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Plotnitsky found in Russia, also known as "Carpenter", who was involved in an explosive placed in his vehicle. 96 attacks launched at the ATO troops. Putin continues with his talk of revenge towards Ukraine, for two of his troops being killed in Crimea.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Kremlin made several mistakes in this conflict, Putin underestimated Ukrainian people, - US Ambassador Pyatt on Russian aggression against Ukraine

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt believes that one should never count on the fact that Ukrainians will break down.

The diplomat said in an interview with Den news outlet, Censor.NET reports.

The U.S. ambassador deems that Kremlin has made a number of mistakes in this conflict. Putin underestimated the Ukrainian people while his other mistake was that the Kremlin had hoped or expected that it would manage to split NATO, cause rupture between the U.S. and European allies.

Geoffrey Pyatt believes that President Obama's great achievement was that he had personally spent a lot of time working with his European counterparts - Merkel, Hollande, Renzi - to preserve unity on this issue.

Asked about advice Geoffrey Pyatt would give Marie Yovanovitch, who was going to supersede him in the post of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, he said that one should never count on the fact that Ukrainians will break down; one should never underestimate the Ukrainian people. He added that it was one of the things that had changed in Ukraine compared with the earlier period when Yovanovitch was working in this country for the first time.

The diplomat stressed that Ukraine's society became incredibly active as it created volunteer organizations that were actively involved in the life of the country, as well as supported the army and police. Geoffrey Pyatt said that it was the civil society that encouraged his optimism about Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
No military solution to conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt says

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine can only be resolved through diplomacy.

This was stated by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, Censor.NET reports citing Krym.Realii.

According to the diplomat, the United States recognizes the right of the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian soldiers to defend their sovereignty. However, the ambassador stressed that the U.S. also realized that this conflict could not be solved militarily adding that President Poroshenko was constantly emphasizing this as well.

Geoffrey Pyatt advised to rely on diplomatic way to get rid of the Russian troops deployed in the Donbas and return of control over Crimea by Ukraine.

According to the U.S. ambassador, Russia has no right to deploy nuclear weapons in occupied Crimea.

The diplomat clarified that the United States stood against Russia's right to deploy nuclear weapons on illegally occupied Ukrainian peninsula. In Ukrainian/український
US transfers nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania - media

Turkish-American relations are so strained after the coup that Washington no longer trust Ankara in the placement of nuclear weapons

USA began to transfer its nuclear weapons located on Indzhyrlik airbase in Turkey, Romania, reports EurActiv citing sources.

According to the newspaper, the decision was taken against a background of strained relations between Washington and Ankara. According to one source, the transfer is technically challenging and politically. "It's not easy - move more than 20 nuclear weapons", - said the source on condition of anonymity.

Another source said that Turkish-American relations are so strained after the coup that Washington no longer trust Ankara in the placement of nuclear weapons and translates it into deveselu air base in Romania.

Please comment on the information Derzhdeparatment US said the issue should be sent to the Pentagon. Meanwhile, NATO diplomatically replied that the Allies should make sure that their nuclear weapons deployed in Europe are "safe."

Romania's Foreign Ministry categorically denied the information that the country has become a new base for US nuclear weapons. In Ukrainian/український
Russians complain about the deterioration of the economy, but still support the Kremlin's anti-Western sanctions

Only 23% of respondents believe that the policy response to Western sanctions - "ridiculous, absurd and harmful"

Most Russians believe that Russian leadership should continue the policies in response to Western sanctions. This is according to a poll conducted by "Levada-Center" .

For conservation policy in favor 70% (68% in the 2014-2015 biennium ..), the search for a compromise out from under sanctions - 21% (20% - in 2015, 22% - in 2014).

At the same time 72% said that sanctions the West influenced the economic situation in Russia, 20% of respondents believe that the sanctions did not impact on the economy. Generally theme sanctions are concerned 77% of respondents, including 39% strongly and 21% are not worried on that.

According to the Russians, appropriate sanctions harm the West more (33%) than in Russia (15%). Another 42% were of the opinion that the sanctions equally damaging to both parties

More than half of Russians (58%) believe that "policy restrictions on imports of food products from Europe and the United States already provides an effective and positive political results, Russia became more respected in the world and account for its interests." Meanwhile, 23% believe that this policy "ridiculous, absurd and harmful, especially from her suffering people of Russia." Difficult to answer 19%.

The survey was conducted Aug. 5-8 among 1,600 people in 137 settlements of 48 regions of Russia. In Ukrainian/український
A message about mining from the Kiev railway station evacuated nearly 700 people

Guardians are no explosives or substances not found

A false report on the mining of Kiev's train stations evacuated nearly 700 people, reports the press service of the capital management Natspolitsiyi .

Law enforcement officials have completed checks, no explosives or substances not found. While working the scene were evacuated citizens: the premises Darnytsa station - about 100 people from Central Station - 500 passengers and 90 staff.

"The police take measures to establish the identity of the offender and bring him to justice. According to Art. 259 (Knowingly false report of a threat to the safety of citizens, destruction or damage of property) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine joker faces up to six years in prison, "- said in a statement.

Recall notification of a possible explosion at the railway station in Kiev came in another part of the Metropolitan Police at 14:26. The applicant did not specify exactly where the state of emergency should happen, experts vybuhotehnichnoyi service dog handlers, patrol police and the investigative team immediately went to the Central and Darnytskyi station. In Ukrainian/український
on Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:20 amAdmin
Pro-Putin singer was not allowed to Lithuania

It was reported that the government of Latvia Gazmanov banned from entering the country. Following the singer about the possibility of a "black list" announced Lithuania

Customs officers did not let the singer Oleg Gazmanov Lithuania, despite the presence of a Schengen visa. He wrote on his page on instahram.

"I'm at the airport in Lithuania, Vilnius. Despite my Schengen visa, for which in the Schengen area by the EU rules are no limits, I do not let the airport. It turns out that there is a secret list of undesirable persons in Lithuania from Russia. They say that the lists can not be obtained in advance and any messages not sent, and also causes do not explain to their status gr. Russia could find at the airport upon arrival, "- wrote Gazmanov.

According to the singer, he said that the way out additional moral influence.

In July 2014 it was reported that the government of Latvia Gazmanov banned from entering the country. Following the singer about the possibility of a "black list" announced Lithuania. In Ukrainian/український
In Kyiv OUN again preparing to dismantle a Soviet monument (PHOTO)

This is the dismantling of the monument to Tsar Nicholas

August 24 representatives of the battalion "OUN" will make another attempt to dismantle the monument to Soviet leaders in Kyiv.

About this on his page in Facebook said the conductor "OUN" Nicholas Kokhanivsky.

This is the dismantling of the monument to Tsar Nicholas. At the time of OUN already tried to dismantle it, and they failed to do so. To prevent communists became enraged and police who surrounded the monument.

"Then we gave the city authorities time to remove this Independence Day of Kyiv Idol, power shovels shows that the capital does not want to perform the" law of discommunization. " So: we have the power to help, "- wrote Nicholas Kokhanivsky. In Ukrainian/український
Russian sadist-called terrorist Milchakov conditions of his return to the Donbas

The head of the detachment of Russian mercenaries "FSC" "Rusich" Alex Milchakov who left the Donbass, called the conditions under which he could return to Ukraine.

This is stated on the page in VKontakte Mylchakova.

He said that he would return only in the event that terrorists will or near Kharkiv Zaporizhia, and he promise to pay 300 thousand rubles.

"We ask: under what conditions you return to the Donbass? If you start fighting again, or do you? And what volunteers advise? The answer is: back we only in Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhya and with a salary of 300 rubles, and special rights . neither Mariupol, nor Slavic (of course, given that they are theoretically) we will not go "- wrote Milchakov.

He added that he would recommend the volunteers' stay at home and not rypatysya. "

"If you shoot, it does not mean that war (in which you wait), and if war is not to say that it will take the time, and that there have not let the meat (or awake in which case, if you were not there), "- said Milchakov.

As reported by the "Observer" Milchakov after escaping from Donbass engaged in "military-patriotic" training of children in neighboring Belarus. In Ukrainian/український
In Turkey, blew up a car, three people were killed, 20 wounded

Until the scene comes a lot of police cars and ambulances

The car exploded near a police station in the province of Van in eastern Turkey near the Iranian border, three were killed and 20 people were injured, reports Anadolu.

According to the agency, the scene comes to a lot of police cars and ambulances. In the radius of the explosion were also police barracks.

It is unknown who is responsible for the explosion, but Kurdish militants previously staged similar attacks were aimed at police stations. In Ukrainian/український
Steinmeier criticized the statement concerning the annexation of the Crimea: it is an unprecedented distortion of history

German tabloid Bild sharply criticized the speech of Foreign Minister of Germany in the Urals Federal University in Yekaterinburg

Statements of Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Russian military aggression and annexation of Crimea by Russia - "a mockery of the position of a free Europe."

This is stated in the article the German newspaper Bild, which criticized the performance of the German Foreign Minister in Russia's Yekaterinburg, writes Deutsche Welle.

As you know, in his speech, Steinmeier said: "The Russian signals are not always easy to" calculate ". Take at least Crimea. First it was the forces of self-defense, then there were the so-called "green men" and talked about "secret service". What we need to understand? When we start to worry? ".

According to the newspaper, can hardly be so implausible from a historical perspective present the process of annexation of the Crimea, which is contrary to all international law.

"Almost immediately, no one in doubt that this was an armed, large-scale attack on a sovereign state. The fact that the German Minister asking the Russian public, or to worry when Russia sent tanks roll through the territory of an independent state, sounds like a mockery of one voice free Europe - it is that the borders of our continent will never again be changed by force " - writes Bild.

Speaking about the collapse of the Soviet Union, Steinmeier pointed out that many Russians see this as "a catastrophe."

"Looking back, a large number of Russians perceive the collapse of the USSR not as a liberation but as a catastrophe" - said the German minister.

"The significant amount" means first of President Putin. "Catastrophe" - is his direct quote. That is the propaganda story that Putin again and again tells his people to convince them of the correctness of its aggressive, revanchist anti-Western policy, "- writes Bild.

Commenting Steinmeier statement that he considers "dangerous hostility of the West towards Russia," German tabloid said that Russia now, no doubt, is in Europe "hybrid war".

Russian security services, as the Bild, attacked computer systems Bundestag, spreading false information and destabilizing the situation in the capital of Germany, as with the fictional story of "girl Lisa," which allegedly raped refugees.

"Now there is only one opportunity to ignore the hostility between Russia and the West - have to close your eyes" - indicates the newspaper.

Overall newspaper estimates Steinmeier's speech as "an unprecedented distortion of history, which is beneficial only to the Kremlin and friendship between the SPD and the Left, who with great sympathy and concern of evil seen primarily in NATO."

As you know, during his visit to Russia, Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and head of the Russian Foreign Ministry planned to discuss the situation in Crimea.

However, Russian media reported that speaking in Ural Federal University, Steinmeier said that Russia and the European Union should be closer. In Ukrainian/український
Militants leader, Plotnitsky "FSC" found in Russia

How to write media at the moment stricken attempt there are problems with internal organs - liver and spleen
The leader of the so-called FSC Igor Carpenter, who after the assassination attempt on him from appearing in public, is being treated in one of the private clinics in the Rostov region of Russia.

It is reported by Ukrainian resource of "The Island" with reference to the close to the "FSC system heads" source.

How to write media at the moment stricken attempt there are problems with internal organs - liver and spleen. However, the newspaper notes, the leader of militants threat to life "FSC" missing.

In addition, Russian doctors say serious vision problems in carpentry, but this factor does not threaten his life.

"Very soon, carpentry work will not return. While treated in Russia ", - the publication of the words of his source.

Recall, on August 6 in the morning it was reported that the car blew up in Lugansk carpenter. In the Security Service of Ukraine confirmed this information, calling the incident an attack. According to the adviser head of the SBU Tandyta George, Carpenter was in serious condition. In the "FSC" said the carpenter diagnosed in damage to vital organs, including the liver and spleen. Later it was reported that Carpenter badly wounded, but his life is not threatened. In Ukrainian/український
Last days of Russian occupation forces opened fire 96 times on positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Most 45 attacks, registered in the Donetsk area, 10 of them with heavy artillery. This will inform the press center ATO.

6 times the enemy opened artillery fire on Avdiyivka - produced 134 projectiles caliber 122 mm on our defenders, the same caliber used in the firing Sand, Novoselivka Second, the First of May 4 dozens of shells got Lugansk. Do not stop mortar and grenade attacks Ukrainian positions defenders across the boundary in this area. In Novgorod and Zaitsev enemy used BMP in Novoselivtsi Second anti-missile systems. In Avdiyivka proved to be a sniper.

In Mariupol direction confirmed 32 cases of firing at the enemy. With 122 mm artillery positions fired it Mar'yintsi, install 152 mm caliber used in fortifications in Sionitnomu. On the whole sector of the front-Krasnogorivka Shyrokyne opponent actively applied mortars, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. During Shyrokynym Russian invaders activated APCs and infantry fighting vehicles near Krasnogorivka. In Mar'yintsi intensified sniper.

In Luhansk heavy artillery caliber 122 mm opponent three times - at the beginning and end of the day, used to Popasnaya. Under heavy artillery fire also hit Novoaleksandrivka. The fire intensified enemy artillery and mortar shelling grenade our defenses. Gold, villages Luhansk and Crimea opened mostly grenade fire in the village Lugansk moreover involved enemy armored vehicles. In Popasnaya Novooleksandrivtsi and recorded active sniper pair.

Despite the intensification of the enemy units ATO Forces fully control the situation across dividing lines. In Ukrainian/український
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