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US ready for another expansion of Russia sanctions list. Crimean Tatar leader Umerov released from Simferopol psychiatric ward. Russian proxies attack Ukraine 21 times in 24 hours.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Savchenko in Brussels called for the EU to continue to support Ukraine

Meetings in the European Parliament during a visit to Brussels Hope Savchenko take place within the campaign to speed up release "hostages of the Kremlin"

People's deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko called for the EU to continue to support Ukraine, which, she says, is "one step" to the point of no return in the "totalitarian past". She announced on September 7 during his speech in the European Parliament, which came at the invitation of MEPs.

"The period in Ukraine is very difficult and left to go to the level where there is a return to the totalitarian past, that we are moving in a democratic direction, not only in words but also in deed. We stayed just this one step. But last fight - the hardest, and I hope that the world will not leave us in this fight and help us make this a decisive and necessary step. I hope that very soon Ukraine will be a worthy partner for the European Union and the whole civilized democratic world ", - said Savchenko.

It also urged the EU not to weaken sanctions against Russia for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

"The EU should understand and confirm the value that human life above money and business interests. France was once one of the signers of the Budapest memorandum on non-aggression in Ukraine. However, Russia was also a signatory and defender of Ukraine when she freed from nuclear weapons. Russia has shown that it is the guarantor. But I believe that Europe is above it. So the positive things that began to do "Norman Quartet" Europe must bring to an end. Sanctions can not take off until the bear is not learned his lesson, "- said Nadezhda Savchenko.

Meetings in the European Parliament during a visit to Brussels Hope Savchenko occur within LetMyPeopleGo campaign, designed to speed up release "hostages of the Kremlin." Hope Savchenko visit to Belgium together with the deputies of the European Parliament Foundation organizes "Open Dialogue". In Ukrainian/український
The Kremlin commented on the expansion of US sanctions against Russia

Asked about the possible reaction of the actions of the United States, Peskov said that Russia in this matter based on the principle of reciprocity

The Kremlin commented on the expansion list sanktsiynoho USA; According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, a decision Washington is not conducive to the development of relations between the countries. It is reported by " RIA Novosti ".

Asked about the possible reaction of the actions of the United States, Peskov said that Russia in this matter based on the principle of reciprocity.

"While details can not say. Once again, I can only repeat that, certainly in cases sanktsyonnыh main principle from which we go - it's the principle of reciprocity", - said the representative of the Kremlin.

He added that Moscow will analyze the existing situation. According to Peskov, expansion sanktsiynoho list "in no way contributes to the development of our relations."............ In Ukrainian/український
Russia, along with militants want to disrupt the talks in Minsk

ORDLO and Russia obviously going to stall negotiations by launching propaganda system "primaries" in the occupied territories of Donbas

Representatives ORDLO and Russia, trying to hold "primaries" obviously going to stall negotiations in Minsk. About this on his page in Facebook representative told Ukraine in Minsk subgroup Olga Aivazovsky.

"ORDLO and Russia consciously to stall negotiations and misleading because Europeans launch propaganda system" primaries "in the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine until now", - wrote Aivazovsky.

She also noted that ORDLO and Russia makes dystruktyv in the negotiation process, and so is enough.

"These actions give Ukraine the right to accuse opponents of manipulating the political issue about which everyone should know. Ukraine's position remains unchanged: elections after the implementation of the full and unconditional security block based on Ukrainian law, the Constitution and international standards. Party, CEC, broadcast Ukrainian media and journalists' access, freedom of expression, participation in elections of persons. Only Ukrainian parliament will decide in accordance with the Ukrainian Constitution in its jurisdiction and rules on the sovereignty and independence "- added Aivazovsky. In Ukrainian/український
Putin's spokesperson says conditions and 'homework' needed for meeting of Poroshenko and Putin
Certain conditions must be in place for presidents of Ukraine and Russia to hold a meeting.
This was announced by Russian president's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax.

"The president has said earlier that with the purpose of securing implementation of the Minsk agreements, if it necessary for the implementation, he would be ready for this kind of contact. But again, for that, certain conditions are needed, and homework needs to be done for that," he said.

Peskov also added he was not aware of any plans for 'such contacts.'

Putin's spokesperson said that the last time Putin communicated with Poroshenko was prior to "the diversion in Crimea," meaning the recent provocation on the occupied peninsula by Russia.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would "need to communicate" with Poroshenko within the Normandy format. In Ukrainian/український
In the EU, "gave the green light" for continued sanctions against Russia

A decision has yet to be formally approved by the EU Council

The European Union at the Permanent Representatives of the Member States decided to extend for six months the sanctions applied to 146 individuals and 37 companies for violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. According to an UNIAN in Brussels, reported by the EU Council.

«COREPER (Committee of Permanent Representatives) confirmed the intention of the Council to extend for six months the application of preventive measures for actions against Ukrainian territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence (15 March)," - said in a statement.

It also states that the sanctions concerning the freezing of assets and a ban on entering the EU for 146 people and 37 companies.

This decision must still be formally approved by the EU Council.

"It is expected that this was made written procedure. Date not yet determined, but the legislation must be adopted before September 15 "- specified in the Council.

The decision must also be published in the Official Journal.

Recall, March 9, the EU extended sanctions for another six months, used 17 March 2014 by the EU Council to individuals and legal entities for "actions that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine." In Ukrainian/український
Diplomat: By the end of the year the trade turnover of Ukraine and Germany will grow by 20%

The Ambassador recalled that on October 11 in Kiev will be created by the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce instead of the Delegation of the German economy, which is now

By the end of 2016 is expected to increase trade turnover between Ukraine and Germany at least 20%. This is one of the largest growth rates in the German trade with Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. This was in an interview with "Commander" Andrew Miller, Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany.

According to the ambassador, in Germany and Russia still continues falling turnover. "As to the German investments, we have no radical break, we, unfortunately, can not say that they are going to have flow. However, the latest statistics, this year we have an increase in their volume of 33 million dollars. As an example, this year the German company opened in Zhytomyr plant for the production of cable equipment for German cars. Today there are already more than 1,000 jobs, "- he said.

Melnyk said that before the year is planned to increase their number doubled in this strategic segment noticeable positive mood of German business. "This is extremely important because the auto industry - is the backbone of the German economy. In addition, this trend is directly related to positive expectations regarding the growth of the domestic economy. It's nice that GDP growth, which gives our government, international institutions, fully share in Germany, "- he added.

The ambassador also recalled that on October 11 in Kiev will be created by the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce instead of the Delegation of the German economy, which is now. "We are creating a chamber that does not only represent the interests of German business with us, its members will be and Ukrainian companies. Creation Chamber will be a powerful signal by German companies that in Kiev will be a powerful lobbyist, which will have political support in government and contribute to solving the problems of investors ", - said he.

According to the Ambassador, the Germans there is a very extensive system of chambers. "Almost every month at venues CCI land we hold business forums. The latest example - a powerful event in June of CCI Munich, which was attended by over 120 German companies were Ukrainian company, which had its own road show », - said Miller. In Ukrainian/український
Putin does not see the point to meet with Poroshenko

Peskov said that Putin meeting with Poroshenko necessary conditions are not ripe

Russian President Vladimir Putin has currently no plans to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko. Told reporters spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president.

"The president (Putin. - Ed.) Has said that in order to ensure the implementation of the Minsk agreements if required for implementation, it will be ready for such contact. But again, it must mature necessary conditions and need to do homework, "- he said.

Sands recalled the words of the Russian president that such a meeting "makes sense after this work is done, and after the course to which the result will come out of such meetings."

"I know that such contacts (bilateral between Putin and Poroshenko. - Ed.) Planned," - said Peskov. In Ukrainian/український

Putin knows that Poroshenko has plenty of western backing, when it comes to forcing him to adhere to the Minsk Agreement, and that after the G20 summit, the forces behind Ukraine and Poroshenko have strengthened.

So to have a meeting with Poroshenko would be fruitless for Putin. And he knows it.

In Lisichansk Russian intelligence services were preparing a series of attacks

Plochynni action of two former residents expanse coordinated action, the agent of special services of Russia, who is currently in Russia

In Lisichansk in Luhansk region Security Service of Ukraine procedural guidance for prosecutors warned series of audacious terrorist acts preparing a group of supporters of the pro-Russian separatist agent on the instructions of special services of Russia. The press center of the SBU.

"Two residents were planning to do expanse Lisichansk terrorist attacks on several sites, including a memorial to undermine Ukrainian military who died during the liberation of the city in 2014, as well as facilities of the local military commissariat. They also planned attacks against local pro-Ukrainian activists "- said in a statement.
According to the SBU, a former criminal actions coordinated action, the agent of special services of Russia, who is currently in Russia and, according to the SBU has acted organizer of terrorist attacks in the Luhansk region.
"Terrorists are carefully selected and trained crime attacked. They identified the place for laying explosive devices have found explosives and firearms, conducted preliminary exploration mode and health facilities. The attacks planned to coincide with the celebration of the Day in Lysychansk city. Explosions had, in their opinion, have significant public interest ", - informs the SBU.

September 3rd secret service operatives arrested terrorists while laying an explosive device at a memorial Ukrainian soldiers. Along with this object is passing the checkpoint and the car way with heavy traffic of passenger and freight transport. In Ukrainian/український
Prime Minister Abe Administration is not aware of all the cynicism of Russian politics - Japanese expert

Despite friendly relations between Abe and Putin, the problem of "northern territories" they move in completely different directions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue of cooperation with Japan focuses only on economic spivrobitnytstvы and on the territorial issue its position every year becomes only harder. It is a step by step rusyfikuye and militaryzuye "northern territories." This was in an article for the "Sankei Shimbun" writes Professor Niihatskoho University Siheki Khakamada.

According to experts, despite the friendly relations between Abe and Putin, the problem of "northern territories" they move in completely different directions.

"I was extremely shocked by this contrast between Russia and Japan. Is the administration aware premiere all cynicism of Russian politics and administration rigor Putin? "- Asks the professor.

"I appreciate the enthusiasm and energy of Prime Minister Abe. However, it seems that the time has come to direct this enthusiasm in a different direction, pursuing a policy toward Russia under the new approach, "- said the expert. In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:41 amAdmin
In Minsk started negotiations on the next Donbas

The talks began with a meeting of coordinators of the tripartite working groups

Negotiations to resolve the crisis in Ukraine began in Minsk with a meeting of coordinators working groups Trilateral contact group. This BelTA was informed in the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

The last tripartite meeting of the contact group was held in Minsk on August 26. Then OSCE special envoy Martin Saydik urged parties to the conflict to cease fire due to the beginning of the school year. A few days later, on the Day of Knowledge, trilateral contact group held a video conference, during which it was noted that the entire contact line ceasefire largely observed.

The parties recognized the need to continue to make every effort to ensure that the ceasefire has acquired sustainable. In Ukrainian/український
Russia-based Levada think tank stops its political polls

As the Russian authorities re-registered Levada as a foreign agent, the think tank announced Sept. 7 it will stop any social and political polls, reports.

Levada will contest the government’s decision to give it a foreign agent status. Meanwhile, it will focus on marketing research, the tank’s sociology expert Karina Pipiya said.

Earlier, Levada’s director Lev Gudkov said the new status will curb the think tank’s activities, leading to its liquidation.
on Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:33 amAdmin
General on Putin’s tactics in Ukraine

Ukraine army Gen. Ihor Hordijchuk and Donbas veteran, says Putin’s tactics is aimed at siccing Ukrainians on each other.

Putin wants Russian-speaking Ukrainians kill Ukrainian-speakers, Greek-Catholic Ukrainians fight with Orthodox.

While in Donbas, the general, who is the Hero of Ukraine for his combat achievements, says he spoke Ukrainian while his colleagues spoke Russian – and there was no problem as they all had Ukraine at heart.

Inter-ethnic and religious differences must not matter in communication, he said.

Although many in Donbas are Russian-speaking, they are fighting as well against the enemy as Ukrainian speakers.
Ukraine exports to Russia reduce by 80%, with exporters refocusing on EU market – Poroshenko
Ukrainian exports to Russia have decreased by 80% in recent years, accounting for only 9% of total export volumes in the country.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko while delivering a speech in parliament. In this regard, the president stressed that the European market had become an alternative destination for Ukrainian products. "The EU's share in total exports rose to 39.2%," Poroshenko said. "Obviously, Russia is also implementing its economic aggression against our country," he added. "At the beginning of the decade, almost one third of Ukrainian exports went to the Russian market. The Kremlin's attack began before the events on Maidan and restrictions were put in place which led to a drop in Ukrainian exports to the Russian Federation by 15% in 2013," the president said. He added that last year, Ukrainian exports to Russia fell by 50%, as compared to 2014, while in the first six months of 2016 it dropped further, by 34%. "Russia accounts for only 9% of Ukraine's export and the downward trend continues," Poroshenko said.............
Crimean Tatar leader Umerov released from Simferopol psychiatric ward – lawyer

Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimea Tatar People Ilmi Umerov has been released from a psychiatric hospital in the Russian-occupied city of Simferopol, Crimea, according to his lawyer.

"I've arrived in Crimea. Umerov has just been released from a psychiatric ward in Simferopol," lawyer Mark Feygin tweeted on Wednesday.

"The release of Ilmi Umerov is only part of that important mission set by the defense. Now we need to press for the dismissal of charges brought against Ilmi under Article 280.1," he wrote............
Russian proxies attack Ukraine 21 times in 24 hours, fire 120mm mortars in Mariupol sector

Combined Russian-separatist forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in eastern Ukraine 21 times in the past 24 hours, including 15 times in the Mariupol sector, three times in the Donetsk sector and three times in the Luhansk sector, according to the press center of the Anti-Terrorist Operation headquarters.

With the exception of single armed provocations by Russian-occupation forces, the situation in the Donbas conflict zone is controlled and the "ceasefire" is mainly being observed, the ATO HQ wrote on Facebook on 06:00 September 7. In the Mariupol sector, the situation was tense in the area of Shyrokyne – Talakivka, where the occupiers fired 120mm and 82mm mortars. "It should be noted that for the implementation of morale and psychological pressure on the ATO units, the enemy used sniper groups and small arms near the town of Maryinka," the reports added. Read also General Staff reveals structure of Russian-occupation forces in Donbas (infographics) In the Donetsk sector, provocative attacks by Russian-occupation forces occurred near the town of Avdiyivka. The militants fired machine guns, small arms and grenade launchers there................

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