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The attack of hysteria. As the Kremlin's media "welcomed" Ukraine on Independence Day. Russia presses charges against Ukraine's defense minister, top brass for Donbas attacks. In Poland, explained to suspend local border traffic with Russia. At any moment could explode in the Crimea tinderbox

Kyiv, Ukraine
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The jury in the US has recognized the Russian hacker guilty

The detainees were accused in 40 episodes on four countries

The jury in Seattle found the Russian citizen Roman Seleznev guilty, RIA Novosti.
Seleznev was charged on 40 criminal episodes on four items - intentional harm to a protected computer to obtain information from a protected computer, storing more than 15 unauthorized devices to access secure computer networks, theft of personal information under aggravating circumstances.

The prosecution said that Seleznyov caused losses of 170 million dollars. Prosecutors argued at the trial that the computer Seleznev during detention in 2014 were found 1.7 million stolen credit card numbers.

Seleznev fact caused resonance due to the circumstances of detention - he was seized US Secret Service agents in the Maldives in 2014 and taken to the United States.

It is noted that the protection Seleznev, his father, a State Duma deputy Valery Seleznev and Foreign Ministry called the detention of a Russian kidnapping and violation of international law. In Ukrainian/український
The Turkish authorities accused the Kurds in the assassination of opposition leader

According to the Interior Minister of Turkey, made the attack members of the armed forces Kurdistan Workers' Party

Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey on Kurds put responsibility for the attempt on the leader of the opposition People's Republican Party (CHP) Kemal Kylychdarohlu, reports BBC.

According to the Interior Minister of Turkey, made the attack members of the armed forces of the Working Party Kurdystanu.Vona for several decades fighting for the creation of an independent Kurdish state.

Turkey, the US and several European countries consider the party a terrorist organization, its activities banned.

Recall that in Turkey fired on the motorcade of the leader of the opposition party. In Ukrainian/український
Most support Ukrainian accession to the EU - poll

51% elected Ukrainian accession to the European Union

More than half of Ukrainian (51%) as integration towards selected countries join the European Union.

These are released on Thursday results of a survey by Research & Branding Group, Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the poll, the opposite vector (entry into the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) have chosen 13% of residents of Ukraine.

Some respondents would prefer not to join any of these integration associations (27%) or were undecided (9%).
Survey results also showed that over the past 7 months, four out of ten Ukrainian (40-42%) declare their readiness to take advantage of the opportunities open to them visa-free regime with the EU.

The survey was conducted July 7-15 among residents Ukraine (excluding Crimea, Sevastopol, areas outside the control of Donetsk and Lugansk regions). Respondents were selected by quota sample representing the adult population of Ukraine by region of residence (region), gender and age. The volume of sample was 1795 respondents. The expected average sampling error is ± 2,4%. In Ukrainian/український

IMO, Ukrainians should think twice about it and look at what's happened to a few EU countries. Being independent of any union like the EU would give Ukraine much stronger leverage on running their country. If the EU was so great, the UK would've never considered in the least to leave the EU. The best example is, Greece's economic downturns they had. And they're not the only ones having economic issues, which is what the EU's suppose to help out on. The EU is broken. Don't let it break Ukraine. It has TOO MUCH to offer without a union's rules and regulations that keep a country down.

Lavrov, Kerry Discuss Situation In Syria's Aleppo, Ukraine - Russian Foreign Ministry

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his US counterpart John Kerry held a telephone conversation on Wednesday to discuss the outlook for concerted action against terrorists in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, Russia's TASS news agency reports. Question

"There has been a discussion of the situation in Syria, including Aleppo, where government troops with support from the Russian military have been conducting a humanitarian operation, and the outlook for concerted action by Russia and the United States in the struggle against terrorists to build up from the previously achieved agreements, including the need for drawing a clear border line between the Washington-oriented Syrian opposition groups and the terrorists groups that use these as a cover and to which truce does not apply," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

During the phone conversation held at the initiative of the US side, the top diplomats also exchanged views on the Ukrainian crisis.

Lavrov urged the US "to use its influence on Kiev to warn it against provocations and encourage dialogue with Donbass and implement all the accords enshrined in the Minsk Package of measures and in the framework of the Normandy Quartet's activity," the ministry said.
Poroshenko urges Ukrainian diplomats to prevent information vacuum regarding Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has calls on Ukrainian diplomats to effectively counteract the Russian information war and improve Ukraine's image abroad.

"I want to emphasize the critical importance of strategic communication problems, the problem of a part of the Russian hybrid war - the information war, creation of the perverted image of our country abroad. I am sure that Ukraine and our partners now have to find and offer effective counteraction to this," Poroshenko said during a meeting with representatives of Ukrainian diplomatic institutions with the participation of Polish President Andrzej Duda in Kyiv on Wednesday.......
SBU collected enough evidence of Russian aggression against Ukraine

Ukrainian security forces proved facts crimes by Russian military in Ukraine, said Tandit

Ukraine has collected enough evidence of Russian military involvement in armed conflict in Donbas. This was stated by Advisor to the Chairman of the SBU Yuri Tandit commenting Ukraine recourse to the International Tribunal on the matter.

In particular, the security forces brought the facts of crimes by Russian military in Ukraine.

"I can confirm for president we will collect enough evidence of participation of Russian troops in an undeclared war, evidence of the crimes they have committed on our territory. The prospect will always be, because we will only show that in our territory operates the neighboring country as an enemy, as the killer. We have much evidence on Ilovaisky case, testifying that in our territory illegally fighting the neighboring country ", - said Tandit the TV channel " 112 Ukraine ".

The preparation of evidence, he said, deals with several structures. "There are several agencies that deal, including the military prosecutor's office, we (SBU. - Ed.) Only execute orders, we have enough evidence," - he explained.
Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine will appeal to the international tribunal in connection with the aggression of the Russian Federation. In Ukrainian/український
The formation of the "DNR / FSC" impact model "Soviet society" - historian

Vyatrovych explained that Donbas - a model of the ideal Soviet society

The mood that now dominate the Donbass, is the result of policies carried out even by Soviet authorities in these areas, as well as legacy that remains after the leaders, who controlled activities in the region in the time of Independence of Ukraine. This opinion was expressed on the air "on Channel 5," head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, Vladimir Vyatrovych.

He is convinced: "It is no accident that it was in the territory held out those terrorist" DNR / FSC. "

"This is truly a special area - an industrial Donbas. This area, which from the beginning of Soviet power formed a kind of model "sovyetskoho chelovyeka." It is in this area that was easiest to create. There were brought people from all over the Soviet Union, they were engaged in heavy physical labor, but at the same time get enough wages, "- said Vyatrovych.

He argues that the Donbas - a model of the ideal Soviet society. "This is not a island of the Soviet Union, and is a core of the Soviet Union still remains, unfortunately, in the 25th year of Independence", - said Vyatrovych current events and confidence in Donbas. In Ukrainian/український
on Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:55 amAdmin
Paruby said the "Ukrainian dream"

According Parubiya, Ukraine could become a regional leader

Ukraine has the potential to become a regional leader, but now is the time for security issues. This is in the air "on Channel 5," said Parliament Speaker Andrew Paruby.

He also volunteered to tell what it means for him the concept of "Ukrainian dream". As it turned out, one of the key points - a security of every citizen.

"Ukrainian dream - a powerful Ukrainian state, which can take care of security and improvement of its citizens", - said Paruby. In addition, "Ukrainian dream - when every citizen will feel safe, comfortable and well-being."
"Ukrainian dream - a Ukrainian state as strength again emphasize - like strength, which has the potential to be a regional leader in east central Europe", - he said.

The Parliament also said: "Even today Ukraine has the most powerful army in the entire region that can facilitate and our neighbors - Poland, the Baltic states on the need to protect them." In Ukrainian/український

He must be reading my comments. As I said a couple of days ago, Ukraine's the second largest country in Europe and it'll have to be dealt with at that level. It has a lot to offer the rest of Europe and the globe.
The militants in the Donbass forces fired 85 times ATO

Terrorists fired by Ukrainian military and mortars from BMP

Over the past day in the zone ATO 85 times militants opened fire on the positions of Ukrainian forces 38 times - in Donetsk, 22 - in Mariupol and 25 - Luhansk directions.

The press center ATO headquarters reported on the page in Facebook.

In Donetsk area militants before dawn beaten with heavy artillery caliber 122 mm on the Trinity and Luhansk.

On the boundary line Nevel - Avdeyevka Industrial Area - Svetlodarsk arch - terrorists fired 120 and 82 mm mortars, grenades of different systems, large-caliber machine guns and small arms.

For Avdiyivka gunmen also beat the tanks, and Luhansk - with infantry fighting vehicles. Close to midnight separatists fired about 60 artillery shells caliber 152 mm on Semyhir'yu.

In Mariupol direction from 122 mm self-propelled militants fired more than a hundred shells on Shyrokynomu.

"For positions in Novohryhorivtsi, Shyrokynomu Starohnativtsi enemy and drove the fire from mortars, 120 caliber, for Mar'yintsi and Krasnohorivtsi used caliber 82 mm, water, and Shyrokynomu Pavlopoli fired grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. Near Marinka invaders activated APC ", - the headquarters.

Also during Marinka and snipers Novotroickoe active militants.

In Luhansk terrorists with heavy artillery caliber 152 mm was beaten by Ukrainian positions in Kalinowo-Popasna, Novozvanivtsi, grooves and Novotoshkivsku. In the Crimean beaten with artillery caliber 122 mm.

In Crimea, Luhansk Popasnaya and village fighters were mortar, grenade and machine-gun fire, and Novooleksandrivtsi Gold - fired with grenade launchers and machine guns of large caliber.

Near the Crimean and militants have used tanks and villages in Luhansk - infantry fighting vehicles. Near Novoaleksandrivka "worked" sniper. In Ukrainian/український
on Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:12 amAdmin
Norway builds wall on border with Russia

The barrier will be built on the site of a previous obstacle, which was made of wood

Norway started the construction of the wall on the border with Russia. It will be 200 meters long and three and a half meters in height.

Wall will be built at the border checkpoint Sturskuґ. This wall will protect the northern border of the Schengen zone from the influx of refugees.

Due to the closing of the migration corridor that runs through the Balkans, refugees are increasingly more willing to use the route through Russia and its borders with the EU. Last year, Arctic border crossing in Sturskuґu overcame five and a half thousand refugees came mostly from Syria.

The barrier will be built on the site of a previous obstacle, which was made of wood, which served to control the number of deer herds during their migration.

Vice Minister of Justice of Norway Ove Vanebo said that the decision to build the wall is fully justified. This initiative, instead, the opposition criticized the Norwegian and organizations involved in the protection of human rights. In Ukrainian/український
Russia sent back to Donbas tanks, assault guns, ammunition wagons

Also arriving tank of fuel and lubricants

Department of Defense intelligence of Ukraine registered a regular supply of evidence at Donbass military equipment, ammunition and fuel and lubricants from the territory of the Russian Federation.

In particular, according to the Defence to come Ilovaiskaya two platforms of military equipment (two T-72 tanks), three wagons of ammunition (120 tons), four tanks of fuel and lubricants (200 tons).

By Sverdlovsk arrived three platforms of military equipment (three tanks, two KAMAZ trucks / military trucks), two ammunition wagons (80 tons), four tanks of fuel and lubricants (200 tons).

In addition, Rovenky from Russia delivered six tanks with fuels and lubricants (300 tons).

In Lugansk arrived platform of military equipment (three tanks, two self-propelled guns, two KamAZ trucks), two ammunition wagons (80 tons), three tanks of fuel and lubricants (150 tons). In Ukrainian/український
Russian officers from the Donbas sent to "psychiatric examination"

An increasing number of nervous breakdowns among commanders of the Russian troops in Donbas

Due to the long stay at the forefront, awareness of the inevitability of punishment for war crimes in the temporarily occupied territories of the east Ukraine, organized highest military and political leadership of, and failure to command the Russian occupying forces promise of planned replacement and return to Russia, a growing number of nervous breakdowns among commanders of formations and units 2 AK (Luhansk) Armed Forces. This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

"On 22 August, during the Commission Staff 2 AK Armed Forces to establish real reasons for disclosing names of military personnel of the Armed Forces, performing" military service and "task on command posts in 6 separate motorized rifle regiment (Stakhanov), Deputy Commander regiment Lieutenant colonel Stanislav Ershov Armed Forces E. (Stanislav Ershov Эduardovych, 07.10.1970r.n.) chief of staff threatened to blow himself grenade shell was disarmed and forcibly sent to a psychiatric examination of a military hospital. Rostov-on-Don ", - stated in Defence statement.

Remember that Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Russia Eduard Ershov came on temporarily occupied territory of East Ukraine to perform criminal orders of senior military and political leadership of Russia from the post of commander of Battalion 247 landing assault shelf (Stavropol) 7 Landing and Assault Division (mountain) (Novorossiysk) airborne forces Armed Forces. Battalion Task Force 247 Landing assault regiment Stavropol) 7 Landing and Assault Division (mountain) (Novorossiysk) airborne troops of the Armed Forces from August to November 2014 participated in the fighting in the temporarily occupied territories inhabited areas in Ukraine Novoazovsk, Rosa Luxemburg, Markin then relocated to the border regions of Ukraine, Rostov region. (District towns Fedorivka, Maksymiv, Pudov), which is also in this time. In Ukrainian/український

In the center of Moscow, a man took hostages in a bank

The man was in a bank employee hostage for four

Sober man who took four hostages, threatening to arrange an explosion in the department of Citibank in the center of Moscow, told RIA Novosti source in law enforcement.

"The men are being held hostage four bank employee. In appearance it about 55 years ", - the source said.

Later it became known that the invader sent one of the hostages. In Ukrainian/український
Steinmeier calls not to interfere with the OSCE observers in Donbas

The statement came after reports of new facts fire mission

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier considers unacceptable attacks and threats to the OSCE observers in eastern Ukraine and calls to provide the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) normal operation.

He as head of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said on Wednesday, reports Ukrinform.

"These attacks are aimed at impediment work civil unarmed observer mission of the OSCE, totally unacceptable. All parties should fully guarantee the safety of observers SMM and equipment and ensure their unimpeded access throughout the country, including the conflict zone "- said in a statement to popular Foreign Minister.

The statement came after reports of new facts SMM attack, including at Novoaleksandrovka.

Recent attacks, according to Steinmeier, only adds to the difficulty of the mission, which also include movement restrictions, as repeatedly stated in the reports of observers.

The mission stressed the German minister, should be able to fully carry out its mandate, and those who did not give her to do it, must be held accountable. He called to investigate the incident thoroughly and promptly respond to them.

As reported, on Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry issued a commentary Ukraine, which wants Russia and supported her attempts to intimidate militants to stop observers.

August 20 observers of the OSCE mission came under fire in the Luhansk region near Novoaleksandrovka.

August 23 OSCE declared militants search "DNR" car SMM. While the search was conducted, observers held at gunpoint. In Ukrainian/український
In Poland, explained to suspend local border traffic with Russia

Poland's Interior Minister said to the Kaliningrad region now headed by a former bodyguard of Putin.

The Minister of Interior and Administration Blaschak Mariusz explains the suspension of local border traffic with the Kaliningrad region of security concerns, reports the Polish Radio.

The head of the Ministry of the Interior said that NATO is not without reason has decided to send American soldiers to Poland. He also recalled the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the Donbas.

In addition, the Minister drew attention to the changes as governor of the Kaliningrad region. Now, according to media reports, the region is headed by a former bodyguard of President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

He added that the border closure will make it impossible for the organization of various provocations. As an example, he filed a case without the restoration of the monument to General Ivan Chernyakhovsky in Pyenyenzhni. In Ukrainian/український
The attack of hysteria. As the Kremlin's media "welcomed" Ukraine on Independence Day

One of the most cynical Russian media site was TASS

Russian propaganda media not left behind such events as the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. Sites Kremlin mouthpieces seem staged a contest: who will be able to come up with a more offensive title. Propagandists and worked on themes - carefully picked up as many facts put in a negative light economic and political life of Ukraine. However, nervousness hostile media can be interpreted as a positive signal for the Ukrainian, so we do a lot of things right.

One of the most cynical Russian media site was TASS. Yesterday, on the eve of Independence Day of Ukraine, this information agencies rozrodylas up two article about how in Ukraine is bad:

If such efforts were made on the eve of Independence Day, the sin was not to issue a "bomb", in fact, the holiday itself. However TASS however. Heading out in Article formality, however, journalists tried to "rehabilitate" the text subtitle style "betrayal":


Russian information agencies "RIA Novosti" also could not remain aloof anniversary of Ukrainian independence. An impressive concentration of promoters felt anger already and Titles.

"RIA Novosti"

If TASS and "RIA Novosti" demonstrated aggression and anger, the article on the site and title, and the general mood is more like the image of an abandoned woman betrayed:

In summary, I want to thank the neighbors for what did not forget about our holiday, "welcomed" Ukraine - albeit somewhat specific way. In Ukrainian/український
In the case Nemtsov Court failed to elect a jury because of the massive rejection

With 59 people 45 resignation was for personal reasons

The Moscow District Military Court could not take away from the first panel of jurors in a criminal case five accused in the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.

"The selection goes, but now will not take away: 45 of 59 people was a resignation for personal reasons," - said Wednesday "Interfax" lawyer Vadim Prokhorov victims.

"Suspiciously many of those who refused, I think people are just afraid of those who are behind this crime," - he expressed his opinion.

The court noted that the selection of a new jury appointed on 28 September.

Earlier, one of the lawyers - Shamsutdin Tsakayev - reported that 59 people came to the interview, noting that "it is not enough."

The Moscow District Military Court on July 25 launched a preliminary hearing for the five defendants in the murder Nemtsov - Zaur Dadayev, Anzor and Shadida Hubashevyh, Temirlana Eskerhanova and Khamzat Bahayeva - and granted the defense motion for the trial jury.

Depending on the role and degree of participation by the accused figures of percentage points ch. 2, Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (murder committed by an organized group, employment) and ch. 3. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal turnover of weapons carried by a group of people).

At different stages of the investigation gave figures of evidence: Dadayev - immediately after the arrest, Anzor Hubashev - early on in the investigation, Shadid Hubashev in the second half of 2015 provided evidence as would secure the release of his brother. Then they said that they were pressured. Now all the accused actively declare their innocence in the murder of politician.

As you know, the opposition to Vladimir Putin's policy Nemtsov killed 27 February 2015 to four shots in the back in Moscow near the Kremlin. In Ukrainian/український
The head of the Czech Republic once again criticized the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia

In traditional methods of Czech diplomatic representatives at Prague Castle President Miloš Zeman gave a speech in which he touched on a number of current political situation, reports Radio Prague.

The head of the Czech Republic once again criticized the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia, which he called the greatest obstacle to the development of bilateral relations.

Zeman also expressed doubts that migrants from Islamic countries could integrate into European society.

The bulk of the 20-minute speech, the president of the Czech Republic was devoted to terrorism. In addition, the President called Vrexit mistake UK and the EU, and urged the ambassadors to support Czech exports. In Ukrainian/український
At any moment could explode in the Crimea tinderbox - Rook

In Russia already is thinking that occupied Crimea - a very difficult region

Moscow has realized that Stolen in Ukraine Crimea - a difficult region, and there can explode inter-ethnic tinderbox. This was in an interview with "Commander" said former Member of Parliament from the Communist Party and former head of the Crimean parliament Leonid Grach, who now lives on the peninsula.

He noted that Moscow "this" terra incognita "got to the core, removing a separate federal district here, removing a small idol Belaventseva (ex-" President's representative in the Crimea federal district. "- Ed.) That" kryshuvav "is all but out Sevastopol finally sent Menyayla (Sergei Menyaylo - ex- "governor of Sevastopol." - Ed.) to Siberia."

"That is already thinking that this is not a simple region - at any moment there could explode inter-ethnic tinderbox" - says Rook. In Ukrainian/український
Russia presses charges against Ukraine's defense minister, top brass for Donbas attacks

Russia's Investigative Committee said on Wednesday it has opened a criminal case against Ukraine's defense minister and the General Staff chief over the artillery shelling of civilians in Donbas, according to Russian news agency TASS.

A criminal case has been opened into the use of prohibited means of warfare. Criminal charges have been filed against Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, Chief of General Staff Viktor Muzhenko, Ukrainian Ground Forces Commander Serhiy Popko, former Ukrainian Ground Forces Commander Anatoliy Pushniakov and the Commander of Ukraine's National Guard Yuriy Allerov. Russia's Investigative Committee is currently conducting an investigation into the illegal use of prohibited means of warfare by Ukraine's armed forces in the country's southeast. Investigators have obtained facts that the Ukrainians have repeatedly violated the ceasefire regime in the region this year............. In Ukrainian/український

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