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Putin has new main goal, says ex-Luhansk Governor Tuka. 88 militants’ attacks reported yesterday. 152-mm shells hit Krasnohorivka, - ATO press service. Expert Analysis: Ukraine strongly concerned of possible Russia's hand in US politics. Sudden combat readiness check in Russia: aircraft being deployed in military district at border with Ukraine.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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In Kiev the night found dead a famous Russian journalist, Putin's personal enemy - media

It is reported that Alexander Shchetinina friends found it on the balcony of his apartment, a pistol lying under the chair

Today, August 28 at night in the apartment on the street Konstantinovskaya was found dead journalist Alexander Shchetinin. He died in his own birthday.

It is reported "Kyiv Operations" on the page in Facebook .

Alexander Shchetinina found on the balcony of his friends who came to congratulate him on the date. He sat on a chair with a gunshot wound to the head (gun lying under a chair). According to reliable sources, while considering the case as a suicide, as one of the family, Alexander sent an email stating the intention to commit suicide, the report said.

Alexander Shchetinina - known blogger, journalist and founder of the Russian information agency "New Region".

Russian President Vladimir Putin called it a personal enemy. "For many years I am a categorical opponent of the current fascist dictatorship in Russia. Putin - my personal enemy. I always believed that we can defeat the dictatorship, and Russia will be free" - said in an interview Shchetinin radio " Freedom ".

According to him, during the Ukrainian revolution of dignity at the editorial "New Region" in Moscow pressured. In Ukrainian/український
The police Kyiv region opened proceedings because storage was found with parts of human bodies

Law enforcement officers find out the circumstances in which the repository was formed, and who organized

Yagotynske police investigation department opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the eve of the workers found an underground morgue in Yahotyn.

Law enforcement officers find out the circumstances in which it was formed armory, and who organized it, said communications department of the police in the Kiev region. Pre-trial investigation is continuing.

As reported in Yagotynsky district of Kyiv region during the construction of wells found thrown plastic bags with parts of human bodies and organs.

In concrete wells police found and seized a large number of packages with body parts and organs, like men, to which were attached tags with the diagnosis. Seized evidence submitted for examination to establish their origin. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:30 pmAdmin
"Molotov cocktails" thrown in Crimea mosque

Unknown to the mosque, threw three bottles with incendiary mix

In Crimea mosque unknown threw bottles with incendiary mix. This August 27 the press service of the Kremlin-controlled Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea and Sevastopol, writes "Radio Liberty"

The incident occurred in the village of Simferopol Pozharsky district, where the mosque is unknown threw three bottles with incendiary mix.

"Attackers are not able to get inside the mosque, because a small fire broke out in several places near the walls of the building and at the foot of the minaret. In place of the investigation team arrived, now law enforcement agencies carried out the necessary investigative actions ", - the press-service.

According to the deputy mufti of Crimea Ayder Ismailov, this is not the first attempt of arson of a mosque in Pozharsky.

"Seven months ago there was an attempt of arson of mosques, the situation repeated itself. We hope the attackers will be found and punished. There remains one question, who benefits? "- Said Aider Ismailov. In Ukrainian/український
Russia outraged compulsorily Paralympics, spins campaign against "doping accuser"

A warrant for the confiscation of property lыkarya Rodchenkova was issued on August 12 - a few days after the first announcement of the suspension of Russian paralympic

Aggravated complete removal of the Paralympic Games and dozens of non-admission of athletes to the Olympic Games, Moscow spins campaign against the Russian doctor who gave detailed indications on doping program, which supported the government, writes The New York Times .

"Moscow court which charged earlier this summer, criminal proceedings Dr. Gregory Rodchenkova, ordered to confiscate property belonging accuser, former director of the Russian anti-doping laboratory," - says the publication.

The article states that this order has been made possible thanks to the persistent efforts of Russian officials and state media defamation man who was in branded as a traitor and a liar, which serves the interests of foreign states, but whose run as demonstrated investigation of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), was true.

"The official representative of the Basmanny District Court in Moscow said that a warrant for the confiscation of Russian property Rodchenkova, now lives in the US, was released on August 12 - a few days after the first announcement of the suspension of Russian paralympic - and has since been used in relation to the site land ", - the The New York Times.

Russian version of why athletes of the country so relentlessly pursued accusations of doping, fits into a broader concept of persecution by the United States, which Russian President Putin "implants" in 2014, it says.

On the eve of Putin stated that disqualification paralympic is "outside the law, of morality and humanity beyond." "The case against Russia Rodchenkova this week received an unexpected turn when the head of administration of interaction with the media Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin said the accuser was a member of the conspiracy against Russia prepared WADA», - said further. This is not the Russian government, such as WADA, Markin said on Tuesday ordered Rodchenkovu fake urine of athletes.

"Public television is replete with interviews with athletes with disabilities in tears and angry statements about imaginary Western conspiracy to keep Russia in subjection and humiliate even the weakest and vulnerable of its citizens", - says the article. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:03 pmAdmin
Japanese to invest in the Ukrainian roads

Working Group from Japan will arrive in Ukraine in November in order to explore investment attractiveness

From November 2016 members of the working group of experts, government and bizneskil Japan in Ukraine will study the possibility of implementing promising infrastructure projects, including the repair of roads, bridges and so on. The press service of the Cabinet, writes "RBC-Ukraine".

"Given the successful experience of cooperation in the modernization project Bortnicheskoy WWTP, Japan is considering areas for the reconstruction of roads, bridges, landfill disposal of solid waste, etc.", - said Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Gennady Zubko after a meeting with the Ambassador of Japan in Ukraine Shiheki amount.

He stressed that during the meeting they discussed the possible participation of Japanese capital in the reconstruction of a road and port infrastructure.

Also, according to authorities, the parties discussed the possibility of engaging in Ukraine Japanese expert assistance on development strategy for water supply and waste management. In Ukrainian/український
In check combat readiness of Ukraine's aerospace forces troops

Mobile radar and anti-aircraft missile system on the eve carried out and took the alert for new positional areas to strengthen the defense forces on duty in the area of ​​exercise

Crews combat training aircraft Yak-130 and L-39 training Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School of pilots started the relocation to operational airfields Southern Military District as part of a sudden check combat readiness of forces. This was reported in the Department of Information and Communications of the Ministry of Defense, reports TASS .

"Aircraft from the air bases of educational aerospace forces will be involved in checking air defense (PVO) air defense as control targets for forces and air defense. The crews will carry out flights at extremely low and medium altitudes, singly and as a group, at minimum intervals and distances, making it difficult to maximize the ability to detect air targets and classification ", - the Ministry of Defence.

Mobile radar and anti-aircraft missile system S-300 and S-400 air defense YUVO eve carried out and overshadowed on alert for new positional areas to strengthen the regular forces of air defense in the area of ​​the exercise, said the Department of Information and Communications of the Defense Ministry. In Ukrainian/український

Hague court will consider Ukraine claims to Russia after the war - Smith

Speaking of The Hague, the general practice of the International Criminal Court is that the case essentially begins, the end of the military conflict

European Court of Human Rights can be up to 5 years in actions brought Ukraine to Russia Hague court will start only after the war. The Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko said in a broadcast channel "112 Ukraine" , referring to the approximate time when can be considered interstate claims Ukraine by Russian aggression in international courts.

According to estimates, the proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights should be at least 3-5 years. "If we talk about the European Court of Human Rights, the following examples, such as interstate dispute at all was only 16. If we talk about the war, it was a dispute between Turkey and Cyprus - and this case was tried over 10 years: 15 or 16 years. Now due to the fact that communication is faster, the matter of 3-5 years - at least, "- said Petrenko.

The prospect of action in the International Court of Justice in The Hague rather illusory. "Speaking of The Hague, the general practice of the International Criminal Court is that the case essentially begins, the end of the military conflict. Georgia filed a lawsuit against Russia in 2009, but this year began the first proceedings in court. The reason I say realistic terms - a matter of years ", - said the Minister.

As reported, today, Petrenko said that Ukraine has prepared another interstate lawsuit against the aggression by Russia in Donbas and Crimea annexation to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. In Ukrainian/український
Russian radicals attacked the embassy of Ukraine in Moscow

In the attack on the diplomatic mission of Ukraine Russian law enforcement respond sluggishly

Dozens of Russian radicals attacked the embassy of Ukraine in Moscow. Dozens of violent men arrived about 22:07 Kyiv time to the building of Ukrainian diplomatic mission, reports UNIAN .

They first shouted slogans: "the junta to account", "Odessa remember, remember Donbass", "Do not forget, not forgive", "Hands off our diplomats" and unfurled posters with similar slogans. Then radicals lit fires, and threw eggs at the embassy and tomatoes. The police had known about the actions and tightened security measures, but the attack on the diplomatic mission Russian police reacted sluggishly.

After warning that the action is not agreed upon were significant detained three people, while the bulk of the attackers calmly left the area near the embassy. In Ukrainian/український
In the (VIDEO) appeared investigation murder police Cukierman kryvoozerskymy

The record belongs to one of Nearby shops

In order investigation, police investigating the murder in the Crooked Lake Mykolaiv region local resident Alexander Zuckerman got videotape beating and murder. This is reported by "Novosti N-» , citing a source in the prosecutor's office.

The record belongs to one of Nearby shops. According to the source, the record shows also the moment when Alexander Cukierman shoot.

Get entry of surveillance cameras police tried to murder another day, August 24, Proteus could not do that - supposedly cameras were not working, then said that the record is, but because of the poor quality of the recording and night there was nothing to be seen.

In addition, the source claims that in the video is seen as the victim beaten three policemen.

As reported, on August 24 it became known about the brutal murder of police 32-year resident of Krivoy Lake Mykolaiv region. The new head of police in Kryvyi Lake in the Mykolaiv region said the police department scandal involving the murder of a detainee by police, continues to work with new and old employees. And the prosecutor explained why can not find the gun killers Zuckerman in the Crooked Lake. In Ukrainian/український

Turkey has put forward an ultimatum to Germany due to the air base "Indzhirlik"

The German government must make it clear that the term genocide has no legal meaning - Turkish diplomats

Turkey has put forward an ultimatum to the German government in connection with the planned visit of German MPs on the military base "Indzhirlik" reports Der Spiegel .

Since June, Ankara prohibits delegation of German parliamentarians visit the air base, which deployed Bundeswehr forces participating in the operation against IDIL. According to Der Spiegel, the Turkish side is ready to allow the visit, if the German government distanced itself from the resolution of the Bundestag of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire.

"We can live with the fact that the Bundestag made the decision. But the German government has to understand that the term genocide has no legal value, "- said a senior Turkish diplomat.

German Foreign frantically trying to find a solution that will allow all parties to "save face", the newspaper notes.

During his visit to Turkey this week, State Minister for Europe Michael Roth said that the resolution of the Bundestag and responsibilities provided collaborated with the German Empire at Constantinople massacres of Armenians. The document itself, he said, is not directed against the current Turkish government, and it is only a reflection of guilt of the Germans.

Ankara is not such gestures, writes Der Spiegel: it demands that the Government of Germany made the corresponding statement at the highest level - the level of the Chancellor or Foreign Minister.

Accusations of genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has traditionally rejected, claiming that in 1915 became the victims of the tragedy and Armenians and Turks. Armenia insists on the recognition of the genocide by the international community, which had already been made by many countries, including Russia, Poland, France, and the European Parliament and the World Council of Churches. In Ukrainian/український
Special Russian security services forces provoking confrontation within the Poles to Ukraine - Deshchytsia

According to the Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Andriy fraction, Russian intelligence services active in Poland, provoke to confrontation with Ukraine

Russian security services are active in Poland and Poles to provoke a confrontation with Ukrainian. This was told Ambassador Ukraine to Poland Andriy Deshchytsia in an interview with "Public Radio".

"In Poland, a Russian special services are active, they incite it (cooling of relations between Poland and Ukraine - Ed.). Especially what is happening on the Internet. A lot of unknown authors comment that provoked the confrontation and create tension. It is in the interests of third parties ", - he said.

In addition, Deshchytsia noted that in the context of Russian aggression, Ukraine is important for Poland in terms of security.

"Ukraine is important for Poland in terms of security, especially at this time when the continuing Russian aggression in the East. They believe that the need to cooperate with Ukraine, should continue to support Ukraine towards European integration. This understanding, I think, dominate, "- said Dieschitz. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:40 amAdmin
US interested in Ukrainian arms

States last year bought more than 10 000 units of Ukrainian weapons

America buys Ukrainian weapons. According to the data , which published the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), in 2015 the US bought in Ukraine thousands of firearms.

According to SIPRI, last year Ukraine has sent to the United States 10 000 weapons, which are classified as "rifles and carbines." Also, Americans bought 226 Ukrainian rockets and 89 portable anti-tank guns and grenades.

As for military equipment, it mainly bought three countries: Thailand, Nigeria and Ethiopia. As reported by "head office" in the last two years, Ukraine has sold to these countries, 43 tanks and 48 armored personnel carriers.

More on the export of Ukrainian military equipment you can learn from the article "Commander" of Ukraine's position in the global arms market . In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:36 amAdmin
Ukrainian set a world record in swimming

Daria Zebina

Ukrainian athlete Daria Zebina won the World Cup with world record

Ukrainian Daria Zebina won the World Cup in the French city of Chartres at a distance of 200 meters back. Zebina won with a new world record - 1: 59.35, writes "Champion".

At this distance Zebina bypassed triple Olympic champion Games in Rio de Janeiro uhorku Katinka Hossam, who demonstrated the results of 2: 01.56. At the Olympics in Rio Hossa in this race was the runner-up, and then won the American Meydelin Dirado - 2: 05.99.

In addition Zebina was second in the World Cup at a distance of 50 meters on the back. Result Ukrainian - 26.43. Won at this distance Emily from Australia Sibonm - 26.15. In Ukrainian/український

on Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:14 amAdmin
Turkey attacked the Kurds who support the US

Under Turkish airstrikes and artillery fire fell Syrian village of al-Amarna

Turkish warplanes hit the US supported positions of Kurdish forces in northern Syria, 27 August. Based in London supervisory organization "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' reports that the Turkish airstrikes and artillery fire fell village of Al-Amarna, writes " Radio Freedom ".

A few days ago with the support of US air strikes control of the settlement took "Syrian democratic forces» (SDF), mainly Kurdish association. In a statement, the so-called Military Council Dzharablusa, which is part of the SDF, indicated that the attack on the village led to casualties among civilians and a "dangerous escalation that threatens the fate of the region."

The village of Al-Amarna located approximately eight kilometers south of Dzharablusa, border city, released August 25 by gunmen grouping "Islamic state."

Earlier this week, Turkish tanks and armored vehicles crossed the border with Syria within the operation against militants from the border area to stop the Kurdish forces to capture territory. Turkey warned the Kurdish forces that they should leave the area. Turkey considers Kurdish militias in the region as a continuation of outlawed organization - "the Kurdistan Workers' Party." In Ukrainian/український
Expert Analysis: Ukraine strongly concerned of possible Russia's hand in US politics (VIDEOS INTERVIEW)

American political consultant Paul Manafort is getting quite a lot of attention as of late. He previously worked as an adviser on the presidential campaign of Ukrainian ousted leader Yanukovych, who was considered to be controlled by Vladimir Putin during his Presidency in Ukraine.

After leaving Kyiv, Manafort joined the camp of the Republican scandalous nominee for the US President, Donald Trump. However, Trump, known for his numerous pro-Russian statements, had to accept Manafort's resignation after information emerged in Western media, naming the consultant ‘Secret Ledger' of Party of Regions, Yanukovych's political party.

An Associated Press article tied Manafort to undisclosed foreign lobbying, saying he secretly routed at least USD 2.2 million to ‘two prominent Washington lobbying firms in 2012 on behalf of Ukrainian governing party', which was the Party of Regions.

The concealed payments obscured the fact that a foreign political party tried to influence US policy....................

Access complete text of the editorial:
Yury Biryukov: “Alder” tactical missile formidable threat to enemy artillery

Poroshenko’s adviser Yury Biryukov, commenting on the testing on Aug. 26 of Ukraine’s new “Vilha (Alder)”tactical missile says in total 14 missiles with transducers had been launched – all of them successfully, the official writes in Facebook.

The testing cost millions. The missile can hit a target the size of a volley-ball site and burn out the area the size of a football p[itch.

“Linked to AN-TPQ-36 (US counter battery radars supplied to Ukraine) the complex will make it possible to destroy the mortars mounted by the rebels on trucks to avoid detection,” he said.

“It’s a new generation missile which Russia has so far failed to produce, even given its mammoth military budget,” he said. In Ukrainian/український
SBU found 4,500,000 UAH during search in apartment of National Aviation University acting rector

The SBU officers found 4,500,000 UAH and 10 credit cards in the apartment of National Aviation University acting rector.
Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the SBU.

"The SBU officers found the money in different currencies worth more than 4,500,000 in hryvnia equivalent and 10 credit cards during a search in the apartment of National Aviation University acting rector [already fired - ed.]," the statement reads.

As reported yesterday, officers of the Security Service of Ukraine detained Acting Rector of the Kyiv's National Aviation University Volodymyr Kharchenko while accepting 100,000 euros as a bribe.

The SBU press service later clarified that the official extorted 170,000 euros from a professor for his appointment to a post in the university. The negotiations were held through a lawyer who acted as an intermediary. In Ukrainian/український
88 militants’ attacks reported yesterday. 152-mm shells hit Krasnohorivka, - ATO press service

It was reported about 88 militants’ attacks at Ukrainian soldiers in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area over the past 24 hours. Zaitseve and Pisky were shelled with 122-mm guns, while Avdiivka was fired from tanks.
Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center.

The largest number of attacks - 37 - was reported in the Donetsk sector. Russian militants do not stop shelling the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine along the frontline.

Thus, Krasnohorivka and Troitske were fired from mortars, grenade launchers of various systems and large caliber machine guns. Zaitseve and Pisky strongholds were shelled with 122-mm guns, while Avdiivka was fired from tanks. It was reported about 60 shells fired at Ukrainian soldiers in the area. The militants' IFVs were spotted near Zaitseve, Novhorodske, and Luhanske strongholds.

Read more: 27 attacks recorded over day, enemy employed artillery in Luhansk region, - ATO press center

31 militants' attacks reported in the Mariupol sector yesterday. The militants fired at Krasnohorivka strongholds from 152-mm SP-guns, mortars of various calibers, heavy machine guns, and IFV's weapon. Taramchuk, Shyrokyne, Lebedynske were shelled with 120-mm mortars. Vodiane, Hnutove, Novotroitske were shelled with 82-mm mortars. Berezove, Marinka, and Shyrokyne were fired from 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. Moreover, the militants' sniper spotted near Marinka.

In the Luhansk sector, the day began with a massive artillery attack at the village of Krymske. The militants fired for about 50 122-mm shells at the village. Krymske was mortared in the evening. Novozvanivka, Popasna, Stanytsia Luhanska were fired from grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. Zolote was fired from machine-guns. Stanytsia Luhanska strongholds were shelled with 82-mm mortars and fired from IFV's weapon. In Ukrainian/український
Putin has new main goal, says ex-Luhansk Governor Tuka

The former governor of Luhansk and now deputy minister for occupied territories Georgy Tuka says Putin is most interested in having the sanctions lifted due to Russia’s huge losses inflicted by them.

Speaking to Korespondent Aug. 26, Tuka said, “No matter how our patriots keep beating their breasts saying how ineffective the sanctions are, I am convinced they are biting Putin’s heels. While the war in Donbas costs Russia US$1 billion annually, the economic losses from the sanctions amount to $100 bn annually.

If the situation continues like this, Russia’s hard-currency reserves will be drained in Feb., 2017. Putin’s major goal now is to have the sanctions lifted, not to fight with Ukraine, the ex-Luhansk governor said.
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