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If talks with Putin in China fail, Moscow will resort to provocations in Syria, Donbas. Russian Hasbaratchik Blogger Calls for ‘Breakup of Ukraine’. Same IP address used for cyber attacks in US, Ukraine, Germany - ThreatConnect.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Merkel reiterated: China summit discussed issues of Ukraine. they not call Poroshenko?

German Chancellor said that the hopes for dialogue "on how to move forward in Ukraine"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Ukraine hopes to discuss the issue, Syria and refugee issues during bilateral talks at the summit Big Twenty in China next week.

This is Merkel said in a video on September 3, reports Voice of America .

German Chancellor said that the hopes for dialogue "on how to move forward in Ukraine." She did not specify who is going to be in negotiations on Ukraine.

The Kremlin official said earlier on planned during the summit meeting of China, Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Merkel and French President Francois Hollande.

According to recent reports, Putin will have separate meetings with the leaders of France and Germany, although the first was announced a trilateral meeting, one of the main issues which should be the situation in Ukraine.

In Kiev, condemned plans to discuss the situation in Ukraine without its official representatives. It was proposed to participate in the meeting was the president of Petro Poroshenko.

International observers called the Kremlin proposed format of communication with Germany and France in Ukraine, "Poroshenko minus Normandy format" and urged Merkel and Hollande to abandon the meeting with Putin.

Recall the day before, on Friday, Merkel said that dissatisfied as are implemented Minsk agreement and believes that the issue of the conflict in Ukraine should be on the agenda of the G20 summit in China. In Ukrainian/український
In the Donetsk region. arrested a soldier who traded weapons and ammunition

For the illegal sale of weapons to the accused faces up to 7 years in prison

At the request of the prosecutor's office of Donetsk region arrested the soldier who sold weapons and ammunition. The press service of the regional prosecutor's office on the page in Facebook .

"Investigation Department of the Prosecutor's Office of Donetsk region investigated criminal proceedings on the fact of committing a military criminal offense under Part. 1, Art. 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives). During the investigation found that the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 1959 . n. in July this year sold the citizen 6 grenades, two rocket-propelled grenade and fuses to it, received it for 3000 UAH ", - said the press service.

News by topic: The court arrested the organizer of embezzlement branch "Railways" with the right to bail of 1 million USD
A man was reported on suspicion of committing the said criminal offense.

Today, September 3, October District Court in Mariupol, supporting a motion prosecutors Donetsk region, soldier chose preventive measure in the form of detention for a period of 60 days from alternative bail in the amount of 87 thousand. USD.

For the illegal sale of weapons and ammunition suspect faces up to 7 years in prison.

As reported in the Donetsk region. five militants and a female informant to justice. In Ukrainian/український

Czech Republic will use legal mechanisms against feykovoho "DNR offices" in Ostrava - Klimkin

Czech Foreign Minister lubomír zaorálek assured that the Czech Republic will use legal mechanisms against feykovoho "DNR offices" in Ostrava. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin on Twitter.

"Lubomír zaorálek assured that the Czech Republic will use legal mechanisms against feykovyh offices in Ostrava i will not allow a repetition of such cases," - he said.

As earlier reported, Ukraine Foreign Ministry expressed protest note to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in connection with the opening of the country's "representation of the NPT."

MP Irina Frieze on his Facebook page has published an appeal to the head of the SBU Basil Gritsak signed by several members of parliament, in which the head office asking to initiate criminal proceedings and to declare the wanted list representative of the so-called "DNR" in the Czech Republic Nele Liskov .

Previously, the so-called "Foreign Ministry DNR" enlarge lo information in the Czech Republic officially registered and will open the first EU representative center "DNR", chaired by Nele Liskov. In the Czech Republic this information denied and excluded the possibility of creating a representation of militants in the country. In Ukrainian/український
Expert: The Kremlin encourages chauvinists and "splitters" in the EU

Hinting "on the city, which was part of Poland," Putin signals chauvinistic circles that are now beginning to gain strength in various states, including neighboring Ukraine, said Daniel Lubkivsky

The Kremlin, raising the theme of "historical justice" is also the western border of Ukraine, encouraging chauvinist forces in Europe and all those working to split the EU and review of the principles of international law. Thus commented on the recent statements of Vladimir Putin's diplomatic adviser to the leader of the party "People's Front" Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Deputy Foreign Minister (2014) Daniel Lubkivsky.

"The Russian regime encourages the forces that work on the split within the European Union, to revise the fundamental values ​​to review the principles of international law", - the expert in the air "on Channel 5." Responding to questions about statements Russian President Putin about the probability of discussions on the revision results of the Second World War and, in particular, "on the city, which was part of Poland," Daniel Lubkivsky said: "I do not have to talk about the cynicism of President Putin. This signal is very typical. He addressed chauvinistic circles that are now beginning to gain strength in different countries that are neighbors of Ukraine. In fact, mention of Lviv, the mention of the western Polish territory, a reference to other countries - a form of encouragement to the least aggressive way of thinking, "- he stressed. Based on what makes the current regime in Russia, said Daniel Lubkivsky" they form not only ultra-Internationale ":" They are the same success encouraged ultra power - that is, any forces that operate in separation in the European Union - to review the basic, fundamental values, to review the principles of international law. They now find themselves allies of aggressive thinking, which is typical for the Kremlin. " In Ukrainian/український
Putin said that the issue of Crimea "historically closed"

Russian President said that Crimea is not going to return, but is committed to the implementation of the Minsk agreements

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the question of territorial affiliation Crimea historically closed, reports RIA "News" .
"The people of the Crimea decision taken by voting. Question historically closed. Back to the old system there is no general ", - Putin said.

At the same time, Putin said that he intends to seek the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

"I will say one thing: we believe that the Minsk agreement is required in full, without any restryktsiy, restrictions and substitution of concepts. And we will sincerely strive for this "- quoted by his agency.

However, according to the Russian president, Russia can not solve this problem alone.

"It's supposed to do with us and members Norman format, and the United States, because only they have a real impact on the current Kiev authorities", - Putin said.

Recall, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Moheryny said that the continuation of economic sanctions against heads of state and governments of EU member states will consider at its meeting in October, based on analysis of implementation of the Minsk agreements.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has officially announced February 20, 2014 start of temporary occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol, Russia. October 7, 2015 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a law. International organizations have recognized the occupation and annexation of Crimea illegal and condemned Russia's actions. Western countries have introduced a series of economic sanctions.

Russia denied the occupation of the peninsula and calls it a "restoration of historical justice." In Ukrainian/український
[bIn the Donetsk region detained a nurse who had killed three soldiers wounded Armed Forces][/b]

In Toretsku frontline police together with the SBU detained a female informant militants, who worked in the hospital

The city Toretsk Donetsk region police detained 28-year-old nurse-informant militants, which was on the instructions of its curators kill three wounded Ukrainian soldiers.
This was reported in the Department of Communication Police Donetsk region.

"The front-line police Toretsku together with the SBU detained a female informant militants, who worked in the hospital ... Since December 2014 Manuscript employee medical institutions, using their position by means of social networks has provided data on terrorists wounded Ukrainian soldiers and the movement and deployment of military equipment Armed forces of Ukraine. The next task of the curators was the physical elimination of the three injured, but it remains unfulfilled ", - the report says.

The police explained that the 28-year-old nurse was a former resident agent Toretska who fled after the liberation of the occupied Horlivka and established a network of informants in their hometown. One of them was arrested in early August.

During the investigative and operational action of police officers Toretskoho criminal police collected all evidence linking the woman to the crime.

In fact opened criminal proceedings on st.256 (Promotion of members of criminal organizations and covering up their crime) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The detainees reported suspect awaits her trial and punishment of imprisonment up to 5 years. In Ukrainian/український
Russia rejects new "gas" negotiations with Ukraine and the EU

All matters relating to gas supply adjusted to the end of 2019 contracts, said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak

Tripartite negotiations on gas between Ukraine, Russia and the European Commission has not yet planned. This was stated by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

"All matters relating to gas supply adjusted to the end of 2019 contracts because, with adequate resources, the Ukrainian side could get the required amount of gas leaving with the funding in the form of advance payment as stipulated contract . Currently, meetings are planned, regulated all issues, "- he said.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the EC Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič urged to restart gas talks trilateral format with the participation of the European Commission, Ukraine and Russia . In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainian Canadian Congress calls to exclude Russia from G20

UCC calls upon the leaders of the G20 to suspend Russia's participation in the Big twenty and strengthen sanctions against Moscow

Ukrainian Canadian community urges world to reject Russia's participation in the meetings of Twenty and strengthen sanctions against Moscow.
This is stated in the statement of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, reports Ukrinform.

"UCC calls upon the leaders of the G20 to suspend Russia's participation in the Big twenty and strengthen sanctions against Moscow, thus urging President Vladimir Putin to end the war against the Russian occupation of Ukraine and Ukrainian sovereign territories: Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions," - said the Ukrainian organization.

According to the statement continued membership in United Russia twenty sends wrong signal to the government. "Further provision of space on such an important forum as the G20, while, as the country is against Ukraine aggressive war only spur deeply cynical calculation Putin that short-term financial and economic interests-forwarding values ​​and principles" - say in Congress. In Ukrainian/український
If talks with Putin in China fail, Moscow will resort to provocations in Syria, Donbas

If talks with Pres Putin at the G20 summit in China fail, the Russian leader will again resort to military provocations in Syria and Donbas, Russian political expert Stanislav Belkovsky said during Donbas.Realii Radio broadcast Sept. 2.

 “Putin’s main goal is the return to the Yalta-Potsdam framework registering big powers’ spheres of influence. Putin wants the former Soviet Union space entirely for himself,” Belkovsky said.

Putin will push for the reinstatement of this framework via military provocations.

The G20 summit is scheduled for Sept. 4-5 in China.
Russia-backed separatists from eastern Ukraine have announced the opening of a ''representative center'' in the Czech Republic. A Czech citizen held a news conference in the city of Ostrava, claiming to be the "honorary consul" of a separatist entity in Donetsk -- which the Czech government does not recognize.
Russian Hasbaratchik Blogger Calls for ‘Breakup of Ukraine’

Russian propaganda aside, the Saker and the busybody blogosphere of Kremlin sycophants fronting as “alt-media” pundits are becoming more and more audacious in their outward displays of fealty to “Dear Leader” Vladimir Putin, bellowing out frenzied exhortations for a Russian neo-Soviet imperium to emerge replacing America as global hegemon.

By Brandon Martinez for Non-Aligned Media, Sep 2, 2016:

The mysterious pro-Russian blogger ‘Saker,’ a leading hasbaratchik sycophant of the Putin regime, is now calling for an Oded Yinon-style partition of the Ukraine to pave the way for a new Russian imperium.

Ukraine is “a completely artificial country,” writes the monomaniacal Russian imperialist ‘Saker,’ salivating over its hypothesized “break-up… into several smaller states.”

The truth is that, despite Russian propaganda, Ukraine is no more “artificial” than any other country, including Russia, a colonial enterprise whose borders have constantly expanded and contracted ad infinitum over the centuries. Russia was once called “Imperial Russia” under the Czars, then the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) under the communists, and now the “Russian Federation”. What could be more synthetic than a country continuously changing its name and its borders as Russia does?...............

Access complete text of the editorial: 
on Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:42 amAdmin
Russia has no intention to return Crimea - Putin

The ownership of the annexed Crimea (what country rightfully owns Crimea) as well as the return to the old system are out of the question, Russian president Vladimir Putin said during the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, on September 3.

"The people of Crimea made their decision and voted. The question is historically closed." Interfax quoted Putin as saying.

"There is no way of returning to the previous system. No way", the president added.

However, Putin said he is striving to fulfil the Minsk agreements.

"I'll tell you one thing: we believe it is necessary to fulfil the Minsk agreement to its fullest extent, with no restrictions and substitution of concepts, and we are sincerely committed to doing so," the Russian leader added.............

Access complete text of the editorial:
At G20 Summit, Russia may upstage China with focus on politics, not economy - VOA

With world leaders en route to China's Hangzhou city for Sunday's opening of the G20 summit, a senior Chinese diplomat announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be the number one guest.

However Putin is already signaling that he plans to discuss geopolitical issues at the summit, possibly spoiling Beijing's preference for keeping talks mainly focused on the economy and the environment.........
Same IP address used for cyber attacks in US, Ukraine, Germany - ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect, a top cybersecurity firm founded by former U.S. military intelligence analysts, investigated the two election database hacks that recently occured in Arizona and Illinois.

The 5.149.249[.]172 IP address - one of those identified in an FBI flash alert about the hacker attacks in the US states - was used to carry out cyber attacks against members of the Ukrainian Parliament, Turkey's ruling AKP party and Germany's Freedom Party earlier this year, the researchers say in their report "Can a BEAR Fit Down a Rabbit Hole?".

The campaign "fits a known Russian targeting focus and modus operandi," ThreatConnect said.

Access complete text of the editorial:
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