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Manafort deputy might be linked to Russian intelligence. Over the past day in the Donbas killed seven Russian soldiers. Ukraine will get visa-free regime with EU in coming months. The Cabinet are preparing for unpopular decisions due to failure to receive IMF tranche.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Ukraine has removed more than 1.2 thousand. Lenin monuments - Poroshenko

Within decommunisation was renamed 26 districts and 987 settlements

In Ukraine within decommunisation dismantled more than 1.2 thousand. Monuments to Vladimir Lenin. This was during a solemn Academy "Ukrainian world - Ukraine" the president said Petro Poroshenko, reports "RBK-Ukraine" .

"Within decommunisation dismantled more than 1.2 thousand. Lenin monuments" - said Poroshenko.

He added that within decommunisation was renamed 26 districts and 987 villages.

Recall that in June it was reported that in Kiev dekommunyzyrovaly 159 objects. According to the law of discommunization, subject to rename objects that have in its name the symbols of the communist totalitarian regime. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine has prepared documents to the UN to send peacekeepers to Donbass

Yelchenko hopes that new UN secretary-general will be more constructive

Ukraine has prepared documents to the UN to send a peacekeeping mission in Donbass. This was at the press club in Kiev, said the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko, reports "RBK-Ukraine" .

"We are harvested. There are even draft documents for approval and the support of the UN Office in Ukraine, and the Special Representative of the Secretary and the mediating mission of the UN Secretary General - it's all there. Even at that, we hope to still another the next UN secretary general is a serious concern to us, "- he said.

"I would like to quickly gone three or four months, we had another UN Secretary-General, with whom you can sit down and really talk much about our problems," - said Yelchenko. In Ukrainian/український
Canada and Ukraine in the autumn could sign an agreement on defense cooperation

The agreement will create a legal framework for further Ukrainian-Canadian cooperation

Agreement on cooperation in defense between Canada and Ukraine will be signed before the end of 2016, probably in the autumn, says Ukraine's ambassador to Canada Andriy Shevchenko.

"We have completed work on the agreement on cooperation in the defense sector. This document must be signed between the Ministries of Defense of Ukraine and Canada. I hope that we will be able to sign in the coming months. This is the time in September and October, "- said Shevchenko during the press club in Kyiv on Monday.

According to the ambassador, signing the agreement would create a legal basis for further Ukrainian-Canadian cooperation.

Shevchenko added that his "conservative forecast (agreement will be signed - ed) by the end of 2016".

"If it happens quickly, so we were not in vain so optimistic today," - said Shevchenko. In Ukrainian/український
The Russians almost equally hate Ukraine, the US and the EU - poll graph

66% of Russians are bad for the US and 61% - the European Union

58% of Russians are bad for Ukraine. Such data poll conducted in July 2016, unveiled on Monday the Russian "Levada Center".

According to information, the question "How do you generally feel about Ukraine?" The answer "mostly bad" and "very bad" was chosen 36% and 22% respectively.

In addition, the Russian survey center shows that 66% of Russians are bad for the US and 61% - the European Union.

"Levada Center" respondents also put the question "Do you think that most of these qualities are inherent in Ukrainian?". Among the answers the most votes collected cards with the word "hypocritical, cunning" (27%), "envious" (23%) and "hospitable" (21%).

At the same time, Americans interviewed Russians seem reasonable, so that others impose their customs, and power.

According to information, the survey was conducted 22 - 25 July 2016 by the Russian representative sample for the urban and rural population of 1600 people aged 18 years and older in 137 settlements of 48 regions of Russia.
The study was conducted at the home of the respondent by personal interview. In Ukrainian/український
150 Ukrainian prisoners transferred from occupied Crimea to the Russian prison

According to experts, the Ukrainian prisoners who were transported from the peninsula annexed by Russia in prison, more than 2 thousand people

Of annexed Crimea serve their sentences in Russian colonies sent 150 citizens of Ukraine. This was reported in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

"We know of about 150 citizens of Ukraine who were convicted in Crimea and transferred to serve his sentence on the territory of Russia", - said in a statement.

Earlier in the organization "euromaidan-SOS» reported that prisoners at the time of the annexation of the Crimea serving sentences in prisons on the peninsula, transported to places of detention in Russia. According to them, these already 2000 200 people.

After the annexation of Crimea by Russia turned Kyiv to Moscow from Ukraine demanding transfer of persons who have been convicted and sentences of the Ukrainian courts serving sentences in Crimea or Sevastopol, but then the Russian ombudsman Ella Pamfilova said that this is only possible under the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons. This convention provides for moving prisoners from the territory of one country to another. Thus, Ukraine can not use it on people who are in occupied Crimea peninsula remains as Ukrainian territory in accordance with international law. In Ukrainian/український
Militants "DNR" confirmed holding 42 hostage in captivity

Security Advisor said that militants previously acknowledged the presence of only 21 hostages in their captivity
Militants "DNR" confirmed that they are being held hostage 42 citizens of Ukraine. This was on "5 channel" said advisor to the head of the SBU Yuri Tandit.

"In Donetsk militants indicate the presence of 42 people. Before they confirmed the presence of only 21 people. It's really a victory. We know exactly what they have is 42 people, they confirmed, "- said Tandit.

He added: "Lugansk was not ready for that Daria Morozova go at it, we were able to literally pry information. Olga said Skuptseva of three. We know that in Lugansk more of them and hope that the next meeting they will prepare a list higher. "

Advisor to the head of the SBU also stressed that the liberation of the hostages was much more difficult than two years ago. In Ukrainian/український
Russian police blocked the Kuban farmers who went to Putin on tractors (PHOTO)

In Rostov-on-Don "tractor March" blocked law enforcement

Kuban farmers will not go to Moscow on tractors to meet with the federal government, as they restricted meeting with the head of the region - Krasnodar region governor Veniamin Kondratyev, Russian media.

One of the organizers of the race, Alex Volchenko reported that the police does not allow farmers to continue the race, the stopping place in Rostov-on-Don blocked their law enforcement agencies.

"The police blocked us in Rostov hotel where we stopped to rest before further way ... We will not let" - lamented farmer.

According Volchenko, the idea of ​​meeting with the head of the region belongs to the representatives of the president.

As previously reported, the protesters want to tell officials about corruption and raider attacks in the region.
Indicated that a convoy of 17 tractors and several dozen cars on August 21 moved toward the neighboring Rostov region.

As one of the organizers Vasily Melnichenko in the early hours of the column was stopped by police seven times.
Before the tractor run in the village of Kazan meeting was held under the slogan "Return our land!".

In early August Kuban farmers trying to hold protests during the visit to Krasnodar Region Head of Government of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Then the police detained people who stood with placards along the road on which the cortege rode leader of the Russian government. In Ukrainian/український
on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:04 pmAdmin
Parubiy: Ukraine - not the last goal of Putin

Paruby stressed that Ukrainian diplomats need to explain governments of other countries about the importance of providing Ukraine with lethal weapons

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Paruby asks diplomats to intensify inform foreign partners about the global danger because of the actions of the Russian army. He said in a speech at the general meeting of ambassadors of Ukraine held in Kyiv, reports "true European."

In Ukraine, Putin's aggression can not stop if we do not stop. This need to explain to the world. It understands neighbors - Poland, Latvia, Lithuania. But it is not obvious to many other states, "- he stressed.

According to the speaker, diplomats have actively conveyed this idea to the host countries: "We must explain global aggression Putin explained that Ukraine - not the last goal."

Paruby said that while Ukrainian diplomats need to explain governments of other countries of the importance of providing Ukraine with lethal weapons. "We must keep on the agenda of lethal weapons to Ukraine. We must consider that the Ukrainian army protects not only Ukraine and not only the region, but security around the world ", - he explained. In Ukrainian/український
on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:11 amAdmin
In Lviv by car thief could not cope with prey

Unknown persons illegally seized car VAZ-2101, but to go on it could not

In Lviv by car thief could not cope with it. According to the Police Department in Lviv region, accidents occurred on August 21 around 19:10 in the street of George Washington in.

Unknown persons illegally seized car VAZ-2101, belonging trainee service center (car wash) and was parked next to a car wash.

According to preliminary data, the attacker lost control of the stolen car. Drive around 10 meters , Passenger drove car into a pillar. Law enforcement officials identified the man who illegally took over the car from Lviv. They found 41-year-old previously convicted resident Radekhiv area. All the circumstances of the incident are established. The issue of the opening of criminal proceedings. In Ukrainian/український
Over 25 years Ukrainians consider the death penalty necessary - poll

At the time of independence 58% of our compatriots consider the death penalty available, normal and necessary in society

Since independence, Ukrainian nehatyvnishe were treated to death: the percentage of support fell from 58% in 1991 to 37% in 2016. This was reported by the executive director of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology Natalia Kharchenko during the discussion on the topic "Ukraine - 25: achievements and failures ".

"It is hard to imagine, but at the time of independence 58% of our compatriots consider the death penalty available, normal and necessary in a society", - she said.

However, in 2016 this figure decreased and amounted to 37% of those who approve of the death penalty. According to Kharchenko, the rate continues to decline. In addition, 1991 50% of the population believed that AIDS patients should be isolated from society, in 2016 the figure - 21%.

The national survey Ukraine's population was conducted by the "Democratic initiatives" Ilko Kucheriv with the Kiev International Institute of Sociology from 4 to 19 August 2016. The survey was conducted in 110 localities in all regions of Ukraine except Crimea. In Lugansk and Donetsk regions the survey was conducted only in areas controlled by Ukraine. As a result, field phase were collected 2,040 questionnaires. Sampling error does not exceed 2.3%.

For comparison shows the nationwide study public opinion poll in Ukraine conducted in different years Fund "Democratic initiatives" Ilko Kucheriv, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology and Razumkov Center. In Ukrainian/український

In Ukraine, criminals don't think twice, if they want to kill someone. They know if caught, they'll spend a few years in prison, then back to freedom, while the victim doesn't have that chance. The death penalty IMO is necessary to lower the number of people ruthlessly killed from disregard of the value of life. It they know the consequences, they'll think twice before killing someone.
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report): Putin Unbound
on Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:48 amAdmin
It is known that Ukraine sells weapons in war

Ukraine reduced exports of military products to 71%

After two years of Russian aggression Ukraine reduced exports of military products by 71%. This is according to the State Export Control Service, which publishes an annual report on the success of Ukrainian defense industry in foreign markets.

According to statistics of the State Service, the largest Ukraine passed the position in the segment of armored combat vehicles - armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and so on. In 2015, deliveries of armored vehicles decreased 6.6 times in comparison with the prewar 2013 m.

Slightly better is the situation with tanks. This fall only 2.5 times.

But exports of aircraft had to be abandoned altogether, while a few years ago Ukraine continued to sell another Soviet fighter and attack aircraft. In Ukrainian/український

Expert explained why now the most successful time to ban the Moscow church in Ukraine

Ukraine offered to recognize the ROC terrorist organization and ban its activities in the country

Recent statements by Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin of the Moscow that orthodoxy is to kill as many people given the lack of reaction of the leaders of the ROC - a great excuse to ban the activities of the ROC and its branches in Ukraine as a terrorist organization. This opinion was expressed by journalist Maxim Mihaylenko in social networks.
"Only an idiot not take advantage of this great opportunity to resolve the issue of the ROC as the desire of the majority of citizens of Ukraine, angry collaboration of the organization and its far departure from the ideas of Jesus Christ (here with Chaplin theologian can not disagree)," - he wrote.

Mihaylenko noted that "over the past 200 years, all Autocephalous Orthodox Church was established by the State (Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, etc.) - the government, the political elite, and in parallel with simultaneous elimination of enemy infiltration, working on an external enemy."

According to him, in Ukraine the time of start somewhere. "And crazy cleric Moscow church on Ascension Nikita Vsevolod Chaplin gave us a wonderful opportunity - to recognize the ROC terrorist organization and ban its activities and those of its franchises in Ukraine", - the journalist. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine will get visa-free regime with EU in coming months – Klimkin

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin is optimistic about his country's prospects to get the much anticipated visa-free travel to the European Union member states in coming months.

"For me, this is not just a technical process to travel to the European Union without visas. For me it is an acknowledgement of the membership of Ukraine and Ukrainians in the European project, European tradition, European mentality," Klimkin said......
Manafort deputy might be linked to Russian intelligence, - The Financial Times

According to the newspaper, several people who used to work with Kilimnik say it was an open secret among the Manafort team and at a previous employer that Kilimnik, an army-trained linguist, had a background in Russian military intelligence.

At the time, the connection was deemed unimportant - Mr Kilimnik was valued for his "excellent English", these people say.

Today, with Mr Kilimnik still close to Mr Manafort, according to people who know both men, the links have taken on new significance. As Russian president Vladimir Putin likes to joke, there is no such thing as a former intelligence officer.

Read more: Paul Manafort involved in Party of Regions' off-the-book financial schemes resigns as Donald Trump's campaign chairman

Revelations about Mr Kilimnik threaten to deepen the controversy over Mr Trump's sympathetic comments towards Moscow and Mr Putin on the campaign trail - giving him a reputation as the US's first pro-Russian ticket - and over Mr Manafort's work for Mr Yanukovich, who was toppled by Ukraine's 2014 Maidan revolution.

People close to Mr Manafort insisted that his resignation from Mr Trump's campaign had nothing to do with adverse publicity over his Ukrainian activities. Mr Trump's campaign directed all questions about Mr Manafort's relationship with Mr Kilimnik to Mr Manafort.

But one person with intimate knowledge of Mr Manafort's operations said that the relationship was grounds for concern.

"It's a very real issue if you have a known Russian intelligence officer one degree of separation from Donald Trump, presidential candidate," he said. "Konstantin Kilimnik knows Paul very well, and Paul is at Trump's right hand."

Read more: "He was one of many consultants," MP Muraiev on Manafort's work for Party of Regions, Opposition Bloc

Born in Ukraine in 1970, Mr Kilimnik served in the Russian army. His first long-term job after leaving the military was as a translator in Moscow with the International Republican Institute, the US non-governmental organisation that promotes democracy, in the early 1990s. One former IRI employee said he was hired along with another military-trained linguist because of their proficiency in English.

"We knew that they were Russian military intelligence because that's where they learned their English. It wasn't a big deal," this person said.

But another former IRI staffer said that Mr Kilimnik's background was a cause of concern for some staff, and it was assumed that he continued to inform Russian intelligence.

Yet another said that there were suspicions that he had connections to Russian intelligence, and that sometimes he appeared to engage in activities that were unrelated to his job.

This person said the institute did not act on the suspicions because there was no hard evidence and because there was nothing about Mr Kilimnik's IRI-related work that was secret and would be comprised if disclosed to Russian intelligence.

A decade later, Mr Kilimnik's language skills led to his recruitment as an interpreter for the Manafort team advising Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine's richest man, on an image makeover. He remained with the team when it switched to advising Mr Yanukovich's Party of Regions, of which Mr Akhmetov was a backer.

One team member at the time said Mr Kilimnik's intelligence background was known about, as at IRI, and some suspected he was reporting back to Moscow, but this was again considered unimportant.

Read more: Money for Manafort was most often received by former Party of Regions MP Kaliuzhnyi, - MP Leshchenko

The interpreter was gradually entrusted with more duties as the team helped Mr Yanukovich recover from his disgrace after Ukraine's 2004 Orange revolution to win the presidential election in 2010.

"It was well-known, I think, that he had some sort of intelligence background but that was never an issue for us because the embassy did not have much contact with Manafort's operation," a US official with experience in Ukraine recalled.

Mr Kilimnik also played a role in business dealings that Mr Manafort's team pursued with two of the region's richest oligarchs, Russia's Oleg Deripaska and Ukraine's Dmytro Firtash, former associates said. When Phil Griffin, who had run Mr Manafort's Kyiv office, left the team in 2011, Mr Kilimnik took over his position.

The Russian kept such a low profile that there are no known photographs of him on the internet. Acquaintances describe him as a highly intelligent, suave and polyglot communicator, and skilled political analyst.

Read more: "Trump is like a gift to Putin," - former Secretary of State Albright

Ukrainian politicians are now raising concerns about Mr Kilimnik's proximity to Mr Manafort and through him, a potential next US president, when east-west tensions are again rising.

Volodymyr Ariev, a pro-presidential MP, on Friday submitted a formal request for an investigation into Mr Kilimnik's past. "Given his biography, this individual could be linked to Russian intelligence services," he wrote in a letter to Ukraine's general prosecutor Yury Lutsenko.

His letter came hours after Ukraine's anti-corruption bureau published copies of entries totalling $12.7m to Mr Manafort in an alleged ledger of off-the-books payments from Mr Yanukovich's Party of Regions to political advisers, pundits and campaigners.

The bureau stressed, however, that it had not established if Mr Manafort actually received the payments. Mr Manafort this week denied ever receiving cash payments from the party. In Ukrainian/український
Last night in the Donbas killed seven Russian soldiers

Another five Russian servicemen wounded

Ukrainian intelligence has recorded new losses of Russian troops in Donbass. This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

"During the day confirmed the loss of the enemy are seven dead and five wounded soldiers of the 11th separate motorized infantry regiment (Makiyivka) 1st (Komsomol), 3rd (Gorlovka) and 5th (Makiyivka) some of mechanized infantry brigades 1- on AC (Donetsk) Armed Forces, "- said in a statement.

Intelligence indicates that the loss of personnel of the 5th Infantry Brigade separate (Makiyivka) 1st AC Armed Forces ammunition to the explosion of self-propelled artillery, resulting in killing three and wounding one soldier. In Ukrainian/український
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