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The United States Pentagon has asked Russia to allow the OSCE into Crimea to assess the situation with the supposed attack by terrorists which of course they say were Ukrainians. Some say one was kidnapped some time ago. Questions on the stability of Putin's administration has been brewing, due to recently losing Ivanov. Talk has it that his security council might have the ability to get rid of Putin.

Kyiv, Ukraine

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The Russian Vladivostok rusty lighthouse painted in yellow and blue (PHOTO)

In the Russian city of Vladivostok rusty lighthouse located at Cape Tobizina Russian island, painted in yellow and blue.

This writes RIA PrimaMedia.

It made young people on Sunday, August 14, came here to relax.

Note Tobizina cape - a popular recreation and walks among the residents of Vladivostok. His weekly visited by hundreds of people swimming and jumping off cliffs into the water.

As reported by the "Observer", a farmer in the Crimea for 3 years does not remove the yellow-blue flag of the roof. In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainian men’s fencing team defeated Russians and qualified for semifinal in Rio. TABLE (Score chart)

Ukrainian men’s fencing team has qualified for the semifinal at Rio Olympics.

Censor.NET reports citing

Bohdan Nikishyn, Dmytro Kariuchenko, and Anatolii Herei have beaten Russians 45:32 and qualified for the semi-final.

In the semifinal, Ukrainians will meet the winner of Italy-Switzerland match.

Earlier, Ukrainian women's team won silver in sabre fencing at Rio Olympics. In Ukrainian/український
In Kiev "OUN" and demanded the resignation Matios Gritsak (PHOTOS)

Activists demanded, including the release of their colleagues who were detained in the Lviv region on suspicion of preparing terrorist attack

In Kiev, members and supporters of the volunteer movement "OUN" and the eponymous legalized "volunteer battalion" marched from house to Ukrainian presidential administration, where in front of an empty building delivered their demands.

Activists demanded, including the release of their colleagues who were detained in the Lviv region on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack, according to activists illegally. They also demanded the resignation of the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Gritsak and Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

These requirements demonstrators handed a regular, released to them. In Ukrainian/український
Putin seeks format, how to get out of the Minsk process - Deputy Prime Minister

Vice Prime Minister also believes that the OSCE and the United Nations should place a monitoring mission in Crimea
Russia is trying to convince the world ineffectiveness "Norman format" negotiation and force Western countries to remove sanctions.

The broadcast of the public said Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Joanna Klympush-Tsintsadze.

According to her, during the 2016 Russia shows that the Minsk process is inefficient because of the actions of Ukraine. Now the Kremlin is ready to resort to provocations, particularly in the occupied Crimea to achieve the lifting of sanctions by early next year.

"Most of continued sanctions against Russia. This means that this game Putin failed. Therefore, Putin again will now look like failure to unscrew the situation around him and Minsk, again, to provide provocation and lies in the Crimea as what is Ukraine violated any agreement. In this way he wants to get "white-fluffy" with Norman format ", - said Klympush-Tsintsadze.

Vice Prime Minister also believes that the OSCE and the United Nations should place a monitoring mission in Crimea. In Ukrainian/український
The conservative German politicians called for the provision of weapons Ukraine

And politicians from other parties of the government coalition - the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party of Germany - were in favor of preserving the sanctions of the European Union

A number of German politicians from the ranks of the ruling conservative party "Christian Democratic Union" acted for providing lethal arms Ukraine, told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. And politicians from other parties of the government coalition - the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party of Germany - were in favor of preserving the sanctions of the European Union, informs edition.

This newspaper reminds that German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Social Democrat - Ed.) In recent months supported the gradual lifting of sanctions from Russia.

In particular, the representative of CDU MEP Michael galero called for Ukraine to provide greater intelligence capabilities and defensive weapons, saying that it was a legitimate defense, Ukraine urgently required to avert the likely new Russian offensive.

His colleague in the party Elmar Brok, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament also called for Ukraine to provide better equipment. According to him, Ukraine supply of defensive weapons must take place to the extent that Russia did not use it to disrupt the Minsk agreements. The politician added that due to the violations established OSCE, in any case we can not speak about the more weakening or abolition of sanctions against Russia.

On the other hand, a member of the defense committee of the German Bundestag, the representative of the Social Democrats Felґentroy Fritz spoke critically of Ukraine providing weapons, the newspaper said. In his view, this has little meaning for cause "arms race" in which Ukraine still lag behind and do not lead to a significant change in the overall situation, but will increase the number of victims.

But instead, he said, the EU should not exclude the possibility of further sanctions against Russia to strengthen and develop concrete proposals in this regard.

The representative of the Green Party is Rebecca Harms stressed that EU governments should finally stop laying on the government of Ukraine and separatists equal responsibility for the escalation of military tensions. "This is intolerable and equating weakens reformers in Ukraine", - she said.

According to the Sunday edition of Frankfurter Allgemeine, it analyzed the daily reports of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine since mid-April to late July and noticed that, despite the much more frequent restrictions on the work of the mission of the separatists, observers noted the occupied territories much more prohibited weapons, than the territory controlled Kyiv, and as militants carried out attacks much more than the Ukrainian army.

However, the newspaper writes, the rating situation in the east of Ukraine of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany is significantly different from the estimate newspapers: they claim that there is no clear evidence of a much larger number of violations of any party and that granting Ukraine of weapons, even defensive, not part of the approach the Minister to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

Recently, US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt stated that failure by President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons caused the desire to avoid a split on this issue with European partners.

Western countries that imposed on Russia a number of sanctions because of its aggression against Ukraine say they favor a political, not a military solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and now do not go to the official supply Ukraine lethal weapons, even a purely defensive - although do not rule such a possibility in case of escalation of aggression. However, according to unofficial reports, some countries have already provided Ukraine some lethal weapons, without advertising it. In Ukrainian/український
Lavrov before meeting with Steinmeier accused Germany in the deterioration of relations

Steinmeier reportedly has also arrived in Ekaterinburg.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov before the meeting with German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier accused Germany in the deterioration of relations between the two countries.

Speaking in the city of Yekaterinburg, where on Monday a meeting of two ministers, Lavrov, among other things, said: "We give priority attention to relations with Germany, and not our fault they are experiencing is not the easiest period."

Steinmeier reportedly has also arrived in Ekaterinburg.

As stated earlier days, Moscow and Berlin, in the course of the meeting, Steinmeier and Lavrov main topics will be the situation in Syria and Ukraine.

As stated, among other things, to the meeting Steinmeier, Germany has caused concern about the recent aggravation of the Crimea. In an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, which quoted the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Germany, he urged the parties to refrain from further deterioration of the situation. The Minister said that this time, too, will be one of the topics of talks with Lavrov, as well as the need for all parties to fulfill Minsk agreements of settlement in the occupied part of Donbas. In Ukrainian/український
US election: Trump’s Russian riddle (Financial Times)

The Republican nominee became the face of Bayrock, a developer with roots in the Soviet Union

During the first decade of this century, Donald Trump began doing business with an unlikely partner — Bayrock, a New York property developer founded only a few years before by a Soviet-born newcomer to the US named Tevfik Arif.

The Republican presidential nominee and Bayrock were both based in Trump Tower and they joined forces to pursue deals around the world — from New York, Florida, Arizona and Colorado in the US to Turkey, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Their best-known collaboration — Trump SoHo, a 46-storey hotel-condominium completed in 2010 — was featured in Mr Trump’s NBC television show The Apprentice.

Yet when Mr Trump testified under oath in 2011 about his relationship with Mr Arif’s company, he confessed that he found his partners puzzling. Mr Trump said he knew what they did. But he said he was unsure of exactly who they were.

“I don’t know who owns Bayrock,” Mr Trump said. “I never really understood who owned Bayrock. I know they’re a developer that’s done quite a bit of work. But I don’t know how they have their ownership broken down.”................

Access complete text of the editorial:
Activists have counted 30 Russian tanks near the line of occupation of Crimea

In the northern Crimea there are constant movements of Russian military equipment and troops occupiers group - a group of "Information resistance"

The Russian Federation is concentrating military equipment in the occupied Crimea in close proximity to the mainland Ukraine. This was reported on the website of "Informational resistance" .

As noted in the Crimea adminkordoni concentrated group of troops occupiers and the information on it changes, because there always moving. This is the Battalion Task Force airborne troops of Russia, one of the enhanced units of mechanized infantry brigade of the Army.

"In addition, we can talk about creating a group of several artillery arthrup and a certain concentration of air attacks (mainly army aviation). In general, it is up to 30 tanks, about 60-70 armored vehicles, 40 artillery pieces receiver ", - said Konstantin Mashovets during the online conference. In Ukrainian/український
Aggression against Ukraine for the end of a tragedy and a shame - Russian journalist

In place of Ukraine could find itself any other country that borders Russia - Nevzorov

The famous Russian journalist and writer Alexander Nevzorov convinced that the military conflict in eastern Ukraine most affected Russia itself. He said this on the air "radio news" .

Nevzorov said that Russia, which launched a war in eastern Ukraine, the result will be defeated, and the conflict will be "another unhealed sore for Russia." In this case, Ukraine will still benefit as a result. "For the world absolutely unique in intellectual and scientific sense of the word. Weaning from this unity - real real tragedy "- recognizes publicist.

The journalist added that Ukraine is losing their homes and people, but it is an irreversible process of integration into the global world community that makes life for humans much more decent and reasonable. "Russia is moving away from this because the loss of a million times more serious than the loss of Ukraine", - noted Nevzorov.

According to the journalist, the site of Ukraine could find itself any other country that borders Russia. "In respect of any other state - all the same is the basic instinct of capture, someone put pressure tanks, rape and forcibly bring happiness and fraternity, because this is the ideological foundation" Russian world "... It is not the hostility or feelings specifically to Ukrainian. Russia is the all-in-all satisfy your basic instinct, which she has devoted all its historical essence "- said Nevzorov. In Ukrainian/український
Kremlin marionette Carpentry does not control all the "FSC" - Moskal

Carpenter controls only Lugansk and suburbs, said Moskal

The leader of terrorists Igor Carpenter controls only Lugansk and suburbs, not the entire territory "FSC". This was stated by the former head of the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration and now head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal, reports "Radio Liberty" .

"Carpenter does not control all the" FSC ". It controls Lugansk and suburbs ... The fact that carpentry - it is decorative. It is entirely a puppet of Moscow ", - said Moskal.

As previously reported, the leader of the Luhansk terrorists Igor carpenter was assassinated on August 6 in the morning. His car was blown up homemade bombs attached near the road. Still the leader "FSC" in public and has not appeared, reportedly Taking place he lives and works. In Ukrainian/український
Russian swimmer of the Olympic Games 2016: "It was like a war" (VIDEO)

Russian team in swimming booed when entering the competition

Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova compared with the war situation at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, reports UNN .

"It was a war. It was like a nightmare. Completion of the competition is relief. I love to compete, but it was like a war. It was awful, "- said Yu.Yefymova.

On the eve of the Russian national team in swimming booed when athletes went to the pool for the finals in the relay 4x100 freestyle in Rio de Janeiro. When Russian athletes went to the pool from the stands sounded disgruntled cries and hooting. Previously, the same reaction faced Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova, who gained the right to go to Rio in court. In Ukrainian/український
Day in the zone ATO: Militants fired 56 times Ukrainian position

In Mariupol direction, violating the Minsk agreement, the enemy used the three big guns

The militants over the past day 56 times fired position forces ATU. 27 shelling was in Mariupol direction and 23 in Donetsk. The smallest number of attacks recorded 6 at the Lugansk area. The press center ATO said on his page on Facebook.

In Mariupol direction, violating the Minsk agreement, applied three enemy heavy artillery. More than a hundred shells of caliber 122 mm were produced by Lebedinsky defenders and sweet. Under fire mortars, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns hit Ukrainian position in Talakivtsi, Mar'yintsi, Novotroickoe, Hnutovomu and Pavlopoli. "In the Mykolayiv and Bogdanovka occurred before dawn military clash. During a brief armed provocation, sabotage and reconnaissance groups opened fire from grenade launchers and small arms. Having rebuff to both areas, the enemy retreated, "- said the press center.

At Starohnatovky fixed fire from anti-tank missile system. Near Marinka once worked sniper.

In Donetsk toward the enemy fired on the positions in the region of Luhansk Avdeevki and mortar. Also under mortar fire hit the defenders Zaitsev, Lenin, Mayorska, Svetlodarskoho and Novoselivka. In Novgorod and Trinity opened fire from grenade launchers and machine guns of large caliber. BMP thrown against enemy fortifications Trinity.

In Lugansk region led enemy fire from mortars on Novotroyitskomu. In Novozvanivtsi, Novoaleksandrivtsi, villages and Luhansk Yellow struck with grenades. Also recorded in the Yellow sniper activity.

In the afternoon in the area of ​​ATO recorded two attempts to hold enemy aerorozvidku Ukrainian position. One of the drones was detected by means of radar intelligence Toretska area at an altitude of 3 thousand meters. In Ukrainian/український
Three militants were killed and seven more injured last night in the area ATO

Established names of only some wounded fighters

Last night in the area ATO because of the fighting, three militants were killed and seven injured. This was informed at a briefing spokesman of the Presidential Administration Alexander ATO on Motuzyanyk.

"The losses of the enemy. Three dead and seven injured. Established names of some wounded fighters. This Mikhail Kolesnik born in 1987, Vyacheslav Makarov born in 1988, Vladimir Kisilov born in 1973, and Anton Savin "- said Motuzyanyk.

Recall ,, last day in the area ATO wounded three Ukrainian military. In Ukrainian/український
Desertion cases increase among Russian-backed militants in Donbas

"The units of the 1st Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces suffer a growing number of deserters - armed troops - mostly among those who had criminal records and were released early from prison under the special mobilization program. The reasons for increased desertion include (militant) significant casualties, a strict system of forcing troops to participate in hostilities in the temporarily occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, as well as regular informal fees charged by militant commanders, including removal of stolen property," reads a statement.

According to Ukrainian military intelligence, two soldiers of the 3rd separate motorized rifle brigade (the militant-held city of Horlivka) of Russia's 1st Army Corps abandoned the frontline without permission. Prior to that, they seized personal belongings and documents of their wounded militant comrades..................
Epicenter of Donbas fighting shifts closer to Mariupol, with two skirmishes in past day

The epicenter of fighting in Donbas between the Ukrainian armed forces and the combined Russian-separatist forces has shifted closer to the Ukrainian controlled strategic port city of Mariupol, whose sector has seen 27 attacks in the past day, according to the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) headquarters.

In all areas, the total number of enemy attacks registered in the past day was 56, the ATO HQ press service reported on Facebook on Sunday. "The enemy used heavy artillery systems three times in the Mariupol sector, in violation of the Minsk peace agreements," the report said. More than one hundred 122mm missiles were lobbed into the Ukrainian controlled villages of Lebedynske and Solodke. Also, ATO positions in the town of Maryinka and the villages of Talakivka, Novotroyitske, Hnutove and Pavlopil came under fire from mortars, grenade launchers and large-caliber machine-guns. "There were skirmishes in the villages of Mykolaivka and Bohdanivka before dawn. During those short armed provocations, [the enemy's] special forces units opened fire with grenade-launchers and small arms. Having faced significant resistance in both sections, the enemy had to retreat," the ATO HQ press service said................
Canada says no evidence to support Russian accusations against Ukraine

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion has issued a statement regarding the increasing tensions in relations between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea.

"I am concerned by the heightened tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and by the actions and rhetoric that are contributing to these tensions. We have seen no evidence to support recent Russian accusations," he said in a posting published on the Canadian government's website on August 13. At this critical time, Canada urges all sides to intensify diplomatic efforts and make every effort to avoid provocations.

"Canada continues to condemn Russia's violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and we are resolute in our position that we do not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea," he said. He also called for the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, "in order to end the violence and bring about a peaceful and durable solution in eastern Ukraine."................

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Illegal pipeline revealed on border with Russia in Luhansk region. PHOTOS

Employees of the special division of the Phantom tax police together with the border guards found an illegal pipeline on the border with the Russian Federation.
Press service of the State Fiscal Service announced, Censor.NET reports.

The pipeline laid under the ground was revealed in Troitskyi district. It was used for illegal supply of lubricants to Ukraine.

All the persons involved in the illegal smuggling of fuel are being identified. In Ukrainian/український

Russia began military exercises near the borders of NATO

Total to participate in this event involved 6,000 soldiers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Russia began August 13 command and staff exercises "Interaction-2016" in the Pskov and Leningrad regions, near the borders of NATO. They have deployed more troops and military equipment than in previous years. Total to participate in this event involved 6,000 soldiers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Also involved in the exercise, one thousand pieces of weapons, military and special equipment, according to "Polish Radio".

During the military exercises work out the interaction of forces "in the exacerbation of conflict in one of the border regions of Member States Collective Security Treaty Organization (whose members are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan)." The training will last until 19 August.

As you know, Russia Pskov region borders with Estonia and Latvia, Leningrad - in the west, with Estonia and the north-west of Finland.

As previously reported, Serbia is going to hold a joint Russia military training on the border with Croatia. In Ukrainian/український
Corrupt officials can rejoice: electronic declaration locked

The system is not ready for use and contains inconsistencies technical project

State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection DSSZZI Friday night announced the denial of certification of complex collection and processing of electronic deklaratsiy.Pro it said in a statement DSSZZI that made ​​public at the Office of Facebook .

The Office argues that the system is not ready for use and contains inconsistencies specification. "It was found a significant number of inconsistencies implemented solutions in information requirements specification for the construction CISS Register and are not supported by the capacity of the individual to ensure the safety functions declared in particular as regards the declarant's identification and authentication services using BankID», - said in a statement.

"Software investigated under state review, conducted in part, which does not speak of providing reliable information security system of electronic declaration ... Expert Committee denied a certificate of conformity", - the report says.

Recall that the launch of e-declaration is a prerequisite for granting Ukraine tranche of the IMF and to cancel the visa regime with the EU. State authority claims that even before the certification of reported international partners about the expected problems with certification system: "The current functionality of the Register does not meet the objectives of establishing a system of electronic declaration, which emphasized the working meeting of representatives of state bodies and stakeholders EU, UNDP Tuesday, August 9th. " In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:26 amAdmin
Ukraine won the Olympic silver in saber

Ukraine's women team lost to Russians in the tournament with a saber.

Ukraine Women's team saber fencing team lost in the finals of the Olympic tournament and won the silver medal of the Games in 2016. The Ukrainian team included Olga Harlan, Helen Kravatska, Alina Komaschuk and reservist Elena Voronina.

In the final, was attended by all four athletes. Final match score - 45:30. From the very beginning of the fight Russians took the lead and did not release it until the last period. The advantage over our rivals of Ukrainian countrywomen all the time ranged from 6 to 9 injections. Not even able to rectify the situation our team leader Olga Harlan. In Ukrainian/український
This year Ukraine legally stopped more than 600 thousand Russians - the head of the State Border Service

Fewer Russians are trying to cross the border with Ukraine.

The number of Russians who are trying to call to Ukraine is constantly decreasing. As the number of failures is reduced and the Russians in crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border. In an interview with "Commander" said the head of the State Border Service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko.

"If in 2014 there were more than 2.5 million Russians stopped to Ukraine, then last year it was about half and 6 months of this year have crossed our border more than 600 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation. The dynamics remains the same as last year ", - said Nazarenko.

According to him, in 2014 border guards denied crossing the border 16,5 thousand Russian citizens, and last year 10,800 Russian citizens. "That reduces the number of failures, but this is against a background of generally fewer Russians who come to us," - said the chief guard of the country. In Ukrainian/український
Russian media increases the degree of "Ukrainian saboteurs" were going to blow up the airport and bus station

A man who introduced himself as Redvan Suleymanov and lives in Kiev, said that in October, was recruited as an agent of Ukrainian intelligence

One of the detainees in the Crimea allegedly "Ukrainian saboteurs" had intended to arrange explosions at the bus station and airport of Simferopol. According to RBC , the video showed the interrogation of one of the main Russian TV channels.

The publication writes that the man who introduced himself as Redvan Suleymanov and lives in Kiev, said that in October, was recruited as an agent of Ukrainian intelligence. Allegedly Staff Main Intelligence Defense "Pavel" (his name Suleymanov, according to him, does not know) told him that he should be collected in the territory of Crimea occupied "military information" and transfer it, for that would get 3-4 thousand . per month.

"In July Suleymanov met with" Pavel "in Odessa, he gave him the task of finding the airport or at the central bus station in Simferopol place to lay improvised explosive device. Suleymanov was commissioned to determine the number of cameras that are there and track patrols. In addition, according to the man, he had to make a fake explosive device, call the police, and police action to track and transfer photos. In late July, four people found a place to lay explosives. July 30, he went to the airport and reported successful tab. Suleymanov went to the side, called a conference call to the police and went to watch the actions of the security forces. He managed to make and send photos, after which he was arrested, "- says the publication

In Russia, state that the alleged saboteur detained by law enforcement officers told about other "job", including tracking the movement of Russian military and collect information about their activities. In Ukrainian/український
Pentagon urged Russia to allow international observers to Crimea

The US intelligence called lack invitation of observers "disturbing development"

Russia should allow observers, including Western journalists to attend the upcoming military exercises in the south.

This was stated by Commander of US Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, reports Reuters .

Scheduled to be held maneuvers including in annexed Crimea. "The Russians could facilitate (the situation - Ed.) And to ensure a degree of stability had invited observers," - he stressed.

As noted, Hodges refused to give a rough estimate of the number of Russian troops in the Crimea, while Ukraine previously announced 40,000 troops on the peninsula.

The US intelligence called lack invitation of observers "disturbing development," but expressed hope that this is just an oversight Russian leadership.

As reported yesterday the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has demanded to prevent the Russian Foreign Ministry in occupied Crimea SMM OSCE to provide an objective assessment of the situation on the peninsula. But Russia refused to provide access to the occupied Crimea observers.

Recall, August 10, the FSB said that on the night of August 8 Ukrainian troops allegedly attempted to make a breakthrough in the Crimea. This killed the Russian military. In addition, the department said that on the night of Aug. 7 near the Armjansk was discovered a group of saboteurs who were allegedly planted by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and had to take a number of terrorist attacks. These accusations are refuted in the Defense Ministry and SBU. In Ukrainian/український
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