929. She worked for 50 years in the magazine "Science and Life". Her husband was Adjoubei Alexei Ivanovich, who worked as chief editor of the newspaper "Izvestia".

In 1952 Khrushchev's daughter graduated from Moscow State University (MSU). From 1953 she worked as head of the department in the years 1961-2004 was deputy editor of the journal "Science and Life". In Ukrainian/український
In Moscow beat activists who opposed the war with Ukraine

On Saturday, August 13, in Moscow during a picket "For peace and against war with Ukraine" provocateurs beat activists.

This was reported on the Facebook page Alla Naumcheva.

"In Solidarity picket movement" for peace and against war with Ukraine "near the city. Red Gate came provocateurs of movement and GCD SERB attacked and severely beaten by all participants," - she wrote. In Ukrainian/український
Russian military in Donbas preparing provocation undermining "their positions" - intelligence

Provocative undermining Russian military plans to their positions today in the presence of Russian TV personalities

Russian soldiers now intend to make provocative undermining one of their positions with a view to prosecution Ukrainian military in violation of the Minsk agreements.

This was announced Saturday at a briefing spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk, reports Ukrinform .

"Russian commanders preparing another provocation on the contact line of the Armed Forces ... to discredit undermining planned for today in the presence of the Russian TV channel« Life News », - said Motuzyanyk.

According to him, it has to testify, according to the organizers, the use by the ATO large caliber artillery. In Ukrainian/український
The "DNR" said the gasoline from gas stations had disappeared through the "growth of economic activity"
The "DNR" acknowledged the fact that the "Republic" there is a shortage of fuel at gas stations.

This is stated in the press service feykovoho "Ministry of Coal and Energy NPT", the "Island" .

According to officials, collaborators, "deficit associated with seasonal growth in economic activity, including industrial production and agriculture." The "republic" even talking about the restoration of "big business".

"The Ministry" asks people not to be "gasoline panic" promising "additional supplies of fuel, its distribution to gas stations."

Recall that regular gasoline crisis in the occupied territories Group "Information resistance" explained the fact matched by the order management "DNR" fuel coming from Russia, mostly goes to fuel recovery stocks "first army corps DNR" and create additional reserves. In Ukrainian/український
Biden Urges Poroshenko To Avoid Escalating Tensions With Russia

Biden and Poroshenko in a phone call on August 12 discussed the recent tensions over the occupation of the peninsula by Russian forces, which the White House said was "in contravention of international law."

While Biden asked Poroshenko to show restraint, the White House said he had also asked the Russian side to do the same.

"Both leaders reiterated their strong support for political and diplomatic means to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, in particular through full implementation of the Minsk agreements," which laid down a path toward peace between Ukraine, Russia, and Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Biden and Poroshenko also discussed Ukraine's progress in fulfilling conditions laid down by the International Monetary Fund, which still has not resumed lending to the embattled nation.

They agreed Ukraine's anticorruption efforts would be important to secure further loans, the White House said. In Ukrainian/український
Cases of nervous breakdowns and disobedience became more often among Russian servicemen as Russia continues to supply weapons to militants, - Intelligence

More cases of supply of arms and military equipment to militants in the Donbas by the Russian Federation have been recorded.
Ukraine's Defense Intelligence reports on Facebook, Censor.NET writes.

The Russian-terrorist forces conduct active reconnaissance. Since August 12, unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted along the route: territory of the Russian Federation - Hlynka - Komsomolske - Yenakiieve - Makiivka - Starobesheve - Komsomolsk - Kumachove - Russian Federation; two drones in the area of ​​responsibility of 6th Separate Motorized Rifle Regiment (Stakhanov) of the 2d Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces; one UAV in the area of ​​responsibility of 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Regiment (Stakhanov) of the 2d Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces; three drones in the area of ​​responsibility of Mariupol operational and tactical group, including two in the area of ​​responsibility of the 9th Separate Assault Motorized Rifle Regiment of Marines (Novoazovsk) of the 1st Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces.

More facts of arms and military equipment transfer from the Russian Federation have been recorded. Six tanks, three self-propelled artillery platforms and two infantry fighting vehicles arrived to Kuznetsi village (Novoazovsk district of the Donetsk region), while five trucks arrived to Krasnodon (Luhansk region).

Defense Intelligence reports on more cases of nervous breakdowns and disobedience among Russian servicemen.

After significant personnel losses as a result of re-use of firing positions to shell the ATO forces near Avdiivka, soldiers of the Separate Artillery Brigade (Donetsk) of the 1st Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces deliberately blew up munitions close to the brigade command post, resulting in severe injuries to brigade commander Aleksander Nemogay on Aug. 9. He is in the Donetsk regional Kalinin hospital in a serious condition.

On Aug. 12, deputy commander of the Howitzer Artillery Battalion of the 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade (Debaltseve) of the 2nd Army Corps (Luhansk) of the Russian Armed Forces Aleksander Zapolskiy, being in a state of extreme nervous excitement, caused serious injuries to commander of the artillery brigade (regular officers of the Russian Armed Forces) in response to his threats to use weapons in order to force Zapolskiy to open fire at ATO forces and civilian houses. In Ukrainian/український
ATO zone, the militants opened fire 61 times over the past day

Force ATO obstrilyuvalysya, including illicit weapons Minsk II

For the past day 61 Russian occupation forces again opened fire on the ATO Forces units, including agreements with Minsk banned weapons.

It is stated in a report released on Facebook the construction of the press center ATO headquarters as of 6:00 on 13 August.

In particular, the 31 shelling of Mariupol fixed at 16 to 14 Donetskomuta in Lugansk areas. The hottest was in Mariupol direction. Grenade fire from different systems, heavy machine guns and small arms Russian invaders were armed provocations in the water, Hnutovomu, Starohnativtsi, Shyrokynomu and Novohryhorivtsi. Mortar fire and opened in Krasnohorivtsi Mar'yintsi.

Across the front section Shyrokyne - Marinka actively used the enemy infantry fighting vehicles, moreover, in this area proved to be snipers. Near Marinka also zafiksovanoohon anti-aircraft installations.

In Donetsk area of 82 mm mortars, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers opened fire on the enemy defenders Nevel, Mayorsku and Avdeevki. In Zaitsev drove the enemy grenade, and in Novoselivtsi second machine-gun fire. In Lugansk, in addition to grenades and machine guns, the enemy used BMP. Infantry fighting vehicles also showed activity in Mayorsku. In Avdiyivka recorded sniper fire.

Near Novoaleksandrivka thaton Luhansk opponent, violating the Minsk agreement applied artyleriyuta 120 mm heavy mortars. With heavy machine guns and grenade launchers of various fire was on strengthening Novozvanivky close, villages in Luhansk and yellow. In Lopaskynomu and Old Aidar enemy fired from grenade launchers and machine guns in the Crimean large caliber. Under the old Aidar invaders used BMP.

Continuing active management enemy aerial reconnaissance in the sky over our positions recorded 7 UAV. In Ukrainian/український
After the death of the child in Sumy 4 banned medicinal products

7-year-old boy suffering from bronchitis, died of injection in a clinic

The death of a child in Sumy injection led to the ban in Ukraine four respective series of medicines and products that were introduced to the child.

According to the press secretary of the Prosecutor of the SSU region Natalia Naumenko, reports Ukrinform .

"In the framework of criminal proceedings on the fact of improper performance of professional duties by medical workers that caused the Aug. 9, 2016 death of seven boys, head to the procedural investigative measures involved State Service of medicines in the Sumy region. Currently, the State Service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control issued an order for the temporary ban of four respective series of medicines and products that are introduced to the child. The ban is valid throughout the territory of Ukraine to clarify all the circumstances of the proceedings "- says Naumenko.

According to her, according to the medical certificate preliminary cause of death of a child - an acute cardiovascular failure, anaphylactic shock. The final opinion will be provided after the forensic examination.

Recall that the August 9, 2016 at 9 am in Sumy Children's Clinic appealed mother of seven-year boy. After the examination the doctor diagnosed the child - obstructive bronchitis. Medical Appoints patient treatment and has written referral to day hospital. In the manipulation state office after injection of the boy suddenly deteriorated. More than an hour, doctors performed resuscitation, but they have not yielded results. At 12.02 ascertained the death of the child. According to the preliminary conclusion of doctors, the cause of death was anaphylactic shock, is introduced allergic reaction to medications.

Currently in criminal proceedings initiated on the fact of improper performance of professional duties by medical workers that caused the death of a young child continued pre-trial investigation, to full and objective of the meeting held priority investigations, for all the necessary expertise, relatives boy explained the procedure for the appointment of additional forensic examination. In Ukrainian/український

When I went to Ukraine this past May, I took a 3 hour excursion through Odesa's catacombs (Photos: Odesa's Catacombs Page) I came down with bronchitis for the first time in my life. All I took was a liquid I got from local pharmacy. After two weeks, it finally cleared up. I'm glad I didn't go to a clinic as this child did. Scary!
In Groisman decided to raise the price of alcohol

Effective today the minimum prices established in September 2015 and their level does not meet the real costs of managing the production and sale of alcoholic beverages, said Minister in
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine in accordance with the need to align the prices of alcohol and alcoholic beverages proposes to increase the minimum wholesale prices for vodka, cognac, wine, and also lower the price of whiskey, rum and gin.

This is stated in the draft government decree, prepared by Ministry of Economic Development.

The explanatory note to the document states that effective today the minimum prices established in September 2015 and their level does not meet the real costs of managing the production and sale of alcoholic beverages.

This is due to the fact that the excise tax on alcohol increased during 2015 in the following sizes: vodka, liquor and brandy at 50%, wine with the addition of alcohol, sparkling wine and vermouth - 100%.

As of January 2016 the price of alcohol averaged 240 USD per deciliter (one of the main units of volume in wine, is 10 liters) with VAT, and in April of this year the price increased to 285 USD per deciliter.

"Increased prices and other components, - the report says Minister. - And so now proposed to be corrected minimum wholesale and retail prices for some types of alcohol, depending on the product code. In particular, the vodka and spirits increased by 24%, brandy (brandy) - by 24,9-30,7%, wine - by 22 - 55.7%. Thus on whiskey, rum and gin offered to reduce the price by 37.5%. "

Minister proposed regulation should be consistent with the Agriculture Ministry, Finance Ministry, Ministry of Justice, DFS and regulatory service.

Adoption and implementation of the draft resolution will bring the minimum wholesale and retail prices of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl, cognac and fruit, alcoholic beverages and tobacco" and increase revenue. In Ukrainian/український
The World Trade Organization has condemned Russia for the first time

Group WTO arbitrators concluded that 11 of the 12 decisions that challenged the EU are not compatible with the obligations of Moscow.

A panel of arbitrators of the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled in favor of the European Union in the dispute over import duties, which Russia imposed on some agricultural and industrial products.

The decision, which was made public at the WTO on Friday, August 12, was the first of its kind solution on Russia since the country's accession to the organization in 2012, reports Deutsche Welle.

"According to dispute settlement procedures, the EU launched in October 2014, the WTO panel agreed completely that Russian duties on paper, refrigerators and palm oil are incompatible with its obligations in the WTO," - said in a statement the European Commission, quoted by the agency dpa.

Group WTO arbitrators concluded that 11 of the 12 decisions that challenged the EU are not compatible with the obligations of Moscow not to raise rates higher than those set out in its obligations as a WTO member. Five of these solutions have changed since the beginning of the procedure for consideration disputes. In Ukrainian/український
The main trader of Russian oil to Poland terminate activities - media

The company Mercuria, the largest seller of Russian Urals oil in Poland ceases its activities, reports Reuters, citing sources.

They reported that the lease contract that the company has entered into with the Polish operator PERN oil pipelines to onshore oil reservoirs in Gdansk ends in August.

In the company did not confirm this information. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:24 amAdmin
Russia refuses to let the Crimea occupied OSCE

The mission realizes that she has no right to work in the Crimea, and we are always clearly declare - says postipred of the OSCE

Moscow will not provide access to the Crimea SMM observers of OSCE in Ukraine. This was stated by the Permanent Representative of the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich, reports RIA "News" .

"Crimea - is Russia. We just discussed that mission does not regard the Crimea as part of Russia. But our Western colleagues interpret the whole territory of Ukraine, including the Crimea ", - he said.

According to him "the mission is not easily Crimea, knowing that it is limited to the current territory of Ukraine, where it acts, so the question is not even."

Lukashevich also negatively responded to questions about the discussions in the OSCE the possibility of providing access to the Crimea, "No, absolutely. The mission realizes that she has no right to work in the Crimea, and we always declare everything clearly. The mission wants to work in the Crimea, knowing that the consensus reached on this matter will not. "

"In case of extension of the mandate we always do interpreting application to it, indicating that a special monitoring mission operating in Ukraine, but in Crimea, which is part of. We fix it everywhere, "- said Lukashevich.

Earlier, Foreign Minister of Ukraine claimed the Russian side to allow representatives of the OSCE mission to objects in Crimea, as well as detainees in Ukrainian Crimea. In Ukrainian/український
Kuleba: Russia does not get concessions from Europe in Ukraine

Kuleba advised European politicians to pay attention to the US experience in trying to restart relations with Russia.

European countries seek to normalize the situation in relations with Russia, but not at the expense of concessions on fundamental issues, including Russia's aggression against Ukraine, said the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba.

"I am sure that there are concessions will not" - he said on air of Radio Liberty.

He suggested that European politicians to pay attention to the US experience in trying to restart relations with Russia.

"I think that all European politicians will be appropriate after the elections in the US to speak on this subject with Hillary Clinton when she will have more time. Once it was she who pioneered restart US-Russian relations. But we see that relations between the two countries in a negative direction, "- said Dmitry Kuleba.

This week, the Kremlin announced a possible meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister Theresa May to improve relations between the countries. In Ukrainian/український
FSB arrested one of the suspects in the "preparing attacks" in Crimea three weeks ago - Chubarov
Real man and was in big trouble, was arrested by the FSB, probably about 3 weeks ago - Majlis

One of the suspects allegedly preparing terrorist attacks in the Crimea Ridvana Suleymanova FSB arrested three weeks ago. This was written by the chairman of Mejlis Refat Chubarov on his page in Facebook.

"We started to come first information about Ridvana Suleymanova .... As we expected, the real person and was in big trouble, was arrested by the FSB, probably about 3 weeks ago," - wrote Chubarov. In Ukrainian/український
US General commented on Russian military exercises near Ukraine

The Russians could really bring a little stability, had invited observers said Ben Hodges

Russia should admit observers, including Western journalists to visit military exercises to be held near the border with Ukraine and Crimea.

Told Reuters the commander of the US Army in Europe Gen. Ben Hodges.

"The Russians could really bring a little stability, had invited observers. This would help to significantly reduce anxiety "- said Hodges.

According to him, Russian observers were present during large-scale military exercises being conducted by NATO, in particular in Poland in June.

"With most exercise no problem - the lack of transparency" - said the general.

We recall that in December, the Defense Ministry announced the fall of large-scale military exercises Southern Military District, which classifies Moscow and Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet. Study titled "Caucasus-2016" scheduled for September. In Ukrainian/український
More and more Russians are afraid to openly discuss Putin's policies - poll

The number of Russians who admit that they "always and everywhere" can speak freely about their attitude to the policy pursued by the leadership of the country has decreased from 38% in 2015 to 30% in 2016

Fewer Russians admit that freely and openly talk about the actions of the government. The results of the poll conducted by "Levada Center" .

The number of Russians who admit that they "always and everywhere" can speak freely about their attitude to the policy pursued by the leadership of the country has decreased from 38% in 2015 to 30% in 2016.

In contrast, 33% to 37% the share of respondents who report that is free to express his opinion on the subject, but "with some restrictions and everywhere." In Ukrainian/український
In Russia believe that the former head of the Kremlin administration could replace Medvedev

Russian journalist named several reasons for dismissal Ivanov administration and the appointment of his Special Representative of Russian President on ecology and environmental performance of transport.

The former head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov could leave his post to take revenge in a political struggle with the current prime minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The broadcast of the public told a journalist of Russian newspaper "Vremya nastojashchee" Timur Olyevskyy.

According to him, there are several reasons for dismissal Ivanov administration and the appointment of his Special Representative of Russian President on ecology and environmental performance of transport.

"This reshuffle, a spare cell for Ivanov, who in 2008 was one of the contenders for the post of President Putin's successor. But then he lost the fight hardware in the personnel Medvedev. Perhaps now, Ivanov can not just take and replace Medvedev at the post. First, elections soon and the election should not be personnel changes, and secondly, it is too open incitement two strong politicians ", - said Olyevskyy.

"After spending a little Special Representative on environmental protection, Medvedev poohoronyaye it from a distance and then, when the election is over, will be deputy prime minister of Russia on power block with an opportunity to increase positions of Medvedev. And thus take revenge. This version of the people who believe in the firmness of Putin's old team, "- said the journalist.

However Olyevskyy suggests that Sergei Ivanov could move to a lower position for personal reasons.

"He's tired and wants to go to some honorable position, so that's meaningless. The personal tragedy (the death of his son in 2014, the year - Ed.), He experienced a difficult and asked Putin then that let me 4 years and please release. And so he was released. Resignation it or fulcrum for the future of take-off, I think it will be clear at the end of September, when elections are held, "- said Olyevskiy. In Ukrainian/український
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