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Kaczynski's plane crash was plotted by Kremlin, - Poland's defense minister. Ukraine raises number of troops in East and South. Putin threatens tit-for-tat sanctions against US. Tim Ash responds to new U.S. sanctions on Russia.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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on Sat Sep 03, 2016 1:01 amAdmin
Syrian rebels said the downed Russian helicopter

Grouping "Dzhayshi Azzan Al" has published a video which shows how after landing helicopter broke

Grouping "Dzhayshi Azzan Al", which is part of the forces of the Free Syrian Army announced a military helicopter shot down by a Russian.
It is reported by Reuters , referring to a video posted by this group.

The incident occurred near the village Rahbat al Khattab, in the province of Hama.

"Dzhayshi Azzan Al" has published a video which shows how after landing helicopter broke out and thick black smoke. The video also shows the launch of missiles TOW », - said the agency.

Syria Monitoring Centre for Human Rights reported that the helicopter, which is considered a Russian, shooting down the rocket after landing.

The fate of the crew is unknown. In Ukrainian/український
Savchenko advocated for the removal of immunity of judges, MPs and President

People's Deputy stressed that the withdrawal of immunity of senior officials have long required people

Immunity should be removed not only MPs but also with the judges and the president. This is the "evening prime" to "112 Ukraine" stated MP Hope Savchenko.

"Immunity arises from mistrust ... The deputies of immunity - a defense mechanism that you have time to do anything or run away. What is integrity? Do you think that the ball touches someone not? "- Wondered the MP.

"People have long said that there should not be anybody immunity. No saint. You can lyustruvaty all in the trash. What you brought the situation that we must constantly defend themselves from whom? "- She added.

Talking about personal position on this issue, Savchenko said it supports the removal of immunity of all.

"I would vote for the removal of immunity from all judges, and the deputies, and the president," - she explained. In Ukrainian/український
Merkel and Hollande want to negotiate with Ukraine at the G20 summit

Merkel said that Germany and France "act in concert"

The leaders of Germany and France said they want to start a new stage in the process of resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine, reports Deutsche Welle.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday that she was dissatisfied with the current progress achieved in the implementation of the Minsk agreements in eastern Ukraine. She stated that the issue of war should be included in the agenda of the summit Big Twenty, which starts this Sunday in Hangzhou, China.

During a speech after meeting with French President Francois Hollande in Evian, Merkel said that Germany and France "act in concert" and will "give the same impulse." In Ukrainian/український

They'll want Poroshenko to drop them a little, so they can appease Putin. They want to go back to business as usual with Russia. He still holds the gas transport to them over their heads and they've caved into it, instead of looking into alternatives. Both repeating what Chamberlain did. Give a little to get a little. They don't stand on democratic ideologies at all. IMO, they're just mobsters trying to get along with another mobster. Plain and simple. And who will pay in the end? The west will, by their hands.

As I've mentioned MANY times. Poroshenko CAN'T bow to any of Putin's desires. That will leave the door wide open for him to go for more. Of course, he knows he'll have another Maidan revolution, if he does cave in. Those two have asked Poroshenko to give up some. So far Poroshenko denied them, every time they requested. He's got to stand for Ukrainians, not for foreigners that their only interest is their own personal desires. That's got to end.

on Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:30 pmAdmin
Lutsenko Yanukovych responded to a complaint

Yanukovych Lutsenko accused committed an administrative offense allegedly committed at the briefing on August 18

Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko reacted to the statement of former fugitive president Viktor Yanukovych for his alleged use of obscene words to the latter.

The press secretary Larisa Sargan Lutsenko wrote on his page on Facebook.

" I asked his aides to look in the dictionary, what it means. Following all, " scum ":

1. unusable remnants of something, stuff, old stuff, etc;

2. spread moral people declassed, criminal elements of society, trash, unworthy, rabble. I think that is adequate and no, I did not use swear words. This word is in the dictionary, so - it is normal " - said Lutsenko.

" Yanukovych will be questioned and brought before a Ukrainian court. I personally think as Attorney General that he should be examined in full-time mode in Ukraine in Kyiv Pechersk court " - said Lutsenko. In Ukrainian/український

US President assured the people of Uzbekistan of support

US confirms partnership with Uzbekistan and support the sovereignty of the country, Obama said

The White House issued a statement from President Barack Obama on the death of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. He assured the people of Uzbekistan in support.

"In this Calls complete when followed President Islam Karimov, the United States reiterates support for residents of Uzbekistan. This week, I welcomed President Karimov and the people of Uzbekistan with the 25th anniversary of independence. Uzbekistan began a new chapter in its history, the United States confirmed a partnership with Uzbekistan, support the sovereignty, security for the future, which will be based on the rights of all citizens, "- said in a statement.

Recall that in Uzbekistan 79 th year, died Republic President Islam Karimov. This is stated in the message of the government and parliament.

Earlier, Russian media initially announced the death of the president of Uzbekistan, and then canceled the news.

Later, the daughter of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov Lola announced the death of his father.

Islam Karimov was 78 years old. He served as head of Uzbekistan since 1991. Until 1989 he was the first secretary of the Communist Party of the Republic. In Ukrainian/український
In Turkey, the collision of the military and the PKK members killed more than 40 people

In turn, the Turkish army killed 33 PKK member

In Turkey, the military killed 11 government army in clashes with members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the eastern province of Van, and in the southeastern province of Mardin, reports "Xinhua".

It is noted that three military killed in an attack on a military checkpoint in Darhechit province of Van. Eight Turkish soldiers were killed in clashes in the foothills of the province of Mardin.

In turn, the Turkish army killed 33 PKK member, another 30 received various injuries. In Ukrainian/український
The hryvnia on the anniversary stopped falling, trading to close at 26.69 per dollar

According to the National Bank, the average rate of the hryvnia on the interbank market at 16:00 established at the level of UAH 26.6330 per dollar

On Friday, September 2, quoted against the US dollar on the interbank market at the time of the close of trading established at 26.62 / 26.69 UAH / USD., Said a commercial bank dealer.

According to the source, quoting the national currency to the euro are at 29.8360 / 29.9140 UAH / EUR, the Russian ruble - at 0.4060 / 0.4080 UAH / ruble.

According to the National Bank, the average rate of the hryvnia on the interbank market at 16:00 established at 26.6330 UAH / USD., In this hour concluded 516 deals worth US $ 319.07 million. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:25 pmAdmin
Tim Ash responds to new U.S. sanctions on Russia

“I think…it is meant to signal to Moscow that the US will negotiate hard, and that Moscow should not view sanctions moderation (erosion) as inevitable - the willingness of the US to maintain sanctions is strong is in effect the message.”

Responding to a U.S. Treasury announcement of sanctions on 17 individuals and 20 Russian and Crimean entities, Nomura International economist Timothy Ash offered the following comments at 11:36 today:

The timing of the US Treasury OFAC office's decision yesterday to announce the sanctioning of another 17 individuals and 20 corporate Russian and Crimean entities related to the conflict in Ukraine was interesting given that it came on the same day as the various sides to the conflict agreed another ceasefire to commence on the very same day, September 1, 2016.

It is worth reading through the OFAC justification for the move:

"To maintain the effectiveness of existing sanctions, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) today designated 37 individuals and entities under three Executive Orders (E.O.s) related to Russia and Ukraine. Today’s action is part of OFAC’s ongoing efforts to counter attempts to circumvent sanctions on Russia, to assist the private sector with sanctions compliance, and to foster a diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Ukraine. The action demonstrates Treasury’s steadfast commitment to maintain sanctions until Russia fully implements its commitments under the Minsk agreements, including a comprehensive cease fire, the withdrawal of all weapons and military personnel, and the restoration of Ukraine’s control over its side of the internationally recognized border. It also underscores the U.S. government’s opposition to Russia’s occupation of Crimea and our firm refusal to recognize its attempted annexation of the peninsula. These sanctions follow the recent extension of European Union sectoral sanctions, and together these steps demonstrate continued international unity in opposing Russia’s actions in Ukraine".

Some might argue that the move was somewhat aggressive at a time when there seems to be a move towards moderation on the ground as reflected in the new ceasefires attempt. That said we have seen on several occasions in the past sanctions iterations from the West on Russian/Crimean entities at times where tensions on the ground appear to be easing. In part this reflects the natural administrative process of maintaining the sanctions regime, with the US and its allies continually seeking to adjust the regime to ensure compliance and the effectiveness of the regime as attempts are naturally made to sidestep and get around that regime. This process tends to have its own timescale and dynamic, somewhat separate from the political decisions made over the sanctions regime and the political process relating to the conflict. Politicians set the scale/severity of the sanctions regime and OFAC and its other Western counterparts are tasked with maintaining the regime at the determined level of intensity/severity.

That said, I do think that there is some politicking going on here, and indeed from both sides, in what seems to be the run up to potential negotiations over Ukraine at the G20 summit in China this weekend.................

Access complete text of the editorial:
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report) : Debunking The Big Lie
on Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:56 amAdmin
Ukraine raises number of troops in East and South2

Ukraine command beefed up AA defenses and increased the number of troops in the south and east of the country, defense ministry spokesman told journalists in Kyiv Sept. 2, UNIAN reports.

The strength of each army arm has been significantly increased and new units formed, the spokesman said.

The size of the land troops has been increased from 55% to 70% of the entire armed forces.

Ukraine’s air forces received new AA units and repaired and modernized planes.

The army’s radio communications units have been supplied new modern radio electronic equipment.

The Navy has been reinforced by 4 restored warships and 7 cutters, the spokesman said.
on Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:54 amAdmin
Putin threatens tit-for-tat sanctions against US

Putin’s press secretary Dmitri Peskov said as usual that Russia will stick to the principle of reciprocity in the issue of sanctions, RIA Novyny reports Sept. 2.

 “We will analyse the new sanctions [against Russian companies and individuals – Ed.]. However, for us most important is the tit-for-tat principle and we will stick to it,” Peskov said.

The United States imposed new sanctions to show that Russia is doing little to implement the Minsk agreements.
Kaczynski's plane crash was plotted by Kremlin, - Poland's defense minister

Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz said previously unknown facts about the 2010 plane crash near Smolensk that killed 96 people, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski, will be revealed shortly.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Polskie Radio, the official said it in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

According to him, the latest developments in the case concern new recordings of conversations of the crashed plane's crew. In particular, he said, evidence will be presented that Russia's authorities and air traffic controllers were intent on making the aircraft fall.

"We have real evidence, including those concealed by the Miller's commission [previous commission probing the Smolensk tragedy - ed.]. We have horrific confessions by commission members," Macierewicz said.

According to him, the materials will be made public in October this year.

On April 10, 2010, a Tu-154 plane with a Polish government delegation on board crashed near the Russian town of Smolensk. The catastrophe killed eight crew members and 88 passengers, including President Lech Kaczynski. Both Poland and Russia continue investigating the circumstances around the tragedy. In Ukrainian/український
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