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Ukrainians were fired at 73 times yesterday. Putin doesn't want to enter a professional as their Ambassador in Ukraine. Yanukovich won't come to Ukraine to testify for fear of his life. He should fear. Many died, because of him.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Russian ships have caused missiles to Syria from the Mediterranean Sea

The goals were targets of terrorist groups "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" in Syria

Small rocket ship Black Sea Fleet "Green Doll" and "Serpukhov" missile launches carried out in the eastern Mediterranean in Syria, said the site of the Defense Ministry.

According to authorities, today during combat maneuvers performed three launches of sea-based cruise missiles "Caliber".

The Russian agency reports that the goals were targets of terrorist groups "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" in Syria.

As reported, the recent Russian military aircraft were located in Iran and 16 August for the first time attacked in Syria. Still strategic bombers carried out flights from Russian bases in South Ossetia Mozdok. The US said that they intend to assess the level of Russian-Iranian cooperation and determine whether Russia does not violate the provisions of Security Council resolutions. In Ukrainian/український
Manafort deputy may have had link to Russian intelligence (Financial Times)

When Paul Manafort, now Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, arrived in Ukraine a decade ago to advise future president Viktor Yanukovich, he relied on one man to be his ears and voice as an interpreter.

That figure was a Russian citizen, Konstantin Kilimnik. But, say several people who used to work with him, it was an open secret among the Manafort team and at a previous employer that Mr Kilimnik, an army-trained linguist, had a background in Russian military intelligence.

At the time, the connection was deemed unimportant — Mr Kilimnik was valued for his “excellent English”, these people say.

Today, with Mr Kilimnik still close to Mr Manafort, according to people who know both men, the links have taken on new significance. As Russian president Vladimir Putin likes to joke, there is no such thing as a former intelligence officer................

Access complete text of the editorial:  Financial Times
WTO makes second decision against Russia over the week

A World Trade Organization (WTO) panel on Friday backed the European Union (EU) in a two-year dispute over Russia's ban on pig and pork imports, Reuters reports.

Russia imposed the ban after cases of African swine fever in some EU areas. EU pork exports to Russia amounted 1.4 billion euros in 2013, a fourth of total EU exports at the time, the Agency informed. But a panel of arbitrators found that Russia did not meet international standards for such a ban, which was discriminatory and violated WTO rules........
Firtash fails to prove impossibility of his extradition to U.S. to Austrian court

The court refused the consideration of the businessman's petition, in which he demanded to recognize the extradition agreement between Austria and the United States unconstitutional. The relevant ruling was made on July 2.

"Thus, the court of appeals has now no obstacles to consideration of the prosecutor's office complaint about the decision of the trial court, which refused the extradition of Firtash to the United States," the report reads.

For the period of consideration of Firtash's petition filed to the Constitutional Court, the court of appeals, in accordance with the procedural rules, was forced to suspend consideration of the case.

"The United States accuses Firtash of paying $18.5 million bribes to obtain permit for extraction of titanium in India. The oligarch faces up to 50 years in prison and confiscation of all assets," according to the statement.............
Here’s How Donald Trump’s Paul Manafort Helped Create Chaos in Ukraine

UBO Opinion: With every passing day, we learn more of the ugly details behind the work of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign chairman Paul Manafort in support of Viktor Yanukovych, widely regarded as the most corrupt president elected by an independent Ukraine. The evidence is so overpowering that we suggest that no Ukrainian-American can in good conscience vote for Donald Trump. True, Trump was not involved in illegal activity in Ukraine but in this world we are judged by the company we keep. We are convinced that Trump knew – or should have known -- a considerable amount before he chose Manafort to take over his presidential campaign and chose to overlook Manafort’s many misdeeds in Ukraine – and against Ukraine...............

Access complete text of the editorial:
Russian mufti: Carry out genital mutilation on 'all women'

Ismail Berdiyev, a leading mufti from Russia's North Caucasus region, has called for genital mutilation to be carried out on "all women to reduce lechery" and "sexuality."

DW's Moscow Correspondent Emma Burrows reports.

"All women should be cut, so that there is no depravity on Earth," Ismail Berdiyev, mufti of Russia's North Caucasus Muslim Coordination Center, said according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

The agency added that he went on to say: "It is necessary to reduce a woman's sexuality, and it would be good if this [female genital mutilation] were done to all women. God created women so that they can have children and bring them up. This [female genital mutilation] has nothing to do with that; women do not stop giving birth after having this done.".......
Putin Appoints Education Minister As Envoy To Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed Dmitry Livanov as the president's envoy on trade and economic ties with Ukraine.

Putin accepted Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's proposal to appoint Livanov at a working meeting at Belbek Airport in Sevastopol, on the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula, on August 19.

Livanov had served since 2012 as education minister.....
Anniversary of NKVD's monstrous crime: Some 100,000 Ukrainians died after Dnipro dam destruction in 1941. VIDEO+PHOTO

The Soviet Union suppressed the information about the tragic events in Zaporizhia, following the dynamiting of DniproHES - the largest hydroelectric power station on the Dnipro river.
As reported by Censor.NET citing 5 Channel, exactly 75 years ago, Aug. 18, 1941, the strategically important dam and plant was dynamited by retreating Red Army troops in 1941 after Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union. More than 20 tons of explosives were used for that purpose. As a result, according to different sources, about 100,000 people, mostly civilians from neighboring villages and towns, were killed. The Soviet military also fell victim to that operation. Additionally, the blast paralyzed the work of city's industrial enterprises.

A 165-meter long breach in the dam provoked a wave of several tens of meters high. It washed off the coastal city strip, Khortytsia island marshes and made its way through to the neighboring cities of Nikopol and Marhanets.

The Soviet Union suppressed the information about the tragic events in Zaporizhia related to the destruction of the great dam. Later, the persons behind the dynamiting committed on Josef Stalin's order became known as Boris Yepov and Aleksei Petrovsky. Neither local population or military leadership were notified of the upcoming operation.

Interestingly, this is how the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) wanted to obstruct the movement of Hitler's army. However, it hardly impeded the Wehrmacht. In addition, Russia's secret services disseminated information it was the Nazis who had blown up the dam.

According to Russian historian Boris Sokolov, the incident hurt the Red Army more than the Germans as many Soviet soldiers, who were crossing the dam at that moment, were killed. Moreover, a lot Soviet troops, who were deployed downstream, drowned, and those who survived had no other choice but to surrender to the enemy.

Subsequently, the organizers were declared spies and arrested by the Soviet counterintelligence. However, they were released following the intervention of their command. In Ukrainian/український
Two Ukrainian soldiers killed, eight wounded yesterday, - ATO spokesperson. VIDEO

Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed, eight received injuries in the course of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine on Aug. 18.

This was announced by ATO speaker Oleksandr Motuzianyk at a news briefing on Friday, Censor.NET reports.

"Yesterday, two Ukrainian military were killed in combat activities. Eight our soldiers received injuries. These irreversible and sanitary losses were incurred by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in shelling by militants with the use of heavy weapons. The incidents occurred at Donetsk direction," the speaker said.

Earlier, Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council reported about 10,000 Ukrainians killed and more than 20,000 injured by Russian-terrorist troops over the past two years. In Ukrainian/український
Military expert explained why in the next six months, Russia will not go to a full-scale invasion

According to experts, it is now Russia does not have the necessary resources

In the next six months, the Russian Federation will not be able to full-scale military invasion. The broadcast channel "112 Ukraine" said military expert Sergey Hrabskyy.

"The fact that such plans exist, of course. As far as Russia is ready to use these plans, this is a slightly different scenario, and it requires, in addition to the desire, still requires a certain amount of resources and opportunities. Currently, at our border, we see no obvious signs of preparation for the immediate invasion. Perhaps in time, unfortunately, these symptoms are possibly Russia could eventually use this script, but not in the next six months. But it is also a game of nerves and political pressure, "- he said. In Ukrainian/український

Yanukovych will not come in for questioning to Kyiv fears that kill

According to counsel, Yanukovych wants to "confrontation" to resolve "contradictions" between his impressions and Poroshenko and other Klitschko
Former President Victor Yanukovych will not come to testify in Ukraine because of fears assassination. The broadcast of the public told his lawyer Vitaliy Serdyuk.

"Viktor Yanukovych would come and give evidence but not the GPU is investigating a case of attempted murder him. Yanukovych is undesirable witness, because the threat to life if it will arrive in Ukraine ", - he said.

According to counsel, Yanukovych wants to "confrontation" to resolve "contradictions" between his impressions and Petro Poroshenko, and Vladimir Klitschko and others.

"There are differences of Yanukovych and other shows, so you need to spend a confrontation. There is an application and request for simultaneous interrogation. We believe that the differences will be eliminated. The defense also appealed to the GPU with the request, "- said the lawyer. In Ukrainian/український
Russia has no political will for the appointment of a professional for the position of ambassador to Ukraine

According to the diplomat, now in Ukraine there are serious reasons for termination of diplomatic relations with Russia

The Russian Federation has no political will for a public purpose professional for the position of ambassador to Ukraine, so it is now do without it. This view the TV channel "112 Ukraine" expressed diplomat and expert on European integration Vadim Triukhan.

"Ukraine for the first time on the diplomatic front has shown political will and did not give agrement to the appointment of the man (Michael Babich - Ed). In such a situation should pass the time, the parties have decided what to do next, but we have state of temporary attorneys. It would be ideal if the parties agreed on the nominations not publicly professional diplomats here would be Ambassador who actually engaged in peace talks in Minsk, reaches some progress. But as the political will of the Russian officials this not, it is better to be without ambassadors and charge d'with ", - he said.

This Triukhan said that Ukraine had to break off diplomatic relations when Russia annexed the Crimea, as is currently the special reasons for this.

"But the situation could change at any moment. If Russia will escalate, then have reason to Ukraine severed relations ", - he added. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:31 amAdmin
In Berdyansk found hanged wife of ex-mayor

In place of the incident is investigative team

Law enforcement officers found the body of his wife of ex-mayor of Berdyansk Yevgeny Shapovalov in his own house.

As the local edition Rro.berdyansk , the police are inclined to believe that Lyudmila Shapovalova committed suicide.

In place of the incident is investigative team. As you know, Yevgeny Shapovalov is in hospital in serious condition. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:29 amAdmin
In Donetsk dumped corpses of killed terrorists

In Donetsk hospital began to carry wounded and 200 gunmen's

August 18, the hospital occupied Donetsk brought dozens of wounded and dead terrorists.

This was on his page on Facebook wrote Simon Kabakayev volunteer.

"Now come information Donetsk. Today, starting at 5:00 am in hospital Donetsk started to carry wounded and 200's fighters.

As for the general information of several hospitals c. Donetsk came 200 th - 14 people, including 8 Russian military personnel and 6 local militants. 300's - 17 people, according to the 5 severe, doctors say that the morning did not survive.

I note that the last day, toward the position MAT militants fired more than 1,000 rounds of various calibers. ATO situation escalates, we are not silent in response, "- says the volunteer. In Ukrainian/український
The situation in the zone ATO: Adventure day 73 times fired Ukrainian position

The situation in the area of ATO is hectic, but controlled. Last night Russian invaders 73 times used the weapon against Ukrainian defenders, the press center ATO headquarters.

Most 38 attacks, registered in the Donetsk area. Forbidden Minsk II artillery of 152 mm caliber opponent applied for positions in Trinity and Semihir'yu under 122 mm caliber shelling hit Luhansk and Lenin. The area Toretsk - Avdiyivka overnight shelling of the enemy led mortars, grenades of different systems, heavy machine guns and small arms. In Novoselivtsi, Novgorod, and Luhansk Verhnotoretskomu invaders used BMP, near Trinity - tank.

In Mariupol area recorded 23 cases of firing at the enemy. In particular, before the dawn of the Russian occupation troops from haubichnoyi caliber artillery fired 122 bases ATU forces in the Pacific. Marinka, Pavlopil Krasnogorivka and came under mortar fire and grenades. For positions in Novotroitsk Shyrokynomu opponent and used grenade launchers and machine guns of large caliber. Near Shyrokynoho, Marinka and Talakivky involved the enemy armored vehicles. Hostile DRG rejected Bogdanovka in the area. Near Novotroitsk intensified sniper.

In Lugansk direction of artillery fire 122 mm caliber opponent covered and Novozvanivku Kalinowo-Popasna. For positions in the Golden enemy opened fire from 120 mm mortars and automatic grenade launchers easel. Near Novoaleksandrovka, Novotroitsk, Popasna, Crimea and the Golden enemy grenade mostly opened fire. In the village Lugansk armed provocation continued using grenades and machine guns of various large caliber, and in Novozvanivtsi - small arms.

Again, more intense aerial reconnaissance of the enemy, per day recorded seven UAV flown over Ukrainian military positions. In Ukrainian/український
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