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Russian mercenaries suffer heavy losses in Donbas.  The militants intensified their attacks and use prohibited weapons.  Turkey wedding blast: 30 dead and 90 hurt.  Russia kills more Syrian civilians than ISIL.  

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Marchuk: Belarus Russian military in trying to change the negative opinion of local residents of Ukraine

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister urges to pay attention to the processes taking place in Belarus.

Russian military servicemen in military units located in Belarus, are working to change the positive attitude of the local population in Ukraine and Ukrainian. In an interview with "Commander" said the representative of Ukraine in the working group on security Trilateral contact group, Prime Minister of Ukraine (1995-1996 gg.), Former head of the Security Service, Army General Yevgeny Marchuk.

According to Marchuk, now Belarusians attitude to Ukrainian in a neighboring country is good. However, the fact that Russians in Belarus placed several military structures and the military is constantly communicates with the local population can cause a change in attitude to Ukrainian. One of the reasons - depressed areas, which are located in the Russian part.

"What is a depressed area of ​​the military structure? That look. The military salary is stable and good. People are walking on the markets, adapt to the local rhythm of life. Similarly, local, somewhere pidpratsovuyut these military contacts with the local military is ongoing. I emphasize that we are talking about Russian troops in Belarus, not local. So, so eventually it's easy to change the emphasis on local unfriendly towards Ukrainian. This is not a matter of one month or one year. But such work is the Russians "- said Marchuk.

In addition, General Marchuk stressed the fact that last year more than half of over 20 joint Belarusian-Russian exercises were held in Russia. "I do not think that Belarus can come now to what is now the Donbas. Although nothing can not be excluded. With the current Russian leadership behavior conclusion is: no objections to any variation of events. Because we saw that everything possible on their part, "- said Marchuk.

As reported by "head office", according to Belarusian experts local Center for Strategic and Political Studies, Russia wants Belarus to turn into "gray zone" danger to Ukraine. This, in particular, referred to in the report "Belarus in the context of Russia-NATO confrontation, threats and challenges to the sovereignty, independence and national security. Strategic conclusions and recommendations." In Ukrainian/український
Money Ukrainian mafia hammer the final nail in the coffin Trump Campaign

Manafort on the splits between the US and Ukraine

original language

Scandal razvorachyvaetsya ohromnыy - kazhetsya, Money Mafia ukraynskoy zabyvayut poslednyy nail in the coffin and without katastrofycheskoy Campania Trump. But along vыyasnyaetsya and much more.

Manafort, apparently Liboje posadyat, Liboje oshtrafuyut ohromnuyu amounting to at all nahodyaschee bolshe podtverzhdenyy violation FARA - Foreign lobbystah against the law.

Between so forth, that's opyat podtverdylos, something West polytykanы - not less than prodazhnыe, than Our just better umeyut submit themselves, keep the tail pistol, voruyut akkuratno and pyanыmy panel do not go. Manafort, okazыvaetsya, delylsya zhyrnoy ukraynskoy dychyu (s vshamy Rossiyskogo razvedыvatelnoho Effect, razumeetsya) with the firm Tony Podesta, brothers John Podesta, Clinton Campaign Director.

And here Here is what's fun - and Podestы After all rabotaly to Tymoshenko. A One IZ problems and Manafort Rica Rica Gates smyahchenye amerykanskoy That was the criticism of facts CONTENT Tymoshenko tyurme. Normally, yes? On the one hand are working Osvobozbdeniye Tymoshenko Another on prodolzhenye ee otsydky. And the second problem bыla in nastojashchee is executed - white Home us time vserez not pressed Yanukovych with a view to liberation Tymoshenko tot shnoyl bы in tyurme uh, If bы in 2014 of ex-Prime not dismissed the people.

But - It should otdat dolzhnoe Manafort: Paul makes shyte done. In place of ego already have appointed poteryashek, edynstvennoe dignity kotorыh - vostorzhennoe vыlyzыvanye velychestvennoho backside Donald and Experience of work shtabnoy zero. If uvolyatsya else and others people Manafort - Rick Gates, Doug Davenport, Jim Murphy and Tony Fabrytsyo, kotoryya (in otlychye from relatives) They say Trump truth, Campania can be dosrochno complete: the эtoy komandoy shly Money sponsorov, ÎÍÀ pokazыvala, something Trump - nemnoho эkzotycheskyy, but all the same Standard Respublykanskoy candidate from the party. And now burn on par with Jonas Savimbi, Ferdinand Marcos and Viktor Yanukovych.

Vprochem, This a Good :-)

A IOP in Ukraine rassledovanyy against a return of Manafort to Ukraine Vladyslav Kaskyva sleduet in nastojashchee opasatsya sozdatelyu "Oppozytsyonnoho block" popysыvayuschemu in Le Huffington Post merzkye little articles. No one forget, Nothing not to forget, Sergey Vladimirovich (Levochkyn - Ed) and opportunistic Term proschenyya for services to the revolution podhodyt for the end. More Topics something in place эtoy benches President Poroshenko vpolne can u put a Hennadyya Kernes, and Alexander Feldman and Hennadyya Trukhanov, and Alexander Vylkula - Ved Function goat veduscheho vatnыh Baranov Need a direction in unykalnoy otnyud is not. Only nameknut Worth, perechyslennыe Above and gentlemen prybehut on Bankovuyu povyzhyvaya and wagging tails, with pryvyazannoy for him konservoy "Russian World". A IOP Let Even unconscious role in Neco prestupnoy detonator system - dostatochno unykalna ... I think in Kiev in cinema "Zoryanыy" worth monument put Paul Manafort a video of St. Sebastian, pronzaemoho Arrow with operenyem, raskrashennыm in bloom and US-Ukrainian flag. And with porvannoy ushankoy head. In Ukrainian/український
US warned Moscow and Damascus its readiness to protect their troops in Syria

Gen. Stephen Townsend, who in mid-August he was appointed commander of US forces in Iraq and Syria, warned the leadership of Syria and the willingness of the US to protect its special forces in the event of a threat. He said this in an interview with CNN .

Thus he commented on the incident on August 19 in the Syrian province of Al-Hasaka. And the Pentagon said that US-led coalition in Syria has sent planes near the town of Al-Hasaka to protect American special forces attack on Syrian fighters . When coalition aircraft reached the area, the Syrian Su-24 it left. In the area of ​​government airstrikes was US special forces, while Syrian aircraft did not respond to attempts to contact them.

Townsend said the United States informed Moscow about the location of its troops in Syria and Iraq, and they gave the official Damascus.

"We told the Russians where we are. They informed us that told about our location Syrians" - said Tausend CNN by telephone.

He also said that if the military will feel danger, they will be forced to defend themselves.

Recall Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis called the event "unusual" and said that he had known cases when coalition aircraft had to respond to the air bombardment of the Syrian government. In Ukrainian/український
At the headquarters of Clinton Trump called a puppet of the Kremlin

The curator of the presidential campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton Robby Mook accused Republican candidate Donald Trump in financial relations with Moscow.

Reported by ABC .

Mook admits that Russia worked on by Trump and believes that the official resignation of head of his staff Manafort does not mean it has stopped working.

"But we need to Trump told us whether the Kremlin's influence at the heart of the company. There is a network of financial ties that were not disclosed. This is a serious question whether Trump is just a puppet of the Kremlin?" - Said the muck.

In recent weeks, Trump "popuhaynichaye" for Putin, he added.

"We heard that Trump speaks of withdrawal from NATO about to leave our allies in Eastern Europe vulnerable to attack Russia," - said the manager of Clinton.

As reported by the "Observer", the curator of the presidential race Trump Paul Manafort secretly lobbied in Washington interests of the Ukrainian Party of Regions during the reign of President Viktor Yanukovych.

However, he Manafort denied receiving money . Recall that on purpose Manafort the team Trump became known in March 2016.

Elections will be held in the US on November 8. In Ukrainian/український
In "Let They say" disown the requirements Lindsay Lohan

The representative of the Russian TV program "Let They say" vidhrestylasya the requirements of American actress Lindsay Lohan on filming in the transmission.

Chief editor program Marina Vikulin denied the information that appeared in the media that Lohan allegedly demanded £ 500,000 and meeting with Vladimir Putin, reports RT .

"This kind of fiction I first heard about it ..." - said Vikulin.

Recall the Russian air ball Lindsay Lohan had to interview about her relationship and break with her former fiance Yegor Tarabasovym. In Ukrainian/український
American actress Lindsay Lohan demanded a meeting with Putin in Russia for shooting

American actress Lindsay Lohan has demanded a meeting with Vladimir Putin by shooting in Russia.

Lohan received an invitation to participate in the production of talk shows First Channel "Let They say," dedicated to her relationship with Russian Yegor Tarabasovym. The star has agreed to come to the shooting if its conditions are met, reports " " referring to TMZ.

Among the requirements Artist - providing health and personal aircraft on board which it will do hair, makeup and manicures, as well as accommodation in the penthouse of the hotel "Ritz-Carlton". In addition, she requested a fee of 500 thousand pounds (about 16.5 million USD at current rates. - Ed.) And a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which it will make a joint photo with him.

The management of Channel allegedly agreed to part exposed conditions.

Roman 30-year-old Lohan and 23-year Tarabasova began in December last year. In the summer of 2016 it was reported that the couple broke off relations, this was preceded by a stormy debate their bickering in the media.


Yegor - the son of the owner of a large transport company and several shops Dmitry Tarabasova. Born and raised in Moscow, but several years ago he moved to London. He is the British real estate agency Home House Estates.

Lohan childhood in films, it is, in particular, played in "Freaky Friday" (2003), "Mean Girls" (2004), "Crazy race" (2005), "kiss for good luck" (2006) and "cool Georgia "(2007).

"They say Let" - a popular show that is broadcast on weekdays on the first channel. Transmission is Andrey Malakhov. In Ukrainian/український
The driver fell asleep on the move: famous Ukrainian musicians have an accident (PHOTOS)

The musicians of the famous Ukrainian band "Dance on Congo Square" got in an accident in Kirovograd region.

It reported in its Facebook group leader Oleg Mykhailuta.

Victims among the participants of the accident, according to the bassoon, no.

"I say at once, all alive and well, a little beaten up, but it is ... The driver fell asleep on the move and overtook the truck ... funny that after all the truck driver approached and, smiling, said, very long wanted to meet with us , sorry that happened so, "- wrote the artist.

In TNMK another birthday today, said.

"Oleg Mykhailuta
2 hours ago

talking at once, all living healthy, slightly beaten, but it is ... the driver fell asleep on the move and overtook the truck ... funny that after all the truck driver approached smiling and said that long ago wanted us to meet, sorry that it happened so In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:33 amAdmin
Russian athlete stripped of Olympic Games silver

The positive doping test test deprived athlete Evgenia Kolodko silver medals in 2012 Olympics.
Russian athlete Evgenia Kolodko stripped of silver medal 2012 Olympic Games in shot put. The decision was made after testing its samples for doping. Reported DW referring to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

As noted in the report, in the sample Kolodko had traces of the banned substance turynabol - anabolic steroid that is used to build muscle. By decision of the IOC silver medal Russians now get kytayantsi Li Lin, one of China's Gong sporstmenka Lijiang rose to third place.

IOC inspects a drug trial participants in the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008) and London (2012). On the eve of the Games in Rio IOC said that nearly 100 samples ultimately tested positive. In Ukrainian/український
Black accounting Yanukovych announced Leshchenko plum compromising against "Freedom"

MP from the MFP argues that the party Tyahnybok served Yanukovych.

The documents "black accounting" ex- "Regions" party "Svoboda" appears many times . In an interview in the "Publychnыe people" said MP Serhiy Leshchenko from the MFP. According to him, there are just about 800 pages of such "black accounting" which calls for policies NABU public.

"The best service for Ukraine would publish all 800 pages (" black accounting "ex-" Regions ") to all saw what he did ... he" Freedom "in the documents mentioned not once, but many. Money (the "Party of Regions") not only took Kalyuzhny and took many MPs, whose names I can not name, are still not known. But it is very interesting from Western Ukraine MPs from the "Party of Regions", which are engaged in what they discharged the money they took under their own signature "- told Leshchenko.

"I hope that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, which confirmed the veracity of the charges against Monaforta, will not deny the veracity for" Liberty "- hopes policies.

Meanwhile, the press secretary of the leader of "Freedom" Christine Ravlyuk commented MP Leshchenko statement on his page on Facebook, denying the prosecution policy. In Ukrainian/український

Ledgers don't lie. Now you can wonder why Tyahnybok was so much fighting against the current administration.

I'm a Banderite. I've personally have known Stepan's grandson, Steve Bandera for years. And here's the difference within the OUN. Stepan Bandera realized what the German Nazi's were really up to. He didn't agree, thus created OUN-B. Ever wonder why he was sent to a German prison? From my research into those years with the OUN, OUN-B and UPA, I found that Bandera and his wife hid Jews from the Nazi's, in places like a known cave that showed pictures of in the research I found. One of his leaders was married to a Jew.

So don't think that all OUN were Nazi's. These are facts I found, as many that paint ALL OUN as Nazi's have never done. They go by what others say without being smart enough to research themselves to find the truth. The truth will set you free.
Moscow Church banned the serving priest who shot down to death 11-year-old girl

Priest Zhytomyr diocese UOC MP became a member zhyhlyvoho accident.

Priest Zhytomyr diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate paunch, who became a member of the deadly accident, ran down on a pedestrian crossing the 11-year-old girl, was forbidden to serve. It is reported by the press service of the UOC-MP .

"According to the decree ruling arhiyerha, clergyman diocese Archpriest Vladimir paunch who committed a traffic accident, banned in the service," - said in a statement. UOC-MP also said that currently conducted investigations, and the priest will be responsible for the law of Ukraine, if fault is established. The church also expressed condolences to the parents of the dead girl.

Meanwhile, activist Anna Hrabovska said that the incident with the priest, who knocked down a child trying to hush up. In Ukrainian/український
During the armed conflict in the unoccupied Donnechchyni killed 50 children

During the conflict in controlled Kyiv Donnechchyny of wounds suffered 140 children.

During the period of fighting in the government-controlled part of the Donetsk region killed 50 children and wounded 140. This was on his page in Facebook said the head of the Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin police.

Over the period of action on boevыh podkontrolnoy parts Ukraine Donetsk region perished 50 children, 140 - ranenы. Due nahozhdenyya vzrыvoopasnыh subjects nesanktsyonyrovannoho circulation and perished with their two children, ranenы - 6.

The "Krasnaya zone" are back 63 populated points, 37 schools, 21.5 More of thousands of children. In zone naybolsheho line - Hranytnoe, Chermalyk, Starohnatovka, Krasnogorovka, Marynka, Toretskoe, avdeevka, Svetlodarsk, Lugano, Myronovskyy. For the third year resident .

According to him, two children were killed on taking the explosive items. In the "red zone", says Mr Abroskin, are 63 towns and villages, home to more than 21.5 thousand. Children.

"For the third year civilians frontline settlements, adults and children, live under constant shelling militants" - he wrote and added that from September 1 to each school police on duty. In Ukrainian/український
In the occupied Donbas unknown stole weapons from Russia

Russian occupation forces face problems in Donbas.

Despite the stagnation of the Russian economy and significant technological and scientific backwardness, the Russian Federation continues to spend billions to create new weapons designs and delivers the occupied territories older samples of weapons, including armored vehicles. It referred to the report of the Main Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. However, to control the fate of his arms after arriving at Donbass we not always.

Thus, the "9 th separate mechanized regiment assault the Marines" (Novoazovsk) "1st Army Corps' Armed Forces received six armored personnel carriers (APCs). At the same time during their movement disappeared all six sets of arms (14.5-mm machine gun KPVT and 7.62-mm machine gun PKT), referred to the report.

Department of Defense intelligence of Ukraine

The situation in the area of ​​ATO and around Ukraine
As of August 21,

Despite the stagnation of the Russian economy and significant technological and scientific backwardness, the Russian Federation continues to spend billions to create new models of weapons, including increases the danger and possible victims of accidental vluchan because of the considerable technical challenges and structural imperfections "modern" weapons.

In the waters of the Barents Sea continues ... In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:54 amAdmin
The attack committed in Turkey was a teenager

President Recep Erdogan said that the suicide bomber was from 12 to 14 years.

The bomber, who blew himself up during a wedding celebration in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, was aged 12 to 14 years. About This was stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports Twitter AFP news agency.

In a statement, Erdogan called the attack "disgusting "Thus said that the militants" Islamic state " є « the most likely perpetrators of the attack in Gaziantep and».

As previously reported, on the eve of the South in Gaziantep while celebrating the wedding there was a massive explosion, which killed at least 50 people , 100 were injured and were taken to local hospitals. The President called ID complicit in the attack. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:46 amAdmin
Russia kills more Syrian civilians than ISIL

Russia has killed more civilians in Syria than Islamic State, according to a monitoring group Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Airstrikes carried out by Moscow have killed at least 2,704 people since Russia startes its Syrian campiagn last September. ISIL attacks have claimed 2,686 deaths of civilians, the monitors say.

Russia's attacks are said to have taken the lives of 514 women and 716 children......
Turkey wedding blast: 30 dead and 90 hurt in Gaziantep (VIDEOS)

A blast at an outdoor wedding party in the south Turkish city of Gaziantep has killed at least 30 people and injured 94 more, BBC has reported citing the local authorities.

The attack, in an area popular with university students, could be heard across the city. Gaziantep, near the Syrian border, is known to have several IS cells. The BBC's Seref Isler, who is from Gaziantep, says the city was already on edge before the attack because of events in Syria, where IS has been battling Syrian Kurdish forces. A suicide bomber believed to have links to IS killed two policemen in Gaziantep in May. Turkey has been hit by a series of bombs both by IS and Kurdish militants in the past year. The last IS attack, on Istanbul airport in June, killed more than 40 people................

COMEDY HOUR: He lies about Russian aggression, - Russian press on Turchynov's article

Russian website Regnum has published an article by Yakov Rud about a text by secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov.
As Censor.NET reports, the author wrote: "Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Turchynov stunned the readers with another strategic outlook. Holos Ukrainy (Voice of Ukraine) newspaper from Aug. 17 published his article about development in the field of global security. Its common thread is the idea that the world is doomed to a world war and that Ukraine would play a fateful role in its start, because of which the world war may begin."

"All the proposed conclusions and findings are based on a deliberately false picture of Russian "aggression" against Ukraine in 2014, as well as of a global "threat" posed by Russia. This approach should have allowed the author to avoid what he calls a 'research note', referring to the genre of a fables and pleasing his readers with the conclusion that there is no beast worse than the Russian 'cat' for Ukrainian 'mouse'," the article reads.

Read more: Turchynov offers to send several boxes of soap in Russia

"The article from Aug. 17 is not the first forecast by Oleksandr Turchynov regarding "Russian aggression" against Ukraine. Since Feb. 2014, he amused the public with announcements that Russian offensive on Kyiv would begin next day, not for one, two or even three times, but at least twenty. Luckily or not, nobody collected accurate statistics on predictive revelations of the Kyiv member of the "strategic Seven". However, according to my calculations, there were at least three or four this year alone and around a dozen last year," Rud wrote.

"Strategist Turchynov sees only two scenarios of further development: a full-scale war between Ukraine and Russia or a 'hybrid' war between them. The Kyiv king of forecast does not pay any attention to the real scenario, not taken out of the air. However, this scenario is the most likely. It is a civil war in Ukraine, which is already under way in a limited format and threatens to go to the national level, manifesting itself in new forms. The topic of civil war, as well as events in the Donbas as an internal Ukrainian conflict, is closed for Turchynov for obvious reasons," he noted. In Ukrainian/український

ATO HQ: Russian proxies attack Ukraine 71 times in past day

Combined Russian-separatist forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in eastern Ukraine 71 times in the past 24 hours, according to the press center of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters.

Additionally, the enemy violated the ceasefire 26 times in the Donetsk sector. "The most intense situation was in the area of Avdiyivka - the northern suburbs of Horlivka, where the enemy fired 120mm and 82mm mortars, grenade launchers of various types and small arms, and with the onset of the evening militants carried out a series of attacks on Avdiyivka using heavy artillery. Two dozen 152mm, and more than four dozen 122mm shells, were launched at Ukrainian positions," a statement read.

Furthermore, Ukrainian positions near Krasnohorivka were attacked with 122mm caliber weapons. The militants shelled Avdiyivka with infantry fighting vehicles, and Ukrainian villages of Kirove and Svitlodarsk – with 82mm mortars.

The highest number of attacks, 38, was recorded in the Mariupol sector. Further, militants shelled the villages of Novohryhorivka, Starohnativka, Talakivka, Shyrokyne, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka and Novotroitske using mortars of various calibers and grenade launchers............
Russian mercenaries suffer heavy losses in Donbas

Over the past 2 days the number of killed Russian mercenaries in Donbas has reached 24, of wounded - 37, Ukraine army intelligence says Aug. 21.

Due to the declining morale of the Russian servicemen of the 98th paratroopers division, Kostroma, now deployed in Donetsk, the Russian command is moving unreliable and ill soldiers to Russia.

As of August, the killed Russian servicemen bodies are no longer kept in Donetsk Kalinin hospital’s morgue. They are loaded onto refrigerators and secretly taken across the border to Rostov.

Lightly wounded soldiers are treated in local Donbas hospitals as suffering from non-combat traumas, Ukraine army intelligence reports.
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