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Merkel responded sharply to Putin on Ukraine.  Negotiations Hollande and Putin failed - French media.  OSCE is preparing a "new rules" truce in the Donbas.  The Kremlin said that Theresa May "because of the rush" forgot to shake hands with Putin.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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World's largest Ukrainian flag unfurled at Ukraine-Iceland football match. PHOTO

The world's largest Ukrainian flag has been unfurled during today's FIFA World Cup European qualifying match Ukraine-Iceland.

Censor.NET reports referring to the Football Federation of Ukraine's Twitter page.

"The world's largest Ukrainian flag will be unfurled at the Olympic National Sports Complex to inspire our players in the match against Iceland," the statement reads.

As reported, Ukrainian supporters are banned from the match as a punishment against the Ukrainian team for the behavior of its fans in the match against San Marino at the Arena Lviv in 2013. In Ukrainian/український
UN delegation visits Lviv-based SBU investigation unit, reveals no "secret prison"

A delegation of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture has examined the building of the SBU investigation unit in Lviv, according to the SBU’s press service.

Asthe representatives of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture examined the building of the SBU investigation unit in Lviv on Stepan Bandera Street next to ‘Prison at Lontskoho Street’, “the delegation was informed that there is no detention facility within the SBU regional office”, reads the report. The delegation also learned the procedure of detaining individuals, investigative measures regarding arrested and detained persons. Read also Amnesty: Ukraine authorities must commit to thorough investigation after 13 people released from secret detention The UN representatives had an opportunity to take a look at the investigative unit visitor registers, as well as registration books of arrival and leave of persons in custody (or detained). “The SBU Office in Lviv Region leadership gave exhaustive answers concerning the mechanism of entering data into the registers, the procedure of arrest, procedural registration of the arrest itself, call of the lawyer, stay of the arrested person during that time,” the press service wrote.................
Obama Calls For An 'Increase In Urgency' In Addressing Ukraine Conflict (VIDEO)

U.S. President Barack Obama talked about the conflict in Ukraine with G20 leaders in Beijing, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. At a news conference, Obama said the discussions were "constructive but not conclusive."
Russia downplays size of its military maneuvers near Ukraine

The true scale of Caucasus-2016 military command exercise is much larger than declared, Ukraine military intelligence chief Gen. Skibitsky told journalists Sept. 5.

Under the pretext of a surprise check of the army’s preparedness on Aug. 25-31 that actually became the initial stage of Caucasus-2016, Russia concentrated near the borders with Ukraine 100,000 troops, 10,000 tanks, APCs, trucks, 60 naval ships and 400 jets and helicopters, the general said.

These forces are under the command of such generals with a war experience in Donbas as Burulyov, Kuzovlyov, Nikiforov.

The Russian troops may be used for a massive attack on Ukraine, Gen. Skibitsky warned.

In a similar scenario in 2008, following the ‘surprise” check of the Russian army and Caucasus-2008 exercise, Putin ordered his troops to invade Georgia, the general reminded.
Putin admitted that he wouldn't have to talk to Poroshenko

Putin said that Russia will continue to support the Normandy format

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not see another format for negotiations on a peaceful settlement in the Donbass except Norman.

This was Putin said during a press conference after the summit, "twenty", reports TASS .

However, in his opinion, such meetings should lead to improvement and not simply be made for negotiations.

"As Norman format is good or bad, but the other option at least try to make no settlement," - said the president of Russia.

According to him, "because, of course, Russia will support this format."

"Where nowhere probably have to talk to (the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko)", - Putin said.

"But I said, and the Federal Chancellor (Angela Merkel) and French President Francois Hollande), the question is not whether to meet or not to meet, the issue is that these meetings led to some positive progress in resolving" - said Putin. In Ukrainian/український
NABU detained the schemes embezzlement of UAH 81 million in state funds railroad "Borispol" - Kyiv
Another two people reported suspicions the former head of state enterprise "national project" Air Express "Dyachenko searching

Detectives NABU 2 September arrested a former lawyer who is suspected of involvement in stealing 81 million UAH of the State Enterprise "national project" Air Express. "This is the head of SAP Nazar Holodnytskyy in Facebook .

The funds received by the state under the credit agreement from the Export-Import Bank of China for the construction of the railway connection of International airport "Borispol" of Kyiv.

Law enforcement officials believe that the funds derived through controlled sham business entities.

Proceedings opened on ch. 2, Art. 205 and ch. 5, Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

September 3rd District Court of Kyiv Solomenskiy arrested the detainee's lawyer on bail of 13 million USD.

Also reported are suspected two people, including former head of state enterprise Gennady Dyachenko.

Searching latter continues.

Earlier, the head of the State Agency of Ukraine Vladyslav Kaskiv said that the infrastructure for a railway between Kyiv and the international airport "Borispol" will be ready by 2016.

Recall national project "Air Express" involves the creation of high-speed passenger services between art. "Kyiv-Passenger" and airport "Borispol". It is expected that the "Air Express" will carry passengers from the airport to the capital for 41 minutes, the fare between the end points of the route, passengers will pay 80 USD. Financing national project has Exim Bank of China. Loan Agreement also defined the general contractor with the Chinese side - Chinese state-owned machine industry and the complex contracts. Monitoring the use of credit will provide the Agency and the Export-Import Bank of China.

The total loan amount is 372 million dollars. In Ukrainian/український

Unacceptable: Poroshenko hinted that the "Inter" is funded by the Kremlin

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko emphasized the inadmissibility scenario to destabilize the situation in Ukraine through the media financed from Russia.

This statement was made head of state during a meeting with heads of law enforcement agencies on the issue of arson office of TV channel "Inter", the press service of the president.

"It is unacceptable that someone vryvavsya (in the building) burned - I'm sure that this has nothing to do with the Patriots. Today it is no less or more harmful Ukraine, than any contact with provocateurs" - said Poroshenko.

Also, the president said that law enforcement agencies should not prevent the escalation of violence and the actions of a media be judged under the law.

"Furthermore, it is unacceptable implementation scenario of a perpetrator when through funding from of some media are trying to destabilize the political situation in Ukraine. But the response to this should be exclusively within the law" - he said, adding that this Parliament, on the initiative of the national security and defense Council, should provide a legislative level. In Ukrainian/український
Intelligence does not exclude that Russia will repeat the Georgian scenario in Ukraine

During the armed aggression of Russia against Georgia in 2008 was held exercises "Caucasus-2008" and the troops left on the ground for further action in Georgia

Active military exercises in Russia annexed the Crimea and unannounced inspections of military capacity at the Russian-Ukrainian border reminiscent of the situation that preceded the entry of Russian troops in Georgia in 2008. This was during the briefing said the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skibitskyy.
"It is possible that created Russia's combined services formation near the border of Ukraine, the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as in annexed Crimea will be used against our country in case of decision by the leadership of Russia", - he said.
He said the evidence of this is the abandonment of Russian troops on military grounds after the official completion of sudden inspection.
"A similar development was observed in the armed aggression of Russia against Georgia in 2008, when it was on the eve of the training" Caucasus-2008 "and the troops left on the ground for further action in Georgia," - he said.

Recall that today, September 5, began the active phase of the strategic command and staff training of the armed forces of "Caucasus-2016" . Governing bodies, formations and units deployed at the sites of the Southern Military District (Rostov-on-Don) and the Armed Forces in the occupied Crimea joint forces are in combat readiness "complete." The grouping of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces was increased to 11,200 troops by divisions from the compounds of Western, Central, Eastern Military District and airborne troops of the Armed Forces. Experts do not rule out a full-scale invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Yatsenyuk spotted that Tymoshenko and Opoblok receive similar temnyky Kremlin

People's Deputy of the "People's Front" noticed that the leaders of the "Fatherland" and equally expressed Opobloku

Statements leaders Opobloku and "Motherland" during the Conciliation Board show that they work for the same temniki.

This was stated by Chairman of the faction "People's Front" Maxim Bourbaki during a conversation with journalists.

"Today, I heard speeches by leaders of the faction" Fatherland "and Opobloku - they have the same temnyky same thesis. And we understand where they sends. It's a shame that Julia has lost a media platform - yesterday she was unable to speak at the "Inter" - said Maxim Bourbaki.

According to the head of the "Popular Front" requirements recently the leader of the opposition faction of the immediate publication of the memorandum with the IMF is irrelevant, as is the most important issue - protecting the country from Russian aggression.

"This is yet another undermining of the situation. On defense and foreign aggression did not mention any faction leaders except "Popular Front". We insist that the most important thing - the protection of our country. And the parallel can talk about reform of the memorandum of their public discussion ", - said Maxim Bourbaki.

"I want to say in response to criticism of the former prime minister who signed such important gas agreements in 2009, which went to" benefit "Ukraine's economy - that came when the government Yatsenyuk in 2014, the Treasury account was 108 thousand USD, in April 2016 - about 40 billion USD. It figures that should be compared, "- said Bourbaki.

He noted that the "People's Front" has always supported the decision to increase expenditures for defense of the country, increase in funding of military personnel. In Ukrainian/український
The army is preparing for a possible Russian attack - Muzhenko

The level of psychological readiness to defend the Ukrainian people among reservists is 80%, which is high, according to the General Staff

The General Staff has created an operational military reserve of 85,000 people with combat experience.

This was on his page on Facebook wrote Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko.

According to him, the level of psychological readiness to defend the Ukrainian people among reservists is 80%, which is high.

"We start training meeting with reservists in 9 combat brigades all operational commands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 8,000 people will carry out combat training tasks in their departments with military contractors, "- he added.

According Muzhenko purpose of these actions is to maintain combat readiness and personnel training provision, processing approaches and mechanisms for rapid resupply of combat brigades "in case the general Russian aggression." In Ukrainian/український
Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May dismissed attempts to reconcile Putin

May resolutely rejected the attempts of reconciliation by Putin, at the same time suggesting that the future cooperation is possible in some areas

Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May has rejected an attempt to Vladimir Putin's return to the former economic relations between Russia and Britain, clearly hinting that "business as usual mode" can not be, writes The Times .

"... The Russian president took his first meeting with the new Prime Minister, which lasted 30 minutes to discuss the prospect of improving trade relations between the two countries", - says the article.

Mei resolutely rejected the attempts of reconciliation by Putin, at the same time suggesting that the future cooperation is possible in some areas. The official government spokesman said: "The Prime Minister made it clear that we can not be a relationship in the spirit of business as usual, there are a number of complex and serious problems."

"But in those matters in which cooperation is in our interests, especially in the security of our citizens, we will strive to find common ground with the Russians," - she said.

As previously reported, during the summit greeting "Group of Twenty" Theresa May not filed immediately hand the president of Russia. Published the video on Channel Youtube News From World. The video can be seen as Russian president was next to Theresa May, when she exchanged handshakes with the other participants of the summit, and followed her after a while. May not exchanged a handshake with Putin and sat down at the negotiating table. Later, Theresa May rose and greeted Putin handshake.

The Kremlin also said that Theresa May "because of the rush" forgot to shake hands with Putin. In Ukrainian/український
Russia, Saudi Arabia agree joint action to stabilize oil market

Russia and Saudi Arabia have reached agreement to draw up recommendations for joint measures and actions to ensure oil market stability and predictability, according to the joint declaration signed by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and Saudi Arabian Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources Minister Halid Al-Falih during the G20 summit meeting.

The declaration emphasizes the need for dialog on the oil market situation and for development of bilateral cooperation. "The ministers emphasized the importance of supporting the dialog being conducted by the sides concerning current development on the oil and gas markets and expressed their mutual desire to further expand bilateral cooperation in the energy area. This is due to the fact the two countries bear responsibility for producing over 21% of oil consumed globally, which is needed to ensure global economic growth, raise living standards and achieve millennial development goals.

Measures to restrain market volatility are needed. "The ministers recognized the need to restrain excessive oil market volatility, which has a negative effect on global economic growth and long-term stability."

The oil producing countries are confronting the problem of declining investment in oil and gas projects and postponement of projects. "The ministers also noted the long-term challenges the exporting countries are facing on the global oil market, including a significant reduction in capital expenditure on oil production globally, particularly geological exploration work, and extensive postponement of investment projects to a later date, which has on the whole led to greater volatility and, accordingly, an unstable situation on the oil market in the long-term outlook, for both producers and consumers," the declaration says.

"In this connection, the ministries agreed to act jointly or in cooperation with other oil producers. In addition, they agreed to continue consultations on the oil market situation and create a working group for joint monitoring, which will track fundamental oil market indicators and draft recommendations on measures and joint actions to ensure market stability and predictability," it says...................

Access complete text of the editorial:
The Briefing By Brian Whitmore (PODCAST report: Putin's Gunboat Diplomacy
on Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:50 amAdmin
Putin describes his successor

Interviewed by Bloomberg Sept. 5, Vladimir Putin said his successor should be a young and mature person.

Putin did not rule out the new Russia president may have a FSB or military background. “I am convinced, they should have the same chances as contenders from other walks of life,” he said.

Putin may take part in the future presidential elections. “If I do not run, we will have a new president and the Russians will decide whom to support,” he said.
The European Parliament today will consider a visa-free for Ukraine

Gabriel report containing a draft legislative resolution on bringing Ukraine to the list of third countries whose nationals are abolished visa requirements

On Monday in the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs will be held the second hearing on the abolition of visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens.
The report on this issue will present Bulgarian MEP Mariya Gabriel, reports Ukrinform.

However, at the meeting voting for the report on visa-free for Ukraine planned. According to the procedure, it must pass during the third consideration, which could take place in late September.

Gabriel report containing a draft legislative resolution on bringing Ukraine to the list of third countries whose nationals are abolished visa requirements.

The first paragraph of the document proposed to adopt the position of the European Parliament, based on the proposals of the European Commission.

The explanatory note speaker recalled that the Commission's proposals are in addition to making the EU regulation number 539/2001 and the transfer of Ukraine in Annex II, which contains a list of third countries whose citizens are excluded the requirement to obtain a visa to cross the external borders of the Member States.

"The abolition of visas for Ukrainian citizens who are holders of biometric passports will mark a particular achievement that stems from mutual aspirations, as well as the commitment demonstrated Ukrainian sake of peace, stability and European course of reforms the country", - stated in the draft document.

The explanatory note to the draft legislative resolution also notes that the European Parliament vote in support of the proposals of the European Commission confirm the principle that every country has fulfilled the criteria can get visa liberalization.

In addition, the document notes that the abolition of the visa regime for Ukraine will be the proof of consistency of European policy, which is based on the fundamental principles of the rule of law and international law, including the circumstances of the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol, Russia. In Ukrainian/український
Obama on the margins of the G20 discuss Hollande and Merkel situation in Ukraine

Putin and the head of Barack Obama will meet under the G20 summit in Monday, September 5

President Barack Obama will meet with French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the margins of the G20 summit in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, reports Reuters.

States that politicians will discuss the situation in Ukraine.

Earlier, Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Putin and the head of Barack Obama will hold a meeting within the framework of the G20 summit on Monday, September 5. In Ukrainian/український
on Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:21 amAdmin
Putin announced his meeting with Obama

Peskov said that Putin several times "on their feet" talked briefly with Obama

US and Russian presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin agreed to hold a separate meeting on Monday on the margins of the G20 summit in China, the agency reported, citing the press-secretary Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin.
"With Obama, he several times" on their feet "talked briefly. Have agreed separately communicate using tomorrow "- said Peskov.

He added that the format of the meeting has not yet been agreed, but the Americans did not comment on the meeting.

The last time Putin and Obama met at the Climate Summit in November 2015.

Putin in China have separately met the leaders of France and Germany, during conversations could rise theme of conflict in the Donbass.

at the summit in China, Barack Obama has said the US would continue to "resist Russian aggression in Ukraine." In Ukrainian/український
Putin mind: Russia foiled signing of the agreement on Syria

Russia refused to previous agreements on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria.
This was reported by the US State Department, reports DW.

In talks with Russia on Syria US not made progress, which had hoped President Barack Obama. "It's very difficult," - said Obama.

In the US State Department reported that the deal was close to agreement, but again postponed a number of issues where Russia has refused previously reached agreements.

"The Russians returned to their previous positions in the issues that we considered closed, so we go to the capitals of their countries for consultations", - said the representative of the State Department.

However, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia that the parties "are close to an agreement," but now he is not ready to predict when it announced its achievement. According to him, "the art of diplomacy sometimes takes time to implement specific cases." In Ukrainian/український
For the past day 20 times militants opened fire on the positions of Ukrainian military

In general, the situation in the area of ​​ATU characterized compliance "regime of silence" with the exception of single armed provocations by the enemy

During the last day of the Russian-occupation forces opened fire 20 times on positions of Ukrainian units: 13 cases recorded in the direction Mariupol, 6 - in the Donetsk and 1 - Luhansk.

Thus, in the Donetsk area provocative shelling by the Russian occupation troops, took place in Verhnotoretskomu with heavy machine guns and small arms. And with grenades and small arms - towards positions forces ATO near Avdeevki and Yasinovataya. Also Avdiyivka fired 82 mm mortars. In addition, near Avdeevka sniper activity was recorded, and Ukrainian military positions near the water, Pavlopolya, Talakivky and Marinka were fired from small arms.

In Mariupol direction near Shyrokynoho, at nine o'clock the enemy fired on positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine infantry fighting vehicle and small arms and grenades were used. In addition, there was a sniper near Marinka activity.

In Lugansk area militants fired small arms Novoaleksandrovka.

In addition, the direction Mariupol found 2 UAV enemy. One at a height of 500 meters in the direction of moving water and the Comintern, the other was moving toward water and Dzerzhinsky at an altitude of 600 meters. The fire does not open.

In general, the situation in the area of ​​ATU characterized compliance "regime of silence" with the exception of single armed provocations by the enemy. In Ukrainian/український
Former NATO Secretary General, expensive cost of large-scale invasion of Ukraine

Rasmussen did not rule out that the next time after the Crimean "green men" may appear in the Baltics

If Russia will carry out a large-scale invasion of the Ukraine, it is worth it's price, according to adviser Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He said this in an interview with "apostrophe".
"I do not think that in the interests of Ukraine open to attack, because it would have severe political consequences for Russia. I also think that Putin can achieve their political goals without an open invasion of Ukraine. For this he uses hybrid warfare, "green men" campaign of misinformation creates a frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine. He hopes to make Ukraine a weak and dependent on the Kremlin. This is his goal, "- said Rasmussen.

He did not rule out that the next time after the Crimean "green men" may appear in the Baltics.

"We do not know, we really do not know. But of course, it could be three Baltic countries. In particular, Latvia and Estonia have expressed serious concern about this, because in these countries is very large Russian minority, "- said the adviser to Ukrainian president.

"They alarmed Putin doctrine, according to which Russia could intervene in the affairs of other countries in order to protect the Russian-speaking minority there. I think that the three Baltic countries are well protected because they are members of NATO, and open aggression against them is impossible ", - the former head of NATO. In Ukrainian/український
Gerashchenko said "Inter" arson a provocation against the country

Gerashchenko condemned such methods showdown with the media

Arson building where the company is located "National Information System" which produces programs for the "Inter" - a provocation, including against the country.
This was stated by First Deputy Speaker Irina Gerashchenko evening September 4th on his page in Facebook.

"I am against arson. Even if I do not like someone's editorial policy. I condemn such methods showdown with the media and think like a provocation, including against the country ", - she said.

Recall, today in Kiev burning building channel "Inter". Disorder in building "Inter"  began as a peaceful rally  of veterans ATO. The police reported that a group of people, about 20 people came to the building, installed and brought tents tourist bus. Subsequently tires  set on fire and thrown at the building , according to preliminary information, "Molotov cocktail". The fire in the building of the TV channel "Inter"  have suffered damaged studio. In Ukrainian/український
It became known as Putin spoke with Erdogan at the G20 summit

Presidents during the meeting on the margins "Twenty" also exchanged views on the Syrian issue and bilateral issues

In Hangzhou on the margins of the G20 summit meeting of President of Turkey Recep Erdogan and Russia and Vladimir Putin.
It is reported by Interfax, citing the press-secretary Dmitry Peskov.

"We talked about the" Turkish Stream ". The fact that many permits, approvals were given a lot to the route of the "South Stream". Now actually only the name changed accordingly reissue permits required, which significantly accelerate the essence. Direction does not change, changing the name of the project "- said Peskov.

According to him, also discussed the possibility of further expansion of Russian oil deliveries, including "Rosneft on the line." "Separately, spoke of" Rosatom ". As you know, the Turks made very quickly the necessary legislative changes that will intensify work on the nuclear power plant "Akkuyu" - said the spokesman.

Presidents during the meeting on the margins "Twenty" also exchanged views on the Syrian issue and bilateral issues. We talked about restoring the approximate schedule of organizational formats of cooperation.

The summit G20, held in Hangzhou on September 4-5. In Ukrainian/український
Proved in Crimea occupied former deputy mayor of Yalta committed self-immolation

75-year-old pensioner driven to suicide threats destroy business

On Sunday, September 4, at the city hospital №6 Simferopol Alexander Ivanovich died Strekalin. This Krym.Realiyi told close family of the deceased. This writes "Krym.Realiyi" referring to the close family of the deceased.
"Alexander Ivanovich died at 12 o'clock. The doctor of the ICU told us that the body is in the morgue of the hospital. He was then handed over to the morgue on river street, where the prosecutor will conduct the examination ", - reported nearly spouse of the deceased.

Strekalinu Alexander was 75 years old. Relatives plan to bury him on Tuesday 6th or Wednesday 7th September.

The tragedy occurred on September 2 at about 10 am, at the entrance to the Seaside Park in Yalta, the Gorky monument. According to the Crimean media Strekalin injured Alexander - the owner of the cafe "Hottabych" - thus expressing a protest against the demolition of the institution. In the 90 years he served as deputy mayor of Yalta.

Controlled by the Kremlin administration consequences Russia annexed Crimea began checking into the self-immolation attempts Alexander Strekalina. In Ukrainian/український
Negotiations Hollande and Putin failed - French media

Hollande and Putin agreed with the view that discussions in the Ukrainian case should be in the "Normandy format"

French media called the meeting of the presidents of Russia and France Francois Hollande and Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit in China fail because the two leaders held their every thought, what about Ukraine, as well as to Syria.
This is the link to French radio RFI writes Ukrinform.

"It's no secret that relations between Russia and France describe the fundamental differences, and they have not yet led to the establishment of personal relations between Putin and Francois Hollande. The two men met face to face and talked about 1 hour 20 minutes on the first day of the summit G20. Talk as always dealt with two topics (Ukraine and Syria) ", - informs the media.

According to him, the first item on the agenda of talks face-to-face between the two leaders was Ukraine.

"Ukraine above all. In particular, they talked about ways to achieve a peaceful settlement (eastern Ukraine), despite the differences that remain substantial. And of course the Crimea, for which each (the leaders) reiterated his position, said to us in a conversation a French diplomat, "- noted in the RFI.

The only positive thing that the French media said, Hollande and Putin agreed with the view that discussions in the Ukrainian case should be in the "Normandy format", ie the participation of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:26 pmAdmin
Merkel responded sharply to Putin on Ukraine

Merkel stressed that the issues that the parties should discuss are important

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin not to worry about her health, and discuss the situation in Ukraine.

According to the Kremlin press service, the meeting between Merkel and Putin took place in China at the summit " Big Twenty ."

" I think that although late, but it is good that we have the opportunity to talk on bilateral relations and on some issues of mutual interest and on which we have been working hard to solve them. Let's try a little bit of work. I hope that forces you still have " - said Putin.

This Merkel replied, offering not worry.

" Do not worry, everything is fine. I am very glad that we have this opportunity to talk. In Europe, another day, so I still have a cheerful " - said the chancellor of Germany.

In addition, she stressed that the issues that the parties should discuss is very important.

" It is good that we now have the opportunity to bilaterally discuss important issues. First of all, I mean, for example, Ukraine " , - summed Merkel. In Ukrainian/український
The Kremlin said that Theresa May "because of the rush" forgot to shake hands with Putin

British Prime Minister not exchanged a handshake with Putin and sat down at the negotiating table

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov explained hastily handshake incident with Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister Theresa May during the summit greeting "Group of Twenty."

"It's not a hitch, she sat down and she suggested Putin shake hands for the cameras, how. She just forgot in a hurry. It does not hitch "- said Peskov commented video of Theresa May not filed immediately hand the president of Russia.

This video was published on Channel Youtube News From World. The video can be seen as Russian president was next to Theresa May, when she exchanged handshakes with the other participants of the summit, and followed her after a while. May not exchanged a handshake with Putin and sat down at the negotiating table. Later, Theresa May rose and greeted Putin handshake.

In the Chinese city of Hangzhou on Sunday, September 4, opened the summit "Group of Twenty", which is attended by leaders of the largest economies in the world and the European Union. In Ukrainian/український
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